S.C.F.T.A. Round #5

Perris Raceway

June 23rd, 2012

Photos by Janice Blunt

Tags and Article by Jamey Blunt

85cc 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Noah Bush
2.    Frank Flores
3.    James Ott
4.    Reece Watowa

50cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Danny Iha

50 cc 4 Stk Beginner
1. Karsyn Kesler
2. Colin Petton

65cc + 2 Stk Novice
1.    Travis Petton IV
2.    Grant Holmes

65cc+ 4 Stk Novice
1.    James Ott

65cc+ 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Ava Bush
2.    Brady Chikato

85cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Travis Petton
2.    Frank Flores
3.    Jimmy Gillen
4.    Alyssa Flores
5.    Grant Holmes

85cc 4 Stk Novice
1.    Sean Heeney
2.    Justin Hanson
3.    Moncia Gil

85cc 2 Stk Novice
1.    Allison Stacey

Youth 16 years 4 Stk
1.    Kody Kesler

Men’s 4 Stroke

#151 Billy Katkov is on fire this season! No matter where he starts, this is where he finishes. His fastest lap time of 16.22 seconds was a full second faster than the rest of the field. #55 Daniel Iha finished second in this the Men's 4-stk main.

Men’s 4 Stroke
1.    Billy Katkov
2.    Daniel Iha
3.    Ian Foulds
4.    Sason Pibovzgar
5.    Sean Stevenson
6.    Brinton Brown

Vintage 250 2 Stk Novice
1.    Shell Borden

Vintage 360 2Stk Novice
1.    Rick Logan
2.    Kirk Lessley

Vintage 250 2Stk Amateur
1.    Jim Steet

Super Senior + 60

#75 Ryan Gifford on a forty year old Bultaco topped the Super Senior class over 2011 class champion #4 Vince Graves. Gifford had to work hard for this victory though as Graves led the first four laps and lap times dipped down to the 15.4 second range.....

Super Senior + 60
1.    Ryan Giffordc
2.    Vince Graves
3.    David Molitor
4.    DeWayne Jones

Premier Senion + 70
1.    Mel Stoner
2.    Allan  Girdler

Vintage 750cc
1.    Jim Ottele
2.    Robert Bush
3.    Shannon Adams

Senior + 50 Amateur

If #369 John Perez would get better starts he wouldn't have to work so hard fighting his way through the Senior +50 field. His 15.90 second lap times allowed him to though as he took both the heat and Main event victories...

Senior + 50 Amateur
1.    John Perez
2.    Jim Kesler
3.    Larkin Wight
4.    Bill Wright
5.    Daniel Stinson

Senior + 50 Novice
1.    Fred Berger
2.    Paul Claybaugh
3.    Greg Powell
4.    Danny Mathis

Vintage 360 2 Stk Expert

#12 Jeff Lessley switched from his usual Hodaka mount to a Bultaco to take the victory in the 360cc Expert 2-stk final. Lessley's fastest lap of the night was 15.56 seconds.

Vintage 360 2 Stk Expert
1.    Jeff Lessley
2.    Ryan Gifford
3.    Kyle Lessley


The start of the Bomber Main event saw Jimmy Lundgern (#70L) get the jump on the field to lead #89 Danny Perkins,

1.    Danny Perkins
2.    Travis Petton
3.    Jim Lundgren
4.    Keith Bradford
5.    Jim Steet

Classic Vintage 500cc-750cc
1.    Jim Ottele
2.     Tom Ferguson
3.    James Kohls
4.    Lenny Rodriguez
5.     Clay Van Deren
6.    Joe Pape
7.    Sason Pibovzgar
8.    Ron Lessley

Classic Vintage 250
1.    Fred Berger

Vets + 35 Years

The start of the Vet +35 class had #19v Joel Kath, #70L Jimmy Lundgren, Craven going at it. Ott with a 15.62 second lap time (which Craven happened to match)took the hard fought victory.

Vets + 35 Years
1.    Paul Ott
2.    Jason Craven
3.    Jim Lundgren
4.    Paul Herman
5.    Joel Kath
6.    Steve Zoumaras
7.    Eric Cleveland

Open Novice

The start of the Open Novice final staged #51 Roy Stafford, #89 Eric Cleveland, #07 Allison Stacey (winner), #97 Hadley Melton, #00 Monica Gil, #117 Sean Heeney, #77 Paul Pitzon and #14x Jaycee Jones.

