Willow Springs
Round 7
October 23rd, 2011

Sunday Pro Results and Photos

Photos by VFT

85cc Dash 4 Cash

85cc Dash 4 Cash
1.    5    Colt Stanley
2.    95    Clay Williams
3.    117 Sean Heeney
4.    4    Hunter Stanley
5.    601v Nolan Reitz


1.    55    Tom Horton
2.    63y Ken Thiebaud
3.    59y Rick Reed
4.    58y Jim Ottele
5.    25d Steve Craft
6.    34d Keith Bryant
7.    23y Fuzzy Beeching
8.    35d Don Galloway

Sr Novice/Super Sr

Sr Novice/Super Sr

1.    33u Tim Thomas
2.    17q Herb Wolff
3.    96a Jack Alexander
4.    97    Fred Berger
5.    52c Dave Cheney
6.    23y Fuzzy Beeching
7.    13 Shane VanSickle
8.    19x Guy Duckett
9.    14t Ted Hubbard

Vet “A” Main

Vet “A” Main

1.    58y Jim Ottele
2.    38 Lloyd MCGregor
3.    44s Robert Bush
4.    77v Jason Craven
5.    96d Jay Gosvenor
6.    16e Larry Earhart
7.    11j Jack Jones
8.    45e John Lundgren
9.    83n Craig Johnson
10.    88 Jim Rosa dnf

Vet “B” Main

Vet “B” Main
1.    12o Paul Ott
2.    28b Gary Ritchie
3.    54 David Reinhard
4.    92 Dan Dowding
5.    79s Corey Bauman
6.    056 Akira Kuzuoka
7.    31z Dennis Cameron
8.    82n Gene Dickinson
9.    29 Gary Williams

Classic 250

Classic 250
1.    60 Clay VanDeren
2.    97 Fred Berger
3.    21 Bruce Muster

Classic 500-750sv

Classic 500-750sv

1.    87y Chris Rudy
2.    55 Tom Horton
3.    96a Jack Alexander
4.    1  Lenny Rodriguez
5.    75z Joe Pape
6.    14 James Kohls


1.    97 Fred Berger
2.    17q Herb Wolff

Youth 60cc

Youth 60cc

1.    601v Nolan Reitz
2.    4 Hunter Stanley
3.    95 Clay Williams
4.    53 Alyssa Flores
5.    54 Frank Flores
6.    7x Grant Holmes

Youth 80cc

Youth 80cc
1.    5 Colt Stanley
2.    117 Sean Heeney
3.    3nw Allison Stacey
4.    4 Hunter Stanley
5.    95 Clay Williams
6.    6 Kaitlyn Sartuche
7.    601v Nolan Reitz
8.    981 Monica Gil
9.    53 Alyssa Flores
10.    54 Frank Flores

Modern 250

Modern 250
1.    44r Nick Armstrong
2.    12o Paul Ott
3.    35d Don Galloway
4.    42o Will Ott
5.    20 Marc Lyons
6.    45 Ron Hinton

Modern 500

Modern 500
1.    55 Tom Horton
2.    70L Jim Lundgren
3.    19z Joe Brown
4.    25d Steve Craft
5.    76 Mike Wayne
6.    44n Gary Swan

Modern 750

Modern 750
1.    68 Paul Herman
2.    63y Ken Thiebaud
3.    58y Jim Ottele
4.    55 Tom Horton
5.    34d Keith Bryant
6.    35d Don Galloway
7.    62 Shawn Culp

250 Open

250 Open
1.    17 Dominic Monaco
2.    51 Casey Cahoon
3.    28y Nick Ottele
4.    56 Damon Coca
5.    117 Sean Heeney
6.    07 Allison Stacey
7.    83 Tanner Johnson
8.    67 Kaitlyn Sartuche
9.    74d Monty Watowa
10.    89 Eric Cleveland

500 Support

500 Support
1.    96d Jay Gosvenor
2.    73 David McNeely
3.    77v Jason Craven
4.    59e Rick Reed
5.    84j Jeff Gonzales
6.    70L Jim Lundgren
7.    35d Don Galloway
8.    12e Jim Steet
9.    28b Gary Ritchie
10.    98x Bub Monaco
11.    11j Jack Jones

