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Info Wanted

What frame is this? Boss?   (919) 819-4950

November 22

Info Wanted



November 22

Info Wanted

Bike came from somewhere in California.  1955 CB34. Anyone know the history of this bike?   Thanks Dan

May 22

Info Wanted

I sold this bike 20 years ago and just bought it back, does anyone recognize it from back in the day?
 How can I tell if it is a DMR ? Thanks for your help. Dennis in Connecticut.

April 13

Info Wanted
 I have a Trackmaster  650 Yamaha frame that sat on the ground and has rusted out place on the bottom tube.
Looking for someone that could repair it and also where to get it re plated.

 I am located on the East Coast Thanks David  email

March 30

Info Wanted

I wonder if it's possible to put these pics on your sight in the hopes that someone will recognize this bike. She is in the middle of a restoration/race prep and I think she has some history. If it has history I would like to duplicate the paint job and run the seat and glass as it was raced. Besides it's always neat to know a little about these bikes from "Back in the day". If only they could talk. Thanks very much in advance for your help in this matter. What I know is it was bought from a guy in or near San Diego about a year ago. Possibly thru e-bay or your site.It is a nickel plated Trackmaster. It came with a set of cases that are 750 Triumph with no numbers stamped in them . There are some trick little things done to them and it apparently blew up as they are cracked around the cylinder base and a chunk is missing around one stud as if it almost got pulled out. There is a very small pair of keys painted on the top of the tank.I believe these are the painters mark. It had Barnes wheels and  a Hurst brake, the rest of the bike was missing.The frame is stamped AO63. As the story goes it won a national in 73 or 74. I sure would love some history on this ol'girl before it gets any further along. I have learned that the bike belonged to Pat Mc Caul. 
Again Thanks for the help.

Steve Benson

January 25

Info Wanted

I built this Yamaha DT2MX with a trackmaster frame back in 1974.  I sold it in 75 or 76 to a student attending the University
of Wisconsin Platteville.  The motor number of the DT2MX motor is 192293.  Im not sure if the motor is still the same after
all these years, the person that bought it from me back in 75 or 76 said that he may change the motor.  If you have any info
on this bike it would greatly appreciated.  My name is Gary and my phone number is 563-582-8146 work, 563-556-6386 home
or e-mail at   I am willing to offer a finders fee for any info that leads me to this bike.

November 20

Info Wanted

Looking for info on this bike. 1962 XLCH, XR replica.  Purchased from British Motorbikes, N. Hollywood, Ca. 1/94, Frank Callinicos
and Don Thut, Northridge Ca., seller/builder,  partially complete.  Then new owner Jerry Peters engaged Don Clancy,
 Fairfax Ca. to finish the bike.  Many owners later this bike is in Detroit, running and showing well, with many rumors about
the original intent of the builder, Bonneville, Daytona, etc?????  I would like to communicate with anyone who was involved with this bike.

Stewart Oldford  Fenton, Mich.     248-255-5160

September 20

Info Wanted
Does anyone remember Dexter Campbell who was a legend in Florida and Georgia late 50's early 60's. As I remember he rode an
 orange Sportster and flat tracked and roadraced and I believe was killed at a roadrace in Southern Georgia in the early to mid 60's.
I was just a kid when I saw him drag race at the old Valkarie Dragstrip (South Of Melbourne Florida) about 1960.
Any information or pictures of him would be gretly appreciated.

Also does anyone remember the old Eau Gallie Florida Triumph dealer Maurice Ham and know if he is alive today. The shop was
called Ham's Cycle Center. He had a beautiful T110 Bonneville that was said to run 140 mph and every Christmas he
decorated it with lights and displayed it in the shop window.

Please reply to Phil Hendricks at Many thanks for any help.

September 20

Info Wanted

I’ve just purchased this semi complete bike off eBay that was also advertised on this site. It was advertised as a Champion frame
 but I’m fairly sure that it’s something else. The frame appears to be professionally T.I.G. welded and does share some design
similarities with a Champion frame. One thing that points towards it being a bit different is to the normal is the ‘signature’
welded on the swingarm…’Dan the creator’. The frame has serial number 0001 on the steering head. Any leads or information
to the frames history will be  much appreciated…….regards, Mark Firkin, Sydney Australia.

Thanks for the help Dennis.

August 10

Info Wanted

I bought a 500 yamaha motor and this ignition was on it. I'm wanting any info I can get on it.Who made it,
timming specs, diognostic specs or any infomation will help. Thanks, Steve . SR Motor Racing Greenfield, IN.

317-498-0241  or

August 10

Info Wanted

Does anyone no anythng about this Montesa -1965 S/N  13M0437 250 cc. The rider was Randy
Buxton.  Was raced in LA.  We have owned it for 20 years.

John and Mike Boyajian

May 27

Info Wanted

Trying to find out what kind of frame we have and what motor goes in it. It was advertised as a Champion frame on the internet.
The serial no. is 1312054872, this was stamped on the steering column. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please call 989-588-9101 and ask for Larry if you know or have more questions about it. Thanks

May 11

Info Wanted

I was wondering if you or any of your readers might be able to identify this frame. It is made out of seamless 1 inch OD tubing
with a 60 thou wall thickness and it is very rigid....either 4130 or 531 reynolds is my guess. The frame is all brazed and
the only marking on it is on the head tube and it is stamped 35049. The engine area is very compact but tall at 19 inches.
Any ideas would be great. Thanks Rich


May 11

Info Wanted

I sold this Champion frame Bultaco in the late 80s to a guy from Arizona and would like to know very much if anyone
has seen it or knows its where abouts. It was raced in District 35 in California by Ron and Mike Hall from the mid to late 70s.
I'd like to hear from anyone that even knows of a Champion frame Bultaco that could possibly be this bike.

