Round # 7

Willow Springs Raceway - Rosemond, California

Sunday October 14th, 2007

Senior "A" Main

Senior "A" Main
1.    98 Rod Lake
2.    63y Ken Thiebaud
3.    77 Joe Suebert
4.    57 Keith Speir
5.    19z Joe Brown
6.    78 Roger Landberg
7.    28d Ron Lessley
8.    27 Ron Alexander
9.    45c Mark Stuckert
10.    dnf 55 Tom Horton
11.    dnf 59y Rick Reed

Senior "B" Main

Senior "B" Main
1.    74r Gary White
2.    68 Don Galloway
3.    66f Frank Scileppi
4.    28s Steve Ferguson
5.    17q Herb Wolff
6.    75z Joe Pape
7.    dnf 290m Rick Harrington
8.    dnf 87 Lawrence Bertrand

Vet "A" Main

Vet "A" Main
1.    13 Rick Hocking
2.    48y Mike Vital
3.    21y Tommy Carriger
4.    42z Anthony Mitchell
5.    6 Joe Steffen
6.    12g Steve Nichols
7.    12 David Ehrhart
8.    571 Mike O'Neil
9.    58y Jim Ottele
10.    42 Bill Kolkman
11.    45e John Lundgren

Vet "B" Main

Vet "B" Main
1.    16e Larry Earhart
2.    19v Joel Kath
3.    20z Ray Hensley
4.    28b Gary Ritchie
5.    45f Tom Sahli
6.    12e Jim Steet
7.    96a Jack Alexander
8.    55e Mark Davis
9.    28s Steve Ferguson
10.    556 Steve Mihovil

Sr Novice/Super Sr

Sr Novice/Super Sr
1.    49x Mickey Alzola
2.    87 Lawrence Bertrand
3.    65 Dick Fox
4.    16 Ed Steffen
5.    27t Steve Lacey
6.    3 Steve Baker
7.    501 Bob Gerberich
8.    52c Dave Cheney
9.    43y Guy Duckett
10.    80x Bob Harris
11.    14t Ted Hubbard


1.    14 Ronnie Brown
2.    37 Mike O'Neil
3.    1 Rick Hocking
4.    53 Brent Johnson

Classic 250

1.    21v Terry Salsman

Classic 500

Classic 500
1.    19v Joel Kath
2.    12e Jeff Lessley
3.    87y Chris Rudy
4.    55 Tom Horton
5.    27 Jeff Apple
6.    4r Lenny Rodriguez
7.    86d Ross Stuckert
8.    14 James Kohls
9.    96a Jack Alexander
10.    62e Matt Campbell
11.    97w Alan Shaw
12.    62 Flyn Stone

Youth 50
1.    80 AJ Alves
2.    98 Tori Neumann

Youth 60
1.    12 Cody Pelle
Youth 80
1.    309w Bronson Bauman
2.    735h BJ Vierira

Modern 250

Modern 250
1.    55 Tom Horton
2.    12e Jeff Lessley
3.    80g John Grant
4.    dnf 112 Dave Ehrhart
5.    dnf 12e Jim Steet

Modern 500

Modern 500
1.    98 Rod Lake
2.    19r Brad Rudy
3.    28d Ron Lessley
4.    25d Steve Craft
5.    501 Bob Gerberich
6.    13p Allan Malm

Modern 750

Modern 750
1.    68 Paul Herman
2.    42e AJ Herrera
3.    57 Keith Speir
4.    77 Joe Suebert
5.    58y Jim Ottele
6.    74r Gary White
7.    78 Roger Landberg
8.    45e John Lundgren
9.    27 Ron Alexander
10.    33e Marvin Moore
11.    45c Mark Stuckert
12.    68 Don Galloway
13.    66f Frank Scileppi

250 Open

250 Open 
1.    33e Mikey Avila
2.    58 Brandon Bates
3.    310w  Briar Bauman
4.    18h Tony Davila
5.    55 PJ Osmer
6.    87 Lindsey King
7.    23p Joe Meyer
8.    100e Life Kelley
9.    309w Bronson Bauman
10.    86v Danielle Diaz

