AHRMA Regional Flat Track

Third Annual
Ricky Graham Memorial Race
May 17, 2002
King City, California

Presented by
Salinas Ramblers Motorcycle Club

       On Friday, the 17th,  the Salinas Ramblers Motorcycle Club hosted the 3rd Annual Ricky Graham
Memorial Vintage Short Track motorcycle races. The event was held at the Salinas Valley Fair in King City.
 This event was established in memory of our friend, Ricky Graham.
 As in all the previous years, we have donated portions of the proceeds to a  local charity or foundation.
The first year, we donated $500 to the “Clayton Memorial Foundation”.  This foundation helps injured
motorcycle racers with their medical bills. The second year, we donated $900 to the “Children’s Miracle Network”
and $900 to the “Sun Street Centers”.  Portion of this year’s proceeds will be donated to the
“Hospice Foundation of the Central Coast” and again, the “Clayton Memorial Foundation”.
 Our goal is to continue hosting this yearly event, so that local organizations or charities may benefit from the proceeds.

      Thank you,
 Manuel Datan (Event Coordinator, Salinas Ramblers Motorcycle Club)

Photos by Bob Empasis
empasis3@pacbell.net for copies of race photos.

 1. Mark Milton (Indian) Woodland, CA.

Classic 500/750:
1. Joe DiSalvo (BSA) Salinas, CA,  2. Chris Wakula (Tri) Garden Grove, CA.
 3. Alan Shaw (Tri) Castroville, CA.  4. Don Barmakian (Bul) Dana Point, CA.

Classic 250:
1. Cary Buck (Bul) San Mateo, CA..  2. Tom Horton (Suz) Lancaster, CA.
 3. Steve Lacey (Tri) Stockton, CA.  4. Terry Salsman (Ossa) Quartz Hill, CA.

Sportsman 250:
1. Chris Rudy (Bul) San Jose, CA.  2. David DeCamp (Hon) Watsonville, CA.
 3. Charles Harris (Bul) La Honda, CA.  4. Dave Smith (Hon) Watsonville, CA.

Sportsman 600:
   1. Paul Rusin (Hon) Napa, CA. 2. Rod McCollough (BSA) Greenfield, CA.

Sportsman 750:
1. Greg Wilburn (Tri) Newbury Park, CA.  2. Tom Horton (Tri) Lancaster, CA.
 3. Robert Scally (Tri) Mt. View, CA.  4. C.J. Wakula (Tri) Garden Grove, CA.

1. Brad Spencer (Hon) Gilroy, CA.  2. Greg Wilburn (Tri) Newbury Park, CA.
 3. Paul Rusin (Hon) Napa, CA.  4. Rod McCollough (BSA) Greenfield, CA.

Tom Horton (Tri) Lancaster, CA. 2. Robert Scally (Tri) Mt. View, CA.
 3. Dan Phillips (BSA) Scotts Valley, CA.  4. Steve Lacey (Hon) Stockton, CA.

Super Senior:
  1. Jim Chisum (BSA) Greenfield,CA.  2. Hank Casio (BSA) Carson City, NV.

Seventies Singles:
 1. Joe Carrera (Yam) Gilroy, CA.  2. Jim Holley (Yam) Chatsworth, CA.  3. Robert Hansen (Hon) Carson City, NV.
  4. John Frank (Yam) Tracy, CA.  5. Dave Helwig (Yam) Salinas, CA.  6. Roger Bowerman (Yam) Chowchilla, CA.
 7. Brad Spencer (Hon) Gilroy, CA.

 1. Randy Wilder (CZ) Salinas, CA.  2. David Nicholson (Tri) Prundale, CA.  3. Don Barkmakian (Hon) Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Support  PW50A:
1. RJ Mendez (KTM) Salinas, CA.  2. Jess Garcia (Cobra) Gonzales, CA.

Support  PW50B:
 1.  Jennifer Burton (KTM) Gonzales, CA.  2. Marcus Fraguso (Yam) Salinas, CA.  3. Scott Hampton Jr. (Yam) Salinas, CA.
  4. Katelyn Datan (Yam) Salinas, CA.  5. Austin Scaggs (Yam) Monterey, CA.
  6. Nicole Schonert (Yam) Salinas, CA.  7. Ryan Ramirez (Yam) Salinas, CA.

Support  65cc:
 1. Tyler Bereman (Kaw) Paso Robles, CA.  2. Bobby Caldera (Kaw) Salinas, CA. 3. Jess Garcia (Kaw) Gonzales, CA.
 4. Jamie Datan (KTM) Salinas, CA.  5. Angela Fragoso (Kaw) Salinas, CA.

Support  85cc:
  1.  Steve Bonsey (Yam) Salinas, CA.  2. Lauren Wallace (Kaw) Salinas, CA.  3. Tyler Bereman (Yam) Paso Robles, CA.
 4. Danielle Caldera (Yam) Salinas, CA.  5. Ashley Monasmith (Yam) Gonzales, CA.

Support  XR100 Junior:
 1. Tyler Bereman(Hon) Paso Robles, CA.  2. Frankie Garcia (Hon) Gonzales, CA.
 3. Derrick Ponton (Hon) Salinas, CA.  4. Austin Helwig (Hon) Salinas, CA.
 5. David McPherson (Hon) Monterey, CA.

Support  XR100 Senior/TTR125:
 1.   Antone Mellow (Yam) Marina, CA.  2. Billy Graham (Hon) Carmel Valley, CA.  3. Richard Matuszek (Yam) Salinas, CA.
 4. Alex Fragso (Hon) Salinas, CA.  5. Marty Lawrence (Yam) Salinas, CA.

Support  Unlimited:
 1.   Chris Canepa (Yam) Hollister, CA.  2. Rodney Spencer Jr. (Yam) San Martin, CA.  3. Robert Hansen (Hon) Carson City, NV.
  4. Pat Ballew (Yam) Salinas, CA.  5.John Frank (Yam) Tracy, CA.  6. Thad Friday (Yam) Northridge, CA.
 7. Bernie Cabanilla (Yam) Salinas, CA.

 1. Rod Spencer (Yam) San Martin, CA.  2. Randy Bereman (Rtx) Paso Robles, CA.  3. Frankie Garcia (Rtx) Gonzales, CA.
  4. Paul Herman (Yam) Paso Robles, CA.  5. Anthony Giammanco (Rtx) Seaside, CA.  6. Jeremy Chisum (Yam) Salinas, CA.
 7. Clay Chambers (ATK) Salinas, CA.

Photos by Bob Empasis
empasis3@pacbell.net for copies of race photos.