S.C.F.T.A. Round #3

Perris Raceway

April 28th, 2012

Photos by Janice Blunt

Tags and Article by Jamey Blunt

National #98, Kawasaki's Kayl Kolkman had a perfect night at Perris.Kolkman had the fastest lap of the night at 14.62 seconds, won the dashand the twenty lap main event. Who could ask for more?

The start of the twenty lap Pro final saw #37 Jeremy Toye, #98 Kayl Kolkman, #65e Kenny Malaguanero, #88e David Bush, #17 Chris Cannon, and #43 AJay Hateley, on the front row. Kolkman nailed the start and never looked back.

 National #98 Kayl Kolkman started off the night in great fashion. Kolkman won the four lap Dash-4Cash against the other top threepros. Here Kolkman makes the pass on #65e Kenny Malaguaneroon his way to the front for the victory.


#77 Paul Herman topped the Open Amateur field of eight riders. Here Herman leads #19v Joel Kath who would fade to fourth by the end, but still seems to get back to his old form with each passing round. Hermans fastest lap time was 16.27 seconds.



Former National #98 John Hateley hasn't lost his speed. He showed up at Perris with a Yamaha TT-500 with a twenty year old front tire and still put on a school for the Bomber field. Hateley also turned the fastest lap time at 15.06 seconds.


The start of the Bomber main event had class champion #89 Danny Perkins starting from the second row due to a jumped start. #98 John Hateley shot to the front and ran away with the win. #47 is Jim Wood, #73 David McNeeley, and #33 is Keith Bradford.

 #369 John Perez sat on pole for the Senior Vet +50 Amateur final. He was chased throughout the main, but lap after lap held off all attacks to take the victory. His fastest lap of the race was 16.06 seconds. #146 is Bill Wright, #4Q Larkin Wight, and #4 Daniel Stinson.

 #88 Corey Bauman had a great night at Perris winning both the Senior Vet +50 Novice main event and the Open Novice Main. Shown here in the Open Novice final at the checkered flag Bauman is in front of #188 Jaycee Jones. Bauman's fastest lap of the night was a 16.46 seconds.

#82e Travis Petton the 2nd. was the fastest of the Senior Vet +50 class with a lap time of 15.62 seconds. Here off the start of their heat race #21 John Garcia hits the dirt, he was fine and made the full re-start. #678 is Steve Zoumaras, #58y Jim Ottele, and #15 Jim Wood.


 The only time the field was together was off the line in the Vet +35 class. #88 Jim Rosa had the fastest lap time by over a full second at 15.39/100. #12 is Paul Ott, #77 is Paul Herman, #19v is Joel Kath, with #678 Steve Zoumaras hidden.

#75 Ryan Gifford (Bultaco) didn't win the heat race in the Super Senior +60 class, but he sure was on fire for the main event. Shown here in front of #22 David Molitor, Gifford launched from the start, put his head down and never looked back! His fastest lap time was 15.94 seconds.

Eight riders made up the 85cc 2-stk / 4-stk main event. Scored separately according to their bikes, it was still a great race. #981 Monica Gil topped the 4-stk field while ##23 Justin Hanson took top honors for the 2-stk's. Here at the start are #17 Noah Bush, #54 Frank Flores, #12 James Ott, #23 Justin Hanson, #13 Jaycee Jones, #3G Hunter Goodwin #981 Monica Gil.

#82 Travis Petton the 4th, picked up two victories at round three of the S.C.F.T.A. series. He started off with a win in the 65cc 2-stk Novice, then backed it up with a hard fought win in the 85cc 2-stk Beginner main event over #53 Alyssa Flores who hounded Petton the whole race.

S.C.F.T.A. Round #3

Perris Raceway


Photos by Janice Blunt

Article by Jamey Blunt

Spectator crowds continue to grow at Perris as the word spreads of the exciting racing on the mile oval that is home to the S.C.F.T.A. With a daytime high of eighty six degrees and the nighttime low (for the races) of sixty four, the ninety four participants that made up the eighteen heat races, dash-4-cash, and sixteen main events couldn't have asked for anything better. On a side note, title sponsor Lucas Oil is signed on for the 2012 season, as is Southland Racing with the addition of National #37 Jimmy Wood now doing the fine tuning, tweaking, and setup for anyone interested in having the best in dirt track suspension. Along with his suspension work, any tips or coaching one might get would definitely prove valuable to any dirt track racer.

