Howard Barnes

Howard Barnes passed away from complications of prostate cancer March 20, 2007, at his home in Grand Junction. Howard was born in Missouri on April 5, 1929. He moved to California at the age of 19. He married Pat Spence in 1957. Howard was a sheet metal worker for 25 years in California. In his spare time, he raced motorcycles and later became a tuner for racers as well as a tech inspector for motorcycle races. He developed a quick-change wheel and disc brake which was, and still is, widely used by motorcycle racers. He founded Alloy Sprocket Specialties, which built and sold the wheels and brakes he had developed. In 1985 Howard and Pat moved to Carbondale, where Howard worked on the motorcycles and snowmobiles of many Roaring Fork Valley residents. He was a Korean War veteran, and was an active member of the American Legion in Carbondale. In 2006 Howard and Pat moved to Grand Junction for health reasons. He will be missed by all who knew him throughout the Roaring Fork Valley and in the motorcycle industry. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Hospice & Palliative Care of Western Colorado, P.O. Box 6037, Grand Junction, CO 81506. A celebration of Howard’s life will be held at 2 p.m. June 2 at the American Legion Post 100 in Carbondale. Bring a dish to share if you like.

Above information was supplied by Randy Blankenship from the Post Independent - Glenwood Springs, CO

Ken Maely and Howard

From Clyde Williams

1956   From Clyde Williams


Howard 1st Trophy Dash Gardena Stadium July 1956

Howard at Daytona - 3 Photos supplied by John Bergener

                                                                                                                               Howard at Daytona 1958 or 1959. Photo was taken by Triumph
                                                                                                        rep Jack Mercer
  Photo supplied by Carl Williamson

Howard  Riverside  1954                                                                         Howard Riverside 1955 Crash

Gene Romero and Howard discuss disc brakes

Howard & Gary Scott - San Jose

Howard with his rider Don Hawley aboard                                                         Hank and Gary Scott         
   Howard's 500 Triumph, as J.C. Agajanian looks on

       Howard at Steamboat 1998                                                     Howard & Dick Mann  Steamboat 1997


    Four Aces Motorcycle Club  Circa 1955

A party at Pappy Hoel's cabin in 1969. Pat & Howard Barnes are seated front & center, he toasting his can of Schlitz to the camera, while Pat looks back at him. I am pretty sure that their rider Pat Gosch is standing just behind them to the left. I know they were devastated after his tragic death at Ascot in 1971.

Don Hawley 88r and Guy Louis 20x - Gardena 1/4 mile that was at 139th & Western.  Photos supplied by Dennis Mahan

Dante says I may be wrong but pretty sure the rider 20X pictured is not Guy Lewis but Elliott Schultz on Shell’s Royal Enfield Fury.

The 500 race bike which was used to develope disc brakes minus the good stuff!

Hi Dennis                                                                                                                                                   

I am in possession of MUCH of Howard’s memorabilia, photo collection, and two of his motorcycles,

including the ‘53 Thunderbird he pioneered his quick change wheel hubs & disc brake systems.

And his ‘67 Bonneville complete with Betor forks, Barnes wheels & disc brakes, and ARD mag, which

he had when he passed away.

                                                                                                         Regards,    John Bergener    Roswell, NM

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Tim Henderson send scans of  Howard's business card which the back side had wheel ad and the Modern Cycle article.


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