I can be contacted at this email, or by phone at (208)642-1765. Thanks Ron

April 29

Info Wanted
Anyone got contact info for Pat McCaul? I bought his old Trackmaster Triumph.

Terence McEnally, Raleigh NC  (919) 819-4950

March 22

Info Wanted

Need info on this frame. I can't find any marks(names/numbers)  any where on it. The only thing I know
about it is a Yamaha xs650 engine doesn't fit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

March 22

Info Wanted

Can anyone help me with this? I know it's a Boranni 18" shouldered rim lace to a hub that has the brake drum and sprocket
assembly on one side and that's all I know.  The rim is stamped WM3-18-record. The brake drum is narrow about an
 1 1/2 wide and the sprocket bolts to the outside of the brake drum assembly. I am looking to sell this
but I am not sure what it is or what it's value is.

Thank you

Jim Alderson  #180j District 36   916-612-0109

March 22

Info Wanted

Harley Ironhead in Custom frame, looks like Trackmaster swingarm. Lots of goodies,
any idea who built it or where it came from?.

Unfortunately Bob Neilson the owner at the time of this first ad has passed away. I purchased the bike from a friend of
Bob's and would still like to find out information on the bike. Could you change the contact information to mine?

Thank you!   Steve Royer

Febuary 20

Info Wanted

I recently bought this staracer frame from a guy in n mpls (mn). It looks to have oversize tubing (1 1/8), and has number 484 stamped in the headtube (thats it). It had a original tank (white, with red paint underneath) and a adj triple clamp of some sort (has 17b stamped in both). It is in ok shape, has had a few mount mods. However, heres my dilema- it has an unusual left side downtube and backbone. It doesnt appear to be offset by eye (all the mounts are in line with the wheels), but it looks to be clearancing something (exh/carbs). The owner thought it was a xs650, but i kinda doubt that, and the previous owner didnt care (thought it was an "x" frame of some sort, as he was going to change it anyway (which never happened)  I am curious if anyone has any info, or would have any idea of what might have been in this thing originally. Its obviously to clear something, but for what? While the rear engine mounts look familiar enough, that's about it. The front mount has been ground down a bit, but nothing else looks to have been removed. It does have a small mount high on the downtubes, near the headtube (?). It seems to me to be a bit overbuilt for a small 2 stroke single, or at least compared to my rickmans and the other little ones i have seen. Any info at all would be greatly appreciated, as i want to put it back to original, whatever that was, as its kinda neat i think. Even ideas would help send me in the right direction. I have many more pics if needed. Thanks

Erik in MN

January 28

Info Wanted

I recently bought this frame. All aluminum (!). Looks total home-brew. Any ideas?


January 25

Info Wanted

Does anyone Recongize who built this frame .... Thanks for any Help ....


January 19

Info Wanted
I'm trying to track down some info on a father/son race team from West
Virginia by the name of Tony or Nick Alvaro. Tony the father raced
from the mid 40's into early 60's, I think. and his son Nick raced
threw the 50's into the 80's. They raced all over the Ohio Valley and
Central West Virginia. I know they raced anything that had wheels on
it whether it was 2 or 4 wheels. My inquiry stems from a 64 TR6
Triumph that I ended up with. It seems the Alvaro's raced the bike
"back in the day" and I'm playing history detective. My goal is to try
and locate some old photos of this particular bike if for nothing else
than my own curiosity but also keeping a machine and story of good old
fashion race history alive.

Thanks, Steve

January 19

Info Wanted
I have a project I'm hoping some fellow flat trackers will be willing to help me with.  I'm looking for a rear wheel off a mid 90's
or newer motocross bike, preferably Honda Yamaha Kawasaki or Suzuki, with disc brake and 19" rim.  The critical dimension is
 84/85mm from the outside edge of the sprocket to the center of the rim.  87mm or less would be ideal as I can always make a
spacer to shim outward.  If anyone one would be willing to measure there bike and pass along the make model and year.
I would greatly appreciate it! 

Thanks Adam

Decenber 23

Info Wanted

Saw this foto on EBay for sale (?). Any ideas who it is? Where? When?

Decenber 23

Info Wanted

Can anyone help me with identifying this frame. It is oif with the oil cap located just in front of the gas tank. I bought a Champion
seat that seems to fit perfectly. The engine is a '64 T120. 
I found the bike in Alaska and have been told it came from Cal.
I've seen a lot of different flattrack frames before, but don't recognize this one. Thanks. 

       Call Hal at 1-907-244-7938  or email:

I bought a Triumph hillclimber that was seen in On Any Sunday going over the top of Widowmaker Hill. Unfortunately,
 I don't have any pics of the bike, at this time. 
Evidently, at some time in the past someone bought the bike and turned it into nasty,
 ratty chopper. I'd like to restore the bike to its former hillclimbing glory and am hoping to find either pics of the bike or some
history about it. 
I know the bike was ridden by Mike Gibbons #21x. In the movie, he is riding the orange Triumph and is the
1st rider in 7 years to leave tire tracks over the top. 
Any info on this bike would be greatly appreciated.

