Ventura Vintage Outlaw Race

June 28th, 2008

Photos and story by Dave Tice

What can I say. Ventura was awsome.
The weather was great. The grand stands was full.
The pits were full of a variety of machines and pilots.
Jim Naylor and crew did an awsome job on the track.

And no one got hurt. A perfect blend of flat track and speedway together in the same night at the same place. Young Mr. Woods did it up in the pro class. Skip Sandman won a strong first in the open novice as well.
The speedway races stole the show. With the likes of Phil Collins, Charlie Venegas, Fast Eddie Castro and others it was hard to be disapointed. I did not ride, so I was able to mingle in the pits, etc.

I ran into Mert Lawill, Bruce Brown, Keith Mashburn, and of course Gene Romero. There was a whos who of the speedway crowd too. Everyone was very accessible and wanted to chat. I am sure the same will be true at the next race on Sept. 27th. There is a rumor already going around that the Ventura race won't happen in September. I have it on good, no, great authority that the Sept race WILL Happen. Not to mention the 4 races next year.
It was more fun than you can have with your cloths on.
Dirt Track Racing is Alive and Well in California!!!
Lets keep it that way.

Corrected results supplyed by T
rophy Queen Productions

On your page, the race results you have for our race on June 28th are wrong.
 Here are the final standings.
If you could make those changes on your site that would be
great! Thank you so much!  Holly Gollob -

Kids 50cc
1.    #213 Jared Madrid
2.    #169 Cole Hansen
3.    #96 Hunter Synder

Kids 80cc
1.    #51 Anthony Dodge
2.    #175 Austin Pecoraro
3.    #45 Brandon Weisz

Vintage 500
1.    #1 Fred Bennett
2.    #12 Benny Meyer
3.    #19 Guy Duckett

Vintage 750
1.    #58y Jim Ottele
2.    #66 Joe Steffen
3.    #43 Tony Herrera

1.    #67 Kenny Malaguarnero
2.    Joe Pape
3.    Rick Flynstone Stecyk

New Zealand Sidecars
1.    #22 David Nrquant and Dave Alexander
2.    #1 Joe Jones and Jimmy Olsen
3.    #13 Shawn Driggers and Scott Driggers

Pro Modern Speedway Main
1.    #25 Jimmy Fishback III
2.    #14 Eddie Castro
3.    #43 Charlie Venegas

Pro 450
1.    #37 Jimmy Wood
2.    #15 Kenny Malaguarnero
3.    # 67 Alex Wood

Amateur Open
1.    #37 Steve Hill
2.    #3 Al Steele
3.    #45 Bill Kolkman

Speedway Vintage Two Valve
1.    #3 Gary Hicks
2.    #911 Steve Nutter
3.    #247 Pat Smith

Speedway Vintage Four Valve
1.    #43 Charlie Venegas
2.    #57 Bryan Thompson
3.    #123 Chad Newlee

Handshift Valve
1.    #37 Jimmy Wood
2.    #55 Wade Camlin
3.    #13 Rick Hocking