WCFTS at Vegas South Point
Friday January 7th, 2011

Gene Romero’s West Coast Flat Track Series opened their 2011 season in
Las Vegas at South Point Casino’s Rodeo Arena. This was the third
annual indoor flat track race held in conjunction with the Mid-America
motorcycle auction. The racing surface this year was polished concrete
with coke syrup instead of the usual dirt surface. The track proved to
be well liked by both the riders and spectators as no holes developed
and the air quality was much improved. Some of the young riders who
had never ridden on this type of track had to learn a whole new riding
Friday night’s Open A Main was filled national caliber riders and was
a great show with no stoppage of racing from the drop of the green
flag. Sam Halbert on a Yamaha, led a field of riders all on DTX
machines to the first corner. New national 12, Brad Baker followed
Halbert, then came Jimmy Wood, Jake Mataya and Rob Pearson. Pearson
worked his way around Mataya, then Wood, but by then Halbert and Baker
were gone.  Baker was never more than a wheel length behind Halbert,
so on the last lap, when the air went out of Sammy’s rear tire, Brad
was able to pass in the last corners for the win.

Open Class   A-Main

1. 12-Brad Baker, Chehalis, Wash.

2. 7-Sam Halbert, Graham, Wash.

3. 27-Rob Pearson, Morton, Ill.

4. 29-Jake Mataya, Blaine, Minn.

5. 33w-Eric Rickman, Orting, Wash.

6. 37-Jimmy Wood, Redlands

7. 51z-Shawn Raggio, Stockton

8. 70-John Hlebo, Campbell

9. 49-Chad Cose, Fremont

10. 91y-Mikey Martin, Acampo

11. 65y-Kris Bunch, Fresno;

12. 42-Bailey Fox, Graham, Wash.

13. 23-Jeff Carver, Alton, Ill.

14. 14-Smokin Joe Winston, Laguna Hills

15. 42e-Kayl Kolkman, Ventura.

Saddlemen Vintage Class A-Main

Saddlemen Vintage Class A-Main

1. 96L-Mike Besemer, Cupertino

2. 13-Rick Hocking, Livermore

3. 68-Paul Herman, Paso Robles

4. 50-Jake Latimer, Casper, Wyo.

5. 15-Bill Waller, OKC, Okla.

6. 57g-Jerry Gates, Buckeye, Ariz.

7. 53h-Robert Lanoy, Antioch

8. 54-Dana Perri, Placerville;

9. 37n-Randy Brunelli, Reno, Nev.

10. 45n-Mitch Gallagher, Sparks, Nev.

11. 22-Jeff Sphor, Durham

12. 41-Mark Erickson, Nederland

13. 44s-Robert Bush, Acton

14. 24-Kevin Smith, Sparks, Nev.

15. 13-Joe Cude. Ariz.

Dana Perri won the Vintage Dash over Mike Besemer, Paul Herman and
Jerry Gates, but in the Vintage main, a poor start put him behind all
those riders plus Rick Hocking. By mid race Perri clawed his way to
the second spot where he could see leader Besemer, but a misjudgment
on the back straight put his Lazer framed Honda on the ground. Besemer
led the rolling restart, followed by Herman, Hocking, Jake Latimer and
Bill Waller. Rick Hocking passed Paul Herman for second to set the
finishing order.

Top Gun Class A-Main

Top Gun Class A-Main

1. 42-Bailey Fox, Graham, Wash.;

2. 83y-Chris Podergois, Clovis;

3. 3y-Ryan Foster, Sunnyvale;

4. Life Kelley, Herald;

5. Chris Canepa, Porterville;

6. Jimmy Monaco, Modesto;

7. David Bush, Valencia;

8. Jermaine Bacosa, San Diego;

9. Curtis Peebles JR,  Bakersfield;

10. Sam Knox, Wallace;

11. Michael Birchfield, Bakersfield;

12. Gary Williams, Bakersfield;

13. Shawn Raggio, Stockton;

14. Robert Bush, Acton;

15. Jeremy Toye, San Diego.

Classic Open Class A Main

Classic Open Class A Main

1. 14-Smokin Joe Winston, Laguna Hills;

2. 58-Robert Bacosa, Herald;

3. 57-Jeremy Toye, San Diego;

4. 68-Paul Herman, Paso Robles;

5. Greg Riddle, corning, Ca.;

6. Gary Williams, Bakersfield;

7. Trapper McDaniel, Atascadero;

8. Dennis Boyle, Ventura;

9. Jeff Evans, Agoura;

10. Jeff Sphor, Durham;

11. Mike Scarselli, Silver City, N.M;

12. Mike Cordero, Las Vegas, Nev.;

13. Anthony Mitchell, Concord;

14. Billy Bevers, FT Worth, Texas;

15. Dennis Cameron, Petaluma.