  Call Hal at 1-907-244-7938 or send email:

Decenber 10

Info Wanted
Can anyone tell me what rod to use in a Harley MX250 motor. I've heard Can-am,
Yamaha, but no one has given me definite answer with year and model.
Thanks, John.

Decenber 2

Info Wanted

Curious if this Yammie I built in 1992 is still up and running somewhere and also what it looks like today.
 I think it went to So Cal when sold in 95 but too long ago to remember. Would be nice to find that it
survived the years. Thanks


November 28

Info Wanted
My name Jason Yager, raced at Jeeps in Wichita Ks in the 80s. I looking for my first Staracer, Yamaha 80cc.
 It would be around a 1979-81 model frame and had a 1980 engine in it.

Any info appreciated. 316-435-2204

November 23

Info Wanted

Anyone recognize this Trackmaster Triumph?
The bike apparently came out of Michigan about 7 years ago. Everything on it is original to the late sixties or early seventies,
 so it probably hasn't raced for a long time. The frame is the early, oil in the frame style. The seat is mounted high, so probably
was ridden by a tall rider. The engine is a '68, but is marked as a T120RT. The T120RT engines were supposed to be 1970 models,
 except perhaps for the four prototype engines. Any information on the history of the motorcycle or riders would be greatly appreciated.

 Robby at:

November  11

Info Wanted

Looking for information on 70 - 80's South East Pennsylvania racer named "Bender", 
rode #62 Champion framed CR250 Honda.

Todd Smith  Vintage Hotshoe Racing    

November  9

Info Wanted

Can anyone help ID this frame???

November 9

Info Wanted

I bought this from AZ on ebay as a fast track frame. Dose any one know what type of make it is
 or some history of fast track frame.
Only mark is no 0036

thanks - jim garvey sydney australia

October 15

Info Wanted

Info wanted on the Triumph 650 Desert Sled, Bike has a Chromoly nickle plated frame built by Patterson Ent. in
Van Nuys, Calif. back around 1969-1970.
The builder spared no expense using high quality parts from the era, including Ceriani fork,
Curnutt shocks, Barnes-Hurst rear wheel and brakes, Hi Point aluminum gas tank, Bates desert seat, etc.

More Info

The info I have is that the bike was built in 1972 by a guy named Bill "Skip" Norton from the Los Angeles area.
If anyone knows Bill Norton or recognizes this bike from back in the day, please let me know. Thank You.

Thanks for any info provided. email info to:

October 7

Info Wanted

 I have this TT-500 in this frame and would like to get some history from the previous owner..
 I am sure posting it on your web-site that we will find out about the bike...Thanks a bunch...

Mark W. Babcock

Sept 24

Info Wanted

I am hoping to find some info on this frame .
It was sold to a friend of mine in Australia by a team in Florida or something like that.

May 23

Info Wanted

    I was hoping you could post some pictures of a motor I recently acquired. It is supposed to be one of Chuck or Larry Palmgren's
 old motors. I am not looking to sell it rather obtain some information.  It is stamped with the numbers  "T140   WEBB",
underneath those are the numbers "RM  2  974".  It also has "WEBB and N" on the front motor mount. It has a breather
on the timing chest and a lot of extra fining on the top of the head.  Any info any of your readers had would be much appreciated.

Thank you,   Steve Royer

May 18

Info Wanted

Wondering if you could help identify a frame I purchased some time back. From what I see on your site,
it looks like a Knight Frame,  but have also seen discussions about VMC and others that are similar. Guy I bought it from
 thought it had a KX engine in it, my 78 KX250 doesn't fit up too well, maybe a later model with the swingarm pivot
through the center case.
Thanks for any light you can "shred" on it!


May 18

Info Wanted

Hi, I'm hoping one of your readers can help identify this frame. The frame is brazed construction,
 the swingarm is tig welded. I don't even know what engine fits. Help!

Just would like you to know, my May 18 "info wanted" ad got a response and a correct identification.
Reader Bill Milburn identified my nickel-plated mystery frame as a Littler Honda 450.
With that lead I found an old Jan '69 Cycle Guide magazine with a feature article on the bike.
Thanks to Bill and!  
Scott Peatross

Info Wanted
Looking to make contact or info  links to PAT FLETCHER,  he was riding out of  Imperial beach in 1977. From what i have found out ,
could have been dirt track sportsman expert on a Boss frame 360 yz or RT maybe district 36 or lodi track but not sure, 
only bits i have picked up.

Any information or contact details please to

May 18

Info Wanted

Harley Ironhead in Custom frame, looks like Trackmaster swingarm. Lots of goodies,
any idea who built it or where it came from?.

