Lancaster - June 14th, 2009
Round 2 - WCVDTS


1.    63y Ken Thiebaud
2.    55  Tom Horton
3.    12e Jeff Lessley
4.    25d Steve Craft
5.    57  Keith Speir
6.    22 Steve Dunlop


1.    748 Don Howard
2.    57y Mike O’Neil
3.    37  Steve Hill
4.    63s Adam Souza
5.    45e John Lundgren
6.    51  Mark Prentice
7.    77 Joe Suebert
8.    102 Woody Carlson
9.    58y Jim Ottele
10.    441 Paul Lane
11.    54  Dave Reinhard
12.    55e Mark Davis
13.    556 Steve Mihovil

Sr Novice/Super Sr

Sr Novice/Super Sr
1.    19z Joe Brown
2.    49x Mickey Alzola
3.    17q Herb Wolff
4.    52c Dave Cheney
5.    29z Lance Brown
6.    14t Teddy McQueen
7.    35e Chuck Walton


1.    1  Kayl Kolkman
2.    37 Jimmy Wood
3.    53 Brent Johnson
4.    33 Robert Koch

Classic 250

Classic 250
1.    56 Casey Lessley
2.    303 Jerry Lessley

Classic 500

Classic 500
1.    28d Ron Lessley
2.    11  Mike O’Neil
3.    55 Tom Horton
4.    45c Mark Stuckert
5.    96a Jack Alexander
6.    14  James Kohls
7.    3  Joe Pape
8.    4r Lenny Rodriguez

Youth 50

Youth 50
1.    2  Caden Stoll
2.    95 Clayton Williams
3.    57l Lucy Helm(dnf)

Youth 60

Youth 60
1.    2  Caden Stoll
2.    07 Allison Stacey
3.    80 AJ Alves(dnf)

Youth 80

Youth 80
1.    401w Andrew Luker
2.    27  Nathan Howard
3.    357 Landin King
4.    87  CJ Sayles

Modern 250

Modern 250
1.    12e Jeff Lessley
2.    19z Joe Brown
3.    12o Paul Ott
4.    56  Casey Lessley
5.    55 Tom Horton(dnf)

Modern 500

Modern 500
1.    63y Ken Thiebaud
2.    70L Jim Lundgren
3.    28d Ron Lessley
4.    19r Brad Rudy
5.    13p Allan Malm
6.    25d Steve Craft
7.    209 Jason Lessley
8.    17y “Fireball” Wright(dnf)

Modern 750

Modern 750
1.    55 Tom Horton
2.    57 Keith Speir
3.    45c Mark Stuckert
4.    77 Joe Suebert

250 Open

250 Open
1.    30  Bronson Bauman
2.    55 PJ Osmer
3.    401w Andrew Luker
4.    28t Zach Lenhof
5.    209 Jason Lessley

500 Suport

500 Suport
1.    57y Mike O’Neil
2.    45e John Lundgren
3.    84j Jeff Gonzales
4.    441 Paul Lane
5.    80k Augie Alves
6.    38 Will Mangrum

Open Amateur “A”Main

Open Amateur “A”Main
1.    10  Briar Bauman
2.    88 Tyler O’Hara
3.    88b David Bush
4.    748 Zach Lenhof
5.    107 Sam Knox
6.    30  Bronson Bauman
7.    95  Nick Cali
8.    86  Danielle Diaz
9.    79  Joey Alves

Open Amateur “B” Main

Open Amateur “B” Main
1.    83  Chris Podergois
2.    44s Robert Bush
3.    51  Mark Prentice
4.    87  Lindsey King
5.    86d Ross Stuckert
6.    7x  Kyle Lessley

Memphis Shades Dash for Cash

Memphis Shades Dash for Cash
1.    37 Jimmy Wood
2.    54 Mike Rush
3.    42e Kayl Kolkman
4.    91e Michael Martin

Digger Open Pro



Digger Open Pro
1.    37  Jimmy Wood
2.    42e Kayl Kolkman
3.    54  Mike Rush
4.    10  Briar Bauman
5.    34 David Brown
6.    91e Michael Martin
7.    14  Joe Winston
8.    748 Don Howard
9.    86 Shawn Raggio
10.    41z Austin Helwig
11.    88  Tyler O’Hara
12.    45e Ian Foulds
13.    65y Kris Bunch
14.    55 PJ Osmer

Eddie Mulder's West Coast Vintage Dirt Track Series

Round #2 Antelope Valley Fairgrounds Lancaster, Ca.


Article by Jamey Blunt

Two thousand nine marked the fifteenth year Antelope Valley Harley Davidson has hosted "The Thunder on the Lot Charity" to benefit over twenty five local kids charities. Eddie Mulder's West Coast Vintage Dirt Track series was asked to provide some of Sunday's entertainment in the form of a short track race. One hundred twenty seven riders filled the grids of twenty heat races, one semi, a dash 4 cash, and sixteen main events on the specially built dirt oval.

