Third round of  Eddie Mulder's

West Coast Vintage Flat Track Series
Ventura Raceway

June 26th, 1999

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1935 & EARLIER
1.  42  Kenny Remo (Ind)
2.  29  Johnny Cameron (HD)
3.  62  Dale Roll (Ind)


1.   8  Kenny Remo (Ind)
2.   20x  Gordon Menzie (R-E)
3.   32  Dave DaVarney (Ind)
4.   53  Rich Gill (Ind)
5.   32x  Richard Dyatt (Vel)


1.   12  Eddie Mulder (HD)
2.   11  Jim McMurren (HD)
3.   73b  Rick Brewer (BSA)
4.   20x  Gordon Menzie (R-E)
5.   96  Ben Fakkeldy (Tri)

1.   38v  Mike Doal (Tri)
2.   28h  Larry Harness (Tri)
3.   96  Ben Fakkeldy (Tri)
4.    29r  Marshall Jennings (Yam)
5.   27w  Bob Waller (Tri)
6.  31  Tom Howard (Tri)
7.  54w Wayne Rantz (Hon)

450cc AM/EURO

450cc AM/EURO
1.   11  Jim McMurren (HD)
2.   4  Ryan Cameron(Vel)
3.   27  Tim Dowd (HD)
4.   9h  Mike Hunt BSA)
5.   75  Joe Pape (BSA)
6.  5x Mike Elsberry (Tri)

450cc ASIAN

450cc ASIAN
1.   54  Howard Rantz (Hon)
2.   19x  Guy Duckett (Hon)
3.   741  Gary Egloff (Hon)
4.   74r  Gary White (Hon)
5.   4  Earl Borrows (Hon)

650cc to 900cc

650cc to 900cc
1.   63y  Ken Thiebaud (Tri)
2.   35  Jeff Johnson ( (Tri)
3.   5y  Maurice Ortega (Tri)
4.   28l  David Harness (Tri)
5.   27  Bob Waller (Tri)
6.   741    Gary Egloff (Hon)


1.   1  Mike O'Neil (Ind)
2    3  Ron Gould (Ind)
3.   6  John Alexander (Ind)
4.   7  Gary Stark (Ind)
5.   8  Rusy Kay (Ind)


1.   62  Joe Pape (HD)
2.   29  John Cameron (HD)
3.   142  Keith Shoemaker (HD)
4.   194  Homer Knapp (HD)
5    57  Camern Eaton (HD)


1.   32x  Mearl Barnett (Vel)
2.   11v  Bower(Tri)
3.   200  Gerry Duttweiler Jr. (Tri)
4.   20x  Gordon Menzie (R-E)
5.   78w  Clark Edgington (Tri)
6.   66e   Bill Kiriakidis (Tri)
7.   51z   David Brown (BSA)



1.   14  Eddie Castro (Ind)
2.   32  Dave DaVarney (Ind)
3.   2b  Kenny Remo ( HD)
4.   6  Dubb Farrel (Ind)
5.   10x  Randy Smith (HD)
6.   5   Rick Reed (Ind)
7.   35   Ron Cochard (Ind)


1.   56  Allen McBee (HD)
2.   42e  A.J. Herrera (HD)
3.   12  Eddie Mulder (HD)


1.   64c  Paul Colston (Hon)
2.   16e  Larry Earhart (BSA)
3.   35  Jeff Johnson (Tri)
4.   33  Keith Bradford (Yam)
5.   112  Robbie Lee (Hon)
6.   200   Gerry Duttweiler Jr. (Tri)


1.   50y  Jerry Young (Hus)
2.   81  Brandon Kent (Hon)
3.  42e  Tony Herrera (ATK)

600 PRO

600 PRO
1.   16e  John Dupree (Rtx)
2.   42e  A.J. Herrera (ATK)
3.   97  Danny Richie (Yam)
4.   45  Rob Henton (Rtx)
5.   12e   James Street (Yam)
6.   50   Trapper McDaniel
7.   33  Keith Bdadford (Yam)
8.  32  Mike Gonzales (Yam)

