WCFTS at Vegas South Point
Saturday January 8th, 2011

   The second night of Gene Romero’s West Coast Flat Track indoor series at South Point Casino had one less pro as
Eric Rickman of Orting, Washington injured an ankle in the Saturday morning practice. Rickman had finished 5th in
Friday nights Open Main event. Practice and a few Top Gun and Classic heats are held in the morning so participants
can take in the Mid-America Motorcycle Auction also being held at South Points Exhibit Hall.

Sammy and Brad went for a slide

"Bugs" Pearson is wandering were the grip went!

John Hlebo is thinking the same as "Bugs".


Young Mikey scored a big podium.

   Rob Pearson holeshoted the start of the Open Main, but Sam Halbet and Brad Baker managed to argue on the first lap and
brought out the first red flag. Pearson also grabbed the lead on the second and third restarts. Pearson led until he dropped it for
 another red flag. Sammy led the restart with Brad Baker in tow like Friday nights train. This time Baker caught the concrete
when a lapper went down in front of him. In the ensuing scoring discussion, Baker left the arena not a happy camper. During
these brief time outs, Halbert add a little wind to his rear tire to prevent a repeat of previous nites failure. The rolling restart
was Halbert, Jake Mataya, Mikey Martin, Chad Cose, Jeff Carver, Kayl Kolkman, and Shawn Raggio. The finnishing order
was set with Halbert making up for Fridays disapointment. Mayata was second, Martin third and Kolkman climbed
to 4th over Cose and Carver.

Open Class A-Main
1. 7 Sam Halbert, Graham, Wash.
2. 29 Jake Mataya, Blaine, Minn.
3. 91y Mikey Martin, Acampo
4. 42e Kayl Kolkman,
5. 51z Shawn Raggio, Stockton
6. 83y Chris Podergois, Clovis;
7. 37 Jimmy Wood, Redlands
8. 65y Kris Bunch, Fresno
9. 70 John
Hlebo, Campbell
10. 49 Chad Cose, Fremont;
11. 27 Rob Pearson, Morton, Ill.
12. 12 Brad Baker, Chehalis, Wash.
13. 11 Scott
Baker, Eatonville, Wash.
14. 23 Jeff Carver, Alton, Ill.
15. 67e Alex Wood, Fallbrook

Saddlemen Vintage Class  A-Main

In the Vintage class Mike Besemer, looked unbeatable. Dana Perri got a so-so start but was not able to match
Besemers speed. Rick Hocking got a terrible start and could only race to a third place finish.

Saddlemen Vintage Class  A-Main
1. 96L Mike Besemer, Cupertino
2. 54 Dana Perri, Placerville
3. 13 Rick Hocking, Livermore
4. 50 Jake Latimer, Casper,
5. 15 Bill Waller, OKC, Okla.
6. 68 Paul Herman, Paso Robles
7. 53 h Robert Lanoy, Antioch
8. 82e Travis Petton, Ramona
24 Kevin Smith, Sparks, Nev.
10. 44s Robert Bush, Acton
11. 22 Jeff Sphor, Durham;
12. 25d Steve Craft, Bakersfield
13. 9g Richard
Lopez, Vacaville
14. 37n Randy Brunelli, Reno, Nev.
15. 13 Joe Cude, Arz.

Top Gun 450 Class A-Main

Bailey Fox again was the class of the Top Gun field as he scored a second victory. But on Saturday night
Ryan Foster bested Chris Podergois for second in a swap of places from Friday nights results.
Jimmy Monaco recovered from a flying get off to bring home 4th place.

Top Gun 450 Class A-Main
1. 42 Bailey Fox, Graham, Wash.
2. 3y Ryan Foster, Sunnyvale
3. 83y Chris Podergois, Clovis
4. 23 Jimmy Monaco, Modesto
5. 88b David Bush, Valencia
6. 25z Curtis Peebles JR, Bakersfield
 7. Michael Birchfield, Bakersfield
8. 21y Jermaine
Bacosa, San Diego
 9. Alex Feaster, Tacoma, Wash.
10. Aaron Colton, Shakopee, Minn.
11. 07e Sam Knox, Wallace
12. Life
Kelley, Herald
13. 61c Kevin Keeran, Fairfield
14. 51z Shawn Raggio, Stockton
15. 36 Chris Canepa, Porterville

AMA Grand National Flat Track Champion Jake Johnson's team owner, Dave Zanotti was Rick Hockings pit crew.

Classic Open Class A-Main

Classic Open Class A-Main
1. 14 Smokin Joe Winston, Laguna Hills
2. 58 Robert Bacosa, Herald
3. 1 Anthony Mitchell, Concord
4. Greg Riddle,
5. 44s Robert Bush, Actan
6. Dennis Boyle, Ventura
7. 68 Paul Herman, Paso Robles
8. 31z Dennis Cameron,
9. Darvin Crone, Roswell, N.M.
10. Billy Bevers, FT Worth, Texas
11. Mike Cordero, Las Vegas, Nev.
12. Jim
Bliss, Haltom City, Texas
13. Trapper McDaniel, Atascadero
14. Gary Williams, Bakersfield
15. 76g Mike Scarselli, Silver
City, N.M.