Thanks Bob Neilson

April 22 

Info Wanted

I am looking for information on a BSA frame I have that showed up at the old Albuquerque BSA shop years ago.
The frame has been repaired and long sibce restored using a 56 CB engine.  I am sure the frame has a history based on mods to it.  I have the history of the engine, and any help you or others out there in flat track land could supply regarding the frame would be greatly appreciated.
The frame is BSA, #BB32R 444.  When I received it it had a hand built alloy oil tank, an alloy top triple clamp and handlebar mount with the lower drilled and filled with wood putty, rear axle tabs, and shortened forks.  Some of these mods are listed in an article about Jack O'Brians bike in a Feb. 1965 Cycle World article.  The bike was re built some years ago by Denny Berg.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
John Kynor

March 30

Shell Frame Number

I have frame # 888 and was wondering if anyone out there has the list of who the original owner might have been.Thanks

Greg Howell   (916) 372-5078

March 11

Info Wanted

Looking for info on Carls Sport Shop, the engine shown is a spare BSA A65.
I bought them from Bill Faulkner near Aurora Ill. Was it common to for a shop to cast their own sidecovers?

Thanks for any info,
    Eric Benson Leadville CO

Feb 22

Info Wanted on Pipes

I have a few pictures of a couple of exhaust systems that came out of garage of a flat track rider in Kansas city.
 Wondering if you or any of the other watchers of your sight might have any knowledge of what model
or bike they might fit, he was into BSA bikes.  The two larger pipes look like they go together as a set left/right side....
maybe not!  The other set looks like a single bike mounting on the left side


Feb 6

Hello Dennis,
       I identified these Honda Mufflers for Ryan, in Feb, and he sold them on E-Bay immediately, for $940 for both sets. 
I don't know if you ever update this column, but thought you would like to know they're sold and gone.

          Thanks, Mike Middleton

Info Wanted

I would like to locate this Champion framed XL 250 Honda built and ridden by Ray Merkley of Merkley Motors in
Vernal Utah. Bike may have been sold to someone in Ogden Utah. Any information appreciated.

Thanks, Vance
P.S. I would also like to know if anyone has the Bultaco Astro  # 14600224. I have the engine for this bike.

Jan 29

Info Wanted

Just traded for this RD350 and am looking for any info about who built/rode this bike.
 The guy I got this from is from Michigan but did'nt build it. It has a champion frame (not modified).

Please contact me @

Jan 5

Info Wanted
Hello, I am looking for an old friend . He raced flat track and a little speedway,
mostly down in So Cal . His name is Dennis Briggs, His Dad was Windy Briggs .

Thanks !

Murray Grant

Dec 15

Info Wanted

I'm trying to locate my old dirttracker. Sold to a guy in the L.A. area in the mid 80's
Have you seen me?  If so email Larry @

Dec 5

Info Wanted

Looking for contact info for an old friend.
Bob (Suds) Sutherland of Winnipeg Manitoba, long time flat tracker in the central US

Terry Brenan at

Dec 3

Dec 3 looking for Bob Sutherland-----------------found

Thank you

Info Wanted

Hi Dennis, I am including a few pictures of a bike that I bought from Ted Boody in the fall of 82.  Just before AMA started using the 500cc bikes for shortrack.  I that Ted was one of the first riders to ride the liquid cooled motors and this bike won Datona shortack series March of 1982 I think, also the the Canadian Nationals in the fall of 82.  There where pictures in Cyclenews but I haven't had luck finding them.  The bike is a 250 Honda Staracer with a single rear shock.  Ted told me that he went right to star racer and built the bike right at the Staracer Company.  Took the best features from a Night, Champion, Staracer, Viper , & other frames that had features that he liked.  It's the only one in the world like it.  The bike is done, I'm looking for pictures to finish the paint job.  It has an XR 750 Aluminum tank and night tail section.  The bike originally had college bike shop on the side of the tank.  If I remember right it was blk, red, & white.  If you could help find photo's or information on this bike so that I can finish it.  It would be greatly appreciated.  My phone number is 989-845-6162, just ask for Tom. Email is  Thank You
Attached is a picture with Boody on the bike and Springer ahead of him and Roberts behind.  I found this picture in Side Burns Magazine and it's all that I've been able to find.  If you need more pictures or info just ask.

November 30

Info Wanted

Received this email from Mark in Australia who building a Trackmaster Benelli.

Hey guys......I've just been offered this supposed Trackmaster frame for a good price but something is bothering me about it. The rear subframe/top shock mount is different to all other Trackmasters I've seen. The attached photo of the Gene Hartline Trackmaster Benelli clearly shows the top shock mount to be different from the frame I've been offered. The frame appears to be from prior to when they used the fibreglass seat/fender combo and looks to maybe use a Bates style seat. Have any of you got any clues to its heritage?
I've been steadily building my Benelli 650 flat tracker using the ''replica'' frame I got from Texas for $40 a few years ago but I've never been happy with the untidy welding or not knowing what it is. This ''new'' frame is at least a genuine 'something'.............Here's hoping you guys can help me out............cheers, Mark.

November 30

Info Wanted

This is a barn find that I would love to fine more information about. 
Any info at this time would be great either by email or by phone.

Ryan     or     816 365-4976

email received and fowarded to Ryan
Here's what I know. Leroy (I think) Winters had a m/c shop in Ft. Smith Arkansas and was on the Penton ISDT teams in the late 60's and early 70's.
I'm not sure if he is alive, but his son Bart Winters works as the service manager for Corgill's Yamaha in Poteau, Ok. about 30 miles from Ft. Smith.
Tell him that Mike from Wister sent you and tell him that I found his honda handlebars after moving to California and will send them
 back to him as soon as I return to California from working in Tx..If you are going to sell the frame, I might be interested
I hope this helps.  Thanks Mike.