 The  Outlaw Vintage Motorcycle races were again held after a one year hiatus at the famed Seaside Park on the Ventura County Fair grounds. The seventh annual race was sponsored by The Shop owner Dave Hansen and was the third round of Eddie Mulder's West Coast Vintage Flat Track series.  A large crowd of enthusiastic race fans saw a good collection of Dino and hand shift Indians and Harley Davidsons compete on the banked quarter mile dirt track.
     The first main event of the evening featured 1935 and earlier machines. Johnny Cameron on a 1929 HD JDH which was owned and race by his grandfather,  grabbed the early lead. Midway through the 10 lap event, Kenny Remo, on a 1929 Indian 101 Scout,  passed Cameron on the back straight for first. Remo's Indian, entered by Andy Mendez's Top Dead Center Racing, was first to the checker. Third place finisher, Dale Roll,  rode a 1929 Indian Scout Junior.
    The 1951 and earlier Dino class figured to be one of the better races of the night. Allen McBee, on Pat Hichs beautiful black 51 Triumph twin had won the heat race in convincing fashion. McBee launched ahead at the start while Kenny Remo was left at the starting line on Top Dead Centers Indian 40" Classic. Gordon Menzie's Enfield single held second, while Dave DuVarney in forth was getting pressure from Rich Gill. By the 4th lap, Remo was looking for a way around the Bob Nickles owned, big base 1940 Indian ridden by DuVarney. Remo passed DuVarney on the sixth lap, and Menzie on the seventh. The next lap saw leader McBee smoke down the front straight and coast to a stop in turn one. Remo held the inherited  lead to the flag, followed by Menzie, DuVarney, Gill and  Richard Dyatt on John Bristow's Mellow Yellow Velo.
    Seniors promoter Eddie Mulder rode The Shop's new XR750 in the Senior Class to a convincing win. Eddie said he had never ridden a Harley in competition and the difference between a 75 HP Triumph and a 100 HP Harley was amazing. San Diego Flat Track Association President, Jim McMurren held off a mid race challenge from BSA mounted Rick Brewer to finish in the runner up spot to Mulder. Gordon Menzie racing back to back finished forth, with Ben Fakkeldy in fifth. The large field of fiftteen riders for the Novice Class saw Ben Fakkeldy with the hole shot, Mike Doal in second and Larry Harness in third. On the 7th lap, Doal passed Fakkeldy for the lead on the back straight. On the next lap, Harness got Fakkeldy on the outside in turn two for the second position. After a bad start, Marshal Jennings moved through the field to forth spot by the checker, followed by Bob Waller in fifth. The close racing of top five novice riders provided a very go show for the appreciative fans.
      Harley Davidson mounted Jim MuMurren showed the way in the AM/EURO 450 Class with a big flag to flag win. Ryan Cameron passed Tim Dowd at mid race for second spot, with Mike Hunt in forth and Joe Pape in fifth. Local rider Howard Rantz also had a flag to flag win in the Asian 450 Class. Guy Duckett tried his best but could never find away around Rantz. Gary Egloff, Gary White, and Earl Borrows rounded out the top five.
     The 650 to 900cc Class saw the only real incident of the night as Ken Thiebaud dropped his Triumph on the first lap and Rick Reed ran it over and put Reed's Triumph out for the evening. On the restart, Maurice Ortega grabbed a short lived  lead, as Jeff Johnson  rode to the front. Thiebaud moved up to dice with Johnson and picked off the top spot on the forth lap. Norton rider Clyde Dennen, in a sea of Triumphs, challenged third place Ortega during mid race, but the pretty red Norton expired before the finish. David Harness claimed forth and  Bob Waller's bike with very expensive sounding noises finished fifth. 1949 Indian singles provided by Bob Stark raced in  the IROC event. Dave DuVarney rode as high as second, but bike problems caused a DNF. Eddie Mulders mount never showed any real power as fifth place is were it ended. Mike O'Neil went wire to wire, with Ron Gould second and John Alexander in third place.
     The Hooligan Race always has one crowd pleaser and this nights was Jimmy Raymond on an extended fork chopper. He actually slid his Harley in the turns and waved to the fans on the front straight. Joe Pape lead the race flag to flag, with John Cameron in second and Keith Shoemaker moving to third.
    Triumph  rider Gary Bower jumped to a early lead in the Class C Foot shift Class. Gerry Duttweiler Jr. and Mearl Barnett followed close behind. On Lap three Barnett, riding John Bristow's Mellow Yellow Velo, dove under Bower and Duttweiler in turn four for the lead. On the next lap, Duttweiler nipped Bower and that would remain the finishing order. Gordon Menzie and Clark Edgington rounded out the top five. The Hand shift Class had a bit of drama at the start as Eddie Castro on the Dodge Brothers Sport Scout Indian was out of gear at the green flag and left Castro sitting there as the field went of into turn one. Dave DuVarney on the big base Indian held the lead over Kenny Remo on Top dead Centers 45" Harley Davidson. Castro started his charge from the rear passing Rick Reed on another Dodge Brothers Indian on lap two, Ron Cochad's Indian on lap three, and Randy Smith's 'The Shop' Harley on lap four. Dubb Farrell fell victim to Castros advances the next lap. Remo gave Castrol a fight for two laps, but by the seventh lap DuVarney knew the race was on. Castro claimed the checker over a finishing order of DuVarney, Remo, Farrell, and Smith. Castro latter said as he operated the foot clutch, his leg bumped the hand shifter out of gear, but he was very confident that he would get to the front.
    Allen McBee and A.J. Herrera rode Tony Gutierrez Aztec Racing XR 750's to first and second in power race of the night. Eddie Mulder was on Dave Hansens new XR 750 and played tag with the young guys until the racing got serious. Eddie said he wishes he had that kind of power when he was racing for real. 500 Support Class was won by Paul Colston with a flag to flag victory. Larry Earhart passed Jeff Johnson for second, and Keith Brabford finished forth after a seventh place start. Tony Herrera and Brandon Kent swapped the lead numerous times in 600 Support main. Herrera had trouble getting to three and Kent could stick it under him. On the last lap, they got tangled up in three, and Jerry Young who was in third place watching the race, dove under both of them for the win.

    John Dupree holeshotted the 600 Pro main, with Brown Cycles Danny Richie in close pursuit. Third place rider A.J. Herrera on Aztec Racing's Rotex, dove inside Dupree and Herrera out of four and lead the first lap. Herrera and Dupree pulled a four bike lead over Richie, who was being pushed by Bob Cobb. The ninth lap saw Dupree nip Herrera for the first position, which he never relinquished. Third place went to Richie, forth to Rob Henton, and fifth to James Street.

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