Outlaw Vintage Flat Track
Seaside Park, Buenaventura, CA
June 24, 2000
Eddie Mulders
West Coast Vintage Dirt Track  Round 1

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California dreaming!

The Barrett Clutches and Cables 1935 & Earlier motorcycles race:
1. Johnny Caneron (16 H-D). 2. Dave Alexander (22 Sun);
3. Victor Cohen (58 ¾ H-D); 4. Dee Cameron (15 H-D).

The Flanders/Moore's Cycle Center DINO class - 1951 and Earlier:
1. Allen McBee (3x Tri); 2. Ronnie Brown (8 H-D); 3. Gordon Menzie (20x R-E);
4. Kenny Remo ( 2 Ind); 5. Bill Kiriakidis (66b Ind). 6. Dave DuVarney (32 Ind);
7. Rick Gill (53 H-D); 8. Rick Hocking (13 Ind).


Dodge Bros Racing Class C Handshift – Brakeless class:
1. Eddie Castro (14 Ind); 2. Kenny Remo (2 H-D);
3. Ron Cochard (35 Ind); 4. Dubb Farrell (6 Ind); 5. Tom Hensley (1k Ind);
6. Dave DuVarney (32 Ind); 7. Bill Kiriakidis (66b Ind).


The Motion Pro/Continental Tires Class C Footshift – Brakeless A Main:
1. Jim McMurren (11 H-D); 2. Allen McBee (3x Tri); 3. Bill Kiriakidis (66bTri);
4. Larry Madrigal (7t Tri); 5. David Brown (51zBSA); 6. Jay Johnson (8x H-D):
7. Fred Berger (97 Tri).


Class  C Footshift – Brakeless B Main: 1. Matt Campbell (62 eTri); 2. Joe Pape (75z H-D);
3. Gorden Menzie (20x R-E); 4. Robert Fisher (1 Tri); 5. Stu Campos (3 Tri);
6. Chris Wakula (66e BSA); 7. Clark Edgington (78w Tri).


The Maxima Racing Oils/K&N filters 450cc & under – Asian motorcycles:
1. John Lundgren (45 Hon). 2. Brad Spencer (7m Hon); 3. Thad Wolff  (37 Hon);
4. Jay Johnson (8x Hon); 5. Guy Duckett (19x Hon).


The Van Leeuwen Enterprises 450cc and under – Am/Euro motorcycles:
1. Jim McMurren (11 H-D); 2. Tim Dowd (27 Ari); 3. Ryan Cameran (4 BSA).
4. Lenny Rodriguez (4r BSA); 5.Joe  Pape (75z BSA).


The Progressive Suspension/A&A Racing 650cc to 900cc A Main:
1. Ken Thiebaud (63y Tri); 2. A.J. Herrera (42e Tri); 3. Paul Herman (42a Tri).
4. Jeff Johnson (35 Tri); 5. Donny  Howard (22y H-D); 6. Stu Cardott (58q Tri);
7. Steve Miller (19 Tri); 8. Chris Campos (3 Tri); 9. David Harness (3h Tri);
10. Bob Waller (27w Tri). 11. Rick Reed (59y Tri) 12. Larry Earhart (16e Tri).

650cc to 900cc B Main:  1. John Garcia (41e Tri); 2. John Lundgren (45 Tri);
3. Craig Furman ( 22 Tri); 4. Stu Cardott (Tri); 5.  David Brown (51z BSA); 6. Richard Held (63h Yam);
7. Bob Waller(87w Tri); 8. Fred Berger (97 Tri); 9. Chris Wakula (66e Yam);
10. Jim Wichert (8j Tri); 11. Steve Ferguson (28s ri).

The Nesbit Inns Hooligans:
1. John Cameron (16 H-D) 2. Rick Stec (62 H-D); 3. Dave Freston (11x H-D);
4. Jimmy Raymond (1 H-D); 5. James Barnes (Sidecar BMW).


'The Shop' XR750 and Bartals Harley Davidson 883 race:
1. Don Howard (22y KHR); 2. Eddie Mulder(12 XR) 3. Allen McBee (66z XL);
4. Larry White (74r XR); 5. Jim Meduetz (13 883); 6. Ron Bartels (12x 883); 7. Carl Shatto (4 883).


The Continental Tires Novice Over 50 & Over 60 Super Senior class:
1.Ron Gould (45 BSA); 2. Micky Alzola (49x BSA); 3. Larry Madrigal (7t Tri);
4. Marsall Jennings (29r Hon); 5. Ben Fakkeldy (96 Tri); 6. Ron Mareno (53r Nor);
7. Dave Cheney (52c Hon); 8. Allan Girdler (86d H-D).


