Early Perris Raceway

Perris officially became a race track in 1957 and was the dream of Gerry and Grace Burton. Originally a TT scrambles track that hosted events from racing clubs throughout California.In the 1960's Perris made the big time and was featured on ABC's Wide World of Sports. There was also a parade down main street in the town of Perris. Famous director Bruce Brown (On Any Sunday) even filmed at Perris. The entire racing program was a family affair with the Burtons, with Gerry doing all the track building and prep, starting the races and grooming the track between races his signature white attire became a trademark. Grace could always be found at the front gate and later in the snack bar being the driving force of the whole show. Daughters Carylon and Darleen would handle scoring and arranging the heat boards. Perris located within the AMA's District 37 boundries hosted many weekend day AMA events as attested to by the club logos still seen on the rocks to this day. The events were so filled with entries that both Saturday and Sunday were needed to run a full program. 0-200cc on Saturday with 201-open bikes on Sunday. Not to forget the regular Saturday night races that were put on each and every week by Perris themselfs. Flash forward to the 1980's when moto-cross came onto the scene and the TT scrambles entries began to fade as the up and comming racers switched to jumps instead of speed. Recollections by Jamey Blunt

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1  Jim Hunter

8a John Apple  -  7a Bob Taylor

167 Bill Harden

Cheney BSA B50MX at Perris - 1977 Dirt Digger Dinosaur TT - by cyclenut48

PERRIS 1962 - 673 John Wilson - 652 John Wiley - Photo By Manuel Burton

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