#07 Allison Stacey took two victories at round five. The Open Novice main and the 85cc 2-stk final. Here she takes the checkered flag from starter Rudy Gil. Her fastest lap of the evening was 15.77 seconds!

Open Novice
1.    Allison Stacey
2.    Paul Pitzonka
3.    Sean Heeney
4.    Hadley Melton
5.    Roy Stafford
6.    Monty Watawa
7.    Paul Claybaugh
8.    Monica Gil
9.    Eric Cleveland
   10.Jaycee Jones

Senior Vets + 50 Experts

#47 Jim Wood had a tough field in the Senior Vet +50 Expert class. But Wood who has won awards just for showing up put his head down and lapped at 15.26 seconds to take a well deserved victory over the eight other combatants...

Senior Vets + 50 Experts
1.    Jim Wood
2.    Jeff Johnson
3.    Travis Petton
4.    Jim Ottele
5.    Dan Kane
6.    Steve Zoumaras
7.    Jeff Lessley

Open Un Classified
1.    Nick Armstrong
2.    Sean Heeney

Open Amateur

The Open Amatuer final had thirteen riders shown here at the start the front row consisted of #19v Joel Kath, #54 David Reinhard, #14x Bill Britt, #19r Brad Rudy, #37r Nick Armstrong, and #27 Rich Hanson...

Open Amateur
1.    David Reinhard
2.    Paul Herman
3.    Brad Rudy
4.    Joel Kath
5.    Eric Ryke
6.    Rich Hanson
7.    Bill Britt
8.    Harley Legowski
9.    Greg Pitts out
10.    Richard Fox out
11.    Brian Bell out

Pro Expert

The start of the Pro Main only had six riders but the racing was still great. Off the start linewas #43 A Jay Hateley, #17r Nick Gil, #44r Nick Armstrong, #44s Robert Bush, #88Jim Rosa, and #88E David Bush....

#44s Robert Bush picked up his first Pro Main Event victoryat round five. Bush held off his brother David for the win and had the overallfastest single lap of the night at 15.20 seconds...

Pro Expert
1.    Robert Bush
2.    David Bush
3.    Jim Rosa
4.    Nick Armstrong
5.    Ajay Hateley
6.    Nick Gil

Extra Photos

#9 Bobby Hill, a name from the past made a short comeback at round five. Hill a pro class "C" and class "A" (Speedway) racer hit the ground in both practice and his heat race, so called it a night. Hill also received notetarity for a photo he was in with Kenny Roberts when Roberts was a novice at Ascot.

#57r Johnny McClure put his showpiece mount on the ground in the Classic Vintage 500-750-250 class. McClure had his problems just after the start finish line hitting Tera Firma along the crash wall out of spectator sight from the bleachers. Hopefully he is doing fine as he left the track under his own power.

#44r Nick Armstrong has to get the award for effort at round five. Armstrong tried to save it through turns three and four, and almost did. This was in practice though, so he did regroup and take a victory later on.

The starter for S.C.F.T.A. is Rudy Gil. Rudy showed up with a new sponsor in the form of K&N filters for his daughter Monica and son Nick... Good to have K&N on board at Perris where they sponsored so many riders over the last fifty years, including Freddie Edwards! In upcomming rounds many K&N filter systems will be awarded to racers at Perris... Thank You K&N!

6-23-2012 Perris S.C.F.T.A. Round #5

Article by Jamey Blunt

Photos by Janice Blunt

In honor of Paul McCartney's 70th birthday and a tribute to the Beatles changing the world, it was Beatles night at Perris. The music from the "Fab Four" was piped through the PA system to greet the riders as they rolled through the front gate from 2:00 p.m. through the remainder of S.C.F.T.A. round five. For a late June race date and the ninety degree temperature, it never really seemed that hot as a gentle breeze kept things pleasant. The entry list for S.C.F.T.A. at Perris has topped the one hundred mark every race this year with one hundred sixteen on this night. The program showcased twenty two heat races and nineteen main events on the pool table level oval (around the outside). A moment of silence at the riders meeting marked the importance that Bob Foulds meant to the dirt track community. Bob sadly was taken from his son Ian and family far too soon. Bob and Ian have been competing at flat track races across California and the country from local associations to nationals for some twelve years. Bob always had a smile, a kind word of encouragement, was a gentle soul always ready and eager to help anyway he could and will be missed within this tight knit community. Bob "lit a candle in a very dark place that shown a very long way."

