S.C.F.T.A.  Round #4
Perris Raceway May 14th,2011

Article by Jamey Blunt
Photos by Janice Blunt

"Salinas to Perris"

"American Alien"

Seventy three degree temperatures greeted the eighty-one riders that rolled through the front gate for round four of the S.C.F.T.A. race at Perris Raceway. The mid afternoon weather didn't last through the sixteen heat races, and by the time the first of the fifteen main events staged there was a cold wind caressing the spectators in the bleachers. (Racers aren't supposed to be affected by weather) Freddie Edwards in spite of recent shoulder surgery (last week) still piloted the blade to scrape the racing surface flat and smooth and as the water came back to the racing surface with the sun's setting, the water truck wasn't called to action .Lucas Oil had the crash wall lined with new white flags as well as their banners and once again had products for the class winners. Principals from Today's Cycle Coverage made the trip to Perris with give a ways for fans, riders, and crew members alike, a big hit with the kids. (They love t-shirts and stickers).


Travis Petton the fourth is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Petton pulled triple duty riding all three of the youth classes. In the 50cc main event Petton launched his KTM off the line to lead by over a full second at the completion of the first lap. Courtney D'Arignon ran second with brother Toby in third, but it was the Walters, Aiden and Ethan that drew much of the attention. Riding their Honda 50's with training wheels still attached the crowd cheered every time they entered a corner and put their machines on three wheels. Drake Bondio ran in a lonely fourth stuck in a no man's land with the Walter's show going on behind him. By lap three Petton was into lappers and easily cruised home to the victory.


In todays world of sports youngsters seem to start at a much earlier age. Lake Arrowhead's #1 Ethan Walters and #17 Aiden Walters show testament to this fact as they tackled the Perris 1/4 mile with training wheels still on their Honda 50's.

Justin Hanson led the 85cc-100cc field into turn one, this class being the largest of the youth classes. Monica Gil ran in second with Alyssa Flores in third. Sean Heeney who left the line in fifth was on the move by the completion of lap one. One the second trip down the back straight Heeney shot up to the third place position and Gil had taken over at the front on the exit of turn two. With two laps remaining Heeney passed Hanson in turn one for second while Gil had a five bike length gap at the front. On the last trip down the back straight Heeney pulled close to Gil but Gil was unshaken and rode mistake free holding her line like a pro to the checkered flag. Heeney had to settle for second but can have a little comfort knowing he had the fastest lap of the race at 16.79 seconds.


#42 Monica Gil won the largest of the youth classes, the 85cc. Shown her with #82 Travis Petton (4th) who raced all three youth classes. Petton finished fourth in the 85cc but won the 50cc main event. Gil was also the fastest overall in lap times for all of the youth classes.

All Frank Flores wanted for his birthday was to race Perris. (This was his ninth birthday) But leave it to Sister Alyssa to spoil his party. She took the victory over Frank and Travis Petton in the 65cc class but Frank put in a great ride anyway and wouldn't have wanted the win handed to him unearned.


The smallest bike in the field in the Classic Vintage 250, 500, & 750 class was Bruce Reynolds's Bultaco 250. At the start Reynolds shot to the front with Jeff Apple (Triumph) in second, Jim Ottele (Triumph) third, James Kohls (Triumph) fourth, and Joe Pape (H.D.) in fifth. Entering turn three for the second time Ottele put a wheel under Apple to take away second and locked his cross hairs (gun reference) on Reynolds. But Apple wasn't giving up and attempted to run it under Ottele on the next run through turn one where he tucked the front end and tipped over. This in turn gave Ottele a love tap and Ottele was down in turn two. At this point Reynolds with a big gap saw the red flag come out stopping the race. A single file re-start was in order but now Reynolds would lose the entire gap at the front he had worked for. On the re-start Reynolds nailed it and stretched his throttle cable an inch longer wanting to get away. Pape quickly moved past Kohls into second with Ottele quickly moving past Lenny Rodriguez and Kohls up to third. Apple was left sitting and took a little longer to get his fire lit but within a lap was up to fourth. A lap later Reynolds had a full straight cushion as Ottele moved past Pape for second and Apple followed suit for third. Reynolds also posted the fastest lap of the race at 16.33 seconds taking the overall win with ease. Ottele would finish second (1st 500-750) with Apple third and Rodriguez making a push on the run to the stripe past Pape for fourth.

