8th Round Classic Bike Magazine
AHRMA National Flat Track
June 9nd, 2001
Metra Park Race Track
Billings, MT

Monegan Rides High in Big Sky Country
    By Jacque Wesa

The 2nd Annual Montana National Classic State Championship returned to the MetraPark Race Track as did Jim Monegan who scooted to victory in three events much to the delight of 1700 cheering fans. Omo Sports pulled out all the stops again this year even adding a Vintage Motorcycle Show in the afternoon.

In the Senior 50+, Monegan launched off the line and although he led the entire distance, Marty Lewis tried everything in the book to get by.  Monegan kept it smooth and flawless and took the flag.

The Seventies Singles provided Monegan another win.  Running with the Sportsman 600 in a combined main, Mike Connell took the lead from the start. Monegan passed during the second lap, Connell fought back holding the lead through the seventh lap where Monegan’s speed and expertise kicked in giving him top honors in the Seventies Singles.  Mike Connell took the checkered in the Sportsman 600 with Steve Lacy, Jeff Apple and Eddie Baldizan rounding out the top four.

They say the third time is a charm and it earned Monegan the “Most Outstanding Rider” trophy.  Monegan mixed it up with Marty Lewis in the Sportsman 750.  Lewis took the lead from the start and held on through the second lap where Monegan overtook and charged on to claim the victory.  Lewis blew in right behind for second place with Gary Davis and Gordon Rudy close behind.

The biggest upset came during the Classic 500/750.  Ramon Perez shot off the line and was leading by a good ½ lap when he succumbed to mechanical problems.  As Gary Davis moved to the lead with Chris Apple tight on his tail, Jeff Apple bounced around from fifth to third eventually overtaking them both to claim the checkered flag.

The Super Senior race brought more excitement as Sam Gray and Mickey Alzola vied for the lead, nose to nose.  Alzola edged out in front in the third lap and held on until lap six where Gray pushed it to the limit taking the flag.

Montana native, Justin Young, started at the back of the pack in the Sportsman 250 and by lap six had passed three of his opponents for third place.  As the crowd cheered on, Young tried to catch Craig Johnson and Richard Clark who took first and second respectively.

In the Vet 35+, Gordon Rudy and Brian Eckhart raced neck and neck in the heat race with Eckhart taking the pole.  Their rivalry fueled, they battled in the main with Rudy clutching the lead out of the gate and securing top honors.  “We go to one race a year and this is it,” stated Rudy, beaming proudly with his trophy.  “We’re looking forward to next year.”

The Classic Bike Magazine Dirt Track Series
2nd Annual Montana National Classic State Championship
June 9, 2001
AHRMA National Round 8
MetraPark Race Track - Billings, Montana

All photos compliments of Omo Sports, Inc.

Classic 500/750
1.  27H Jeff Apple, TRI; 2.  95A Chris Apple, TRI; 3.  89T Gary Davis, TRI; 4.  7T Larry Madrigal, BSA;

Classic 250
1.  1 Mike Connell, HD

1.  89T Gary Davis, TRI

Sportman 250
1.  4Z Craig Johnson, BUL; 2.  44 Richard Clark, C-A; 3.  18M Justin Young, BUL; 4.  62Y Pat Schieffer, YAM;
5.  99G Eddie Baldizan, YAM; 6.  78 Roger Landberg, BUL.

Vet 35+:
1.  66Z Gordon Rudy, HON; 2.  1 Brian Eckhart, TRI; 3.  44 Richard Clark, C-A; 4.  27H Jeff Apple, TRI; 5.  62Y Pat Schieffer, YAM; 6.  11V Kevin Brown, HON.

Senior 50+
1. 31M  Jim Monegan, YAM; 2.  10D Marty Lewis, TRI; 3.  49X Mickey Alzola, TRI; 4.  69Q Bent Laursen, TRI;
5.  27T Steve Lacey, HON; 6. 52C Dave Cheney, TRI; 7.  7T Larry Madrigal, BSA; 8.  385 Dennis Miller, HON.

Super Senior
1.  71G Sam Gray, HON; 2.  49X Mickey Alzola, TRI; 3.  32W Ron Predmore, MAT; 4.  44T Bill Burr, BSA;
5.  69S Jim Kidman, HON; 6.  7T Larry Madrigal, BSA; 7.  27M Monty Montgomery, TRI;
8. 31V  Ron Fenner, TRI; 9.  42S Bill Werner, TRI

Sportman 600
1.  60C Mike Connell, HON; 2.  27T Steve Lacey, HON; 3.  27H Jeff Apple, TRI; 4.  99G Eddie Baldizan, YAM;
5.  78 Roger Landberg, BUL; 6.  385 Dennis Miller, HON; 7. 11V  Kevin Brown, BUL

‘70s Singles
1.  31M Jim Monegan, YAM

Sportsman 750
1.  31M Jim Monegan, YAM; 2.  10D Marty Lewis, TRI; 3.  89T Gary Davis, YAM; 4.  66Z Gordon Rudy, TRI; 5.
1 Brian Eckhart, TRI; 6.  52C Dave Cheney, TRI; 7.  27M Monty Montgomery, TRI

Most Outstanding Rider:
31M Jim Monegan, YAM

Additional Photos by Steve Manz


Dave Cheney

Chris Rudy


Gary Davis - Triumph 500


Gary Davis - Triumph 750


Eddie Baldizan


Gorbon Rudy


Steve Lacey


Pat Scheiffer


Porkey Perez




Rich Slusher Norton


Roger Landburg


Ron Predmore


Donnie Warf on  Gary Davis Yamaha

Photos by Steve Matz