Open Am “A” Main

 Open Am “A” Main
1.    30 Bronson Bauman
2.    18d Dennis Trentman
3.    23 James Monaco
4.    4 Dan Brown
5.    44r Nick Armstrong
6.    16e Larry Earhart
7.    4 Brandon Rothell
8.    17r Nick Gil
9.    21 Dan Waller
10.    92 Austin Williams

Open Am “B”Main

Open Am “B”Main
1.    88 Dillon Allen
2.    11j Jack Jones
3.    51 Casey Cahoon
4.    87 Lindsey King
5.    53 Jess Flores
6.    79s Corey Bauman
7.    420 Greg Powell

Sunday Pro Results and Photos

October 23rd,2011 Eddie Mulder's
W.C.D.T.S. Round #7
Willow Springs - Rosmond, Ca.
Article by Jamey Blunt

Another eighty eight degree day was on tap for round seven, the final round of the 2011 season of Eddie Mulder's W.C.D.T. series. As has become tradition, the final two rounds are held the week after the last Grand National race of the season affording the opportunity for many of the top Pros in dirt track racing to stay in California to earn some extra money before their winter break. What with the regular seventeen sponsors of the series (Digger Helm, Rod Lake Racing, Motion Pro, K&N Filters, Barnett Clutches & Cables, JRC Engineering, Penton Racing Products, Megacycle Cams, Brown's Cycles, Maxima Racing Oils, Coventry Spares, A&A Racing, Tuffplates, Todays Cycle Coverage, S&S Off Road Magazine, Works Performance Shocks, and GT Graphics) and the six (Mark and Randy Zimmerman-Specialty Fabrications Inc., Greenlawn Mortuary, Coors Light, Cycle Works-Don Galloway, Zanotti Racing, and Dodge Brothers Racing) sponsors added just for the Willow Springs races there was a $14,000 purse at stake in the Digger Helm Pro main and over $4,000 up for grabs in the Dash-4-Cash. One hundred forty seven entries filled nineteen heat races, seventeen main events and two dash-4-cash races to fill out the day's program. Three water trucks were on hand to keep moisture in the racing surface, a blade and drag were also used in track prep and truckloads of D G were brought in just for this event.

A new twist was added to start off the final round's main events, a Youth 85cc class Dash-4-Cash taking the top five riders in a four lap shootout for a $350 purse. Nolan Reitz nailed the start to lead through turns one and two with Colt Stanley and Sean Heeney giving chase from their second row start. Hunter Stanley ran in fourth with Clayton Williams fifth. On the second trip through turns one and two Colt Stanley was just too fast and took over the lead from Reitz. Two laps complete had Williams really putting his head down and advancing all the way forward to second while Heeney slipped back a spot moving Hunter Stanley to third. As for Reitz the early leader was all the way back to fifth where he would finish. On the last lap Colt Stanley pulled out over a three second gap over Williams for the victory and Heeney got around Hunter Stanley for third.

Ten riders made up the senior field with Steve Craft being the quickest off the line to lead into turn one. Ken Thiebaud ran a high line through turns one and two to settle in at second down the back straight with Keith Bryant in third. Tom Horton ran in fourth with Rick reed fifth and Jim Ottele sixth. Across the stripe for the first time Thiebaud would lead from Craft with Horton wasting no time moving from fourth to second going down the back straight the second time. Two laps complete had Craft in third with Ottele moving into fourth while Bryant faded back to sixth. Once up front Thiebaud and Horton pulled away from the pack as Reed put his head down and dropped both Ottele and Craft, advancing him to third. Ottele latched onto Reed to displace Craft to fifth and study Reed's lines. With two laps remaining Horton was within striking distance of Thiebaud and made his move going up the inside entering turn one to take over the lead. Horton went on to the victory with a fastest lap time of 22.67 seconds (the fastest of the race) to Thiebaud's 22.83 seconds. Reed stayed in third with Ottele fourth, Craft fifth, Bryant sixth and Fuzzy Wazzy Beeching seventh.

