Lancaster AHRMA

Regional Short Track
September 4, 2000 Labor Day
Ray Hensley Memorial Race
Antelope Valley Fairgrounds

Classic 250: 1. Tom Horton (Suz 55); 2. Jeff Lessley (Bul 12e); 3. Ron Lessley (Bul 28d);
4. Rich Trait (Bul 29x); 5. Joe Pape (H-D 75z); 6. Tim Moore (R-E 21r).

Classic 500/750:  1. Tom Horton (Mon 55); 2. Jeff Apple (Tri 27h); 3. Matt Campbell (Tri 62e);
4. Joe Pape (H-D 75z); 5. Fred Berger (Tri97).

Sportsman 125: 1. Greg Wilburn (Hon 32a).
Novice 250: 1. Cliff Nagatori (Bul 209);  2. Don Barmikivon (Bul 57). 3. Gary Egloff (Yam 741);
4. 38x   5. Dave Cheney (Yam 52c).

Vet +35: 1. Tom Horton (Tri 44); 2. Greg Wilburn (Tri 32a); 3. Jeff Lessley (Bul 12e);
4. Brian Coakley (Yam 51); 5. Rich Trait (Bul 29x); 6. Jeff Apple (Tri 27h); 7. Gary White (Tri 74r);
8.   Perry Colligan (Mac 99z);  9. Steve Ferguson (Tri 28s).

Senior +50: 1. Marty Lewis (Tri 0d); 2. Manny Crummett (Bul 17j); 3. Warren Adams (Tri 58u).
Super Senior +60: 1. Mickey Alzola (Tri 49x);  2. Marshall Jennings (Yam 29r);  3. Ron Gould (BSA 1).

Sportsman 250: 1. Tom Horton (Bul 55); 2. Mammy Crummett (Bul 17j); 3. Jeff Johnson ( Yam 35);
4. Brad Holt (Bul 50s); 5. Ron Lessley (Bul 28d); 6. Jeff Lessley (Bul 12e); 7. Joe Steffens (Yam 6j);
8. Craig Johnson (Bul 4z); 9. Rich Trait (Bul 29x); 10. John Lundgren (Bul 45).

Novice 600: 1. Dave Cheney (Yam 52c); 2. Steve Jones (Bul 9x);  3. Perry Colligan (Mac 99z).

Seventies Singles: 1. Tom Horton (Yam 55); 2.  Mike Gonzales (Yam 32y); 3. Joe Steffens (Yam 6j);
4. Keith Bradford (Yam 34z); 5. Brendon Tatom (Hon 35t);   6. David Brown (BSA 51z).

Sportsman 600: 1. Brad Holt (Bul 50s). 2. Dennis Spence (Hon 15u); 3. Tom Horton (Hon 55);
4. Paul Herman (Yam 68e);  5. Bruce Reynolds (Bul 28z); 6. John Lundgren (Hon 45); 7. Bob Graves (Hon 88).

Novice 750: 1. Fred Berger (Tri 97); 2. Don Barmikivon (Yam 57); 3. Bill Blythe (Tri 9j);
4. Steve Hensley (20z).


Support 600: 1.  Steve Fortune (Hon 71);  2. Keith Brandford Hon 33); 3. Jim Duffner (H-D 87): 4. Tom Horton (Yam 55).
Support 250: 1. Tim Henry (Yam 20).

Sportsman 750: 1. Greg Wilburn (Tri 32a); 2. Pete Hames (Yam 32); 3. Ray Hensley (20y);
4. Brian Coakley (Yam 51); 5. David Harness (Tri 3h);  6. Gary White (Tri 74r);  7. Steve Ferguson (Tri 28s).
8. Tom Horton (Tri 55).

Kelly Hensley starts the Trackmaster Race with a disappearing flag!
Trackmaster Challenge: 1. Pete Hames (Yam 32); 2.  Tom Horton (Tri 55); 3. Brian Coakley (Yam 51);
4. Steve Ferguson (Tri 28s); 5. Greg Wilburn (Tri 32a); 6. Steve Hensley (BSA 20y).

Classic Open: 1. Tom Horton (Tri 55); 2. Chris Apple (Tri 2x); 3. Marty Lewis (Tri 0d);
4. Stu Cadott (Tri 58q); 5. David Harness (Tri 3h).

      The forth annual Ray Hensley Memorial Flat Track was held this year on Labor Day, last day of the Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival. This facility was the site of nine major short track events which were held opening night of the A V Fair from 1967 to 1975. This year’s race was held on a 1/4 mile oval prepped to perfection by speedway promoter Brad Oxley.
     The combined +50 and +60 Seniors followed  +50 Triumph rider Marty Lewis to the first turn. Manny Crummet, on his fiftieth birthday, rode from the second row to challenge Lewis, but Crummett’s Bultaco was not able to power past Marty’s 650 twin. Mickey Alzola won over Marshall Jennings in the + 60 division. A large field of ten 250 Sportman riders were lead to the first turn by Manny Crummett over Jeff Johnson and Tom Horton. Horton passed Johnson on the second lap and Crummet on the third, for the lead and the win. Brad Holt  came through the pack to apply heavy pressure to Johnson, but was not able to make the pass stick on the outside and Holt settled for forth.
      The first start of the 600 Sportsman race was red flagged and Paul Herman was sent to the penalty line. A false start sent Tom Horton and Dennis Spence to join Herman. Brad Holt enjoyed a comfortable lead on the restart and motored to the win. Plenty of action ensued as Spence lead Herman and Horton through the field. This threesome was running third, fort, and fifth by lap 3. Horton dropped Herman to forth on lap five and set sail for Spence who was on Holt’s tail. Holt and Spence are very good at protecting the bottom and the finishing order was Holt, Spence, Horton and Herman. Novice Sportsman races were won by 250 rider Cliff Nagatori, Dave Cheney in the 600 class, and Fred Berger in 750 race.
     Tom Horton loaned Antelope Valley resident and former nation rider Pete Hames a Shell Yamaha for the 750 Sportsman race. Hames promptly rode into Horton in the first corner at the start of the race. Their tangle allowed Triumph mounted Greg Wilburn to assume the lead.  Brian Coakley, Yamaha mounted, and BSA rider Steve Hensley rode in second and third spots as Hames started his come back. Hames passed Coakley and Hensley by the third lap, but Wilburn held a steady line and kept a few bike lengths on Hames for the win. Hames did win the Trackmaster only race and Ray's children, Ray JR, Steve, and Kelly Hensley were on hand to present the trophy.