#28z Bruce Reynolds was "The Man" in the Classic Vintage 250cc, 500cc, & 750cc field. Reynolds led from the single file restart to take the victory, he also had the fastest lap of the race at 16.33/100 seconds! (#14 James Kohls, #75 Joe Pape, #1 Lenny Rodriguez, #27 Jeff Apple & #56 Jim Ottele)

It has been said that Rossi, Stoner, Pedrosa and the like are aliens, with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, able to bend steel handle bars in their bare hands. But America has a few aliens among us as well John Kocinski may well be from another planet as his ability to race a motorcycle is other worldly. Kocinski showed up a Perris with yet another configuration of his Knight Framed Honda with a goal of breaking the overall track record on a thirty plus year old vintage motorcycle. Launching from pole Kocinski entered a time warp that Joe Steffen, Nick Armstrong, and Jim Wood could only hope to see a blurry image in. In the main the tower had Kocinski clocked at a 14.42 second lap, one that had questions raised as Kocinski's own crew had him clocked at a 14.27 second lap in his heat race which would indeed have given him the overall track record. Whichever time one goes by there is room for error as the times are clocked by hand with a stop watch and all this will soon be erased and started a new when the track's transponder is in place, hopefully by the next round. One thing is certain Kocinski was the fastest rider of the night and did better his own track record!

 What more can you say about #3 John Kocinski who just gets faster with every race at Perris. John lowered his own fastest lap to 14.42/100 seconds, the second fastest lap ever turned at Perris on his way to the 250cc 2-strk expert main event victory. Is John really an alien like Rossi, Stoner and Lorenzo???

Vince Graves sat on pole in the Super Senior +60 main event. But it was Dennis Kanegae who read starter Rudy Gil and led the pack into turn one with Graves second and Ron Moore third. Between turns three and four on the first lap Graves took the lead away from Kanegae to lead the first lap. Moore stuffed a wheel up under Kanegae on the next run through turn one and got some orange color on his red Honda only to have Kanegae take the position back on the exit from turn two getting some red on his orange KTM. Back in fourth was David Molitor with DeWayne Jones running fifth. By the third lap Graves was pulling away while Kanegae and Moore swapped paint, banged bars, and threw dirt at each other. Graves posted the fastest lap of the race at 15.22 seconds and Moore took Kanegae to the wall in turn three on lap four to advance up to the second place position. On the next trip through turn's one and two second place was decided as Kanegae made a mistake that gave Moore a six bike length gap that Kanegae couldn't close. With a clear track Moore put in a 15.87 second lap, not fast enough to gain any ground on Graves at the front. When the checkered flag waved Graves had a three second cushion for his victory over Moore with Kanegae a lonely third and Molitor fourth with Jones fifth.


#4 Vince Graves was the fastest of the Super Senior field turnning a 15.22/100 second lap time on his Southland Racing J&M framed Honda 450.

One of the largest fields is the Bomber class with over half of the entrants within a half second of each other in lap times. Riding back to back races John Lundgren (who had just won the Vet 35+ main) hoped for a double victory on this night. But Danny Perkins had something to say about it and led the pack into turn one. Heat race winner Travis Petton (the 2nd) dropped in behind Perkins down the back straight with David McNeeley third, Scott Sivaldue fourth, Brad Rudy fifth, and Lundgren back in sixth. On the second run between turns three and four Petton made a miraculous save of a high side which dropped him to third behind McNeeley. At the front Perkins was inching away and turned the fastest lap of the class at 15.29 seconds on lap three. The next time through turns three and four Petton pulled out of the race and Keith Bradford off of everyone's radar somehow was up to third. By lap four Perkins had a three second gap and Bradford, Sivaldue and Lundgren were all in contention for third. It came down to a run to the stripe out of turn four, for the final podium position with the finishing order Perkins long gone, McNeeley, Bradford, Sivaldue, and Lundgren.


#89 Danny Perkins may have won the Bomber class main event, but it was a fight! Perkins had the fastest lap time at 15.29/100 seconds but Travis Petton put in a close 15.35/100 second lap as well. This field has some evenly matched talent where experience seems to be the deciding factor.