The Memphis Shades dash for Cash started off the days final races, where the four pro heat race winners were staged for a five lap war over a thousand dollars. Mikey Rush led Jimmy Wood, Kayl Kolkman and Michael Martin into turn one, Wood made a run down the back straight and went up the inside of Rush on the entrance of turn three to take the lead away. In the first two laps Wood and Rush swapped the lead three times as they left Kolkman and Martin behind. By lap three the order was set at Wood, Rush, Kolkman and Martin.

Tom Horton led the Maxxis Tires/Motion Pro Senior field into turn one only to have Steve Craft take the point position away while Ken Thiebaud went around the outside and went past them both down the back straight to lead into turn three. Jeff Lessley ran fourth with Keith Speir fifth. Out front Thiebaud had a four bike length gap over Horton and Craft, now in third was feeling pressure from Lessley. On lap three Lessley found a way past Craft for third thus sealing the final finishing positions at Thiebaud, Horton, Lessley, Craft, and Speir.
The A&A Racing/Brown's Cycles Vet main was a showcase of talent. Mike O'Neil had the initial jump off the line only to have Don Howard close him off going into turn one to take the lead away. O'Neil returned the favor on the entrance to turn three and shot up Howard's inside while John Lundgren and Jim Ottele watched from behind. As the pack came around for the completion of the first lap the red flag was out. On the full restart O'Neil blew the start with his front wheel going skyward. The order this time was Steve Hill, Don Howard, O'Neil, Adam Souza, Lundgren, and Ottele. Howard wasted no time and made an aggressive pass on Hill for the lead, put his head down and was attempting to get away. Three laps gone and Hill was pressuring Howard and O'Neil had regrouped and found his rhythm which by lap five brought him to Hill's doorstep. On the entrance to turn three O'Neil displaced Hill making the finishing order Howard O'Neil, Hill, Souza, and Lundgren.

The loudest cheers from the crowd came in the Kawasaki of Simi Valley/Penton Racing Products Youth classes. Caden Stoll from Raisan California had the crowd on their feet as he put his stamp of authority on both the 50cc and 60cc main event victories. In the 50cc class he topped Clayton Williams and Lucy Helm while his 60cc victory came at the expense of Allison Stacey and A J Alves.

Motorcycles of 500cc displacement made from 1974 or earlier comprise the Saddlemen/Megacycle Cams Modern 500 class. Steve Craft was first to leave the starting line, however Kenny Thiebaud was the first one to emerge from turn two. Entering turn three Ron Lessley put a wheel under Craft and just that quick Craft found himself in third. But Craft was having none of it and drove back past Lessley up the front straight. On the move from a mid pack start was Jim Lundgren and Brad Rudy running in fourth and fifth. On the exit from turn four on lap three Craft saved what could have been a huge high side which left the door open which Lessley and Lundgren went through. Craft shaken at this point began to fade and would drop as far back as sixth. Thiebaud's fastest lap time of 18.12 seconds sealed his victory and Lundgren's last lap serge past Lessley landed him in second making the finishing order Thiebaud, Lundgren, Lessley, Rudy, Allan Malm, and Craft.

The Open Amateur "A" main presented by Rod Lake Racing/JRC Engineering shines the spotlight on young up and coming talent. From the first hint of movement from starter Fred Allen's green flag gun fighter Briar Bauman drew first and launched into turn one ahead of Patrick Osmer and Tyler O'Hara. David Bush and Joey Alves settled in at fourth and fifth some four bike lengths back. Working the outside line Alves made a brave move through turn three on the second lap and pulled alongside O'Hara for third but ran out of real estate and laid it down on the exit of turn four. At the front Bauman had checked out with over a two second gap on Osmer. Zach Lenhof had joined the fight as well by this time and had displaced Bush for the third place position. At mid pack Sam Knox and Bronson Bauman had found their pace and settled in. Disaster struck Osmer on the exit from turn four with two laps remaining as he displayed a huge high side, thankfully he was up and ok. On the final lap Bush regained third making the final tally Briar Bauman, O'Hara, Bush, Lenhof, Knox, and Bronson Bauman.

 The Digger Helm Open Pro main had the fourteen fastest staged to do battle for twenty laps. On the first attempted start Briar Bauman laid it down between turns one and two bringing out the red flag. Jimmy Wood led from pole with Kayl Kolkman, David Brown and Mikey rush in tow. On lap two Rush bumped Brown back a spot and Briar Bauman was up to fifth. Lap four saw Patrick Osmer go down in turn three and leave the race unhurt. Up front Wood wasn't able to shake Kolkman, who in turn was getting pressure from Rush, as these front three began to distance themselves from the field. Bauman was now up to fourth with Brown fifth, Michael Martin sixth, and Joe Winston seventh. At the half way point Wood was already into lappers who he sliced through a little better than Kolkman and Rush, who were the only ones at this point that could have possibly had a shot at him. By the twentieth and final lap Wood had lapped up to sixth position taking the victory and the lion's share of the purse. Kolkman stayed in second with a solid ride while Rush finished third, with Bauman and Brown still on the same lap.