Speed & Sport
AHRMA National MX
Sunday Nov 7th, 1999

+30 EXP: 1. 62w Troy Smalley (Hus); 2. 69t Randy Lewis (OSS).
+30 INT:  9y Bill Arbogast (Hon); 2. 2p Curt Fournier (CZ); 3. 741 Gary Egloff (Mai);
4. 94w Christian Otero (Suz): 5. 81w Mike Johnson (Hus).

+30 NOV: 1. 773 Rodger Keynon (Yam); 2. 63w Rolf Greenhill (Mon); 3. 33u Bryan Allen (Hon);
4. 41t Scott Lawson (Bul); 5. 74u Greg Wright (Hus).
SPTSMN 125  NOV: 1. 93n Jim Atkins (C-A); 2. 303 Jerry Lessley (Hod); 3. 26z Justin Alexander (Hon);
4. 44r Ellen Voermans (Hon).


PREM L/W EXP: 1. 100 Terry Pratt (BSA).
PREM L/W INT: 1. 6x Len Anderson (BSA).
PREM 500 INT: 1. 88z Dennis Moore (BSA);  2. 57z Debbie Poole (BSA); 3. 66 Dave Janiec (AJS).
CLCS 250 INT: 1. 68n Gary Cochell (AJS); 2. 73m Kyle Halkola (OSS); 3. 90d Ron Breshears (Gre);
4. 157 Darryl Alcorn (Kaw).

PREM L/W NOV: 1. 22z Rodger Brophy (Gre).
CLCS 250 NOV: 1. 56x Louie Hamil (OSS); 2. 68 John Gulliford (OSS); 3. 636 Eugene Crawford (AJS);
4. 90z Jim Cameron (BSA).


+40 EXP: 1. 15u Dennis Spence (Hon) 2. 69 Brad Lackey (Hus); 3. 99l Jerry Winkelbauer (Ral);
4. 87z Charlie Richardson (CZ); 5. 34m J.P.Morgan (Pen).


SPTSMN 500 INT: 1. 49x Alex Reid (Bul); 2. 94w Christian Otero (Suz); 3. 61s David Starr (Yam);
4. 75t Oliver Mork (CZ); 5. 73w Dwayne Scrivnor (Hus).


SPTSMN 250  NOV: 1. 773 Rodger Keyon (Yam); 2. 21u Craig Alexander (Hon). 3. 56x Louis Hamil (CZ);
4. 56l Cassey Lessley (Hon); 5. 54n Isaac Hull (Hon).

+50 NOV: 1. 42v Dal Smilie (Hon); 2. 4s Dennis Rose (BSA); 3. 303 Jerry Lessley (Hod);
4. 70t Tom Hauser (Mai); 5. 3t Steve Churchill (Hus).


SPTSMN 500 EXP: 1. 62w Troy Smalley (Hus); 2. 99l Jerry Winklebauer (Ral); 3. 47 Ron Melton (Bul);
4. 76x J.D.Bramlet (CZ); 5. 79y Ed Flanigen Jr. (CZ).


+40 INT: 1. 124 Tony Failla (Hon) 2. 69s Chris Pietrzyk (Hon). 3. 54 Vincent Balch (Mai);
4. 49x Alex Reid (Bul); 5. 157 Darryl Alcorn (Hus).


PREM 500 EXP: 1. 27 John Huegel (Ind). 2. 57z Robert Poole (BSA); 3. 5b Dennis Hansen (BSA).
PREM OP TWIN EXP: 1. 37v Danny Davis (Tri).
PREM OP TWIN INT: 1. 18r Joel Sweeney (BSA); 2. 34x David Rodgers (Tri); 3. 72r Doug Archibald (BSA).
SPTMN OP TWIN EXP: 1. 19l Clark Sumner (Tri); 2. 8y Tim Henry (Tri); 3 49y Lee Shepherd (Tri).
SPTMN OP TWIN INT: 1. 50r Tony Mc Dowell (Tri).

WMN EXP: 1. 61m Tami Rice (Yam).
WMN INT: 1. 57w Debbie Poole (CZ).
CLCS 125 EXP: 1. 8m Mark Aresenault (Hus); 2. 87z Charlie Richardson (CZ).
CLCS 125 NOV: 1. 54w Wayne Rantz (Hon); 2. 22m Jason Lessley (Hon); 3. 44v Mike Folena (Che);
4. 435 Norm Stradleigh (Puc); 5. 240 Dave Rymal (Yam).
CLCS 125 INT: 1. 73m Kyle Halkola (CZ); 2. 25z  Steve Sagely (Hon); 3. 50z Curt Lange (Bul);
4. 8s Jeff Snyder (Hus); 5. 58t Gavin Housh (Pen).


+60 INT: 1. 79v Ed Ott (Yam); 2. 97 Ron Clawson (Tri); 3. 9p William Arbogast (Hon);
4. 49s Jay Wahl (Rok); 5. 72r Doug Archibald (Hus).
+60 EXP: 1. 61y Wayne Sumner (Tri); 2. 9s Richard McMormick (Hon); 3. 15x Duane Spence (Hon);
4. 51u John Rice (Mai).

