AHRMA National Flat Track
May 6, 2000
Willow Springs International Raceway

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DINOSAUR: 1. Craig Breckon (Tri 39 ); 2. Gordon Menzie (R-E 20x);
3.Tom Hensley (Ind 1k); 4. Beno Rodi (R-E 1); 5.
Jeff Tulilrus ( BSA 805); 6. Bill Kiriakidis (Tri 66 );
7. Rick Hocking (Ind 13).

125 SPORTMAN: 1 Darren Pritchett (Hon 90v); 2. David Pector (Yam 5).

CLASSIC 250: 1. Jeff Lessley (Bul 12e); 3. Tom Horton (Bul);
3. Jim McMurren (H-D) 11); 4. Rich Trait (OSS 29x);
5. Tim Moore (R-E 21r); 6. Rusty Lowry (OSS 94); 7. Ron Lessley (Bul 28d)


CLASSIC 500/750: 1. Bob Cunnington (Hon 28); 2. Craig Breckon (Tri  39);
3. Jeff Apple (Tri 27h); 4. Clark Edgington (Tri 78); 5. Gordon Menzie (R-E 20x);
6. Bill Kiriakidis (Tri 66b); 7. David Brown (-- 51z ); 8. Jay Johnson (-- 8x); 9.
Lenny Rodrigues (-- 4r); 10. Beno Rodi (R-E 1). 11. Matt Campbell (Tri 62e).

CLASSIC OPEN: 1. Tom Horton (Tri 55); 2. David Harness (Tri 3h);
3. Chris Apple (Tri 2x). 4. Stu Cardott (Tri 58q).


250 SPORTMAN: 1.Brad Holt (Bul 50s); 2. Ken Netto (C-A 33y);
3. Joe Steffen (Yam 6j); 4. Tom Horton (Suz 55); 5. Rich Trait (OSS 29x);
7. Steve Ferguson (-- 28s ); 8. Jeff Lessley (Bul 12e); 9. Ron Lessley (Bul 209);
10. Manny Crummett (Bul 17j); 11.Brian Coakley (Bul 51).


NOV 250 SPORTMAN: 1. Craig Johnson (-- 4z); 2. Gary Egloff (Yam 741);
3. Dave Cheney (Yam 52c); 4. Don Barmakian (Hon 55z) 5. Brad Rudy (Yam 319).

600 SPORTMAN: 1. Rick Hocking (Bul 13) 2. Paul Herman (Hon 68e);
3. Rod Spencer (Hon 49); 4. Bob Cunnington (Hon 28); 5. Brad Holt (Bul 50s);
6. Manny Crummett (Bul 17j); 7. Bob Graves (Bul 88y); 8. David Brown (Yam 51z);
9. Guy Duchett (Hon 19x); 10. John Lundgren (Hon 45).

NOV 600 SPORTMAN: 1. Doug Nation (-- 91v); 2. Larry Melton (BSA 3m);
3. Dave Cheney (Yam 52c); 4. Gary Swan (Tri 44n); 5. Gary Egloff (-- 741 );
6. Don Barmakian (Yam 55z); 7. Michael Hunt ( 9h ).

750 SPORTMAN: 1. Greg Wilborn (Tri 32a); 2. Brian Coakley (Yam 51);
3. Clyde Dennen (Nor 23d); 4. Tom Howard (Tri 31z); 5. Bill Flett (-- 71L);
6. Stu  Cardott (Tri 58q); 7. Chris Wakula (--- 66e ); 8. Richard Harrington (--- 290m ).

NOV 750 SPORTMAN: 1. Richard Held (Yam 63h); 2; Ray Hensley (BSA 20z);
3. Don Henner (-- 38x); 4. Fred Berger (Tri 97); 5. Bob Waller (Tri 27w); 6. Gary Egloff (-- 741).

70s SINGLES: 1. Tom Horton (Hon 55); 2. Keith Brabford (Yam 33);
3. Mike Gonzales (Yam 32y); 4. Jim Gardner (--- 21b );
5 . Brendon Tatom ( ); 6. Ron Hinton (Yam); 7. Jim Grant  (Hon);
8. Roger Bowerman (Yam).  9. Masahiro Kushiba (Hon 120v)

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+50 SENIOR: 1. Marty Lewis (Tri 0d); 2. Warren Adams (Tri 58u); 3.
Wayne Warrington (Tri 44e); 4. Bill Flett (Tri 71l); 5. Guy Duchett
(Hon 19x); 6.Beno Rodi (BSA 27);7. Matt Campbell (Tri 11v).

+35 VET: 1. Greg Wilborn (Tri 32a); 2. Tom Horton (Yam 55);
3. Brain Coakley (Yam 51); 4. John Lundgren (Hon 45);
5. Eddie Baldizan (-- 99g ); 6. Steve Ferguson (---28s ): 7. Richard Harrington ( --290m ).

+60 SUPER SENIORS: 1. Micky Alzola (Tri 49x) 2. Gordon Jennings (Yam 29r);
3. Ron Dotson (Tri  42b); 4. Tom Howard (Tri 31z ); 5. Larry Harness
(Tri 3n); 8. Sam Grey (Hon 71g).

