4th Round Classic Bike Magazine
AHRMA National Flat Track
May 5, 2001
Willow Springs International Raceway
Rosamond, California

250 SPORTSMAN: 1. Craig Johnson (4z Bul); 2. Tom Horton (55 Suz); 3. Jeff Lessley (12E Bul);
4. Bruce Reyonlds (28z Bul); 5. James Street (12Y Hon); 6. Manney Crummett (17J Bul);
7. Ron Lessley (28D Bul); 8. Eddie Baldwin (99G Yam); 9. Richard Held (63H Yam).

CLASSIC 500/750: 1. Ramon Prez (31X Tri); 2. Jeff Apple (27H Tri); 3. Chris Apple (20 R-E);
4. Chris Wakula (66E Tri); 5. Craig Breckon (44 Tri). 6. Matt Campbell (62E Tri); 7. Gordon Menzie (20X R-E);
8. Allen McBee (3X Tri); 9. Clark Edginton (78W Tri).
CLASSIC OPEN: 1. David Harness (3H Tri); 2. Bill Walker (80S Tri).

750 SPORTSMAN: 1. Tom Horton (55 Tri); 2. Brad Spencer (7M Tri); 3. Marty Lewis (0D Tri);
4. Steve Miller (19 Tri); 5. Brain Coakley (51 Yam). 6. Richard Held (63H Tri); 7. Bill Flett (71L Tri);
8. James Otlele (58 Yam); 9. David Harness (3H Tri); 10. Chris Wakula (1V Tri).

+50 SENIOR: 1. Marty Lewis (0D Tri); 2. Micky Alzola (49X Tri); 3. Steve Lacey (27T Tri);
4. Manney Crummet (17J Bul); 5. Bill Flett (71L Tri); 6. Warren Adams (58U Tri); 7. Guy Duckett (19X Hon);
8. Beno Rodi (27 BSA); 9. Allen Shaw (97W Tri); 10. Jamie Linxwiler (48M Yam).

CLASSIC 250: 1. Tom Horton (55 Suz); 2. Jeff Lessley (12E Bul); 3. Bruce Reynold (28Z Bul);
4.Terry Sulsman ( 21V Bul); 5. Ron Lessley (28D Bul).

+60 SUPER SENIOR: 1. Micky Alzola (49X Tri); 2. Sam Grey (71G Hon); 3. Gordon Jennings (29R Yam);
4. Ron Dotson (42B Tri ); 5. Allen Girdler (86D H-D); 6. Ron Gould (45 BSA).

600 SPORTSMAN: 1. John Lundgren (45E Hon); 2. Eddie Baldizan (99G Yam); 3. Guy Duckett (19X Hon).

DINO: 1. Allen McBee (3X Tri); 2. David Devarny (6 Ind); 3. Beno Rodi (27 R-E); 4. Jeff Tulinos (805 Tri ).

+35 VET: 1. Tom Horton (55 Tri); 2. Brad Spencer (7M Tri); 3. Brian Coakley (51 Yam); 4. Jeff Lessley (12E Bul).

NOV 250 SPORTSMAN: 1. Don Barmakian (57 Yam); 2. John Easton (4E Yam); 3. Cliff Nagatori (209 Bul);
4. Michael Lessley (19S Bul); 5. Larry Cason (38Y Bul).

NOV 600 SPORTMAN: 1. Gary Swan (28 Hon ); 2. Cliff Nagatori (209 Bul).
NOV 750 SPORTSMAN: 1. Mark Locke (90N Tri); 2. Gary Egloff (741 Tri); 3. Jamie Linxwiler (48M Yam);
4. Brett Taylor (56E Yam); 5. Bill Blythe (95 Tri).

70's SINGLES: 1. Tom Horton (55 Yam); 2. Keith Bradford (34Z Yam); 3. James Street ( 12Y Yam);
4. John Lundgren (45E Hon); 5. David Brown (51Z BSA); 6. Rodger Bowerman (32R Yam); 7. Richard Harrington (290M Yam).

SUPPORT: 1. Richard Pollock ( 59 JAP); 2. Keith Bradford (34Z Yam); 3. James Street (12Y Yam);
4. Jay Johnson (8X Yam); 5. Richard Harrison (290MYam).

