AHRMA Regional

Flat Track
October 23, 1999

Super Senior +60

1. 15 Duane Spence (Tri)
2. 49x Micky Alzola (Tri)
3. 71g Sam Grey (Hon)
4. 39l Jim Chisum (BSA)
5. 28h Larry Harness (Tri)
6. 50n Hank Casio (BSA)
7. 62x Ken Hatch (Bul)
8. 63r Chuch Herron (BSA)

Classic 500/750

1. 28 Robert Cunningham (Hon)
2. 87m Chris Rudy (H-D)
3. 27h Jeff Apple (H-D)
4. 51z David Brown (BSA)
5. 4t Henry Nomenmader (H-D)

Classic Open

1. 80y Butch Cochran (Tri)
2. 95a Chris Apple (Tri)
3. 28l David Harness (Tri)
4. 58q Stu Cardott (Tri)
5. 45n Daryl Foster (BSA)

Classic 250
1. 55 Tom Horton (OSS)
2. 28d Ron Lessley (Bul)
3. 303 Jerry Lessley (Bul)
4. 21r Tim Moore (R-I)
5. 12e Jeff Lessley (Bul)

Sportsman 600

1. 7m Brad Spencer (Hon)
2. 28 Robert Cunningham (Hon)
3. 50s Brad Holt (Bul)
4. 68e Paul Herman (Yam)
 5. 15u Dennis Spence (Hon)
6. 32m Tedd Mello (Kaw)
7. 80 Dante D'Ambrnoso (Yam)
8. 26 Robert Hansen (Hon)
9. 49y Dan Phillips (Hon)
10. 29a Rodger Winiger (Yam)
11. 21z Cory Schmuk (Hon)
12. 4a Phil Brown (BSA)
13. 51z David Brown (BSA)

Sportsman 125

1. 55 Tom Horton (Kaw)
2. 90u Darren Pritchett (Hon)
3. 50z Curt Lang (Bul)
4. 28d Rod Lessley (Hon)
5. 27 Tim Dowd (Hon)
6. 303 Jerry Lessle (Hod)
7. 41w Ralph Winger (Yam)
8. 61m Mike Pavone (Hon)
9. 79r Scott Schoup (Hon)

1.  53t Mark Milton (Ind).

Seventies Singles

1. 68e Paul Herman (Yam)
2. 32y Mike Gonzales (Yam)
3. 98 Rod Lake (Yam)
4. 54 Dana Perry (Yam)
5. 45h Ron Hinton (Yam).
6. 86m Joe Carrera (Yam)
7. 27h Jeff Apple (Yam)
8. 13 Craig Haas (Hon)
9. 20q Steve Brown (Yam)
10. 32r Rodger Bowerman (Yam)
11. 7m Brad Spencer (Yam)

Novice Sportsman 250

1. 209 Cliff Nagatani (Bul)
2. 19s Michael Lessley (Hon)
3. 98r Bob Stuscavage (Yam)
4. 86q Dan Casamajor (Bul)
5. 45c Bob Cellini (Bul)

Sportsman 250

1. 33y Ken Netto (C-A)
2. 50s Brad Holt (Bul)
3. 12e Jeff Lessley (Bul)
4. 28 Robert Cunningham (Hon)
5. 88 Nick Nazzisi (Yam)
6. 56y Mitch Perri (Bul)
7. 50z Scott Podergois (Yam)
8. 66z Gordon Rudy (Bul)

Novice Sportsman 600

1. 44n Gary Swan (Tri)
2. 52c Dave Cheney (Yam)
3. 52s Jack Dennis (Bul)
4. 97w Alan Shaw (Tri)
5. 47h Curt Haisley (Yam)
6. 2v Larry Beaty (Bul)

Novice Sportsman 750

1. 28l David Harness (Tri)
2. 63h Richard Held (Yam)
3. 27z David Nicholson (Tri)
4. 85s Gerald Spencer (Tri)
5. 9 Bill Blyth (Tri)
6. 6t Mark Townsent (Bul)

Sportsman 750

1. 7m Rod Spencer (Tri)
2. 55 Tom Horton (Tri)
3. 83c John Proto (Yam)
4. 20r Mike Van Lienden (BSA)
5. 0d Marty Lewis (Tri)
6. 26 Robert Hansen (Tri)
7. 74r Gary White (Tri)