The top two finishers from each of the Pro heat races made up the Dash-4-Cash, which kicked off the nights main events. Jeremy Toye, Kayl Kolkman, Kenny Malaguanero, and David Bush were the four riders that staged on the freshly groomed race track for the four lap sprint. Off the line Toye got the jump and led into turn one with Kolkman trying to slip up the inside only to have Toye close the door. Malaguanero was away in third with Bush fourth. On the second trip through turns one and two Kolkman made his move and went past Toye for the lead. On the next run through turn four Malaguanero went under Toye taking him out wide to settle in at second past the stripe. This in turn allowed Bush to take advantage of the situation and slide past Toye as well into third. Lap three was Kolkman's fastest of the race at 14.96 seconds as he continued on for the win, Malaguanero stayed at second with Bush third and Toye who started first ended in fourth.

The youth classes at Perris continue to grow, which is a good thing. But with so many different bike choices available, both two and four stroke in so many varying displacement sizes the classes can get confusing. Twenty two racers made up the eight different youth classes, which ran in four different races. How was that possible you say; they were scored separately of course. Grant Holmes as many of the riders do; rode more than one class. Holmes (2-stk) led the 65cc novice two and four stroke field with Travis Petton the fourth (2-stk) in second with James Ott (4-stk) in third. On the first trip down the back straight Ott shot past Petton for second then dropped Holmes from the lead as they came up the front straight for the completion of the first lap. Entering turn three for the second time Petton had regrouped and went past Holmes for second and set his sights on Ott at the front. A lap later between turns three and four Petton had picked up his pace and shot past Ott for the combined lead on the track. Ott wasn't through though and made one final run at Petton but came up short at the stripe, but with the separate scoring Petton won the 2-stk first place with Ott first for the 4-stk class. Petton became a double winner for the night as he came back in the 85cc 2-stk beginner final to top Alyssa Flores in a hard fought battle. In the 85cc 2 & 4 stk Novice main event Justin Hanson led from the start with Hunter Goodwin, Frank Flores, and Monica Gil giving chase. A half lap in and Gil left a barn door gap open to have James Ott drop her to fifth. Coming to the white flag Goodwin took over the lead from Hanson as the front two had left the rest of the field behind. Goodwin quickly opened up a six bike length gap as he brought it home for the overall victory ahead of Hanson, Frank Flores, and Monica Gil who regained fourth.

Vince Graves took the victory in the Super Senior +60 heat race but Bultaco mounted Ryan Gifford used the time between the heat and main event to focus and re-group.

In the main event Gifford launched off the line to lead into turn one and open up a four bike length gap by the end of the back straight. Graves slotted in at second with David Molitor third and DeWayne Jones (on a 2-stk 500cc Honda) fourth. At the front Gifford turned his fastest lap on lap three at 15.94 seconds while Graves struggled to make up ground. In the end the running order would stay just as it started, Gifford, Graves, Molitor, and Jones.

As of late Jim Rosa seems to own the Vet +35 class, that's not to say there aren't any challengers, there are. Paul Ott, Paul Herman, and Joel Kath are all capable racers in their own right and fully able to put it all together at any given time for the victory. But on this night Rosa was the only rider in the class able to lap under the sixteen second mark with a 15.39/100 second lap time, which gave him the victory over Ott, Herman, Kath and Steve Zoumaras.

John Perez nailed the start in the Senior Vet +50 Amateur class to lead Bill Wright into turn one. Daniel Stinson ran in third with Larkin Wight fourth. With one lap in the books Perez held an eight bike length lead and on lap two posted the fastest lap of the race at 16.06 seconds. By lap three the finishing order was set with Perez having over a half a straightaway lead over Stinson, who in turn had a six bike length gap over Wight. On the last go round Stinson did pick up his pace to put in the second fastest lap on the track at 16.26 seconds but time wasn't on his side as the finishing order remained the same.

