Perris Raceway – Perris Ca.
October 14th,2011
Round # 10
Article by Jamey Blunt
Photos by Janice Blunt

The night before the last Grand National of the year the S.C.F.T.A. has started a tradition, one that caters more to pros than their regular sportsman program does. It's logical when you think about it; all the big names are in town, it gives them a little extra seat time to stay sharp, and they can pick up some extra money at the same time. This years Friday night event had sponsors Lucas Oil, Bob Bradford, Endless Powder Coating, Feuling, Fontana Radiator, G&G Racing, Saddlemen Seats, Southland Racing, and 2 Dicks Racing all pitching in making the purse over three thousand dollars. Of the one hundred forty two entries thirty two were in the pro ranks. There would be six pro heat races with only the winner transferring directly to the main event, everyone from second on back would be sent to one of two semis. In the semis the top three finishers from each would earn a spot on the second row for a total field of twelve from the thirty two hopefuls. The pits were packed so much so that the motocross section on the other side of the fence had to be opened up for extra room. Spectators too were a larger crowd than has ever attended an S.C.F.T.A. event, at an estimated 1000 in attendance. Parking for them was also overflowing and outside the track gates. The AMA T-Shirt semi trailer was also on hand with official AMA merchandise from the 2011 flat track nationals of the season. Starting the night's program early was also a necessity as the track has a 10:00 p.m. curfew. A mandatory riders meeting was called for 3:30 p.m. with practice following immediately there after. Elliott Iverson handled tech and was the nights referee with John Harris in charge of staging and Rudy Gil the official starter at Perris. With all twenty nine heat races completed, the two pro semis run and sixteen other main events finished, the track was bladed, groomed, watered, and fresh for the pro final.

Briar Bauman (Lap time 15.05 sec.) sat on pole along with Mikey Rush (14.82sec.), Bronson Bauman (14.94 sec.), Henry Wiles (14.76 sec.), Brad Baker (14.72 sec.), and Rob Pearson (14.90 sec.) making up the front row of heat race winners. As the starting light flashed green from Rudy Gil's hand Wiles had the quickest reaction time with a half bike length jump, but Baker found more traction, hooked up and by the entrance to turn one was in command of the lead. On the exit from turn two Briar Bauman shot up underneath Wiles and was into second as Baker already had a three bike length gap up front going down the back straight. Entering turn three for the first time Wiles drove it hard underneath Briar Bauman to re-take second while Kayl Kolkman from the second row came out of nowhere and shot into fourth. Where was Rush you ask; he left the line in eighth and had his work cut out for him. But never count out this Daytona short track winner as by the second trip through turn two Rush was up to third and locked in on Wiles. Rush went under Wiles in turn three to take second only to have Wiles square him up and drive back past out of turn four. The war had begun for second position. Out front Baker had pulled an eight bike length gap and was extending it with every lap as the rest of the field fought over positions. Five laps complete saw the order Baker, Rush, Wiles, Briar Bauman, Pearson, Bronson Bauman, and Kolkman slipping all the way back to seventh trying to regroup, with Jethro Halbert pressuring from behind. On lap seven in turn three Pearson ran up under Briar Bauman to take fourth place away with Kolkman trying to follow him through as well but just came up short. Now there was a three way battle for the fourth place position though and Briar Bauman the 2010 AMA Horizon award winner wasn't going to just give in easily. Exiting turn two on lap nine Briar Bauman got a drive and shot past Pearson back into fourth as Kolkman was alongside as well. At crossed flags (10 laps complete way point) Baker was flawless and was on cruise control with a four second lead, Rush was second with Wiles three bike lengths back in third. Kolkman took his first turn at fourth with Briar Bauman fifth ahead of Pearson, who now had Bronson Bauman showing him a wheel applying pressure. By lap twelve Baker was heavy into lappers and was over a full straight away ahead of Rush who now had Wiles launching another attack. Around lap fifteen Briar Bauman and Kolkman tangled sending Briar to the dirt on the exit from turn four. This trapped Briar up against the crash wall on the outside of the front straight trying to make himself as small as possible, hugging the wall, attempting to not be hit as the last five laps were run. Thankfully the entire field missed Briar for the remainder of the race as Baker went on for the victory with Rush second, Wiles right behind in third, Kolkman held on to a solid fourth, Pearson was fifth with Bronson Bauman sixth on his backside, Andrew Luker seventh, and Halbert fighting his bike coming home in eighth. Baker received a standing applause from the spectators for his spectacular ride, not considering he'd never even seen this track before this night. It's been said many times over the 2011 season that this kid (Baker) is the real deal! At Perris he showed it once again.