Senior +50

1. 20r Mike Van Lienden (BSA)
2. 0d Mary Lewis (Tri)
3. 27t Steve Lacy (Hon)
4. 4t Henry Nonemacher (H-D)
5. 58u Warren Adams (Tri)

Veteran +35

1. 7m Rod Spencer (Tri)
2. 12e Jeff Lessley (Bul)
3. 26 Robert Hansen (Hon)
4. 32m Tedd Mello (Kaw)
5. 13 Craig Haas (Yam)
6. 74r Gary White (Tri)

Unlimited Support

1. 98 Rod Lake (Yam)
2. 27h Jeff Apple (Yam)
3. 80 Dante D'Ambrnoso (W-R)
4. 53 Craig Rodgers (H-D)
5. 4 Robert Stevenson (Kaw).


1. 54z Donnie Harrell (W-R);
2. 5y Randy Bereman (Rtx)
3. 97y Danny Richie (Yam)
4. 9 Scott Podergois (Hon)
5. 31r Matt Proto (W-D)
6. 11z Brent Volbrecht (Rtx)
7. 19y Kenny Wedingfeld (Yam)

     The last week end of AHRMA's western regional flat track series was held at the site that began the resurgence of vintage flat track racing in Southern California. The Monger family has been promoting AHRMA racing since 1992 at their track on Tulare city property. The field of 135 entrants started the days main event racing with the Super Seniors class. Triumph riders Micky Alzola and Duane Spence  swapped the lead numerous times on the quarter mile cushion oval, but Alzolas inside move out of four fell just short at the checker.  Sam Grey finished third on a Honda. A new bike and rider dominated the Classic 500/750 class. Robert Cunningham from San Mateo, on a CB Honda twin, rode away from Chris Rudy's 750 Harley. Jeff Apple, on a Sprint, was third.
    The Classic Open main saw Butch Cochran best Chris Apple on Triumph Twins. Apple survived a practice crash which saw bike and rider cartwheel  through the haybails.  Three Lessley Brothers competed in the Classic 250 race. Jeff had it won until his  brakeless Bultaco tighten up on the last lap and handed  the win to Tom Horton on an OSSA. The large field of Sportsman 600's were lead to the first turn by Dennis Spence. By the third lap, Brad Spencer had worked to the front from his fifth place start and pulled away. The battle was on for second as Robert Cunningham, Brad Holt and Paul Herman exchanged the position almost every lap. Cunningham held off Holts furious charge to the finish, followed by Herman and Spence. The Western region experimental classes had very good rider turn out as Cliff Nagatani won the 250 Novice, Gary Swan the 600 Novice, and David Harness the 750 novice race. Tom Horton aced the 125 Sportsman over Darren Pritchett's 4 stroke Honda.
     Paul Herman started vintage racing in the support class, and is now very competitive in both big singles AHRMA classes. He powered by Ron Hinton in the first turn of the Seventies Singles event and held to the checker. Brad Spencer had bike problems and took a uncharacteristic trip into the haybales. Mike Gonzales and Rod Lake pushed and shoved over second, while Dana Perry grabbed forth. Sportsman 250 rider Ken Netto, on a stock framed Can-am, showed the way to Bultaco mounted Brad Holt and Jeff Lessley.  Robert Cunningham had another four stroke Honda running well for forth. Big bore Sportsman Triumph's ridden by Rod Spencer and Tom Horton  went one-two in their event. John Proto, on a Yamaha finished third, while BSA rider, Mike Van Lienden  moved up to forth. Van Lienden won the Seniors race over Marty Lewis and Steve Lacey.
    Robert Hansen and Craig Haas hole shotted the Vet main, but Jeff Lessley had the lead by the end of the first lap. His lead was shot lived, as Rod Spencer powered around the Bultaco rider for first spot and the win. Hansen hung on for third. Craig Rodgers XR Harley smoked into the lead of the Unlimited Support race, but Rod Lake's outside line was good for first spot after the initial lap. Jeff Apple, riding the wheels of a Yamaha, finished second.  Wood Rotex rider, Donnie Harrell, went flag to flag in a good sized Pro field. Randy Bereman passed Danny Richie about mid race for second, and Scott Podergois, who was rode from the penalty line, finished forth.