What was arguably some of the best racing of the entire evening was the Bomber class heat race. Making a debut in this class was retired former National #98 John Hateley. This along with the addition of Jim Wood for the 2012 season and David McNeeley also now on pace with Danny Perkins (class champion) and Travis Petton the second, this is one tough field. In the heat race Hateley was in sixth entering turn one and methodically worked his way through the field to make his final pass for the lead and heat race victory on the last lap. For the main event Hateley would start on pole and put all his years of skills to use to lead into turn one. Wood jumped in right behind not wanting Hateley to get away with Keith Bradford getting a great start away in third. McNeeley settled in at fourth with Perkins working a high line on the outside (all that was available to him) in fifth. A lap down saw Bradford go way up high, which McNeeley took advantage of and moved forward to third while Perkins in traffic was still trying to make the high line work was all over Bradford. At the front Hateley had a ten bike length gap over Wood and turned the fastest lap for a Bomber class machine at 15.06 seconds which would also prove to be the second fastest lap turned for the entire evening. With two laps remaining Perkins had dropped Bradford to fifth and closed the gap to McNeeley and made the pass for third going around the outside on the exit from turn four. On the next lap on the run to the white flag McNeeley made his move in turn four as well to reclaim third from Perkins. Coming to the checkered flag with a full straight away lead Hateley lofted his front wheel skyward and rode a wheelie down the front straight to the delight of the spectators. Wood came home in second with McNeeley holding off the advances from Perkins for third and Bradford watching this all from fifth. Hateley proved when it comes to racing he still has what it takes and can even bowl overhand!

One rider who quietly slips under the radar is Corey Bauman. On this night Bauman was the only other double class winner waging war with Curtis Pimentel, Michael Diego, and Paul Claybaugh in the Senior Vet +50 Novice main event and fighting tooth and nail with John Garcia, Rich Hanson, and Brett Bemis for the victory in the Open Novice final. Bauman's fastest lap between the two classes came in the Senior Vet +50 class at 16.46 seconds. If Bauman continues his winning ways it won't be long before an upgrade of classification is in order.

Eight riders made up the Open Amateur final with Grand Terrace's Paul Herman reading the start perfectly to lead into turn one. David McNeeley dropped in behind in second with Brad Rudy away in third. Entering turn three for the first time a rider went down bringing out the red flag stopping the race. On the full re-start McNeeley led the field into turn one with Herman in second and Joel Kath running in third with Rudy in fourth. Entering turn two on the second lap, McNeeley who was hugging the pole lost the front wheel and laid it down handing the lead over to Herman. Rudy who by now was up to third and gaining ground worked a small miracle avoiding McNeeley on the ground and still managed to stay in the third place position behind Kath. All the while Eric Ryke was up to fourth with Rich Hanson running in fifth. McNeeley was no worse for the tip over and was back in the race of a lap behind. Then on the very next lap in almost the exact same spot McNeeley threw it away again. On lap four Kath had closed in on Herman and looked poised to make a run for the lead when upon the exit from turn two came Rudy up the inside and dropped Kath to third in the blink of an eye. This seemed to stun Kath as on the exit from turn four to the white flag Hanson who had gotten past Ryke into fourth made a bold pass on Kath to take over third. With less than a lap remaining the top three were altogether as Herman rode smart and protected his inside to hold on for the victory. Second was another matter as it was so close to call with Hanson making a charge out of turn four on Rudy only to come up short by inches at the stripe to finish third to Rudy's second place. Kath was a solid fourth with Ryke finishing in fifth.