The J.R.C. Manual Dist Senior class:
1. Eddie Mulder (12 H-D); 2. Jim McMurren (11 H-D); 3. Sonny Nutter (42a Tri);
4.Tony Herrera ( 42h AJS);  5. John Fritz (51y Tri);  6. Rick Brewer (73b BSA);
7. Wayne Warrington (44e Hon); 8. Eugene Smith (21x Hon); 9. Mike Boal (51r Yam);
10. Bob Waller(27w Tri); 11. Gordon Menzie (20x R-E).


The Saddleman IROC Indians:
1. Eddie Mulder (3); 2. Dave DuVarney (2); 3. Ron Gould (5);
4. Mike O’Neil (1); 5. Gary Stark (7); 6. Eddie Castro (4); 7. John Flanders (6).


 Feuling R&D 500 Support A Main:
1. Brad Spencer (7m Hon); 2. Larry Earhart (16e BSA); 3. Paul Herman (68e Hon);
4. Joe Steffen (6j Yam); 5. Jeff Johnson (35 Yam); 6. Paul Colston (64c Yam); 7. Bill Kolkman (42 Yam);
8. James Street (12e Yam); 9. David Brown (51z BSA)


500 Support B Main: 1. Keith Bradford (33 Yam); 2. John Garcia Jr. (5e Yam);
3. Bill Kiriakidis (66b Yam); 4. John Rudder (38v Hon); 5. Masahiro Keshiba (120v Yam);
6. Robbie Lee (112 Hon).


The Works Shocks 600 Support class:
1. Brad Spencer (7m Yam); 2. Dave Axlander (37 Yam); 3. Wayne Warrington (44e Hon);
4. Shawn Kump (22 Yam); 5. Sid Payne (23e Yam).


The C&J Racing Frames 600 Pro race:
1. Ron Brown (1 Rot); 2. Randy Bereman (5y Rot); 3. Jim Kesler (52r W-R);
4. Merle Burnett (97 Yam); 5. Joe Steffen (6j Yam); 6. Trapper Mc Danial (50 W-R);
7. Danny  Richie (97y Yam); 8. James Street (12e Yam); 9. Mike Gonzales (32y Yam);
10. Robert Reed (59e W-R); 11. Bob Cobb (86e Yam); 12. Jim Rossa (44e Hon);
13. Keith Bradford (33 Yam).