500 Support

500 Support
1.    13 Rick Hocking
2.    68 Paul Herman
3.    21y Tommy Carriger
4.    42z Anthony Mitchell
5.    6 Joe Steffen
6.    571 Mike O'Neil
7.    19z Ron Hinton
8.    54y AJ Neelings
9.    12e Jim Steet
10.    35 Don Galloway
11.    29 Dan Shaw
12.    68e Pauly Herman
13.    8 Dustin Allen
14.    3m Robert Koch

Open Amateur "A" Main

Open Amateur "A" Main
1.    1 Chad Cose
2.    45 Kayl Kolkman
3.    15 Garrett Stout
4.    310w Briar Bauman
5.    33 Mikey Avila
6.    24p Jimmy Abrams
7.    18h Tony Davila
8.    49w Dustin Pruczinski
9.    23 Joe Meyer
10.    12 David Ehrhart
11.    68z Jermaine Bacosa
12.    88 Dillon Allen

Open Amateur "B" Main

Open Amateur "B" Main
1.    58 Brandon Bates
2.    14 Joe Winston
3.    86v Danielle Diaz
4.    55 PJ Osmer
5.    91 Todd Vaughn
6.    87 Lindsey King
7.    43g Robert Bacosa
8.    10 Bob Harvey
9.    39y Randy Arrington
10.    21 Rick Young

Digger Pro 600

Digger Pro 600
1.    21 Jared Mees
2.    14 Jake Johnson
3.    33 JR Schnaubel
4.    42 Bryan Smith
5.    28 Shaun Russell
6.    17y Brandan Bergen
7.    69 Jethro Halbert
8.    43 Sam Halbert
9.    27 Rob Pearson
10.    14t Paul Lynch
11.    1 Chad Cose
12.    51 Steve Murray
13.    89 Kevin Varnes
14.    16x Nicole Cheza
15.    18h Tony Davila
16.    dnf 45 Kayl Kolkman

Blvd Suzuki/Vizzo Racing Dash-4-Cash

Blvd Suzuki/Vizzo Racing Dash-4-Cash
1.    21 Jared Mees
2.    33 JR Schnaubel
3.    42 Bryan Smith
4.    14 Jake Johnson
5.    17y Brandan Bergen
6.    69 Jethro Halbert

Blvd Suzuki Pro Twins

Blvd Suzuki Pro Twins
1.    33 JR Schnaubel
2.    14 Jake Johnson
3.    42 Bryan Smith
4.    21 Jared Mees
5.    17y Brandan Bergen
6.    51 Steve Murray
7.    69 Jethro Halbert
8.    89 Kevin Varnes
9.    27 Rob Pearson
10.    89t Doug Lawrence
11.    16x Nicole Cheza
12.    67b Joe Hartrich
13. Paul Lynch

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Eddie Mulder's W.C.V.D.T. Series

Willow Springs Walt James Stadium

Rosemond, Calif.

Round 7 - Sunday, October 14th

Article by Jamey Blunt


The Blvd. Suzuki Dash for Cash kicked off Sundays finals. First and second place finishers from each of the heat races staged for a shot at #3,000 dollars. Jared Mees put his H D up front off the line with Schnabel on the Suzuki in tow. Bryan Smith ran third with Jake Johnson fourth, Brandon Bergen fifth on the Ron Wood Project BMW twin, and Jethro Halbert in sixth. Mees put in his fastest lap of the weekend at 20.64/100 seconds on lap three as he pulled out a one second gap over Schnabel. The order would remain unchanged to the finish.