Youth classes always start of the night's program, in the 85cc beginner Noah Bush led through turns one and two with Frank Flores taking that lead away down the back straight to lead into turn three. James Ott slotted in at third with Reece Watowa fourth. The running order stayed this way all the way to the white flag which Flores took first, but Bush had just been biding his time and made his move in turn three squaring up the corner to get a drive out of turn four and beat Flores to the stripe by a wheel for the victory.

Can anyone stop the win streak of Travis Petton the fourth? That's the question riders in both the 65cc 2-stk Nov. and 85cc 2-stk beginners have to be asking themselves. In the 65cc class Petton made things easy for himself and launched from pole to lead through turns one and two by two bike lengths, making the need for him to come through the field unnecessary. James Ott attempting to stay with Petton from the start gave his Honda just a little too much gas off the line and sent his front wheel skyward. Ott managed to bring the wheel back down to earth but it cost him time, it was a GREAT save though. By the end of the first lap with Petton out front and Grant Holmes in second, Ott was up to third. Lap two had Petton turn one of the best lap times he's ever posted on a 65cc mount at 17.96 seconds (the only rider in the class to go under 18seconds) and already have a four second lead over Holmes. By the white flag Ott was all over Holmes for second, but the Kawasaki of Holmes had horsepower over Ott's Honda as the two took the checkered flag in the same order.

Frank Flores led the field in the 85cc 2-stk beginner main where Petton attempting to drive underneath Flores the first time through turn three caught his left foot on the inside piping and settled back in at second to regroup. Jimmy Gillen who almost staled his bike at the start was quickly up to third with Grant Holmes in fourth and Alyssa Flores fifth. Two laps down, Flores was still leading Petton and dropped his lap time to 17.93 seconds. On the third trip through turn three Petton went up high to square up Flores but Gillen was right there and took Petton's line away, this was becoming a war. The next time entering turn one Petton dropped to the inside and put a wheel under Flores and the two exited turn two side by side. Petton held a slight advantage at the end of the back straight and entered turn three with the lead. One up front Petton wasted no time put his head down and put in a 17.15 second lap that Flores or Gillen just couldn't match. The battle now was for second as Gillen (who's best lap was 18.04 seconds) was at Flores's back door. But a mistake in turn two cost Gillen three bike lengths which made the finishing order Petton, Flores, Gillen and Alyssa Flores who took fourth from Holmes.

Allison Stacey is fast, very fast and is one of only two riders in the 85cc ranks to enter the fifteen second lap time barrier at 15.77 seconds. In the 85cc 4-Stk Nov. & 2-Stk Nov. class she squared off against the only other rider to accomplish this task Sean Heeney who's best lap was 15.79 seconds. Stacey lead from the line flowed by Justin Hanson and Heeney. Exiting turn four on the first lap Heeney took second away from Hanson while Monica Gil sat back in fourth. Stacey at the front was getting away with an eight bike length gap over Heeney who in turn himself had gaped Hanson by a full straight.  This order would remain the same all the way to the finish. On a side note Stacey also bested a field of ten in the Open Novice main event earning her two victories for the night!

Daniel Iha led the men's 4-Stk field into turn one with Ian Foulds giving chase, with Billy Katkov buried in the pack but fighting his way into third by the entrance to turn three. Katkov running a high line on the track left the throttle pinned to get up to Foulds by turn one and then pulled along side down the back straight to move into second. Katkov appeared to be a little more fired up on this night and was gaining ground on Iha quickly although Iha was still our leader at the end of lap two. Then starting lap three Katkov never shut off through turns one and two, left the throttle wide open and passed Iha around the outside to take over as leader exiting turn two. Once up front Katkov left the Perris zip code with a 16.22 second lap time as Foulds regrouped and had caught back up to a stunned Iha. With a lap and a half remaining Katkov was into lappers who also came into play for the battle waging for second. In the end Foulds couldn't make the run at Iha he had planned and came up just short at the stripe finishing in third to Iha. Sasan Pibovzgar, Sean Stevenson and Brinton Brown rounded out the field.