November 2

Info Wanted

I picked this up the other day and can't seem to find any information about it, It says the fiberglass company from
 Santa Cruz and the logo looks like Tracy Fairing stuff, Would like to find out if it was made to fit a specific bike,
 and what year it is. Thanks

Jim Myrick  207-783-7349

October 15

Info Wanted

I have a request for some information. I just purchased this Triumph 500cc Vintage Flat Track Bike.
 Want to try and ID the frame, Tank, exact year of engine, etc.
Engine has no number identification.
Best I can compare to is a mid 60's T100C motor.  Cylinder barrel fins are hole drilled.  Tank is fiberglass
with dual aluminum flip top gas/oil lids.
Frame has a serial number of AM 405 1556. Frame also has an
 odd triple tube backbone configuration that I haven't seen before?? 
Maybe somebody else has seen this style frame.
Thanks for your help.
Alan Sparks

Dennis, Thanks much for posting the info wanted ad on my unrestored Triumph Flat Tracker.  I heard from two people already (one of them local).  Both confirmed the frame as being from an American Eagle Talon 405 from the late 60's/early 70's.  These bikes were built in Britain and sold in the states with an Italian clone of the Husky 2 stroke motor.  Mine was modified to take the Triumph engine.  Tank is possibly from a BSA.
Get this.....the local flat tracker knew that the bike was owned by Paul Knudsen of the Polka Dot MC here in Sacramento, CA.  Unfortunately, Paul passed away in 2003.  Now I'm looking for pictures from when the bike was raced back in the late 60's/early 70's in and around Sacramento.  I've e-mailed the Polka Dots club to see if they can track down any pics.
 If you can post a request for pictures from anybody who took pictures of motorcycle scrambles and/or flat track events in NorCal during that timeframe, that would be great.
Thanks again for your help.  Regards,  Alan  

October 11

Info Wanted
 I have a nickel plated champion frame that was left out in the weather for 30 years. I am looking for info on where
 to get it replated, if possible.
We are in Va.

 You can email at  or call 434 960 7140 

September 7

Info Wanted
 Does anyone know where Tracy (Nelson?) is today. Many racers used his parts from The Fiberglass Works In Santa Cruz Ca. 
Please contact me at  or (831) 818-2321

September 2

Info Wanted
Wanted:  Any information concerning a M. Jones in Southern CA that used to race and do Porting on 100cc Kawasaki.
Call 530-405-6581 or email me at

From the Trailblazers Newsletter

In the mid 70's, Steve Storz, worked at Norton-Triumph in Duarte with a man named Jim Pearson. He was a service school instructor.
 Can any of you Trailblazers help Steve locate him.      e-mail:

Tom White is trying to locate Bobby Hill for a journalist friend. Any info?

August 28

Info Wanted

I recently bought this bike from a guy who has had since 1989. It is a Staracer with a 1980 yz250 yam motor.
It has D Buler #68g inscribed on the wheels frame and motor. I picked up bike in las vegas. bike is now on the central coast  calif .
If anyone has any info on this bike please email me at  or leave message at 805 461 0997

June 25

Info Wanted
I have just gotten a Honda XR650r set up for flattracking; can someone tell me a good starting point for gearing for a 1/4 and a 1/2 mile.

Thank you. B.Goff

May 14

Info Wanted

Help! Need info on fitting a Honda XR650R engine into a dirt track type frame.  Does anyone know if a frame for a Rotax will work?
 The Honda has a dual exhaust port, and left side drive chain.  I don’t plan to race it, but put it on the street with a roadrace look.
 I put CBR600RR forks on the stock frame, and it handles nice when going straight but is a little light in the rear on corners!
 Wheelies and stoppies nicely, too.  Just light in the rear on cornering.       912 660-1150 cell in Savannah, GA

May 14

Info Wanted

Hi Dennis, was checking out your web site, excellent ! I have attached some pictures of an old poster I came across.
Was wondering if you had any idea of year / riders / someone to contact etc. Called Colo. National Speedway but couldn't really get any info
 ( they just wanted to buy it, for nothing ! ) The track was paved years ago, only running car races now.  I think it is in excellent condition,
not ever posted. Thanks for any help you can give. Feel free to post it on web if you would like.

Mike Collier, way down south now, but grew up outside the back gate of the Indiana State Fairgrounds in the '60s / '70s !

April 24

Info Wanted

I built a custom Boss Framed Honda CR 250 (Elsinore) in the late 1970's. The motor was a 1973 CR-250 and the frame
was built by Boss in 1977. The orginal paint job was a real "custom" job (I'm talking Custom Car Show quality,
actually won first place in a show). It was the most ill-handling thing I ever through a leg over.
 I think I sold it around 1980 and would love to find it. Any help form your community would be greatly appreciated.

Bob    District 36. 49N Reno NV

April 8

Info Wanted

Information needed . Trying to find what motor this frame was built for a single down tube Track master.
The swing arm from the center of the mounting bolt to the start of the axle slot is 17 1/2 inches . It takes a set of 12 1/2 inch shocks .
 Please check out the drawings of the motor mount spacing. Any help would really be appreciated. Maybe a TRIUMPH T 100?

