AHRMA regional flat track
Lodi April 25, 1999

Classic 250
 1. Tom Horton (OSO); 2. Jerry Bland (H-D); 3. Jeff Lessley (Bul); 4. Tom Booth (Bul).

Classic 500/750

Sportsman 250
 1. Ken Netto (33 C-A); 2. Manney Crummett (17 Bul); 3. Jeff Lessley (12 Bul); 4.Chris Rudy (87 Bul);
5. Tom Horton (55 Yam). DNF Nick Nazzisi (88)

Novice 250
1. Roger Wrisler (29 Bul); 2. Joe Hoogenhyde (85 Bul); 3. John Frank (119 Bul); 4. Cliff Nagatani (209 Yam).

Sportsman 750

Sportsman 600

Vet +35

Classic Open

Seventies Singles

Novice 600



LODI, CA, April 25
    The Second round of AHRMA's western regional flat track series was held at the newly revamped Lodi Cycle Bowl, a fixture of California dirt track heritage since the early 1950s. Turns one and two now have a slight banking, and the TT track
 no longer runs outside the oval.
     Nick Nazzasi led the Sportsman 250s until he dropped this bike in turn three on the second lap for a DNF. Ken Netto's strong Can-Am assumed first position , which he held to the finish. Jeff  Lessley and Manny Crummett, on Bultacos,  contested second place all of the eight lap main. Crummetts outside charge  at the flag fell just short, as Lessley kept second  place. Tom Horton sized his Classic 250 OSSA in practice, but hauled out his Suzuki X-6 twin for the main. He grabbed the hole shot and held on for the win. A very competitive Harley 4 stroke  single was ridden to second spot by Jerry Bland, with the Bultacos of Jeff Lessley and Tom Booth in third and forth.
    Sportsman 600 riders again showed some of the best vintage racing action. Rick Hocking's Astro 360  blasted of the line with class favorite Brad Spencer in tow. On the forth lap, Spencer was able to get under Hocking coming out of two, and held on for the drag race down the back straight. Hocking held the pressure on, but was not able to retake the lead. Dominic Demario on a bored out SL250 Honda finished third. Spencer also won the new 70's Single class on a TT Yamaha. Mound House Nevada AHRMA promoter, Greg Gilmore, held second until Paul Herman passed him at mid race. Mike Gonzallas and Ron Hinton also passed Gilmore on the last lap for third and forth place finishes.
    John Proto grabbed the Sportsman 750 lead from the green on his Triumph. Unfortunately, he dropped the big twin on the third go round and handed  the lead to Eric Wrisler. Wrislers glory was shot lived as Tom Horton blasted past on the next lap for the win. Horton also won the Vet +35 class over  Ken Netto and Jeff Lessley. Triumph rider, Tom Booth, was never headed in the very competitive Senior +50 class. Ralph Lee kept second over Warren Adams on another beautiful Triumph. Hank Cosio brought his BSA home for first in Super Senior +60.
     Michelle Disalvo was not able to overtake Jesse Sanchez in the Support class main. Lap after lap, she was right there, but could not find away around Sanchez, who stayed low and protected the lead. Some shuffling occurred   behind then, as Dana Perri got to third and Scott Whitaker finished forth


Classic 250: 1. Tom Horton (OSO); 2. Jerry Bland (H-D); 3. Jeff Lessley (Bul); 4. Tom Booth (Bul).

Sportsman 250: 1. Ken Netto (C-A); 2. Manney Crummett (Bul); 3. Jeff Lessley (Bul); 4.Chris Rudy (Bul); 5. Tom Horton (Yam).

Novice 250: 1. Roger Wrisler (Bul); 2. Joe Hoogenhyde (Bul); 3. John Frank (Bul); 4. Cliff Nagatani (Yam).

Classic 500/750: 1. Chris Rudy (H-D); 2. Jeff Apple (H-D).

Classic Open: 1. Gary Davis (Tri); 2. Chris Apple (Tri).

Sportsman 600: 1. Brad Spencer (Hon); Rick Hocking (Bul); 3. Dominic Demario (Hon).

Novice 600: 1. Joe Hoogenhyde (Hon); 2. Gary Swan (Tri); 3. Dave Cheney (Bul).

Sportsman 750: 1. Tom Horton (Tri); 2. Joe Desalvo (Tri); 3. Eric Wrisler (Tri); 4. John Proto (Tri).

Veteran +35: 1. Tom Horton (Tri); 2. Ken Netteo (C-A); 3. Jeff Lessley (Bul).

Senior +50: 1. Tom Booth (Yam); 2. Ralph Lee (Tri); 3. Warren Adams (Tri); 4. Tom Disalvo (Tri).

Super Senior +60: 1. Hank Cosio (BSA).

Seventies Singles: 1. Brad Spencer (Yam); 2. Paul Herman (Yam); 3. Mike Gonzalez (Yam); 4. Ron Hinton (BSA); 5. Greg Gilmore (Hon); 6. Roger Bowerman (Yam).

Support: 1. Jesse Sanchez (Rtx); 2. Michelle Disalvo (Rtx); 3. Dani Perri (Rtx); 4. Scott Whitaker (Hon); 5. Paul Sanborn (Yam).