With twenty two riders over the age of fifty, the Rod Lake Racing/Saddlemen Senior class is rough and tumble, as Tom Horton can attest to as his handlebars were ripped from his grip as the pack left the line. Though no ones fault, Horton was in the wrong place at the wrong moment and went down hard. Lucky for Horton all the riders behind him (several) were able to avoid him. Rod Lake was out front of the incident as he led Joe Brown, Ken Thiebaud, Joe Suebert, and Keith Speir. Into turn three for the first time had Thiebaud fly around the outside of Brown to take over at second. Lap Three Lake posted a 23.38/100 second lap which Thiebaud could match, but not better. Try as he might there was just no easy way around Lake. On the last lap Thiebaud would make one last run at Lake but come up a bike length short, Speir would also make a last turn drive effort work to snatch fourth from Brown making the finishing order Lake, Thiebaud, Suebert, Speir, and Brown.


Ron Wood Racing sponsored the Vet "A" main of twelve riders that transferred through the heats from a field of twenty three. Starting from the outside of the front row Rick Hocking hit turn one at the front. Mike Vital ran second with Tommy Carriger, Anthony Mitchell, Joe Steffen, John Lundgren, and Mike O'Neil dropping in behind. Steve Nichols from K&N out of Oklahoma left the line in eleventh and quickly was up to seventh. Three laps gone saw O'Neil fading for some reason as he dropped back to eighth where he would finish while out front putting on a show Hocking cruised to the finish. Vital held second from a closing Carriger, with Mitchell fourth, Steffen fifth, and Nichols climbing another position to sixth.


The Bartels Harley Davidson Super Senior main staged eleven machines with Mickey Alzola starting from the outside of the front row following Ed Steffen into turn one. On the entrance to turn three Alzola took over from Steffen while Lawrence Bertrand settled in at third with Steve Lacey fourth. Down the back straight for the second time Bertrand moved past Steffen for second while Dick Fox moved into fourth from a seventh place start moving Lacey back to fifth. Into turn one for the third time Fox went past Steffen for third as just ahead of them Bertrand had caught Alzola and was applying pressure. For the remaining laps Alzola could not shake Bertrand, but pressure is something Alzola has had before, as he has won many championships and would finish mistake free on this day as well. Bertrand was a close second with Fox third, Steffen fourth, Lacey fifth, and Steve Baker sixth.


Chris Rudy had the best reaction time leaving the line in the Coventry Spares LTD. Classic 500 final and led Joel Kath, Tom Horton, Jeff Lessley, Lenny Rodriguez, Jeff Apple, and Ross Stuckert through one and two. Exiting turn two for the second time Kath put a move on Rudy and took the lead away, as Rodriguez quickly sunk to sixth with Lessley showing Horton a wheel for third. With two laps remaining Lessley who had dropped Horton was now all over Rudy for the second spot. Through turns one and two Lessley held it wide open and went around the outside of Rudy to take the position. With this day Kath's birthday he gave himself a present with the win. Lessley was second, Rudy third, Horton fourth, Apple fifth, and Rodriguez sixth.


Paul Herman wanted another shot at the Maxima Racing Oils Modern 750 class after Saturday's problems. He wasted no time and leapt to the front off the line with Keith Speir and Tom Horton right behind. Saturday's winner A J Herrera was away in fifth and quickly charged his way up to second by the end of the first lap. By this time Horton was out and Ottele had taken over fourth making the running order Herman, Herrera, Speir, Ottele, and Joe Suebert. Three laps completed saw Herman on the Steve Berg Triumph up front with Herrera Yamaha mounted right behind as the front two disappeared from the pack. Herman's fastest lap of 23.06/100 seconds was just a tad faster than Herrera's 23.34/100 seconds as they held their positions to the checkered flag while Speir finished alone in third.


