AHRMA National Flat Track
April 28, 2000
The Solano County Fairgrounds
Vallejo, CA

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DINO: 1. Chris Rudy (H-D 66z); 2. Beno Rodi (R-E 1); 3. Lafaye McCarver (Ind 13t);
4. Mark Milton (Ind 53t).


250 SPORTSMAN: 1. Brad Holt (Bul 50s); 2. Diana Perry (Bul 54y); 3. Tony Sigala (Yam 56a);
4. Chris Ceilfuss (H-D 31c); 5. Mark Legarra (Yam60y); 6. Dave Beechin (Yam 23y).


CLASSIC 250: 1.Tom Horton (Bul 55); 2. Cary Buck (H-D 81w ); 3. Tim Moore (R-E 21r);
4. Brad Holt (Bul 50s).


+35 VET: 1.Tom Horton (Hon 55); 2. Diana Perry (Bul 54y); 3. Rick Hocking (Bul 13);
4. Eddie Hagarty (Hon 32); 5. Jim Neuenburg (Bul 7n); 6. Paul Rusin (Bul 91t);


600 SPORTSMAN: 1. Tom Horton (Hon 55); 2. Brad Holt (Bul 50s); 3. Chris Ceilfuss (Yam 31c);
4. Brad Spencer (Hon  7m); 5. Jim Neuenburg (Bul 7n); 6. Rick Decarly (Bul 96g); 7. Jack Hayes (Bul 238);
8. Gary Swan (Tri 44n); 9. Paul Rusin (Bul 91t).


+60 SUPER SENIOR: 1. Ron Datson (Tri 42b); 2. Larry Madaign (BSA 7t); 3. Hank Cosio (BSA 50n);
4. Rodger Bille (Hon 706); 5. Ken Hatch (Bul 63x); 6. Lane Allen (Bul 4q).


CLASSIC OPEN: 1.Tom Horton (Tri 55); 2. Chris Apple (Tri 2x).
CLASSIC 500/750: 1. Jeff Apple (Tri 27h); 2. Beno Rodi (R-E 1); 3. Lafaya McCarver (H-D 13t).


SEVENTIES SINGLES: 1. Tom Horton (Hon 55); 2. Joe Carrera (Yam 86m); 3. Brad Spencer (Hon 7m);
4. Hank Frenna (Yam 0); 5. Neil Giertsen (Hon 52); 6. George Cooper (Yam 14); 7. John Larson (Yam 91w)


+50 SENIOR: 1. Bud Riddle  (Hon 96w); 2. Marty Lewis (Tri 0d); 3. Larry Magaign (BSA 7t);
4. Beno Rodi (BSA 27); 5. Warren Adams (Bul 58u); 6. Richard BraGuet (BSA 53);
7. Dave Cheney (Yam 52c); 8. Mike Vail (Hon 35w).


750 SPTMN: 1. Tom Horton (Tri 55); 2. Mike Van Lienden (BSA 20r); 3. Rodger Hamilton (Yam 80u);
4. Greg Wilburn (Tri 32a). Terry Hyde (Tri 8q).


125 SPORTSMAN: 1.Greg Wilburn (Hon 32a).
250 NOVICE: 1. Mike Riddell (Yam 111); 2. Jeff Corzonkoff (Bul 137); 3. Dave Cheney (Yam 52c);
4. Jack Hayes (Bul 238); 5. Bruce Brown (Yam 66q).

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AHRMA National Flat Track  April 28, 2000
The Solano County Fairgrounds, Vallejo, CA

