Perris Raceway – Perris Ca.
April 16th,2011
Round # 10
Article by Jamey Blunt
Photos by Janice Blunt

#82 Travis Petton IV topped the Youth 50cc class with his 20.18/100 secnd lap time. Travis also raced his first 65cc race on this night and showed great promise. (#6 Michael Iler, #14 Courtney D'Arigonon, #84 Toby D'Arigonon, #5 Ava Bush, #1 Drake Bondio)
Youth 50 cc
1.    Travis Petton IV  Ramona
2.    Michael Iler Highland
3.    Toby D’Arignon Running Springs
4.    Courtney  D’Arigonon Running Springs
5.    Ava Bush Valencia
6.    Drake Bondio Redondo Beach   

#7 Sean Heeney from El Segundo Ca. hammered the Youth 85cc field with ablistering 17.68/100 second lap time that no one eles could come close to.
Youth 85cc
1.    Sean Heeney  El Segundo
2.    Monica Gil Riverside
3.    Justin Hanson Corona
4.    Alyssa Flores Sylmar
5.    Jaycee Jones  Hesperia

Youth 65cc
1.    Alyssa Flores Sylmar
2.    Frank Flores Sylmar
3.    Travis Petton IV Ramona 

#37r Ron Moore won a hard fought battle for the victory in the Super Senior +60 class. Moore's fastest lap of 15.83/100 seconds barely edged out Vince Grave's fastest lap of 15.87/100 seconds. But Moore was at the front when it counted, on the last lap. (#4 Vince Graves, #51 Dennis Kanegae, #3 DeWayne Jones, #22 David Molitor)
Super Senior + 60
1.    Ron Moore Yucaipa
2.    Dennis Kanegae Riverside
3.    Vince Graves Palm Spings
4.    Dewayne Jones Pomona
5.    David Molitor San Deigo

#0 Cycle World's Mark Cernicky only had one bike to ride on this night, so he had to make it count. Which he did putting in a 16.67/100 second lap time on his way to victory in the men's 4-stroke final.
Men’s 4 Stroke
1.    Mark Cernicky Costa Mesa
2.    Billy Katkov Fountain Valley

Senior Novice
1.    Corey Bauman Los Angles
2.    Keith Speir Fillmore
3.    Larkin Wight Lucerne Valley
4.    Fred Berger Bakersfield

Classic Vintage 500-750
1.    Isaiah Canales Bakersfield
2.    Jeff Apple Imperial Beach
3.    Lenny Rodriguez Palmdale

Classic Vintage 250
1.    Fred Berger Bakersfield

Open Novice
1.    Nick Ottele  Redlands
2.    Corey Bauman  Los Angles
3.    Emmy Bush Acton
4.    Tom Sahli Tujunga
5.    Chris Johns Murrieta
6.    Sean Heeney El Seguando

#33 Wes Powell may have missed the opening two rounds at Perris, but with his mother visiting from Texas he couldn't disappoint. Powell waited until the closing lap but was in the lead when it counted, at the checkered flag in the Senior Vet +50 final. Powell's fastest lap was a 15.13/100 seconds.
Senior Vets + 50
1.    Wes Powell  Sierra Madra
2.    Jim Wood  Redlands
3.    Joe Steffen San Jacinto
4.    Daniel Stinson Yorba Linda
5.    Jim Ottele Redlands
6.    Larry Earhart Panarama City
7.    Dan Kane Rancho Santa Margarita
8.    De Wayne Jones Pomona

Vets 35+
1.    Jim Rosa, Hesperia
2.    Woody Carlson Spring Valley
3.    Joel Kath Glendora

Vintage 250 2stk Novice
1.    Steele Fredrich  Corona
2.    Michael Fritz Garden Grove
3.    Joe Pape Culver City

360 vintage 2stk Novice
1. Monte Roberts El Cajon
2. Rick Logan

#3 John Kocinski, yes the same John Kocinski from Road Race fame showed up for round three of the S.C.F.T.A. at Perris Raceway. John installed a new engine in his knight frame, a Bud Askland tuned CR-250cc air cooled 2-stroke single. Despite loosing his brake in practice John decided to race anyway and put on a show he did! John not only set a track record for a 250cc class C motorcycle, he won the 250cc-360cc vintage expert main event, turned the overall fastest lap time of the night at 14.74/100 seconds, (which would have garnered him first place in the pro main event) and he is only one of six racers ever to break the fifteen second lap time marker!!!! Add to this that no other racer has gone that fast on anything with less than 450cc of displacement beneath them... One look at the turn one photo of John shows a text book perfect style for dirt track, notice the left foot placement with his foot turned up and out and the straight line from leg carried up through his arm and shoulder. If your interested in how to ride flat track you would do well to study Kocinski's form. 
Vintage 250 2 stk Expert
1.    John Kocinski
2.    Jim Wood Redlands
3.    Joe Steffen San Jacinto
4.    Nick Armstrong Norco

