2018 Lake Cachuma British Bike Rally

Report from the 2018 Lake Cachuma British Bike Rally

Story and photos by: Nick Mankey

It was yet another slice of vintage motorcycle heaven at this year’s Lake Cachuma British Bike Rally. Folks of all ages
and backgrounds came out to enjoy the three full days of pure fun up at the beautiful Live Oak Campground in Santa Ynez,
California, hosted by Eddie and Jodi Mulder!

Rally attendees revel in the quality and variety of British machines at the rally.

From the moment you arrive to the beautiful campground on Friday, you learn very quickly to be aware of how much

you’re drooling over all the outrageously cool classic bikes, and the incredible food provided by Los Padres Outfitters.
Three delicious meals every day ensure that you have nothing to worry about except having a good time with your new friends.

Santa Maria style BBQ and fixin’s was just one of the meals served

And when you’re done, hop on one of a dozen pre-plotted routes with your
riding buddies from a map found over at Ride Central, brought to you by ‘Cozmic’ Joe Filardi.
Take off the for the day, or an hour. Stay on your own ride or try out one of two new Triumph of
America’s demo bikes on hand for the campers enjoyment. Keep an eye out for markers Cozmic planted

on various routes! Find one, bring it back and redeem for a special prize! There’s a ride for
everyone, and they’re all fantastic. In a nutshell,the surrounding area is like a theme park, except for motorcycles!

Cozmic Joe mans Ride Central

By about 3pm on Saturday, before any dust has a chance to harm these sweet machines,
they’re all put on display for the classic bike show! If you brought something with an engine, you qualify. Come on down!

The judges won’t bite. There is a class for everyone. Best of Show award
went to John Sides. People’s Choice was won by Scott Dunlavey.

Lots of amazing machines to look at during the bike show

Awards for this year’s bike show are as follows. Nice job, everyone!

Best Triumph

1st Place: Jim Wagnon

2nd Place: Bob Smith

3rd Place: Steve Ortiz

Best BSA

1st Place: Craig Gebhauer

2nd Place: Dan Gehrs

3rd Place: Dan Gehrs


1st, 2nd, 3rd: Kevin Sisterson (he brought some killer stuff!)

Best Off Road

1st Place: Dave Miller

2nd Place: Johnny Brown

3rd Place: Jessy Krohn

Best Street

1st Place: Jeff Molinari

2nd Place: Jeff Jackson

3rd Place: Tony Martin


1st Place: Herb Wolff

2nd Place: Bob Lyons

3rd Place: Dave Miller

People’s Choice

Scott Dunlavy

Best of Show

John Sides

John Sides accepts his custom “Best of Show” trophy made by Cozmic Joe from the skilled judges: Bill Getty, Bob Felter

and Bob Raber

What’s more? Field events! We don’t just look at these classic machines, we put ‘em through their paces

with obstacle courses and the legendary ‘slow race’. Everything from
balancing a ping pong ball on a spoon in your mouth while riding through cones to playing a game of
cornhole while piloting your bike in a circle without putting your feet down, it’s an absolute blast of a Sunday.

First through are the adults. One or two up, you decide. After lunch, the kids run their races on bicycles or motorcycles. Fun had by all!

Fun and games on two wheels. Good times!

You won’t go unnoticed if you do well, too! Later that night, dozens of awards are given out to those that

brave the challenge. Awards for this year’s field events are as follows. You guys rock!

Field Events - Adults

6th Place: David Madigan

5th Place: Dominic Froesch

4th Place: Dave Miller

3rd Place: Charlie Caspary

2nd Place: Mike Nadeker

1st Place: Randy Frint (Defending champion!)

Randy Frint defends his title in the Field Meet organized by Steve Ortiz

Field Events - Kids

5th Place: Colton Vidmar

4th Place: Mairen Wagnon

3rd Place: Hugo Goodfield

2nd Place: Darlah Goodfield

1st Place: Mick Breslin

Free Medals

Oliver & Lulu

Mick Breslin takes home first place in the kids Field Meet

See photos of all the winners and MUCH more here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nQAGqVftVti8GMFo2

But like all goods things, they must come to an end at some point. At least, until next year rolls around.

If you missed out this year, be sure to stay in touch and ready to pounce
on tickets when they’re announced!

Possibly early October 2019. Follow the rally on Facebook here:


See the full recap video of the 2018 Cachuma Rally here:


A big Thank You goes out to the rally sponsors:

Coventry Spares, JRC Engineering, Rabers Parts Mart,
Mark and Randy Zimmerman, Rod Lake Racing, Barnett Clutches and Cables,
Motion Pro, British Customs,Triumph Motorcycles America,

Maxima Racing Oils, Todays Cycle Coverage.com, Banke Performance