Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum gallery
Short Track 2 Stroke

Steve Eklund’s Boss Yamaha 250 Short Tracker

1976 YZC engine, Boss frame, seat and tank, Ceriani forks, Barnes wheels.
Steve won 3 Santa Fe Nation short track races on this Charlie Gardner Racing bike in 1976-1978,
 and also the 1978 Astrodome short track. Tragically, Eklund suffered injuries
 and went into a coma on June 17, 1990 after a racing accident at the Albuquerque mile race.
Eklund lingered in the coma for more than 15 months before he died on September 26, 1991.
This bikes inclusion in the museum was made possible 
Bill & Carol Lilly of Shelbyville, Illinois
Thanks to Larry Murphy, Johnny Issac’s and Marsh Runyon for transporting the bike to the museum.

Steve Eklund's Hall of Fame page

1983 C&J Factory Honda 250

  C&J frame, 250cc water cooled engine, Kosman wheels, Marzocchi forks,
Grimeca brakes and Works shocks. Tuned by Jerry Griffith and ridden by Doug Chandler
 as a rookie expert to his first National win at
Santa Fe and the last National win for a 250cc bike.
Chandler is only one of four riders to win in all five venues, ST, TT, RR, half mile and mile.

Doug Chandler Hall of Fame page

Champion Bultaco

Early Champion framed Bultaco raced by Jim Odom. This Pursang 250 engined short
tracker won the 1970 Long Beach indoor called the Yamaha Silver Cup.

Sonic Weld Yamaha 250

Neil Keen’s Sonicweld Yamaha 250 Brakeless Short Tracker
 Later model Yamaha engine in a rigid frame, Betor forks, and Barnes wheels.
This bike has had some alterations since Neil rode it.  Pipe was made in Clovis by Avery Hensley.

Neil Keen Hall of Fame page

1974 Kenny Roberts Yamaha 360

This bike has a KR frame, tank and seat, and Marozocchi forks.
KR offer two styles of frames, a mono and a twin shock version.
  Kenny Roberts, Sparky Edmonson and Jerry Griffith developed the frames.
This motorcycle was restored by Ken Thiebaud and is owned Mike Keith.

Kenny Roberts Hall of Fame page

Trackmaster Suzuki

Suzuki X6 Hustler 250cc twin powers this Trackmaster chassis.
Tom Horton restored and raced this bike in vintage races in Southern California.

1974 Van Tech Suzuki 100

Van Tech frames were made in the early to mid 70’s in Visalia, CA.
They were made for light weigh engines 50 to 250 cc’s. This one was raced in District 35 by Doug Garrison,
 Curt Lange, Bill Johnson, and the late Jack Jones.
 Restored by Pancho Vincent, powercoated by CAPS and painted by Kevin Stephenson.

Fast-Trac Kawasaki

125cc engine. Fast-Trac frame made in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
This bike was ridden by Bubba Shobert in his Sportsman days in Texas.
 He gave it to Dan in the early Ninties, but it was not restored until 2004.

Bubba Shobert Hall of Fame page

1979 Champion Honda CR250 Short Tracker

This bike is one of three or four special built Champion frames with Champion fiberglass.
It has Ceriani dirt track forks, Barnes wheels and a Dave Bird up exhaust pipe.
This bike was ridden by A. J. Kirkpartic. It also was Dave Bird's son's Pro-Novice bike.

Sonicweld Suzuki

250 cc twin cylinder X6 Hustler engine. Ridged frame, no brakes,
stock forks, exhaust pipe made by the late John Dooley.
This bike is a John Hateley #173R Pro-Novice replica.
Bike restored by Carl "Poncho" Vincent.

1976 Bultaco Astro

250cc Bultaco factory built short track racer.
Ken Thiebaud restored this bike in the likeness of his own pro-novice year mount.

1971 OSSA Stiletto

Modified OSSA frame with lenghten swing arm and 250cc engine.
This bike was built and vintage raced by Tom Horton in 2003 and 04.
John Frank continued to race the bike and it is now owned by Mike Keith.

1971 Lancaster Bultaco 250

Al Kenyon won the
1971 New York Madison Square Garden Short Track race on a Jack Lancaster
framed Bultaco, but not this one.  Jack Lancaster only built about 10 of these bikes.
This bike was restored by Northern Californian
Cary Buck.

1969 Bultaco Pursang

This bike was Dan Rouits first race bike. Dan rode 250 novice in District 35 in 1970 and 71.
 He then moved up to a 650 Triumph and went up the ranks to sportsman expert at age 15.
This bike  was restored  by Dans good friend Ken Thiebaud. It was his first restoration  and a gift to Dan.

Bultaco El Bandido  

1967 M61 Bultaco El Bandido 360. This bike was restored and raced as a
 Classic 500 Brakeless in AHRMA flat track events by Tom Horton

1969 Bultaco Sherpa S

This bike was found in a back yard in Fresno by Dan's nephew Rick Lombar.
This bike  was restored Ken Thiebaud and is a tribute to gone but not
 forgotten friend Randy Tompkins #41f from Easton, CA.

1964 Bultaco 200 Sherpa

This bike is a model 3. It was bought new by Al Haggard at a cost of $725.
Al raced this bike in Detroit, Santa Fe short track and many other tracks.
It has  a 53 inch wheelbase and produces 29 hp at 9000 rpm.
 Al restored this bike now lives in Bloomington Ill.
This bikes inclusion in this collection was made possible by a very generous donation by Jim Simone.

Yamaha Mini

Rotary valved engine with GYT kit and pipe
Owned by Mike Keith

1973 Rickman Montesa

Owned by Don Roufs of D&D Bike Barn in Midpines, CA.

Carabela Factory Short Tracker.

125cc two stroke made in Mexico. Possibly made in 1979.
This bike came from the Bill Sekulich collection in Pennsylvania and has never been raced.

Harley 165

Raced in the 1950's by museum restore
Carl "Poncho" Vincent.
A diminutive two-stroke machine that carried the Harley name even though
 it was designed by the German DKW firm. 
In the peace talks following World War II,
 the rights to the highly regarded DKW 125 were awarded to both Harley and BSA
 as part of Germany’s war reparations. The BSA version of the machine became the Bantam,
 while the American made Harley version began life as the 125, then was enlarged to become the 165.

Yamaha DT1

Donated by Middy Boggio and Dave Peterson of Riverside, CA.
 Restored by 
Carl "Poncho" Vincent, painted by Kevin Stephenson

Champion H-D

1977 Championed framed H-D with MX engine.
Last raced by John Lindsay of Perris, CA.

1972 Rokon

1972 Rokon Automatic MDR (Mike Donahue Replica) - Number 2 of 4 protypes built. Preceded production run of 46 machines.
Powered by 335cc Sacks snowmobile engine – centrifugal clutch and Salisbury drive. With factory magnesium snowflake wheels and
disc brake.  From the Chris Roberts Collection - Massachusetts.

Restored by Poncho – Paint by Kevin Stephenson – Powercoat by CAPS

The True History of Rokon Motorcycles

Trackmaster Yamaha

Trackmaster Yamaha, powered by a 125 cc YAS-1 twin with a GYT kit. Simons forks.
35b in honor of Fresno racer Mike Keith.