Catching up with the top three finishers after the main event these comments were made. Wiles had this to say, "It was a lot of fun, Ed Steffen (Mr. Ed) allowed me to ride his bike tonight, I felt good in practice and then won the heat and then ended up third in the main event. I called Ed at the last minute and he graciously said yea let's go ahead and do it and have some fun. So that's what we did, we came out here and put on a show, I ran down second and then he kinda got away from me but we learned some things tonight, but it was fun. I love this Perris Track and coming here and I hope they can continue to do this because everybody here is great. I glad to be here." Briar Bauman was also available for comment about his mishap," I'm all good, I just came on the outside of Kayl and then he hit a bump and all of a sudden the bars came out of my hands and I was face first in the dirt but that's racing and I couldn't get off the track, not with racers coming. It's a tough call by the starter with only five laps to go whether to stop the race for something in the way, but then isn't totally in the way. So its racing and I can't really do much about it. I climbed up on the crash wall so at least I had a good view." As for Brad Baker," This is a really good fun cushion track and I'm really used to them from where I come from, my good buddy Aaron hooked me up with a really good motorcycle and Jimmy Wood made it fresh for the main event so I just went out there and rode hard. The thing worked great and it feels good to spank em, especially at a track I haven't raced at. This is an excellent track, it's what I live for, it's nice to come to a place where people are setting track records and they maintain the track and are working hard, it's a great facility. I got to thank my buddies for helping me tonight, Shift Racing, Arai Helmets, EBC Brakes, Saddlemen, Lloyd Brothers Motorsports and Hurt by Accident who are supporting me." Mikey Rush had these comments; "I was on a good motorcycle tonight, Southland Racing – Big Jim Wood put me on a great bike and I put my head down and rode to the front on a bike that handled really well, it pretty much rode itself so it didn't take a lot of energy. If it wasn't for Jim putting me on this good ride I wouldn't be here, so that's how we did it. This Perris track is a really good track, perfect size, good lighting, and a really good facility that I hope to come back to again. Next year I plan to do the whole GNC but definitely would like to come back here to Perris." So closed the night's program with the final checkered flag falling at exactly 10:00 p.m. on the dot as pointed out by David Holter, Editor of Today's Cycle Coverage.

The start of the 20 lap pro main event staged twelve riders from the
field of thirty two. The front row, all won their heat races for a direct
transfer. Fron Right (pole) to left they are -  Briar Bauman, Brad Baker,
Henry Wiles, Mikey Rush, Bronson Bauman, and Rob Pearson..

Brad Baker

 419   On the first trip through turn one Brad Baker is allready gone. Giving
chase are #16 Henry Wiles, #42e Kayl Kolkman, #88 Rob Pearson, and #47 Mikey Rush.

Three laps into the main event saw riders fighting for position, here in turn one #69
Jethro Halbert, #10z Briar Bauman, #42 Kayl Kolkman, #88 Rob Pearson and #30 Bronson
 Bauman all are finding their pace and the lines that suit them best.

#47 Mikey Rush on the Southland Racing Honda made the pass on #16
Henry Wiles on the Mr. Ed's machine entering turn one. Wiles would fight back
but eventually Rush secured the second rung on the podium ladder with
Wiles setteling for third.

Around fifteen laps into the pro main #10z Briar Bauman and Kayl Kolkman came together
with Bauman going down on the exit from turn four. Bauman was then stuck up against the
crash wall for the remaining five laps attempting to make himself small. Second place #47
Mikey Rush and third place #16 Henry Wiles race by...

As the laps wound down #47 Mikey Rush and #16 Henry Wiles maintained this gap
between them for second and third place. Note the full bleachers and people lined three
deep alond the fences. There were an estamated 1000 spectators on hand.

 Brad Baker (#93L) was the man of the hour in the twenty lap Pro final. Baker who had never been to Perris prior to this event took to the track right from practice. A total of thirty two pros filled the six heat races looking for  one of only twelve spots in the main event. Baker shot to the front from pole and never looked back, going wire to wire for the victory..

  261 National #17 Henry Wiles loves Perris. But didn't have a ride for the event
just days prior to Friday night. A phone call to Mr. Ed landed Wiles a ride,
which he put to good use to finish third in the Pro Main event..

    #30 Bronson Bauman at fourteen years old made it to a front row start in the pro
 main by winning his heat race. Bronson was also one of only six pros to go under the fifteen second lap time berrier with his 14.94 second lap time.

Mikey Rush used the Southland Racing Honda to finish second to Brad Baker in the Pro Main event. Rush also posted the third fastest lap time of the pros at 14.82 seconds and showed spectacular style.

#88 Rob Pearson and #29 Jake Mayata tested the soil early at Perris. In practice
 Rob lost it in turn two leaving Jake nowhere to go but over the top of him. Tankfully
both were all rightand still were able to make it into the nights program.

Pro  A Main
1.    Brad Baker
2.    Mike Rush
3.    Henry Wiles
4.    Kayl Kolkman
5.    Roberson
6.    Bronson Bauman
7.    Andrew Luker
8.    Jethro Halbert
9.    Wyatt Maguire
10.    Briar Bauman
11.    Jhon vanderlann
12.    Gerrit Cullies

Pro B Main
1.    Bobby Heese
2.    Jake Makaya
3.    David Bush
4.    Chris Podergots
5.    Curtis Peddles
6.    Robert Bush
7.    Life Kelly
8.    Brandon Rothell.

#3 John Kocinski had alot of motoviation at Perris, his tuner Bud Aksland
was at the races down from northern Ca., his father Jerry was out from Ark.,
and his fabracatior Andy Bondio was on hand as well. John not one to diss-
apoint lowered his own track record from 14.22 seconds down to 14.06 seconds.
Kocinski was once again the fastest man on the race track.

SCFTA round #10 Sportsman Results, Photos and Story.