    AHRMA’s 4th National Flat Track race of the year was the sixth year of vintage racing at Willow Springs. Beautiful spring weather greeted the racers and a good crowd of spectators to the very well prepared 1/3 mile oval of decomposed granite. Many riders feel this the best track AHRMA races on.
     Allen McBee was first away from the Classic 500/750 field on the beautiful black Triumph twin owned by Pat Hicks, but Ramon Perez led by the second corner. BSA mounted Perez held a couple of bike length lead until engine trouble stopped McBee on the fifth lap. Jeff Apple inherited second as his brother Chris moved up through the field into third on a borrowed Enfield. Chris Wakula finished forth and Michigan traveler Craig Breckon was fifth. The 250 Sportsman racers were lead off the line by Tom Horton’s Suzuki twin. Craig Johnson pulled Horton down the back straight on the third lap and the Hugh’s Bultaco rider held onto a nice lead for the win. Last years Western Regional 250 champ, Jeff Lessley, finished third.
    Marty Lewis gunned his 750 Triumph into the lead at the start of the 750 Sportsman main. Lewis drifted high in two and Tom Horton took the point position. Lewis was then passed by Brian Coakley’s Yamaha in turn four. Lewis regained the second spot from Coakley on lap four and Brad Spencer followed to drop Coakley to fourth. Spencer  passed Lewis for second and was close to leader Horton, but was not able to make a serious pass attempt. Lewis was right back again in the next race for Plus 50 Seniors and ran second to  Mickey Alzola  for a lap and one half. Lewis grabbed the top spot going down the backstretch and held on for the win. Steve Lacy and Manney Crummet finished third and forth. Tom Horton’s brakeless Suzuki twin won over the Bultacos of Jeff Lessley and Bruce Reynolds in the Classic 250 event.
    Plus 60 Super Seniors Ron Gould and Mickey Alzola fought bar to bar in the most contested main of the evening. Gould’s BSA lead at the flag most of the laps, but Alzola passed time and again on the outside. On the seventh lap, Alzola run her hard down the back straight and passed Gould on the outside. The bikes touched and Gould collected a few hay bails for the only get off of the evening. Marshall Jennings brought his Yamaha home third.
    The 600 Sportsman race was an easy win for John Lundgren, as Brad Spencer hurt his BSA in practice and did not run. Allen McBee rode the Aerial single to a top finish over Indian rider Dave DeVarny in the Dinosaur main. The +35 Vet race was a rerun of the 750’s as Horton and Spencer took their Triumphs to a one two. Don Barmakian put in a nice ride to win the 250 Novice class, while Gary Swan took the 600 Novice and Mark Locke topped the Novice 750’s. Tom Horton went flag to flag over Keith Bradford and James Street in the 70’s Singles contest.

250 SPORTMAN: 1. Craig Johnson (Bul); 2. Tom Horton (Suz); 3. Jeff Lessley (Bul);
4. Bruce Reyonlds (Bul); 5. James Street (Hon); 6. Manney Crummett (Bul); 7. Ron Lessley (Bul);
8. Eddie Baldwin (Yam); 9. Richard Held (Yam).

CLASSIC 500/750: 1. Ramon Prez (Tri); 2. Jeff Apple (Tri); 3. Chris Apple (R-E);
4. Chris Wakula (Tri); 5. Craig Breckon (Tri). 6. Matt Campbell (Tri); 7. Gordon Menzie (R-E);
8. Allen McBee (Tri); 9. Clark Edginton (Tri).

CLASSIC OPEN: 1. David Harness (Tri); 2. Bill Walker (Tri).

750 SPORTSMAN: 1. Tom Horton (Tri); 2. Brad Spencer (Tri); 3. Marty Lewis (Tri);
4. Steve Miller (Tri); 5. Brain Coakley (Yam). 6. Richard Held (Tri); 7. Bill Flett (Tri);
8. James Otlele (Yam); 9. David Harness (Tri); 10. Chris Wakula (Tri).

+50 SENIOR: 1. Marty Lewis (Tri); 2. Micky Alzola (Tri); 3. Steve Lacey (Tri);
4. Manney Crummet (Bul); 5. Bill Flett (Tri); 6. Warren Adams (Tri); 7. Guy Duckett (Hon);
8. Beno Rodi (BSA); 9. Allen Shaw (Tri); 10. Jamie Linxwiler (Yam).

CLASSIC 250: 1. Tom Horton (Suz); 2. Jeff Lessley (Bul); 3. Bruce Reynold (Bul);
4.Terry Sulsman (Bul); 5. Ron Lessley (Bul).

+60 SUPER SENIOR: 1. Micky Alzola (Tri); 2. Sam Grey (Hon); 3. Gordon Jennings (Yam);
4. Ron Dotson (Tri ); 5. Allen Girdler (H-D); 6. Ron Gould (BSA).

600 SPORTSMAN: 1. John Lundgren (Hon); 2. Eddie Baldizan (Yam); 3. Guy Duckett (Hon).

DINO: 1. Allen McBee (Tri); 2. David Devarny (Ind); 3. Beno Rodi (R-E); 4. Jeff Tulinos (Tri ).

+35 VET: 1. Tom Horton (Tri); 2. Brad Spencer (Tri); 3. Brian Coakley (Yam); 4. Jeff Lessley (Bul).

NOV 250 SPORTSMAN: 1. Don Barmakian (Yam); 2. John Easton (Yam); 3. Cliff Nagatori (Bul);
4. Michael Lessley (Bul); 5. Larry Cason (Bul).

NOV 600 SPORTMAN: 1. Gary Swan (Hon ); 2. Cliff Nagatori (Bul).

NOV 750 SPORTSMAN: 1. Mark Locke (Tri); 2. Gary Egloff (Tri); 3. Jamie Linxwiler (Yam);
\4. Brett Taylor (Yam); 5. Bill Blythe (Tri).

70's SINGLES: 1. Tom Horton (Yam); 2. Keith Bradford (Yam); 3. James Street (Yam);
4. John Lundgren (Hon); 5. David Brown (BSA); 6. Rodger Bowerman (Yam); 7. Richard Harrington (Yam).

SUPPORT: 1. Richard Pollock (JAP); 2. Keith Bradford (Yam); 3. James Street (Yam);
4. Jay Johnson (Yam); 5. Richard Harrison (Yam).