Opening Weekend at Perris

March 24 and 25

Tags by Jamey Blunt  -  Photos by Donnie Walters

 #43 Ajay Hateley at just eighteen years of age in only his second pro
flat track race picked up the victory in the twenty lap main event at S.C.F.T.A.
round #2 on the Perris 1/4 mile oval. Ajay the youngest son of former
national #98, Houston Astrodome winner, Ascot regular, and movie stuntman
John Hateley; clearly has inherited his fathers talent and racing savy.
Ajay taking last year to save money while working part time and attending
school bought himself a new 450cc mount. With some help from the Bush
brothers and the famed Axtell doing engine work, the stage was set for
Ajay to make an appearance in the flat track world. Jumping into the deep end
of the pool Ajay entered the Pro class on opening night at Perris and finished
a respectful fourth. But all the while he was going to school on his competition,
plus the days spent at the Bob Harris Movie Ranch practice track under the supervision
of dad has put him on a fast track to the top of the box. (Note: Kayl Kolkman also
puts in alot of time at the movie ranch track which gives Ajay alot of insight as to how
Kolkman rides) So it was on Sunday with one hundred twenty five entries on hand
for rouind two that Ajay Hateley put it all together right from the start of the Pro Main event
to take a convincing victory over Kayl Kolkman. At this rate when he's in Rome, they may
do as he does. Or at least when he's at Perris.

88E Robert Bush and 98 Kayl Kolkman

 The youth classes were huge on the openin weekend at Perris.
One big standout was El Segundo's Sean Heeney #117 as he took
the victory in the *5cc Youth 4-stroke class.

 Jim Wood running the #15 (sponsored by Freddie Edwards)
spanked the Sr. Vet +50 class. Wood just seems to get faster
every year.

 #73 David McNeeley (sponsored by Jim McMurren) on a Dick Mann
framed Yamaha TT-500 was the top dog of the Open Am. field on
Sunday at round two. McNeeley has really stepped up his game and
looks to be a threat in any class this season.

  #55 AV Kawasaki, Yamaha's Tom Horton won both the Vintage 750cc
and 250cc Expert classes on Sunday at round two. Horton shown here
is on his 250cc mount, just one of many pristeen bikes in his stable.

  There's a new face in one of the toughest classes at Perris;
The Bomber class. #47 Jim Wood sr. has thrown his hat in the ring
and made an impressive debute. But #89 Danny Perkins, the class champion
showed what he's made of and found his way to the front for the victory.
This is going to be a great season in this class!

 #88 Jim "Jumper" Rosa is picking up right where he left off
last season, at the front of the Vet +35 field.

 Former Grand National and Speedway racer #37 Jeff (the jester) Johnson
used his "Framer" to hand everyone in the Sr. +50 Vet class defeat.
Johnson is always FAST and it's good to see him back in action.
  #19r Brad Rudy out of Long Beach Ca. fought his way to the top step
of the Open Am. "A" main event. Rudy seen here on a new mount for him,
a 450cc DTX machine which surely agrees with his style.

 Yamaha mounted John Clayton was a new face at Perris.
He used his skills to top the Vintage 750cc class, it's great to
see new competition in this field.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


50CC 4 STK. Novice
2.    1 Sara Cords

50cc 4 STk Beginner
1.    Ethan Walter
2.    Aiden Walters
3.    Colin Petton

65cc Beginner
1.    Grant holmes
2.    Mackenzie Potts
3.    Ava Bush

65cc Novice
1.    James Ott
2.    Evan Harich
3.    Travis Petton

85cc Beginner 2stk
1.    Travis Petton
2.    Alyssa Flores
3.    Grant Holmes

85cc 4 stk Beginner
1.    James Ott
2.    Frank Flores
3.    Noah Bush
4.    Reese Watwa

85cc 2 stk Novice
1.    Allison Stacey
2.    Jaycee Jones

85cc 4 Stk Novice
1.    Sean Heeney
2.    Justin Hanson
3.    Moncia Gil
4.    Kenny Anderson

Men’s 4 Stroke
1.    Tom Cords
2.    Rob Marion

Premier Senior +70
1.    Gary Lane
2.    Marshall Jennings
3.    Allan Girdler

Super Senior +60
1.    Vince Graves
2.    ryan Gifford
3.    David Molitor
4.    De Wayne Jones

Senior Vets + 50 Experts
1.    Jeff Johnson
2.    Jim Wood
3.    Jeff Lessley
4.    Larry Earhart
5.    Travis Petton
6.    Kyle Lessley
7.    Steve Kukla
8.    John Garcia
9.    Dan Kane

Classic Vintage 500-750cc
1.    Jeff Apple
2.    Ron Lessley
3.    Tom Ferguson
4.    James Kohls
5.    Johnny Mc Clure
6.    Joe Pape/

Classic Vintage 250cc
1.    Casey Lessley
2.    Jerry Lessley
3.    Fred Berger

Open Non Classified
1.    Scott Hampton
2.    Nathan Omis
3.    Casey Cahoon
4.    Trevor Potts
5.    John Tinsley
6.    Sean Heeney

Senior +50 Amateur
1.    Bill wright
2.    John Clayton
3.    Patrick Hayes
4.    Andy hardan
5.    Larkin Wight

Senior +50 Novice
1.    Neil Hartman
2.    Greg Powell
3.    Corey Bauman
4.    Shell borden
5.    Fred Berger

Vintage 360 2 stk Expert
1.    Ryan Gifford

Vintage 360 2 stk Novice
1.    Gary Lane
2.    Rick Logan
3.    Kirk Lessley
4.    Jerry Lessley