Turns out it is a very early TRACKMASTER TT frame for a SUZUKI 125

Info Wanted

I’m looking for information about this flat track bike that I built in Southern California when I was 19.  This photo was taken in July, 1973, just after it was completed.  The motor was a stock 250cc Yamaha DT-1.  The frame was professionally lowered about 2” and painted with aircraft epoxy.  The aluminum tank was an aftermarket item from the U.K. that was used on a lot of 70’s small bore trials bikes.  I had the tank painted with the Yamaha colors & stripe but left the side’s polished aluminum so it looked like the Husky tanks.  All of the painting was done by “Paint by Molly” who painted all of the Yamaha factory racers.  Molly was the original designer of the Yamaha stripe, the lime green color of Kawasaki’s, and eventually the Lexus logo.  The solo seat and pillion were both Bates leather products.  The plastic rear fender was a modified Preston Petty item.  I hand painted the number plates myself.  This bike was so clean that I assembled it in my bedroom.  Although I ran some open practice nights at Trojan Speedway with this bike before I customized it, it never touched the dirt after I completed it.  I always enjoyed building bikes more than racing, so being a stupid 19 year old kid, I traded this bike straight across for a used Bultaco Sherpa S 200 for my next project.  I remember that guy not believing that I was serious when we made the trade.  After that day I never saw the bike again.  Now that I’m 55 & I’ve got the itch to build another dirt tracker, I would really like to find out if anyone ever raced this bike and where it might be today.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Dave Baal, Temecula, CA    

858-748-1901 ext. 137   E-MAIL :

Mar 23

Info Wanted

Can anyone help me find this motorcycle?  It's a DMR with a Kawasaki 350 engine.  Also had a Blake Enterprises cast cylinder head at the time.
  Frame was missing identification tag near steering head.  Last seen at Holiday Downs near Atlanta, GA about 1975.  
I would be interested in owning again or knowing where it was even if not for sale.  This would allow me to stop my search. 

Contact me at or 205-837-5749 or 205-335-0159 or 205-903-4371

Mar 16

Info Wanted

I just got my Champion style gas tank after posting a "wanted" ad on
your site. I am looking for some information from anyone who might
remember the Company that made this tank. It was manufactured by Cycle
Craft in Santa Cruz, California. It says it is made of re-inforced
polyester and fiberglass. It has two threaded brass inserts at the
bottom back of the tank on either side of the mounting hole. Does anyone
out there know if they used petcocks back there or a threaded hose barb
on each one with an inline shut off valve in the fuel line. I am
mounting it on a stock-framed XS650 with a HotWing seat/tail. The bike
has a Shell #1 cam and his TT pipes and 1/2 mile cones. Please send me
an e-mail, if you have any info on this tank.

I have attached pictures of the tank and label and a shot of the
"business" part of my bike.

Thanks again for a great site, I look forward to seeing what's on it
each day.  Jim   

Feb 20

Info Wanted

      Hopefully you or one of your readers/colleagues can help me identify this bike..I believe it is a Champion frame,
but I'm not 100% sure and have no idea what originally came in it..The front motor mount is 5 3/8" inside measurement,
 as is the upper back one..The lower rear motor mount will be 5 1/2" inside after my friend repairs the frame back
to the stock location..From the upper rear mount to the front mount is 15" and from the lower rear mount
 to front mount is 13 1/4" with a spread of 8" between the back two mounts..Local motocross track just completed
 their flat track, and I would like to get this going by spring..Any help would be much appreciated..Thank you very much...Neil

Oct 23

Info Wanted

Can anybody identify this OSSA FLATTRACK FRAME? Came out of SACRAMENTO, CA, USA

I asked Tom Horton who races vintage OSSAs and he has no idea. Please let me know if you know! dennis vft

 On the Oct 18, 2008 Info wanted ad, I think the frame is a John Borch Frame.  It’s a long time ago and I have to think back to 1973. 
His frames were very similar to a DMR and stock OSSA frame. And I did send an e-mail to Terry.   Thanks  Ken

Oct 18

Info Wanted
             I'm going to open a small museum, American History , And my old Racing day's got my furnace Cooking.  Larry Vetter was a Pro"
Rider I traveled the country with. ( 72 ) or ( 72p ) AMA # 129069 He raced from early 60's until early 70's. Looking for info on any Photograph's,
Bike's he raced. He rode a SMITTY prepared BSA with a Trackmaster Chassic,,  from Rock Island illinois..  Glen Fraiser, was one of his sponsor's.
Also a Triumph built by a Joliet Ill Shop. The Late George Albright was his sponsor..

           If anyone has information, And i know there is,  HELP""  We ran in the east coast, very little, And heavily Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Louisville,
Race of Champion's,, Oklahoma,
Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, If anyone has info, Or pieces for sale ?
        Contact Lee T. Pollock phone # 815-915-7764 or Email is

Sept 9

Info Wanted

I was wanting some info on what my father in-law and I believe to be a Reader Tripple Tree.
 He gave them to me for my XS650. He said they where made in the 70s maybe.
The trees are for 35mm tubes, you can adjust the rake by fliping a plate around on the top tree.
Any Info would help. Thanks

Aug 28

Info Wanted
We have just finished our first "flat tracker" project. Actually we made a street tracker from my derelict
XT 500 which can be seen at OMAR?s customer gallery (Stephan Feller). Now we have been offered a Triumph Trident
which needs a complete restoration and we are thinking about turning it into a Jim Rice Rocket 3 lookalike.
 I have been able to obtain pictures of this bike only from the drive side. The only picture offering a - very dark and
actually bad for copying - view of the timing side is the one by Dan Mahoney. I would even go so far as ordering it from the
US if it helped us any - but I guess it doesn?t. Is there a picture you know of showing the bike from its timing side
and thus offering a view of the exhaust pipes and muffler(s)? Whom could I ask?

