Third Annual
Ray Hensley Memorial
Lancaster AHRMA Regional
Labor Day..........................
Sept 6th, 1999

125 Sportsman

1.  90L Jay Pritchett Honda
2.  55  Tom Horton  Kaw
3.  70
4.  84

250 Novice

1.  52c Dave Chenney
2.  319 Brad Rudy
3.  43
4.  209  Cliff Nagatani  Bultaco
5. 27

250 Sportsman

1.  33y  Ken Netto  Can-Am
2.  55  Tom Horton  Bultaco
3.  17j  Manney Curmett  Bultaco
4.  50s  Brad Holt  Bultaco
5.  12e  Jeff Lesley  Bultaco
6.  88  Nick Nassisi  Bultaco
7.  29  Rich Trait  OSSA
8.  51  Brain Coakley  Bultaco
9.  29a  Rodger Winiger  Yamaha
10.  5  Scott Sterns

600 Novice

1.  32a  Greg Wilborn
2.  19x  Guy Duckett Honda
3.  28L  Dave Harness Triumph
4.  63h
5.  44n
6.  20z
7.  52c  Dave Chenny
8.  9h  Mike Hunt

600 Sportsman

1.  50s  Brad Holt  Bultaco
2.  68e  Paul Herman Honda
3.  55  Tom Horton Honda
4.  17j  Manney Crumett Bultaco
5.  45  John Lundgren  Honda
6.  7m  Brad Spencer  Honda
7.  29a  Rodger Winiger
8.  20q  Steve Brown
9.  65  Gary Bevens OSSA

750 Sportsman

1.  0d  Marty Lewis  Triumph
2.  55  Tom Horton  Triumph
3.  16e  Larry Earhart  BSA
4.  98e  Dennis Pirehiro  Triumph
5.  51 Brian Coakley Yamaha
6.  73  Rich Brewer  BSA
7.  74r  Gary White

250 Classic

1.  11  Jim McMurren  Harley-Davidson
2.  55  Tom Horton  OSSA
3.  12e  Jeff Lesley  Bultaco
4.  29  Rich Trait  OSSA
5.  75  Jack Ausmus

Senior +50

1.  0d Marty Lewis  Triumph
2.  11  Jim McMurren  Harley Davidson
3.  58u  Warren Adams  Triumph
4.  73b  Rick Brewer  BSA
5.  19x  Gary Duckett  Honda
6.  22  Julian Anther

Classic Open

1.  89t  Gary Davis  Triumph
2.  80y  Butch Cockrun  Triumph
3.  45n  Daryl Foster  Triumph
4.  95a Chris Apple  Triumph

Vet +35

1.  55  Tom Horton  Honda
2.  33y  Ken Netto  Yamaha
3.  32a  Greg Wiborn
4.  12e  Jeff Lesley  Bultaco
5.  51  Brian Coakley Yamaha
6.  74r  Gary White  Honda

Classic 500/750

1.  3x  Allen McBee  Aerial
2.  89t  Gary Davis  Triumph
3.  27h  Jeff Apple  Harley Davidson
4. 78w  Clark Edgington Triumph
5.  51z David Brown  BSA
6.  62e Matt Campbell  Triumph
7.  87m  Chris  Rudy  Harley-Davidson

Senior +60

1.  49  Mickey Alzola  Triumph
2.  50n  Hank Cosio  BSA
3.  31z  Tom Howard  Triumph
4.  29r  Marshall Jennings  Yamaha
5.  28h  Larry Harness  Triumph
6.  71c  Sam Grey
7.  86  Allen Gridler  Harley Davidson

Seventies Singles

1.  68e  Paul Herman  Yamaha
2.  45h  Ron Hinton  Yamaha
3.  55  Tom Horton  Honda
4.  35  Jeff Johnson  Triumph
5.  64  Paul Colson  Yamaha
6.  32y  Mike Gonzolas  Yamaha
7.  5  Scott Stern
8.  7m  Brad Spencer  Yamaha
9.  45  John Lundgren  Honda
10.  32r  Rodger Bowerman Yamaha
11. 21r  Jim Gardner
12.  38w  John Rudder

1.  3x Allen McBee  Triumph

Lancaster, CA Sept. 6th,
     The Third Annual Ray Hensley Memorial Flat Track was held this year on Labor Day, the last day of the Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival. This facility was the site of nine major short track events which were held opening night of the A V Fair from 1967 to 1975. Those races were promoted by the legionary J.C. Agajanian, and drew four hundred 250 riders and a sold out grandstand. This race is promoted by AHRMA racer Tom Horton, who raced in those events over twenty five years ago. Over 100 entries raced on a 3/8 mile oval in front of a large festive, fair crowd.
     Ken Netto's Can-Am lead the large field of Sportsman 250s to the first turn. Bultaco riders Tom Horton, Brad Holt, Manny Crumett, Nick Nassisi, and Jeff Lessley followed the speeding leader. Horton was never able to pressure Netto, but Crumett snuck by Holt on the third lap, and Lessley nipped Nassisi on the fifth and final lap. The final order was Netto, Horton, Crumett, Holt, and Lessley. Brad Holt covered the Sportsman 600 class going flag to flag. Paul Herman grabbed second over Tom Horton, but on the second lap, an aggressive Horton rode inside of Herman in turn one. Herman retaliated on lap four, and held second to the checkers. Manny Crumett, John Lundgren and Brad Spencer battled over forth spot the whole five laps, but prenatal 600 leader Spencer could only claim sixth position. Crummet was forth and Lundgren finished in fifth position.
     Triumph riders Dennis Pirehiro and Marty Lewis blasted into the lead for top honors in the Sportsman 750 main. Tom Horton , on a Yamaha, passed Pirehiro on lap three, and set sail for Lewis. Horton was on Lewis coming out of four on the last lap, but Lewis's thundering twin was first to the finish line. BSA  mounted Larry Earhart worked through the field for third spot and Pirehiro grabbed  forth. SDFTA president and long time competitor, Jim McMurren, bested the Classic 250 main on a Harley Sprint.  Bultaco rider Jeff Lessley and Suzuki twin mounted Tom Horton had a spirited dice for runner up spot. Horton prevailed at the flag, followed by Lessley and Rich Trait on an OSSA in forth. The Senior  +50 class was Marty Lewis' second win of the day aboard his Triumph. Jim McMurren on a 350 Sprint  finished second, while Warren Adams beautiful Triumph was third.
     The Classic 500/750 mixed bag machines provided the most lead changes of the day. Gary Davis on a 500 Triumph, grabbed the early lead. Flathead 750 Harley mounted Chris Rudy passed Davis on the second go round, while Jeff Apple's  350 Harley Sprint was a close third. Rudy dropped the big V twin out of four into the hay bales on the third lap. Allen McBee final got Black Beauty running and powered by Davis for the win. Apple was third, and another Triumph ridden by Clark Edlington  placed forth. The really old guys in the Super Senior race were once again lead by Micky Alzola . Hank Corsio  finished second, and Tom Howard placed third.
    Paul Herman fine showing in the 600 race was a preview of things to come. Herman's Yamaha jumped to a commanding lead in the Seventies Singles and he was never headed. The large field had a lot of tight racing, but little position changing. Tom Horton did pass Jeff Johnson for third on the last lap, while Ron Hinton rode for second all the way.