SUPPORT: 1. Pete Hames (H-D 23); 2. Eddie Mulder (H-D 12);
3. Richard Pollack (Yam 59); 4. Steve Forture (Nor 71);
5. Trapper McDaniel (Kaw 50); 6. Keith Bradford (Yam 33);
7. Danny Prerez (Hon  22); 8. Elliot Iverson (W-R 54); 9. Shawn Kump ( --22x);
10. Gabriel Slaton (-- 42s ); 11. Akita Kazuaka (Rot 120v);
12. Wayne Warrington (Hon 44e).


     Willow Springs Raceway was the site of  AHRMA’s second West Coast national flat track race  in two weeks. The fifth annual race at the 3/8 mile cushion track attracted 150 entries and a good crowd of spectators. The customary desert wind blew, but it was not the biting cold that has chilled race fans and riders in past years.
    A large field of Dinosaur class bikes was led by Rick Hocking on the Dodge Brothers Indian, until the 6th lap when it expired. Midwest AHRMA stalwart Craig Breckon on a Triumph, inherited the lead and cruised to the win over Gordon Menzie and Tom Hensley. Perennial Classic 250 foes Jeff Lessley and Tom Horton again headed the field and Horton’s Suzuki could not run with Lessley’s Bultaco. Jim McMurren and Jeff Lessleys brother Ron, fought over third, with McMurren finally grabbing the spot. Eleven Classic 500/750 bikes took the green flag for this popular large bore brakeless class. A 1966 Honda 450 twin ridden by Bob Cunnington jumped to a big lead and was going away at checkers. Jeff Apple caught Craig Breckon at mid race, but was not able pass for second. Fourth was Clark Edginton, all were on Triumphs.
    Tom Horton won the Classic Open main on his pretty stock framed Triumph 650. Fourth place starter, David Harness passed Stu Cardott on the second lap and Chris Apple on the third, but still was a long way from leader, Horton. Last year’s western region 250 Sportsman champ Ken Netto, blasted into the lead over Jeff Lessle’s Bultaco in this very competitive modern vintage 250cc class. Brad Holt passed third place Joe Steffen on the second lap and second place Lessley on the third lap. Netto’s  leading Can-am was Holts next conquest on lap four. Race promoter Brian Coakley dropped his Bultaco in turn one about mid-race while running fifth. Jeff Lessley caught a hay bale in turn two and finished eighth. Finishing order was Holt, Netto, Steffen and Tom Horton in fourth.
    The combined 125 Sportsman and 250 Novice  race saw the very strong 125cc Honda four stroke of Darren Prichett run ahead of all the 250 novices except winner Craig Johnson. 600 Novice winner Doug Nation led the whole race over  Larry Melton, and Dave Cheney came through the pack to finish third. Fred Berger hole-shotted the 750 Novice class and led  till Richard Held powered by at the finish line on the first lap. A steady ride through the field brought Ray Hensley to second spot at the final flag.
     Manney Crummett bolted into the lead on the low inside of the first turn of the 600 Sportsman contest. Tom Horton went high in one and two which gave him the lead going down the back straight. Paul Herman pressured Horton in turn four and had the first spot by the finish line. Rick Hocking passed Horton on the second lap as Horton’s Honda developed a miss. Hocking passed Herman on the high side of three and four on the fifth lap, but Herman came back under Hocking in the next set of corners. Herman stayed low under Hockings A&A Bultaco for the next whole lap, but was not able to get a clear lead. Herman’s Browns Cycle Shop Honda settled for a second place finish. Rod Spencer passed Bob Cunnington mid-race for third position.
    750 Sportsman action had Greg Wilburn leading from start to finish aboard a new Trackmaster Triumph owned and tuned by his dad, Larry. The senior Wilburn was Tom Horton’s mentor during Horton’s junior and first year expert rides. Yamaha mounted Brian Coakley, claimed second spot over Norton rider Clyde Dennen. The only position change among the leaders of the Seventies Singles race was by Tom Horton over Keith Bradford for the lead. Mike Gonzales finished a solid third. Plus 60 Super Seniors had a good dice going until Mickey Alzola rode to a nice lead over Marshall Jennings and Ron Dotson. Rick Brewer lead the first two laps of the Plus 50 Seniors main event. Bike problems dropped Brewer out on the third lap, which handed the lead to Marty Lewis on the Rod Lake Triumph. Warren Adams and Wayne Warrington exchanged second position a number of times, with Adams grabbing the spot.
    Greg Wilburn second feature win of the night came in the Plus 35 Vets race. Wilburn lead all the way over Tom Horton and Brian Coakley. The Open Support race  treated the fans to the booming thunder of a pair of XR 750 Harleys. Pete Hames, on the Dodge Brothers XR, was tuning up for the West Coast rounds of Pace Formula USA series. The Shop XR was ridden by Eddie Mulder to a second place finish behind Hames. Yamaha YZ 400 rider, Richard Pollack garnered third.

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