Benelli Trackmaster

Copy from ebay auction

Here we have an interesting rare piece of very significant US motorcyce racing history. This is the number one bike of two that were built as the "Benelli works flat track bikes" by Cosmopolitan Motors in 1971. The bike was ridden by Gene Hartline, whose name you can see on the rear swing arm. Gene later went on to stunt riding and there is a photo below of him doubling for Arny in the Terminator 1 movie, also a photo of him pulling a superb wheelie on the Benelli and one of him racing in 1968. Below is some of a brief editorial about this bike and Gene Hartline on the Cosmopolitan Motors Inc website under 'Joes Pictures': The bike would be an interesting addition to any collection of US race bikes. The bike is as found and would benefit from a good freshen up to bring it back to its former glory. Brief editorial from Cosmo motors follows, you can see this on their website. Enjoy bidding on this rare motorcycle, and make it one of the most unique additions to your race bike collection. The value of rare racing bikes such as this is fast escalating, they are few and far between and will never be made again. We will crate and freight this interesting motorcycle almost anywhere in the World FREE OF CHARGE as a bonus. Local destination arrival costs still apply, about US$150.00 into the USA. Email direct for any further information you would like to know on or telephone me direct on 011-613-9773-5500, we are 19 hours ahead of Los Angeles time, 16 hours ahead of East Coast US time and 11 hours ahead of UK time. You may visit our website at, just add 'www' to the front of the address to view. Good luck with the auction.

From Cosmopolitan Motors Inc. website:
AMA Pro Flat Tracker Gene Hartline circa 1971 or thereabouts. This is the 650 Tornado Works Benelli. Well it was not actually a Works bike.Ya see it started here at the Enchanted Kingdome. Benelli didn't put penny one into the project. Mr.Weiss decided to go on without them and built it. Gene Hartline, working for Trackmaster  along with C.R. Axtell  made the frame. It came together  nicely here with Joe Rottigni and the local racers then it went out to the west coast and Gene and the Ax topped it off. 
About this same time Benelli was being bought up by De Tomaso. The T man wasn't big on the flat track deal " he was telling Cosmo how to build it" and basically told them to stop. He even went as far as to say the new 750  that was coming out soon would be a much better platform, I'm not kiddin man.
Gene Ham and egged it as best he could but the Italian stuff never really had anything on the big dirt tracks at that level. He won a few deals but the bike really didn't have the sand.
The bike was transformed into a hill climber for a while and then I got it. I brought it back to it's original spec and ran it on the east coast . After a few years I sold it to Pete Simmonds of OZ and I haven't seen it since. Update by us: (The bike was sold to the Keith Raper collection in Australia in the mid 1980's where it remained until his death, and the bike was recently put up for sale at the 2005 Melbourne Motor Show Auction)
Gene Hartline went on to bigger and better stuff. he became a stunt man and a stunt coordinator. Gene was also instrumental in gettin Debbie Evans and her Husband Lane Leavitt into the stunt business. Debbie and Lane both rode for Cosmo. I believe Debbie is the worlds top stunt woman at this time. And Lane is credited with inventing lots of equipment for stunters to use and all 3 are still at it now. You can see Gene's name in the credits of Arnolds first Terminator flick. I think that was Gene on the Honda doubling for  the A-man  shooting at the beautiful Linda Hamilton.