Fred Berger left the line first in the Sr. Novice/Super Sr. class but by turn one Tim Thomas had taken point to lead the field of ten. Thomas used the horse power of his BSA twin to stretch out his lead down the back straight over Berger's 350cc Honda while Herb Wolff ran in third with Jack Alexander slotted in at fourth. Dave Cheney fought over fifth with Fuzzy Beeching while Shane Van Sickle watched from seventh. By the completion of two laps Wolff has gotten past Berger for second and Alexander was applying pressure to Berger as well. At this point Beeching had made a move on Cheney to move up to fifth but Cheney hadn't given up and was remounting an attack waiting for the right moment. With a lap to go Thomas had a half straight lead over Wolff and the fastest lap of the race at 24.20 seconds. Alexander had also gotten around Berger for third with the only undecided position left until the exit from turn four where Cheney won the drag race to the checkered flag for fifth over Beeching.

There were nineteen riders in the Vet class, but only ten would go to the "A" main event. Off the line Jim Rosa lead through the first two turns and down the back straight. Jim Ottele ran in second with Lloyd McGregor third, Craig Johnson fourth, Jason Craven fifth, Larry Earhart sixth, and Robert Bush seventh. Rosa out front had a four bike length lead as McGregor in third tagged Ottele's rear wheel in turn two standing McGregor up and costing him a drive. A lap later as Johnson faded and Craven moved into fourth with Earhart taking over at fifth while Robert Bush and Jay Gosvenor from poor starts had regrouped and were up to sixth and seventh. Exiting turn two on the next lap Bush muscled his way into fifth past Earhart while Rosa now had over a fourteen bike length lead over Ottele in second. A half lap after Rosa posted the fastest lap time of the race at 22.00 seconds then disaster struck as oil and smoke billowed from his machine as he coasted to a stop between turns three and four handing the lead over to Ottele. At this point Gosvenor went past Earhart for fifth while Bush was pressuring Craven for his third place spot. When it was all said and done Ottele took the victory from a closing McGregor with Bush just nipping Craven at the line for third and Gosvenor holding off Earhart for fifth.

Tom Horton reversed the order on the starting line as is the pole sitter's option; Horton wanted to start on the outside rather than the inside and so exercised his right. It worked out as Horton led the Classic 500-750sv pack into turn one with Lenny Rodriguez left sitting on the line appearing to have forgotten to put his Triumph in gear. Chris Rudy on a 1962 H.D. 750 ran a close second with Jack Alexander further back in third. At the end of the first lap Rodriguez had pulled it back together and was up to fourth with James Kohls fifth and Joe Pape sixth. The third time through turn four Rudy squared up Horton and used the banking to his advantage to get a drive past Horton into the lead. However Horton is a past national racer and doesn't just give up, he came right back at Rudy and was only a bike length behind as the front two pulled away from the rest of the field. Horton would attempt a high line then a low line changing everything up, but Rudy countered his every move and maintained the lead as they came to the white flag with over a full straight away lead over Alexander. On the last go round Rudy really put his head down and opened a small gap over Horton to seal his victory. Alexander was alone in third with Rodriguez a full straight further back in fourth and Pape getting past Kohls on the last lap for fifth.

Nolan Reitz fresh from the youth 65cc main event victory picked up where he left off, the front of the pack, as he lead the youth 85cc field into turn one. However Colt Stanley had something to say about this as he shot past Reitz into the lead while Allison Stacey, Sean Heeney and Hunter Stanley were fighting over third. Entering turn one for the second time Heeney put a wheel under Stacey to take over at second while at the front Colt Stanley had opened up a half straight away gap. Heeney looked out of place on the bigger 3/8th mile oval as he tried to ride around the pole to make an inside line work, but he was also studying Stacey looking for an opportunity to pounce. With two laps to go pounce he did as he went under Stacey out of turn four to take over at second at the stripe. Meanwhile up front Colt Stanley had over a four second lead as was the fastest rider on the track by a big margin. At the checkered flag Colt added another second to his margin over Heeney with Stacey third now ten bike lengths back and Hunter Stanley further back still in fourth and Clay Williams fifth closing in on Hunter.

Ron Hinton got his best start anyone can remember in the Modern 250 main event to lead Nick Armstrong, Paul Ott, and Don Galloway. Between turns one and two on the second lap Armstrong took the lead with authority and put his head down not wanting anyone to be able to come back at him. On lap three Hinton would tip over and slide on his head and shoulder up the banking in turn three giving up his second place position. This moved everyone behind Armstrong up a position and made the finishing order Armstrong, Paul Ott, Galloway, Will Ott, Marc Lyons, and Ron Hinton.