Thank you very much for your help. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely      Stephan Feller      Bremen, Germany

Aug 14

Info Wanted

My buddy Don Miller (Metro Racing) is restoring the Don Castro Red-Line Triumph. It's the one he rode with
the Tracy fiberglass tank/seat/tail on it (that was outlawed soon thereafter!). He's almost finished, but
we need a color photograph of it so he can match it! The bike will be on display at the Triumph display at
Vintage Days this July so time is getting short.

Any help, leads or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Greg Bastek

Don Miller can be reached at 1-877-746-3876 or

June 11

Johnson Cam Info

NEIL         E-MAIL

Feb 20

Reg Mull info
Just left your website am writing to no if you know of a flattracer #47R Reg Mull that raced at ascot park in the 1960s.
 He was my dad and also raced in mich in the 1940s 1950 and 1960 at ascot In the 40s and 50s.
 His # was 49V He road BSA AJS MATCHLESS ARIAL. I am looking for photos or anything about him.
If you could help it would be greatly appreciated Thank You

Added Feb 8th
 Thank you for posting info about Reg Mull.
Could you post, Articles or photos or any info on Motor City Speedway in Michigan.
My dad REG MULL raced flattrack there in 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951. He won the championship, I think in 49, 50 or 51.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Feb 3


I was hoping to post a pic or two of my RS750 in order
to get information on any race history people may
recall on this bike.  I bought it some years back from
Roy Platell (Terry Povey's old sponsor) who bought it
from the estate of the late Jim Feuling.  It has 35N
number plates on it, AMA pro tech sticker and is a
twin shock model.  Any recollections can be emailed to  Thanks in advance!!

Jan 31

Champion Frame

I'm looking for any info on this Champion frame XL350.
I have seen many other champion xl's but they all have a single downtube frame, this one is a double downtube
frame with a special bend for the exhaust. Has anybody seen one like this?  Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jesse

Jan 31

Wanted photos of San Jose indoors as well as Cow Palace races from 60s and 70s.
Also any other Dist 36 racing to put on website. Gennai, Hocking and Yarn and all the rest.
Any help appreciated.  Bill Hanlon

Jan 4

Boss Yamahas

I'm looking for info in relation to 2 Boss framed Yamaha 2-strokes, one 250 and one 360 .
 Both bikes were together and look very similar.
 Number plates indicate "4J". Glass is all white with Harley Davidson stickers on tanks and fenders.
These bikes would have probably been campaigned around the Northern California area.
Any help appreciated... ereidd (at) hotmail (dot) com

Nov 28

Email from
Ron Johnson 68K on Dec 19th
In the 1970's there was a HD dealer in Auburn, CA name of Jack Stadel. He had two sons racing, they rode Yamahas.
I remender seeing them at Lodi and Chico with these bikes, white with HD decal on them. Those decals are
75th Anniversary . I used think thats odd on a Yamaha. This could be their racers. At that time I worked at HD in Sacramento.
 If any help, good ! Ron Johnson 68K

C&J CanAm
I have a Can-Am in a C&J frame. I heard there were only a couple made. I am looking for info on the frame.
Type of glass that was used, who built the frames, who raced them. Any leads or info would be greatly appreciated.
Very nice frame and motorcycle but it has Dick Mann glass on it.
Thank you Bryan.

Nov 28

Info on Dixon Pagnella
Hello, My name is Wendy Pagnella. I found your site when trying to dig up any info on my dad. I was wondering if maybe you can help.
This would make a great holiday gifts for him....I am not sure of the dates but he used to race.
(Amateur flat track at Ascot raceway and also TT) His name is DIXON PAGNELLA.
 It was during the mid 60's -- early 70's. I am looking for any Pictures,
 New's articles and even better some kind of live  film....
My e-mail  is     Thank's for your time. sincerly, Wendy

Nov 6

Shoe Info

Can anyone send me pictures of / or how to make a "hot shoe" for my young" flat tracker" boy?  Thanks, Joe

Nov 5

Corky Keener

We recently purchased an XR750 believed to be Corky Keener's old bike.
 We'd love to know for sure.  Does anyone know how to contact Corky?
Marilyn Wiersema

Oct 25

Yamaha TT

Hi Dennis - Great website!  Can't stay away from it.  I'm wondering if you could help me out by posting the attached photo on your site.
 I located this TT500 in northern California a few months ago and supposedly it's been sitting for 10-15 yrs.  It's very complete and I'm hoping
someone might know some history of previous owner(s), or riders.  It has the name "Hoss" on the tank and I think it was built around 1976-1997?
 In its day, I believe it could have been raced at Lodi Cycle Bowl in California.  If anyone has any photos or information,
please e-mail me at

