National Flat Track
Ray Hensley Memorial Race
September 3rd, 2001
Antelope Valley Fairgrounds
Lancaster, CA


Sportsman 250


Sportsman 250
1. Jeff Lessley 12e(Bul), 2. Joe Steffens 6j(Yam), 3. Rich Trait 29x(OSS),
4. Jeff Johnson 35(OSS), 5. Ron Lessley 28d(Bul), 6. Tom Horton 55(Bul).

Sportsman 600
1. Tom Horton 55(Hon), 2. Greg Wilburn 32a(Hon), 3. John Lundgren 45e(Hon).

Novice 250
1. Cliff Nagatani 209(Bul), 2. John Lindsay 30(Yam), 3. Tom Salhi 45f(Bul).


Sportsman 750
1. Jeff Lessley 12e(Yam), 2. Tom Horton 55(Tri), 3. Greg Wilburn 32a(Tri),
4. Brian Coakley 51(Yam), 5. Steve Hensley 20y(BSA).

Novice 750
1. Dave Chaney 52c(Tri), Bret Taylor 56e(Tri).

Seventies Singles
1. Tom Horton 55(Yam), 2. Keith Bradford 33(Yam), 3. Robert Stearns 5(Yam),
4. Rodger Bowerman 32r(Yam).

Senior +50
1. Mickey Alzola 49x(Tri), 2. Rich Trait 29x(OSS), 3. Warren Adams 58u(Tri),
4. Alan Shaw 97w(Tri), 5. Clark Edington 78w(Hon).

Novice 600
1. Cliff Nagatani 209(Bul), 2. Gary Swan 44n(Tri).

Super Senior +60
1. Mickey Alzola 49x(Tri), 2. Hank Casio 50n(BSA), 3. Mel Stoner 50(Tri),
4. Allen Gridler 86d(H-D).


Classic Open
1. Tom Horton 55(Tri), 2. Jeff Apple 27h(Tri), 3. Allen McBee 3x(Arial),
4. Chris Apple 95a(Tri).

Vet +35
1. Tom Horton 55(Yam), 2. Greg Wilburn 32a(Tri), 3. Jeff Johnson 35(Yam),
4. Joe Steffins 6j(Yam), 5. Robert Stearns 5(Yam), 6. Mike Wayne 44n(Tri).

1. Andy Wood 1n(Kaw), 2. Logan Johnson 18(KTM), 3. Tyler Smotherman 5(Sus).

Open Support
1. Tom Horton 55(Yam), 2. Ron Moore 37r(Hon) 3. Bob Cob 86e(Yam),
4. James Wood Jr. 66(Suz), 5. Robert Stearns 5(Yam), 6. Keith Bradford 33(Yam),
7. Matt Ferrato 620(Yam), 8. Ray Hensley 20y(Yam),  9. Alex Woods 67(Yam),
10. Ian Foulds 45(Yam).

Classic 250
1. Tom Horton 55(Suz), 2. Jeff Lessley 12e(Bul), 3. Ron Lessley 28d(Bul),
4. Terry Salsman 21v(Bul).

250 Support
1. Alex Wood 67(Yam), 2. Joe Steffens 6j(Yam), 3. Ian Foulds 45(Yam),
4. John Lundgren 45e(Kaw), 5. James Wood Jr. 66(Suz).

Classic 500/750
1.Tom Horton 55(Mon), Allen McBee 3x(Tri), 3. Jeff Apple 27h(Tri),
4. Clark Eddington 78w(Hon), 5. Chris Apple 95a(Tri).

1. Andy Wood 1n(Kaw), 2. James Wood Jr 66(Hon), 3. Bob Cob 86e(Yam),
4. Alex Wood 67(Hon), 5. Mike Wayne 44n(Hon).

1. Brian Coakley 51(Yam), 2. Tom Horton 55(Tri), 3. Steve Hensley 20y(BSA).
Eddie Mulder 661 268-0

Announcer vs. Starter race!

     The fifth annual Ray Hensley Memorial AHRMA National Flat Track race was held this year on Labor Day, the last day of the Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival at the fairgrounds in Lancaster. Triumph rider Mickey Alzola captured both Senior divisions with wins over Rich Trait's OSSA in the +50, and BSA mounted Hank Coriso in the Super +60 race. Trait had the +50 lead when Alzola dropped his bike on the first lap. The restart saw Alzola over Trait which he held to the checkers.
     Joe Steffens hole shotted the Sportsman 250 field over Jeff Lessley. Tom Horton's Bultaco broke on the back straight to put Rich Trait in the third spot. Lessley dove inside of Steffens going into turn three on the third lap and held on for the win over Steffens and Trait. Horton did prevail in the Sportsman 600 event over Greg Wilburn and John Lundgren. The first start of the Sportsman 750 race was red flagged as leader Greg Wilburn slid down in the first turn. The restart saw Jeff Lessley power around Wilburn in one and two for the top spot as they headed down the back straight. Horton quickly passed Wilburn for runner up position, but was unable to pass the flying Yamaha of Lessley.
     Cliff Nagatani was victorious in both Novice 250 and 600 classes. Dave Chaney won the Novice 750 event. Horton was sent to the back line for the Seventies Singles start while Keith Bradford pulled the lead at the start. Horton passed Branford by mid race and Robert Stearns moved into third for a finishing order of Horton, Bradford and Stearns. Horton's brakeless Triumph was again was first to turn one in the Classic Open race. Allen McBee moved into second over Jeff Apple and Chris Apple, both on Triumphs. McBee's Arial developed a mechanical gremlin an the last lap and allowed Jeff Apple to pass for second. Greg Wilburn dove under Joe Steffens in the first turn for the lead at the start of the Vet +35 main event. Tom Horton worked his way up from a forth place start to push Wilburn all around the track. Wilburn bobbled in four on the next to last lap and Horton was gone for the win. Jeff Johnson followed in third.
     Horton notched victories in both the Classic 250 and 500/750 mains. His Suzuki Twin defeated the Lessley brothers on their 250 Bultacos. In the 500/750 race, Hortons 360 Montessa with a swinging arm had a big advantage over McBee's ridged Triumph as a few holes developed  in the turns and caused McBee to lose traction. The Wood Family participated in the many support classes with Alex winning the 250 Support race. National AMA Champion Andy won both the Youth main and was the ringer in the XR event, where he held off a herd of four strokes. The 600 Support main had Horton and Ron Moore riding away from the field for a one - two finish.