In the Modern 750 main event Paul Herman opted for a reverse starting order wanting to start from the outside and got a flyer of a start to lead Ken Thiebaud by four bike lengths on the first trip down the back straight. Jim Ottele dropped in well behind in third with Don Galloway in fourth and Keith Bryant fifth. Making up for a poor start in seventh was Tom Horton who had advance to fourth by lap three. While back up front Herman set blistering laps at 22.33 seconds stretching out his lead. In the end Galloway would drop back to sixth, Bryant would stay in fifth, Horton's march forward was stopped in fourth behind Ottele and Herman won over Thiebaud by 3.8 seconds.

Sean Heeney the youngest rider in the 250 Open class was first to leave the line and lead through turns one and two and down the back straight. Dominic Monaco was attached to Heeney's back wheel in second with Casey Cahoon in third. Then entering turn three on lap two Cahoon held the throttle on longer to go past Heeney into second and then through turns three and four Nick Ottele and Damon Coca seized the opportunity to shoot past Heeney as well dropping Heeney from second to fifth in the blink of an eye as Allison Stacey made her way up to sixth. As Monaco took the white flag he was putting Eric Cleveland a lap down which held him up slightly but Cahoon wasn't close enough to take advantage of it which left the finishing order Monaco, Cahoon, Ottele, Coca, Heeney, and Stacey.

Eleven riders made up the 500 Support class with David McNeeley getting the initial jump off the line to lead through turns one and two. Rick Reed, Jimmy Lundgren and Jason Craven gave chase with Jay Gosvenor in fifth and Jeff Gonzales sixth. Gosvenor must have put on Brad Baker's hot shoe or something because on the next lap he went through traffic like it was a parking lot and within a lap was up to second past Reed. He wouldn't stop there as he locked his cross hairs on McNeeley and ran it up the inside of McNeeley on the next run through turn one. As they exited turn two they were side by side going down the back straight with Gosvenor on the outside. Reed was back in third watching with Craven fourth, Jack Jones now up to fifth, Gonzales sixth and Lundgren seventh. Exiting turn four Gosvenor took over at the front to lead lap three. With a clear track in front of him Gosvenor posted a 23.04 second lap, the fastest of the race while Jones pulled out of the race in turn three advancing everyone behind him a position. Then McNeeley found his second wind and on the next run through turn three ran his Jim McMurren TT-500 past Gosvenor for the lead, be it ever so briefly as McNeeley went way high and almost threw it in the hay bales. This gave Gosvenor a four bike length breathing room gap as they came to the white flag. By this time, on the last lap Reed and Craven were all over McNeeley for second which became a run to the stripe out of turn four with McNeeley holding second to Gosvenor and Craven beating Reed to the line for third making Reed fourth, Gonzales back a few lengths in fifth and Lundgren sixth.

The Bronson Bauman show, sorry the Open Am "A" main event took the top ten of the eighteen open amateurs from their heat races to the "A" main with the rest regulated to a "B" main. Bauman riding a Beta was the only open amateur rider to lap under the 22 second mark at 21.88 seconds and was the odds on favorite. Off the start Dennis Trentman nailed the start to lead through turns one and two with James Monaco second, Bauman third, Dan Brown fourth, Larry Earhart fifth, and Nick Armstrong sixth. The top four began to stretch it out over the rest of the field with the order unchanged for the first two laps. On lap three Bauman went high between turns three and four to get a drive which he used to advance up to second. Brown seeing Bauman's lines followed suit and closed the gap back up to Monaco who was in third. Coming to the white flag Bauman went in high and wide entering turn three, but this time stayed high confusing Trentman who thought he'd square him up and get a drive, instead Bauman ran around the outside the entire way through turns three and four to lead at the stripe for the white flag. Trentman must have been shocked as he must have backed off a little and now had Monaco to deal with for his second place spot, Bauman went on for an easy win with Trentman recovering to hold onto second with Monaco third, Brown a close fourth, Armstrong fifth ahead of Earhart in sixth.

Sunday Pro Results and Photos