On a road trip I visited three motorcycle museums in St. Louis. One is the collection
at Donelson Cycles. The day I stop they were closed for business as the creek had overflowed from
the rain from Ike and flooded their lower level. They allowed me to view the museum collection
and even answered a few questions. I also meet Mr. Donelson, who was very busy cleaning up the
mess. Don't miss seeing this important link to our
 illustrious history.   dennis vft

Collection at Donelsons Cycles - St Louis


BSA Gold Star -  Built by Gary Bray - Special frame by Red Hudspeth and Neil Keen - DBD flywheels - BSA cams 
all brass Gary Bray oil pump - cast 1 1/2" sump by Gilles Valincourt of Works shock fame - extended pickup - BTH magneto  Paul Crowell oil tank and seat - Main and secondary trans case are magnesium from one of the 1954 Daytona bikes - Rockers smoothed and shot peened - Head, titanium 1 7/8 intake - stainless exhaust - ported by Jim Smith - piston  MC at .008  clearence - Crank, Titanium rod .125 shorter than stock - 6.40 gear at ascot - Won the 1967 Ascot 8 mile (Dan Haaby) Also ridden by Reg Chosney, Jody Nicholas, Al Gunter, and last Carl Patrick - restored by Jim Milburn


 1968 BSA Gold Star - This BSA has been ridden by Shorty Seaborne and Tommy Rockwood. It is the  only Gold Star
with a Trackmaster frame. This Gold Star is the last Gold Star to race in a National Dirt Track event, which was held
at Ascot in 1969.



Neil Keen's 1966 BSA Gold Star
      Keen Story by Ed Youngblood


BSA Gold Star - It was built by famed builder Dick Butman and raced at Ascot by National #8 Stu Morley for many years.
Was featured in Peterson's Motorcycle Sport Quarterly ..."Wrench Racing".  ZB Goldstar frame was lighter - Different rear plates for different tracks (changed rake and trail) none on the mile. White Bates solo with alloy base - Buchanan alloy BSA replica forks (very light and very illegal) - Schwinn bicycle bars CT Alloy wheels - 21" on front for the mile. MC piston with custom dome - BSA cams 42 & 46 - Joe Hunt magneto - Ford valves 2.02 on the intake with cut down stems - CT Alloy custom alloy clutch hub - GP1 carb - 21T motor sprocket - 16T counter - 48T rear - Held 1 and 20 lap record at Ascot - Won Pacific Coast Championship in 1960 - Spnsered by Hap Jones and NGK sparkpugs. Later ridden by Julian Arthur, Syd Carlson, Jim Smith and John Swartz


BSA Rocket III - This Trackmaster BSA was tuned by Tom Cates and ridden by National #24, Jim Rice. Rice won the
Sedalia 25 Mile National on this BSA and is also the same bike he rode in the film "On Any Sunday".
This Rocket III also set a land speed  record at the Bonneville Salt Flats.


1969 BSA Trackmaster Chassis - This is 1969 BSA 650  was ridden by #45, Darrel Dovel , who was supported by the factory.


BSA Twin - This bike was build in 1965  by Carl Donelson                    Dick Mann's personal observed trials bike.          
and raced  by local St Louis expert rider Louis Evans.                             B40 engine withe a B44 crank for 343 cc's.                       

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