1.    Richard Hanson Corona
2.    Ryan Reed  Orange

#82e Travis Petton had to fight through re-starts and a third row penetly start for himself, but he overcame it all to capture the victory in the Bomber main event. His fastest lap time was a fast 15.48/100 seconds!
1.    Travis Petton Ramona
2.    David Mc Nrrly Chula Vista
3.    Keith Speir Fillmore

Premier Senior + 70
1.    Peter Torojan San Juan Cap.
2.    Allan Gridler Rainbow

At the start of the Open Amateur main it was anyone's win for the taking. #17r Nick Gil wanted it most and got it! (#14 Eric Ryke, #4 Daniel Stinson, #17r Nick Gil, #146 Bill Wright, #54 David Reinhard, #7 Sean Heeney, & #73 David McNeeley)

Open Amateur
1.    Nick Gil Riverside
2.    Daniel Stinson Yorba Linda
3.    David Reinhard Mentone
4.    Bill Wsright Northridge
5.    Eric Ryke Long Beach
6.    Ean Heeney

Pro Main

#88b David Bush the 2010 S.C.F.T.A. Pro Champion notched a victory in the twenty lap pro main event at round three Saturday night. Bush whose fastest lap time around the flat 1/4 mile Perris oval was a 15.17/100 seconds had to chase down early leader Jim Rosa to earn his top spot on the podium. Once past Rosa Bush, with a clear track started to gap the entire field. In the closing five laps Rosa came under attack from Robert Bush for his second place position but managed to hold Robert off to the finish. At the front David went on to the victory with a full straight away lead.
Pro Main
1.    David Bush Valencia
2.    Jim Rosa
3.    Aaron Cloton Shakepee Mn.
4.    Branden Rothell  Madera
5.    Robert Bush Acton


S.C.F.T.A. Round #3
Perris,Calif. April 16,2011

Article by Jamey Blunt
Photos by Janice Blunt

For April the ninety four degree temperatures that greeted the seventy nine riders for round three of the Southern California Flat Track Association's races held at Perris Raceway it was unusually HOT! None the less Freddie Edwards worked extremely hard in spite of needing shoulder surgery to give those who filled the sixteen heat races and fifteen main events a table top; well groomed racing surface. Five o'clock sharp the mandatory riders meeting went off with practice immediately following, a quick prep of the track and off to the races they went.

All three Youth classes started things off with the 65cc field up first. The Flores's Alyssa and Frank were close in lap times with Alyssa taking the victory over Frank and Travis Petton on his first race on a bigger bike coming home in third. Six 50cc riders staged for their main with Travis Petton the fourth launching from pole to open up a three second gap over second place Michael Iler on just the first lap. Even on just 50cc's worth of power Petton turned a 20.18/100 second lap time on his way to victory over Iler, Toby D'Arignon, Courtney D'Arigonon Ava Bush, and Drake Bondio. In the 85cc Class new comer Sean Heeney from El Segundo Ca. shot to the front of the field from pole with Monica Gil and Alyssa Flores in tow. Two laps in the books and Justin Hanson displaced Flores for third going up the front straight. At the front Heeney entered another zip code and put in a 17.68/100 second lap time which was over a full second faster than anyone else on the track could accomplish. At the checkered flag Heeney prevailed over Gil, Hanson, Flores, and Jaycee Jones.

The Men's 4 Stroke may have only had two entries but Mark Cernicky and Billy Katkov waged a war. Katkov won the heat race with a fastest lap time of 16.62/100 seconds but it was Cernicky who took the victory in the main event after a brutal contest of wills, with his fastest lap time being 16.67/100 seconds.

Fred Berger led the field off the line in the Classic Vintage 500-750 final. Jeff Apple dropped in second slot with class champion Lenny Rodriguez in third. Joe Pape ran fourth and Isaiah Canales fifth on the track but first and only classic vintage 250cc. Berger and Apple had gapped the field by three seconds at the two laps complete mark. Apple's Triumph still has a smoking problem and at the rate it continues to worsen with every race the E.P.A. will soon be at the races. Burger held off Apple's advances to win by a bike length at the finish with Rodriguez third.

Travis Petton jumped the start in the Bomber main event and found himself starting from the second row. He then proceeded to creep again and found himself on a third row penalty line fro his efforts. On the third attempt to start this race Danny Perkins ran into the back side of Keith Speir and went down between turns one and two causing a fourth attempt at starting this final. Now with the field scattered between three rows what from penalties and crash victims Speir led from the first row through turns one and two. Down the back straight David McNeeley took over at the front as Perkins charged hard into turn three trying to make up real estate and low sided himself out of the race. The first trip across the stripe the running order was McNeeley, Petton quickly up to second, and Speir with everyone else out of the race. They stayed this way until lap five when on the exit from turn four Petton shot past McNeeley to take the lead. Once out front Petton put his head down, turned a 15.48/100 second lap and rode away to the finish ahead of McNeeley and Speir.