The twenty lap pro main event had Kayl Kolkman burst from the starting line like a water skier behind a drag boat. 2011 Pro class champion David Bush fought to drop into the second place spot in front of Jeremy Toye. Kenny Malaguanero after a year and a half absence from Perris settled in at fourth with round two pro main event winner AJay Hateley running in fifth. With the showdown some had been waiting for between Kolkman (who won round one) and Hateley (who won round two) it looked like they would be disappointed with Hateley buried back in mid pack. By lap four Kolkman was pulling away and Toye had worked his way past Bush into second. Malaguanero was still in fourth but closing as his timing and style were returning to him. Hateley was settled in at fifth and behind him Robert Bush was in sixth with Chris Cannon seventh and Nick Gil (recovering from a nasty crash in practice) in eighth. Kolkman had the fastest lap of the race and of the night at 14.62 seconds and by lap eleven was into lappers as he put Gil and Cannon a lap down. By lap thirteen David Bush, Malaguanero, and Hateley had all closed the gap to Toye and it was anyone's race for second. David Bush was showing Toye a wheel for second at every corner and still had to defend the attacks from behind from Malaguanero and Hateley. Then coming out of turn four for lap seventeen Malaguanero went past David Bush for third with Hateley attempting to follow him through as well only Bush had closed the line and David Bush went down hard on the front straightaway. With Bush and bike laying on the racetrack the red flag was thrown quickly stopping the race. Thankfully David Bush had no serious injuries after what was a very frightening get off. Since the race was well past completion it was called a race making the final finishing order Kolkman, Toye, Malaguanero, Hateley, Robert Bush, Gil, Cannon, and David Bush awarded eight place.     

Results April 28th, 2012

65cc Novice

2 Stk

1.    Travis Petton

2.    Grant Holmes

4 Stk Novice

1.    James Ott

2.    Courtney d’Avignon

3.    Evan Harich

85cc 2 Stk Beginner

1.    Travis Petton

2.    Alyssa Flores

3.    Frank Flores

4.    Grant Holmes

65-70cc Beginner

1.    Ava Bush

50cc 2stk Beginner

1.    John Miller

50cc 4 Stk Beginner

1.    Colin Petton

2.    Toby A’Avignon

85cc Beginner

1.    Justin Hanson

2.    Frank Flores

3.    Noah Bush

4.    Evan Harich

5.    James Ott.

85cc 4 Stk Novice

1.    Monica Gil

2.    Jaycee Jones

85cc 2 stk Novice

1.    Hunter Goodwin

Super Senior +60

1.    Ryan Gifford

2.    Vince Graves

3.    David Molitor

4.    De Wayne Jones

Premier Senior + 70

1.    Allan Girdler

750cc Vintage

1.    Jim Ottele

2.    Shannon Adams

Men’s 4 Stroke

1.    Brett Benis

Classic Vintage 500-750cc

1.    Joe Pape

2.    James Kohls

Classic Vintage 250cc

1.    Jerry Lessley

2.    Casey Lessley

Vets + 35

1.    Jim Rosa

2.    Paul Ott

3.    Paul Herman

4.    Joel Kath

5.    Steve Zoumaras

Senior Vets +50 Expert

1.    Travis Petton

2.    Jim ottele

3.    Steve Zoumaras

Senior Vet’s +50 Novice

1.    Corey Bauman

2.    Curtis Pimentel

3.    Michael Diego

4.    Paul Claybaugh

5.    Danny Mathis

Senior Vet’s + 50 Amateur

1.    John Perez

2.    Bill Wright

3.    Daniel Stinson

4.    Larkin Wight

360 Vintage 2 Stk. Espert

1. Ryan Gifford

360 Vintage 2stk Novice

1.    Rick Logan

2.    Gary Lane

3.    Jerry Lessley

250cc Vintage 2 stk

1.    Michael Fritz


1.    John Hateley

2.    Jim Wood

3.    David McNeely

4.    Danny Perkins

5.    Keith Bradford

6.    Dan Kane

Open Novice

1.    Corey Bauman

2.    John Garcia

3.    Brett Bemis

4.    Monica Gil

5.    Jaycee Jones

Open Amateur

1.    Paul Herman

2.    Brad Rudy

3.    Rich Hanson

4.    Joel Kath

5.    Eric Ryke

6.    Nick Ottele

7.    Harly Legowski


1.    Kayl Kolkman

2.    Jeremy Toye

3.    Kenny Malaguanero

4.    AJay Hateley

5.    Robert Bush

6.    Nick Gil

7.    Chris Cannon

8.    David Bush