Wes Powell and Jim Wood hit turn one side by side in the Senior Vet +50 main event. Exiting turn two Wood took the lead while Joe Steffen slotted in at third. At the completion of lap one Powell and Steffen were tied for second at the stripe with Larry Earhart back in fourth and Jim Ottele in fifth. By lap two the running order was Wood clear at the front, Powell securely in second with Earhart running it up under Steffen for third on the exit from turn two but couldn't make the pass stick. Lap three was Woods fastest at 15.36 seconds as Earhart made his pass work on this lap to take third from Steffen. On the next exit from turn two Ottele shot past Steffen for fourth and set off after Earhart. On the next lap in the same turn Ottele used the same maneuver and secured third from Earhart. With a lap and a half left Powell was within three bike lengths of Wood but just couldn't close the gap enough to make any kind of attempt at passing Wood. At the checkered flag Wood went wire to wire with Powell second, Ottele third, Earhart fourth, Steffen fifth, and Danny Stinson sixth.


Bill Wright has the starts figured out as he usually leads the pack into the first turn in the Open Amateur class. But it was a short lived time at the front as Nick Gil took over the position on the exit from turn two to lead down the back straight with David McNeeley following Gil past Wright as well. The front three gapped fourth place Harly Legowski as Gil posted his fastest lap time of 15.52 seconds on lap three. McNeeley dropped off of Gil's pace as the field strung out with the finishing order set at Gil, McNeeley, Wright, and Legowski. The highlight came on Gil's victory lap where he missed the checkered flag handoff from starter/father Rudy Gil. Sometimes it's better to slow down.


The twenty lap Pro main event had but five riders that braved the money race, with newcomer Jon Nunes making the trip from Salinas to Perris to give the ¼ mile oval a try. Jim Rosa led from the line into turn one with heat race winner Nunes in second and Ian Foulds (making a return to the pro class after a bad crash last year) in third. Brandon Bates who hasn't seen much seat time of late slotted in at fourth with Cycle World's Mark Cernicky in fifth. The second trip through turn two Rosa had a big bobble and left the door open for Nunes, but Nunes could only close the gap and then take Rosa wide to the wall in turns three and four for the lead. By lap four Cernicky was past Bates for fourth but made a mistake in turn two that allowed Bates back by. Meanwhile Foulds was finding his rhythm and went past Rosa for second on the exit from turn four on lap five. While at the back of the race Bates and Cernicky were holding each other up fighting over fourth passing each other repeatedly. At the front Nunes put in a 15.18 second lap, his fastest, as Foulds and Rosa settled in. At the half way point (ten laps complete) Foulds seemed to find some extra speed and upped the pace setting the fastest lap of the race at 15.12 seconds. For the next half of the race Foulds mixed up his lines looking for a way around Nunes even giving him several love taps to Nunes rear wheel. Then on the exit from turn two on lap sixteen Nunes almost threw it all away, but saved it, only this made Foulds check up and allowed Rosa to rejoin the fight for the win. Now Foulds had Rosa tagging his backside while attempting to find a way past Nunes. At the white flag Foulds actually led across the stripe by a foot but was on the outside so dropped back into second in turn one. At this point Bates was off the track having gone down between turns three and four leaving Cernicky safe in fourth. The last lap was anyone's race as all three were close enough to win. Nunes was the smartest and protected his position making Foulds and Rosa take a high line which they got a good drive from but just couldn't get enough for a pass to the stripe. Nunes won with Foulds second and Rosa third all within two tenths of a second of each other. On his victory lap Nunes looked happy having recovered some of his glory from his racing years in the 1980's.

At the white flag (one lap remaining) #45 Ian Foulds actually led at the stripe. But thinking ahead #71m Jon Nunes took it right back in turn one and went on for the victory in the twenty lap Pro Main Event.


The run to the checkered flag in the twenty lap Pro final saw the top three finsheres all close, with #71m Jon Nunes owning #45 Ian Foulds and #88 Jim Rosa. Nune's fastest lap time was 15.18/100 seconds.

#17r Nick Gil may have won the Open Amateur main event and had the fastest lap of the class at 15.52/100 seconds. But when it comes to his victory lap he missed the flag grab from his dad, starter Rudy Gil.