Oct 22

Trackmaster Yamaha

Hello Dennis
            Firstly I'd like to say I've enjoyed your web site for a few years now thank you for all your effort.
Here is the situation back in 1993 I lived in liburn GA. USA. Whilst there I
built from the ground up a trackmaster framed flattrack style yamaha please
see attached picture. I then had to move back to England where I now live, I
sold the bike to a guy named Johhny Futo who had a company called Buckhead
Auto Body Inc in Atlanta, GA. I know it's a long shot but I would very much
like to buy the bike back and iam hopping that you will post this message on
your web site and just maybe somebody might hook me up with the present
owner. Myself the wife and kids are flying to florida on 16th Oct 07 and
staying until 26 Oct 07. I don't mind what condition the bike is in. I can
rent a Uhaul and drive up to collect it. Ive got somewhere in Fla to store
it so no worries there. If anyone knows where this bike is you would be
making a UK flattrack fan most happy.
My contact details
Mobile 07771-711-594
FLA house phone number = 727 865 0763
Thanks for taking the time to read this

Adam Goodfellow
Goodfellow 2000 Limited
Tel: 02380 428660
Fax: 02380 428666

Oct 16

Yamaha V Twins
Could / would you post the following request on your VFT web site...I'd really appreciate it...
Thanks, John Reinhard

 Following is part of an article from Ed Youngbloods
excellent  Moto History site.

Yamaha Tracker

In the early 1980s, Yamaha imported 750cc chain drive V-Twin engines and sold them to tuners and racers
 to campaign on the AMA Grand National dirt track circuit. Yamaha Motor Corporation USA supported a
development team run by Kenny Roberts and Mert Lawwill, with Mike Kidd and Jim Felice turning the throttles.
John Reinhard, a retired Yamaha engineer, has just acquired one of these now-rare motorcycles (pictured)
 that was built and raced by a northern California Yamaha dealer. He reports that he knows the location of two others,
 and is convinced that still more remain intact.
Chassis for some of these dirt trackers were built by Terry Knight, as with the example pictured here.
 However, Dick Mann built the first two chassis used by the factory team, and one of these is owned by a
Yamaha dealer in Boise, Idaho. Reinhard wants to find out how many more of these motorcycles still exist,
 and perhaps create a registry for owners and dirt track enthusiasts.
Any VFT reader who knows of such motorcycles or has other useful information should E-mail John Reinhard at

Sept 6

Frame Info

Hi Dennis ,
Can you please post these pics with (Need help to identify what type of frame this is. Frame is very light
 and has had some tabs welded to it .
No numbers or names anywhere on it . Any help at all appreciated .

Thanks again Johnny#33   email

Sept 6

Champion Frame Info
I recently picked up a Champion framed bike with a 1973-74 Honda CR250M Elsinore motor in it. It is a short track style with Champion glass on it.
The frame appears to be made for this motor and the steering head is stamped HON 2.
My question is: Does anyone know if these Champion frames for the early 250cc Elsinore motors are common or how many of them were produced?
Thanks, Randy


Sept 6

Royal Francis Carroll
Good afternoon Dennis, my name is Melodie.  I am trying to locate any info about my grandfather.
 He raced the US flat track 1948-1953 on the Tigers team.  His name was Royal Francis Carroll.
 Do you have any tips where I could gather any info & pics????  I thank you in advance for your time.
 I look forward to hearing back from you.
Sincerely,   Melodie

Sept 6

Photos of  Gary Wendell Westphal
hi my name is Gary Westphal Jr and my dad used to race flat track way back when and he is about to retire from his career
which is far away from racing i might add. but sir it would be really great if you could help me out I'm not that good
at searching the Internet and i want to get some pictures of my father racing i might add he also did drag racing and
 he used to work at the Harley shop in Memphis he worked on many peoples bikes such as Elvis Presley. sir if you
could search the web for me or something and help me out it would be the greatest thing anyone has ever done for me please
let me know if you will help thank you very much for your time sir his name is Gary Wendell Westphal he used to race with some guy
named shumacker or something if that's any help
p.s. once again thank you for you time.
                                                     sincerely, Gary Wendell Westphal Jr.

Sept 2

Paul Conserriere
Hi, this is Kip Conserriere. My father was Paul Conserriere, and he raced quite a bit at Ascot, and at north Cal tracks.
I hear that he was pretty good at it, I have lots of pics of him, but was to young to watch him. Do you know of him?
And if so do you have any photos or  articles of him? I also heard that he was good friends with Mert Lawell,
Gene Romero, and Sammy Tanner to name a few.

             Thanks for your time.
                              Kip Conserriere

Sept 2

Frame info
Dennis... I have a vintage Bultaco Astro .. with a Champion Frame I believe.  I have been looking for Champion's address,
 email or phone so I can contact Champion directly to veryify the frame number. So far having trouble getting that info.
 Appreciate any help you can give in contacting Champion.
Thanks .. Jim Ketchmark ... Hartsel, CO .

Sept 2

Who took this shot?

Dear Dennis
A bit of a long shot, but I'm a motorcycle journalist (and Wood Rotacx racer) from the UK
 and I'm trying to confirm who took the attached photo of Corky Keener.
Any ideas?

Regards, Gary

Sept 2

Tom Sifton Stories
My name is Scott Hinman and I am Tom Sifton’s Grandson. I came across a picture of Tom’s Cam Grinder at the Dan Rouit Museum.
 I was always under the impression that the AMA Museum had possession of this. How did they get it?
I’m working on a Bio of Tom’s life and am searching for any stories, articles etc.
Could you give me contact info for those that have his cam grinder?

Thank you,  Scott Hinman

Dan informed Scott that AMA didn't want it! We all know that Flat Track History is a real priority at AMA!
Their loss is our gain.