Eight riders were in the Senior 50+ main event. Joe Steffen and Jim Wood hit turn one side by side and down the back straight for the first time Wood took the lead as Steffen dropped in right behind. Wes Powell ran third with Larry Earhart fourth and Daniel Stinson and Jim Ottele fighting over fifth. On lap two Powell working a low inside line went under Steffen for second as Stinson dropped Earhart from fourth to fifth. A lap and a half later Ottele was up to fifth and Earhart found himself in sixth with Dan Kane in seventh. With his mom out from Texas, Powell wanted to look good, and good he is; as he shot under Wood on the exit from turn four for the lead. The next lap had Powell post the fastest lap of the race at 15.13/100 seconds as the front three started gapping the field. Two and a half seconds back of the front three Ottele was making a run on Stinson for fourth place which he would come up short on. At the front Powell stretched it out slightly over Wood who bobbled and allowed Steffen to close but still held his second place position with Steffen third, Stinson fourth, Ottele fifth, Earhart sixth, Kane seventh, and De Wayne Jones eighth.

The Vintage 250cc-360cc 2-Stroke Expert class has some very fast talent. But after Saturday night this might just be called the John Kocinski show. Kocinski a former World and National Road Race Champion lost the brakes on his Knight framed CR-250 Honda in practice but rode anyway and easily won his heat race showing an indication of things to come. When starter Rudy Gil's hand threw the green light Kocinski was gone in another time zone. This left Jim Wood Joe Steffen, and Nick Armstrong to fight over second. On a clear track Kocinski turned the fastest lap ever turned by a 250cc machine at Perris at 14.74/100 seconds! Without any brakes or a compression release, Wood settled in at second with Steffen third and Armstrong out of the race. By lap three Kocinski had a full straightaway gap and had turned the overall fastest lap time of the entire evening. The order stayed the same to the finish with Kocinski getting a standing ovation from the spectators in the stands as he took a victory lap carrying the checkered flag.

Ron Moore and De Wayne Jones went side by side into turn one off the line in the Super Senior +60 class. Dennis Kanegae ran in third with Vince Graves fourth. Moore quickly took the lead with Kanegae following through as well to drop Jones to third. A turn later Graves not wanting Moore and Kanegae to get away at the front dislodged Jones from yet another rung on the finishing ladder. Kanegae and Graves were matching Moore's lap times and looking for a clean way around or mistake from Moore which he rarely makes. Moore needed only to protect his inside line for the final lap to take the victory over Kanegae, Graves, Jones, and David Molitor.       

Emmy Bush started to creep at the start of the Open Novice main event, but checked up herself just as starter Rudy Gil released the field. This honesty cost her the hole shot as Richard Hanson and Ryan Reed in the Knobby class (scored separately) swallowed her up. On lap three Corey Bauman got past Bush on the exit from turn two and from a bad start Nick Ottele was also on the move.  The final tally for the Open novice class was Ottele carrying his momentum all the way to the front with Bauman in second and Bush settled in at third.

Leading through turns one and two in the Open amateur class was David Reinhard. Daniel Stinson ran second with David McNeeley pressuring from third. Bill Wright was away in fourth with Nick Gil finding his rhythm in fifth. Two laps in saw four riders going for the lead with Gil the fastest rider on the track but working a high outside line that one had to question if it could work. On lap four riding around the outside all the way through turns one and two Gil flat out rode around everyone from fourth to first in move. Then on the exit from turn four Stinson shot under Reinhard to take second away. On the run to the white flag McNeeley went past Reinhard as well only to bobble out of turn two and lose the spot back to Reinhard. Gil went on to the victory with Stinson in second and Reinhard surviving in third. 

In the twenty lap Pro main event Branden Rothell lessened his chances at victory by jumping the start and being put on the back row. When the field was released from the line former pro Jim Rosa was the man up front. David Bush and Robert Bush ran in second and third with David quickly making a move on Rosa down the back straight to take the lead. Rosa came right back at David to regain the lead through turns three and four and lead the first lap. Entering turn three on lap five David Bush gave Rosa a little love tap and moved him over to lead across the stripe, while Robert Bush sat a second and a half back in third, two laps later David Bush turned his fastest lap of the race at 15.17/100 seconds and was starting to pull a gap on Rosa, Robert Bush, Aaron Cloton, and Rothell. By the half way point David Bush had given himself a three second cushion and Rosa was looking tired with Robert Bush all over his backside. All this while Cloton was in a no mans land alone in fourth looking very stylish. Lap after lap Robert Bush showed Rosa a wheel but just couldn't make a pass stick, when then on the last lap in turn four Robert Bush tucked the front end and hit the dirt advancing everyone behind him one spot. This made the finishing order David Bush, Rosa, Cloton, Rothell and Robert Bush.

The next round of the S.C.F.T.A. is scheduled for May 14th, another Saturday night event.