Vintage 250 2stk Expert
1.    Nick Armstrong

Vintage 250 2stk Novice
1.    Michael Fritz

Vets + 35
1.    Jim Rosa
2.    Paul Ott
3.    Jason Craven
4.    Paul Herman
5.    Driver Hill
6.    Ronald Goss
7.    Eric  Cleveland


1.    Danny Perkins
2.    Jim Wood
3.    David McNeely
4.    Keith Bradford
5.    Jim Steet

750 Vintage
1.    John Clayton
2.    Andy harfan
3.    Steve Kukla
4.    Patrick Hayes
5.    Shannon Adams

Open Novice A Main
1.    Dylan Morin
2.    Jess Flores
3.    Trevor Potts
4.    Allison Stacey
5.    Corey Bauman
6.    Parker Earhart
7.    Emmy Bush

Open Novice B Main
1.    Andy Hardan
2.    Hadley Melton
3.    Sean Heeney
4.    Monty Watowa
5.    Patrick Hayes
6.    John Clayton
7.    Pat Neilson
8.    Eric Cleveland
9.    Joe Melton

Open Amateur A Main
1.    Brad Rudy
2.    Paul Ott
3.    David Mc Neely
4.    Paul Herman
5.    Eric Ryke
6.    Nathan Amies
7.    Mitt Nielson
8.    Casey Cahoon
9.    Joel Kath

Open Amatuer B Main
1.    Brandon Pate
2.    Chris Mc Dougal
3.    Paul Herman

Pro’s top 4 Only out 12
1.    Kayl Kolkman
2.    David  Bush
3.    Michael Avila
4.    Ajay Hateley
NOTE: The remainder of the Pro Class I am rescoring.

Dash for Cash went to:
National # 98 Kayl Kolkman

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Youth 50cc 4 Stk Beginners
1.    Aiden Walters
2.    Colin Petton
3.    Ethan Walters

50cc 4stk Novice
1.    Toby D’Avignon

65 cc 2 stk Beginner
1.    Grant Holmes
2.    Mackenzie Potts

65cc 4 stk Novice
1.    James Ott
2.    Evan Harich
3.    Courtney D’Avignon

65cc 2stk Novice
1.    Travis Petton

4Stk Beginner
1.    Ava Bush

85cc 2 Stk Novice
1.    Allison Stacey

85cc 4stk Novice
1.    Sean Heeney
2.    Monica Gill
3.    Justin Hanson
4.    Jayce Jones
5.    Frank Flores

85cc 2stk Beginner
1.    Grant Holmes
2.    Alyissa Flores
3.    Travis Petton

85cc 4 stk Begginer
1.    James Ott
2.    Frank Flores
3.    Noah Bush
4.    Evan Harich
5.    Reese Watowa

Classic Vintage 500 - 750cc
1.    Tom Horton
2.    Ron Lessley
3.    Tom Ferguson
4.    Jeff Apple
5.    James Kohl
6.    Joe Pape

Classic Vintage 250cc
1.    Jerry Lessley
2.    Fred Berger

Super Senior +60
1.    Vince Graves
2.    Ryan Gifford
3.    David Molitor

Premier Senior + 70
1.    Allan Girdler

Open Non Classified
1.    Brandon Rothell
2.    Casey Cahoon’
3.    Allison Stacey
4.    Sean Heeney

Senior Vet’s + 50 Expert
1.    Jim Wood
2.    Jim Ottele
3.    Jeff Lessley
4.    Larry Earhart
5.    Lloyd McGregor
6.    John Garcia
7.    Tom Horton

Senior Vets + 50 Amateur
1.    John Clayton
2.    Larkin Wight
3.    Andy Hardan
4.    Pat Hayes
5.    Steve Kukla

Senior Vet’s +50 Novice
1.    James Steet
2.    Neil Hartman
3.    Corey Bauman
4.    Greg Powell
5.    Fred Berger
6.    Shane Van Sickle
7.    Danny Manthis

Vet’s + 35
1.    Paul Ott
2.    John Lundgren
3.    Paul Herman

Vintage  2 stk  360 Expert
1.    Jeff Lessley
2.    Ryan Gifford

Vintage 2 stk 360 Novice
1.    Kirk Lessley
2.    Gary Lane
3.    Rick Logan
4.    Jerry Lessley

Vintage 2 stk 250 Expert
1.    Tom Horton

Vintage 2 stk 250 Novice
1.    Shane Van Sickle
2.    Michael Fritz

1.    David  McNeely
2.    Jim Wood
3.    James Steet

Open Novice
1.    Dyan Morin
2.    Jess Flores
3.    Hadley Melton
4.    Allison Stacey
5.    Parker Earhart
6.    John Garcia
7.    Sean Heeney
8.    Corey Bauman
9.    Andy Hardan
10.    Pat Neilson
11.    Monica Gil

Vintage 750
1.    Tom Horton
2.    John Clayton
3.    Jim Ottele
4.    Patrick Hayes

Open Amateur
1.    David Mc Neeley
2.    Paul Herman
3.    Cody Bohannon
4.    Casey Cahoon
5.    Brandon Pate
6.    Brad Rudy
7.    Matt Nielson
8.    Rich Hanson
9.    Chris McDougal
10.     David Reinhard
11.    Ron Goss
12.    Eric Ryke

1.    Ajay Hateley
2.    Kayl Kolkman
3.    David Bush
4.    Robert Bush
5.    Brandon Rothell
6.    Nick Armstrong
7.    Nick Gil
8.    Jim Rosa
9.    John Vandenlaan
10.    Curtis Peebles
11.    Austin Scaggs
12.    Danielle Caldeira