Due to the Blvd. Suzuki Twins Pro race being the last race of the day the Digger Helm Pro 600 main event was moved to the middle of the program. Shaun Russell got the initial jump on the start but Jared Mees quickly dove to the inside to steal the lead away with Brandon Bergen settling in at third. Mees choosing his HD for this race led at the end of one with Russell second J R Schnabel now third, Bergen, and Jake Johnson, a lap later Schnabel put a move on Russell for second which broke his rhythm allowing Johnson to slip past as well. Just the blink of an eye and Russell went from second to fourth. All this while Bryan Smith was charging forward from a mid field start with Jethro and Sam Halbert on his coat tails. By lap five Smith was past Bergen for fifth, and Johnson passed Schnabel for second as they crossed the stripe on the inside. At the half way mark Jethro Halbert was up to seventh with brother Sam in eighth, Rob Pearson ninth, and Paul Lynch tenth. With five laps remaining the gap from Mees to Johnson was of a second, with Smith making a pass on Russell exiting turn two which was set up on the entrance to turn one. This would be the last pass of the race making the finishing order Mees, Johnson, Schnabel, Smith, Russell, Bergen, Jethro Halbert, Sam Halbert, and Pearson.     


The Maxxis Tires/K&N Filters 250 Open class is a proving ground and Mikey Avila is an emerging star. Avila read starter Fred Allen to nail the start and lead into turn one. Briar Bauman ran second with Bronson Bates third, P J Osmer fourth, and Lindsey King fifth. Tony Davila who was away in seventh fought his way forward to fifth by lap three while Bauman was under pressure from Bates. With a lap remaining Bates made his move between turns three and four to take second from Bauman, and Davila made the final run at Osmer work to snatch fourth. Avila had already crossed the stripe for the victory while all this unfolded.


Twenty seven riders entered the A&A Racing/C&J Racing Frames Open Amateur class. Briar Bauman may have got the jump off the line, but the nation's top amateur Chad Cose quickly took over at the front. Kayl Kolkman getting faster every time out ran third, with Garrett Stout fourth, Mikey Avila fifth, and Jimmy Abrams sixth. On the second trip down the back straight Kolkman shot past Bauman to take second position away. At the front Cose, the only rider in the class to lap under the 22.00/100 second mark was gone to another zip code! All the while a lap later Bauman had Stout to contend with as Stout was knocking hard at the back door. With a lap remaining Stout switched his strategy from inside to outside and it worked, as he pulled along side down the back straight and took over third. This cemented the order at Cose, Kolkman, Stout, Bauman, Avila, and Abrams.


Three rows with eighteen twin cylinder motorcycles were staged for the Boulevard Suzuki Twins Main event. Jake Johnson, J R Schnabel, and Jared Mees all hit turn one side by side as the thundering roar from the large field was deafening. On the exit from turn two Schnabel took point with Mees dropping in at second, with Johnson third. As they came into turn two for the second time Mees made a mistake that Johnson and Bryan Smith both took advantage of to move Mees back to fourth. Now the question was, could Mees recover and regroup to finish this off as an undefeated weekend. At the front Schnabel had a six bike length gap by lap four while Steve Murray ran in fifth, with Jethro Halbert sixth, and Brandon Bergen making his first appearance on a twin in seventh. Lap seven had Mees slip under Smith in turn one to advance back up to third, while Schnabel had a second and a half lead up front. On lap ten as Schnabel was about to lap Paul Herman (the only vintage bike in the field) his hand went up and he was out of the race. The following lap Smith found a new line that was working and was showing Mees a wheel. Then on the exit of turn four on lap twelve Smith drove under Mees to recapture third. Murray was lonely in fifth still, Halbert in sixth had to contend with Bergen who liked this new BMW, and Kevin Varnes was up to eighth. As the last five laps ran down Smith was pressuring Johnson in every corner as Schnabel had a three second lead. With two laps remaining Bergen found some extra speed and passed Halbert and now was working on Murray. Crossing the stripe to receive the white flag Bergen powered past Murray for fifth, as the battle for second would go down to the wire, which Johnson would win, making the last race of the weekend's finishing order, Schnabel, Johnson, Smith, Mees, Bergen, Murray, Halbert, and Varnes. What a weekend of racing, what a series, this had to be the richest, best racing the west coast has seen in many years. As J R Schnabel had said earlier, "it was one of the best races we've had all year"!