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Ventura, CA., June 24

    ‘The Shop’ and Eddie Mulder presented the eight annual Outlaw Dirt Track Races at Seaside Park’s  ¼ mile oval on the Ventura County Fairgrounds.  Dave Hansen, ‘The Shop’ owner, also hosted Friday nights speedway event and Sundays Antique and Classic Motorcycle show and swap meet. Plenty of track time was enjoyed by all, as lots of practice and two full rounds of heats were held before the eighteen main events. The large number of entries in three classes dictated B mains. This race annually draws a large number of vintage Indians, Harleys, Triumphs and BSAs, plus a spattering of  Enfields, Nortons, Aermacchis and Ariels.
     The Barnett Clutches 1935 and earlier class saw eight machines in practice and the heat races, but by main event time, attrition was high and only four took the green. Johnny Cameron’s 1929 JDH Harley came home in first, followed by Dave Alexander on his un-restored 1935 English Sunbeam. Allen McBee was first away from the field in the Flanders/Moore's Cycle Center Dinosaur race. The beautiful black Triumph Twin owned by Pat Hicks was never headed for the 1951 and earlier Dino class. Kenny Remo on Top Dead Center’s 1940 Scout pressured McBee until Remo dropped his motorcycle in turn three. Remo somehow kept the foot clutch bike running and finished forth. The Dodge Bros. Indian ridden by Rick Hocking was moving through the pack when a big slide coming out of two put Hocking on the ground hard. Ronnie Brown, Remo’s teammate on a 1948 WR Harley-Davidson, rode to second place. Royal Enfield mounted Gordon Menzie caught the leaders at the finish for third spot.
     Senior plus 50 racers saw Sonny Nutter holeshot the very diversified J.R.C. Distributing sponsored race. Nutters Triumph lead Jim McMurren’s  Aermacchi Harley-Davidson until Eddie Mulder on The Shop’s XR 750 dropped McMurren to third place. Nutter and Mulder then battled for the lead all around the track.. With the XR’s extra power very evident, Mulder was able to retain first spot. Nutter bobbled, and McMurren snuck under him for second place at the checkers. The three ex-national numbers had put on a show that brought the 2000 strong crowd to their feet. The Continental Tires main event for Super Seniors and Novice plus 50 racers was a race long duel between Ron Gould and Mickey Alzola. Plus 60 rider Gould won the trophy and a new Continental tire. Larry Madrigal followed in third.  Another smooth start by Jim McMurren in the Van Leeuwen Enterprises 450 Am/Euro competition put the Aermacchi Harley-Davidson in the winners circle. Tim Dowd and Ryan Cameran finished a distant 2nd and 3rd.  Asian manufactured motorcycles under 450cc raced in the Maxima Racing Oils/K&N Filters contest. Brad Spencer launched off the line with John Lundgren in close pursuit. Lundgren found the high line to his liking and would pass Spencer only to have Spencer dive under for the lead at the end of the straights. Lundgren pulled enough lead down the back chute on last lap and beat Spencer to the line for the win.
     Ken Thiebaud and A. J. Herrera lead the 650 to 900 Progressive Suspension/A&A Racing Modern Vintage class bikes to the first turn on their 750 Triumphs. They were followed by the Harleys of Gary White  and Donny Howard. After one lap, Paul Herman was in fifth place on his first ever ride on a big twin Triumph. Herrera harassed the Gary Bang H-D sponsored Thiebaud all over the track, but could not find an opening on the crafty vintage racer. Herman moved past Howard on the forth lap and Jeff Johnson put Howard down to fifth in the last two turns. The very hard fought race ended Thiebaud, Herrera, Herman, Johnson, and Howard. The B Main big bore vintage riders were lead off the line by Fred Berger. John Garcia quickly assumed control ahead of John Lundgren. Craig Furman passed into third place and the finishing order of all Triumphs was set.
      IROC Indians, provided by Bob Stark, have become fixture at many Southern California vintage races. This Saddleman sponsored race was lead all the way by Eddie Mulder. Eddie Castro went down in the second turn and was only able to finish in sixth. Dave DuVarney chased Mulder for a while, but settled for second. Super Senior Ron Gould garnered third. Hooligan races are always crowd pleasers and this years Nesbit Inns contest was no different. Rick “Flintstone” Stec scored from the start line on his 1968 H-D 1200 in the early laps. Original Booze Fighter Johnny Cameron on his early Harley passed Stec and scored his second victory of the night. Jimmy Raymond drifted his chopper in the dirt and waved to the very appreciative crowd down the front straight.
     The Motion Pro/Continental Tires Class C Footshift is a brakeless class for vintage bikes. The A Main start had Jim McMurren’s Aermacchi Harley-Davidson again leading over Allen McBee’s Triumph. McMurren held on for the win and a new Continental tire. McBee finished second, with Bill Kiriakidis in third. The B main saw an exciting duel between Matt Campbell’s Triumph and Harley Davidson mounted Joe Pape. Campbell would only give Pape the outside and Pape could not get enough bite to power past. The Class C Hand shift event was sponsored by Dodge Bros. Racing who also provided the 1936 Indian Scout that Eddie Castro holeshotted this race with. Dub Farrel, also on an Indian, charged hard after Castro and showed how ill handling a springer hardtail can be.  Kenny Remo on Top Dead Center’s Indian passed Farrell on the third lap and set sail after Castro. Reno applied heavy pressure, but Castro’s speedway experience made the old hard tail very wide. Ron Cochard finished third on Ken Elford’s 1935 Scout.
     Bartels H-D 883/The Shop XR750 sponsored race saw eight big V-Twins take the green flag. The Aztec Racing, Feuling R&D, Pat Hicks XR ridden by Allen McBee was lighting out of the gate for the lead. Eddie Mulder on ‘The Shop’ Aztec Racing XR was close behind, followed by Gary White and Donny Howard on Marsh Runyan’s flathead Goliath. Howard passed White on lap two and Mulder on lap three. Laps four to six had three different leaders as the final order at the checkers was Howard, Mulder and McBee.
Paul Herman’s Brown Cycles Yamaha rocketed into the lead of the Feuling R&D 500 Support class.  From his fifth place start, Brad Spencer pushed Larry Earhart to second place by lap four and on lap five passed Earhart to rub Herman’s rear tire. Spencer dove under Herman in three on the next lap and was able to hold the top spot to the finish flag. Herman bobbled on the last lap and relinquished second to Earhart.  Keith Bradford lead the 500 Support B Main wire to wire over John Garcia and Bill Kiriakidis.
     The 600 Support was Brad Spencer’s second win of the evening. The Works Shocks event was Sid Payne’s till lap six when the relentless pressure of  Brad Spencer allowed a small opening for Spencer to get under Payne in turn three. On the final go round, Payne dropped his mount in turn four, allowing Dave Alexander to finish second and Shawn Kump third. C&J Racing Frames 600 Pro race was a Ronnie Brown benefit. Merle Burnett grabbed the holeshot over Danny Ritchie as the field of thirteen pros contested the 20 lap feature race. Brown quickly moved to the front of the pack, bringing Randy Berman along. Brown put his Rotax on cruise control and led Berman and Jim Kesler to the checkers. The only serious looking incident of the night happened on the last lap of the pro feature as Jim Rosa and Keith Branford got hooked up on the front straight and Branford went for a big tumble at speed.

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