#45 John Lundgren of the Simi Valley Kawasaki racing team topped the Vet 35+ / Knobby combined field with a fastest lap time of 15.57/100 seconds on his 350cc Honda.


#151 Billy Katkov finished second in his heat race but regrouped, changed back to his original wheel set and earned the victory over Mark Cernicky in the Men's 4-stroke final.

#37r Ron Moore and #51 Dennis Kanagae waged war in the Super Senior +60 main. Which let class winner Vince Graves get away at the front. Kanagae eventually decided "This is just for fun" and settled for third with a fastest lap of 15.51/100 seconds. Moore's fastest lap was 15.87/100 seconds while Graves put in the fastest lap of the race at 15.22/100 seconds. 

Round five of S.C.F.T.A. at Perris will be June 11th with rumors of a double header beginning to circulate.

May 14th Results

Youth 50 cc
1.    Travis Petton IV  Ramona
2.    Courtney D’Arignon Running Springs
3.    Toby  D’Arigonon Running Springs
4.    Drake Bondio, Redondo Beach
5.    Aiden Walters Lake Arrowhead
6.     Ethan Walter Lake Arrowhead

Youth 85cc
1.    Moncia Gil Riverside
2.    Sean Heeney  El Segundo
3.    Justin Hanson Corona
4.    Travis Petton IV Ramona
5.    Alyisa Flores Sylmar
6.    Jaycee Jones Hesperia
7.    Frank Flores Sylmar
8.    Dee Kilroy

Youth 65cc
1.    Alyssa Flores Sylmar
2.    Frank Flores Sylmar
3.    Travis Petton IV Ramona

Super Senior + 60
1.    Vince Grave Palm Springs
2.    Ron Moore  Yucipia
3.    Dennis Kanagae Riverside
4.    David Molitor San Deigo
5.    De Wayne Jones Pomona

Men’s 4 Stroke
1.    Billy Katkov  Fountain Valley
2.    Mark Cernicky

Senior Novice
1.    Larkin Wight Lucerne Valley

Classic Vintage 500-750
1.    Jim Ottele Redlands
2.    Jeff Apple Imperial Beach
3.    Lenny Rodriguez Palmdale
4.    Joe Pape Culver City
5.    James Kohl Santa Paula

Classic Vintage 250
1.    Bruce Reynolds

Open Novice
1.    Nick Ottele  Redlands
2.    Corey Bauman  Los Angles
3.    Patrick Madore Perris
4.    Sean Heeney El Seguando
5.    Joe Melton Rancho Santa Marg.
6.    Tom Sahli Tujunga

Senior Vets + 50
1.    Jim Wood  Redlands
2.    Wes Powell Sierra Madre
3.    Jim Ottele Redlands
4.    Larry Earhart Panorama City
5.    Joe Steffen San Jacinto
6.    Danny Stinson Yorba Linda

Vets 35+
1.    John Lundgren Simi Valley
2.    Joel Kath Glendora

Vintage 250 2stk Novice
1.    Michael Fritz Garden Grove
2.    Steele Fredrich  Corona

360 vintage 2stk Novice

1Rick Logan
2. Monte Roberts

Vintage 750
1. Keith Bryant  Kingman AZ

Vintage 250 2 stk Expert
1.    John Kocinski
2.    Joe Steffen San Jacinto
3.    Nick Armstrong Norco
4.    Jim Wood

Vintage 360 2 stk Expert

1.    Richard Hanson Corona
2.    Ryan Reed  Orange
3.    Joe Melton

1.    Danny Perkins  Rancho Santa Marg.
2.    David Mc Neely Chula Vista
3.    Jim Ottele Redlands
4.    Scott Sivaldue
5.    John Lundgren Simi valley
6.    Brad Rudy Long Beach
7.    Dane Kane Rancho Santa Marg
8.    Steele Friedrich
9.    Travis Petton

Premier Senior + 70
1.    Mel Stoner
2.    Peter Toroian
3.    Allan Girdler

Open Amateur
1.    Nick Gil Riverside
2.    David Mc Neely Chula Vista
3.    Bill Wright Northridge
4.    Harly Legowski Orange

Pro Main
1.    Jon Nunes
2.    Ian Folds
3.    Jim Rosa
4.    Mark Cernicky.
5.    Brandon Bates