SPTSMN 500 NOV: 1. 18k J.T.Southern (Mai); 2. 50q Chris Wilkes (Hon); 3. 74w Steve Davis (Bul);
4. 213 R.G.McMill (Mai); 5. 34z Troy Smith (Suz).


SPTSMN 125 INT: 1. 772 John Sherry (Hus); 2. 28d Ron Lessley (Hod); 3. 721 Phillip Reyes (Hon).
SPTSMN 125 EXP: 1.79y Ed Flanigan (CZ); 2. 97t Armen  Clawson (Kaw); 3. 54w Howard Rantz (Hon);
4. 8m Mark Arsenault (Hon).


SPTSMN 250 INT: 1. 81wMike Johnson (Hus); 2. 4r Gene Conners (Hon); 3. 73m Kyle Halkola (CZ);
4. 2x Abraham Ring (CZ); 5. 124 Tony Failla (Hon).


CLCS 500 INT: 1. 68n Gary Cochell (AJS); 2. 84t Brian Clark (AJS); 3. 90d Ron Breshears (Gre);
4. 91 Fred Mork (BSA); 5. 42z Jack Monger (BSA).
CLCS 500 EXP: 1. 63m Steve Aday (BSA); 2. 19L Clark Sumner (BSA); 3. 178 Robert Doran (BSA);
4. 99p Frank Roders (BSA); 5. 47 Ron Melton (Bul).

RACE 10a

WMN NOV: 1. 95m Suzette Stamey (CZ); 2. 52w Linda Neilson (Hon); 3. 44r Ellen Voermans (Hon);
4. 69L Shiela Gaworski (CZ).
CLCS 500 NOV: 1. 227 Gene Loguercio (BSA); 2. 94t Jim Stone (BSA); 3. 636 Eugene Crawford (AJS);
4. 222 John Prschke (Bul); 5. 32x Michael Lightfoot (BSA).


+40 NOV: 1. 516 Michael Tillman (CZ); 2. 93n Jim Atkins (C-A); 3. 56x Louis Hamil (CZ);
4. 78t Rick Wheeler (Mai); 5. 98r Robert Stuscavage (Yam).

RACE 11a
+60 NOV: 1. 93r Chuck Terron (BSA); 2. 240 Dave Rymal (Yam); 3. 29w Harvey Williams (Yam);
4.7z Melvin Shapiro (OSS); 5. 90z Jim Cameron (BSA).


+50 EXP: 1. 37v Danny Davies (Tri); 2. 732 Rick Williams (CZ); 3. 20s Tom Muto (Hus);
4. 27 John Huegel (Yam); 5. 365 Don Roufs (Mon).
SPTSMN 250 EXP: 1. 44y Ken Netto (Yam); 2. 79y Ed Flanigen Jr. (CZ); 3. 87z Charlie Richardson ((CZ);
4. 78a Peter Villacaro (OSS); 5. 34m J.P.Morgen (Pen).

RACE 12a

+50 INT: 1. 28y Wes Willis (Hus); 2. 213 Glenn McMinn (Mai); 3. 74v Chuck De Ran (Yam);
4. 97 Ron Clawson (Mai); 5. 2w Larry Beaty (Bul).


TULARE, CA      November 7, 1999
     The last Speed & Sport National Motocross of 1999 was held in at Tulare Cycle Park were the Monger family has been promoting AHRMA races since 1992. A full field of 245 entries raced under beautiful California sunny skies on a well-groomed racetrack. A number of National class championships were won on this race day. Dave Janiec won both Premier 500 and Open Int. titles from non-racing class leaders and J.T Southern traveled from Tenn. to win the Sportsman 500 Novice crown. Sportsman 125 Novice Jim Atkins, and  Danny Davis in Premier Open Expert, both added enough points to win their titles. Terry Pratt was tied going into the final race, but a 1-1 garnered the Premier Lightweight Expert trophy, while Utah's John Bogus failed to earn enough points for the Sportsman 125 Int. title.
      Ken Netto led the Plus 40 Expert riders for the first two laps, but bike failure handed the led to XL 350 mounted Dennis Spence. Charging through the field after getting hung up in the stating gate, Brad Lackey was able to challenge Jerry Winklebauer for second place at the the flag. From his mid pack start in moto two, Lackey caught leader Spence on the second of five laps. The Husky rider pressured Spence at every corner, but the four stroke prevailed for the win. Premier Open Twin Expert Danny Davis and Sportsman Open Twin Expert Clark Sumner treated the race fans to a classic Triumph battle. Canadian, Dennis Hansen on his Gold Star, joined the fray in the first moto. Sumner, Davis, and Hansen was the final order. Davis was able to pass Sumner on the last lap of the second moto, while the Goldie broke early.
     Classic 125 Experts Mark riders Mark Arsenault and Charlie Richardson held race long duals in both motos, with Arsenault winning the second for the overall. Classic 125 Intermediate rider Kyle Halkola diced with the two experts, but could not find a way around. Woman's Expert Tami Rice finished a nice forth overall in the first moto.