The first West Coast AHRMA national dirt track race of 2000 was held at a new  venue for AHRMA motorcycles, Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, CA. The short track race was held on Friday evening before the weekend’s national roadrace and motocross events at Sears Point Raceway. Tom Horton again showed his short track prowess with six wins in the six races he entered. Rick Hocking, on the A&A Bultaco, hole shotted Horton’s Honda in the +35 Vet class. Try as he may, Horton was never able to move the crafty veteran off the bottom of the racetrack, and the topside was out of the question. Hocking was really buzzing the Bull, and on the back straight of the 12th and final lap, the crank broke. Horton motored to the win, with Diana Perri a close second. Hocking coasted to a third place finish.
     The Dinosaur National Champion Beno Rodi, grabbed the early lead over Chris Rudy’s hand shift Harley. Rudys second lap pass held to the finish, while Lafaye McCarver and Mark Milton finished third and forth on their Indians. Brad Holt captured another 250 Sportsman even by holding off a persistent Diana Perri, both Bultaco mounted. Yamaha rider Tony Sigala was a close third. The usual Classic 250 dual of Tom Horton and Brad Holt failed to materialize as Holt’s Bultaco broke on the second lap. Horton was followed to the checkers by Cary Buck on a H-D.
     The Seventies Singles wingding saw Horton and Joe Carrera lead the pack into turn one. Yamaha mounted Carrera kept heavy pressure on Horton’s workhorse Honda, but the experienced veteran held for the win. Brad Spencer practiced his new BSA, but opted for his nimble Honda on this short track. A sixth place start put Spencer out of the running for the win, but he caught Carrera by the 12th lap for third place. The best race of the night might have been the +60 Super Seniors. BSA rider Larry Madaign lead was challenged by Ron Dotson from the start. Dotson could not get under Madaign, so on the 8th lap he moved to the outside of the grooved racetrack. Side by side until on lap 11, Dotson pulled a lead into one, was able to drop in to the lower grove. Dotson and Madaign were followed by Hank Cosio in third.
     Tom Horton built a Classic Open stock framed 650 Triumph over winter and Chris Apple’s Triumph was not able to stay with the speedy short tracker. Chris’ brother Jeff was able to win the Classic 500/750 class over Georgia traveler Beno Rodi. Jeff Apple rode a Triumph 500 twin, while Rodi was on an Enfield single. Lafaye McCarver’s flathead H-D was third. Novice 250 Sportsman winner Mike Riddell was chased by Jeff Corzonkoff for their 12 lap race. But Riddle followed home a first time out 125cc Honda 4 stroke ridden by Greg Wilburn in the 125 Sportsman class.
     Marty Lewis dropped his Triumph into the hay bales at the start of the +50 Seniors race. The restart saw Bud Riddle pull the holeshot and lead all the way. Lewis recovered for second, while Larry Madaign finished third. Heat race winner Rick Hocking was not around for the 600 Sportsman final, as his Bultaco tied up in the +35 Vets main. 360 Yamaha mounted Chris Ceilfuss lead the large field of 600’s for the first two laps. Tom Horton edged under Ceilfuss in turn three on the second lap and pulled a fair lead. Brad Holt put Ceilfuss another spot down on the eight go round. Brad Spencer was pressuring the Yamaha rider when the checkers flew, but had to settle for forth.
     The 750 Sportsman start saw Greg Wilburn pull the air cleaners of his new 750 Triumph. Wilburns quick hand in the air and the fast reaction by the rest of the field avoided a problem. Tom Horton cruised to his sixth win of the night over BSA rider Mike Van Lienden and Yamaha mounted Roger Hamilton.

AHRMA National Flat Track  April 28, 2000
The Solano County Fairgrounds, Vallejo, CA

DINO: 1. Chris Rudy (H-D); 2. Beno Rodi (R-E); 3. Lafaye McCarver (Ind); 4. Mark Milton (Ind).

125 SPTMN: 1.Greg Wilburn (Hon).

CLSSC 250: 1.Tom Horton (Bul); 2. Cary Buck (H-D); 3. Tim Moore (R-E); 4. Brad Holt (Bul).

250 SPTMN: 1. Brad Holt (Bul); 2. Diana Perry (Bul); 3. Tony Sigala (Yam); 4. Chris Ceilfuss (H-D); 5. Mark Legarra (Yam); 6. Dave Beechin (Yam).

250 NOV: 1. Mike Riddell (Yam); 2. Jeff Corzonkoff (Bul); 3. Dave Cheney (Yam); 4. Jack Hayes (Bul); 5. Bruce Brown (Yam).

CLSSC 500/750: 1. Jeff Apple (Tri); 2. Beno Rodi (R-E); 3. Lafaya McCarver (H-D).

600 SPTMN: 1. Tom Horton (Hon); 2. Brad Holt (Bul); 3. Chris Ceilfuss (Yam); 4.Brad Spencer (Hon); 5. Jim Neuenburg (Bul); 6. Rick Decarly (Bul); 7. Jack Hayes (Bul); 8. Gary Swan (Tri); 9. Paul Rusin (Bul).

CLSSC OPEN: 1.Tom Horton (Tri); 2. Chris Apple (Tri).

750 SPTMN: 1. Tom Horton (Tri); 2. Mike Van Lienden (BSA); 3. Rodger Hamilton (Yam); 4. Greg Wilburn (Tri). Terry Hyde (Tri).

+35VET: 1.Tom Horton (Hon); 2. Diana Perry (Bul); 3. Rick Hocking (Bul); 4. Eddie Hagarty (Hon); 5. Jim Neuenburg (Bul); 6. Paul Rusin (Bul);

+50 SR: 1. Bud Riddle  (Hon); 2. Marty Lewis (Tri); 3. Larry Magaign (BSA); 4. Beno Rodi (BSA); 5. Warren Adams (Bul); 6. Richard BraGuet (BSA); 7. Dave Cheney (Yam); 8. Mike Vail (Hon).

+60SUPERSR. 1. Ron Datson (Tri); 2. Larry Madaign (BSA); 3. Hank Cosio (BSA); 4. Rodger Bille (Hon); 5. Ken Hatch (Bul); 6. Lane Allen (Bul).

70sSNG: 1. Tom Horton (Hon); 2. Joe Carrera (Yam); 3. Brad Spencer (Hon); 4. Hank Frenna (Yam); 5. Neil Giertsen (Hon); 6. George Cooper (Yam); 7. John Larson (Yam)

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