Allan Girdler and Mel Stoner played a part in the Super Senior +60 and Premier Senior outcome. Vince Graves who lead from the start with Ryan Gifford (on a forty year old Bultaco) glued to his back wheel. DeWayne Jones on a 500cc 2-Stk ran in third and David Molitor (with his worst start in recent memory) fourth. Graves never led by more than two bike lengths and turned a 15.42 second lap time attempting to shake Gifford. On lap four entering turn one Gifford went up the inside of Graves as the door was left open and led out of turn two while Jones had company now in the form of Molitor for his third place position. With two laps remaining the leaders caught Girdler in turn one to put him a lap down with Gifford squeezing underneath Girdler to get by. But Graves not wanting to startle Girdler opted for an outside route costing him three bike lengths. Graves then got a drive down the back straight and was close to Gifford entering turn three and carrying more speed but Stoner was in front of them both. Gifford shot under Stoner who stood his bike up causing Graves to change his line giving Gifford a six bike length advantage. With a clear track ahead and a lap to go, Graves made up ground but not enough as Gifford went on to victory over Graves while Molitor got around Jones for third.

Larkin Wight led the start of the Senior +50 Amateur class with Daniel Stinson second and Bill Wright third. By the end of the first lap John Perez was up to third after starting from the penalty line. The next lap saw Jim Kesler up to fourth after a bad start as Perez ran up the inside of Stinson in turn three to move into second. Perez settled in at a high line on the race track running around Wight through turns one and two for the lead on the next run down the back straight. The next lap Perez put in a 15.90 lap time as two riders went down between turns one and two bringing out the red flag. Hitting the ground were Stinson and Kesler with both riders getting to their feet unhurt. The single file re-start would not have Stinson able to make it as the handle bars on his mount were totaled. Perez took the field into turn one off of his cue with Wight second, Wright third and Kesler all fired up now on the wild side in fourth. A lap later Kesler was into third past Wright and then made contact with Wight up the front straight as he made the pass for second, then lifted his right hand briefly off the throttle to point at Perez. But Perez was long gone and cruised home for the victory by a half a straight lead over Kesler, Wight and Wright.

Jim Lundgren read starter Rudy Gil perfectly in the Bomber class to lead the pack into turn one while Travis Petton the second almost fell off the back of his Yamaha which cost him dearly in the form of real estate. Danny Perkins got a light-speed hyper drive exiting turn two and was a mere blur as he went past Lundgren for the lead. At the end of one lap Petton had collected himself and was up to third behind Lundgren with Keith Bradford and Jim Steet giving chase. The next go round Perkins with a twelve bike length lead turned a 15.42 second lap time, the fastest of the race. Petton was desperate to find a way around Lundgren and caught his left toe in turn two which lifted him up off the seat of his bike and cost him some ground. On lap five Steet was against the crash wall between turns three and four out of the race as Perkins now was not cacheable at the front.  As they came to the white flag Perkins had a four second cushion while Petton pulled alongside Lundgren on the inside to take over second entering turn one making the final order Perkins, Petton, Lundgren, and Bradford. 

Former national #37 Jeff (the jester) Johnson returned to Perris in the Senior +50 expert class. Southland racing's Jim Wood led off the line with Jeff Lessley in tow just ahead of Johnson. On the second trip through turns one and two Johnson went under Lessley, took him wide and parked him up high to take over at second which allowed Travis Petton the 2nd into third with Jim Ottele fourth and Dan Kane fifth. Lessley got going again but in sixth and way off from the leaders, his race basically over. At the front Wood turned a 15.26 second lap pulling away from Johnson who in turn had an eight bike length gap over Petton. The remainder of the race remained unchanged as Wood held his margin for the victory over Johnson, Petton, Ottele, and Kane.

A field of twelve made up the Open Amateur main event, Brad Rudy launched from the middle of the front row to lead through turns one and two followed by Nick Armstrong only to have his perfect start all be for nothing as Rich Hanson crashed on this first lap stopping the race. On the full re-start Armstrong nailed the start with Rudy buried mid pack into turn one. David Reinhard now ran in second with Paul Herman third and Rudy fighting his way forward to fourth by the end of the first lap. Joel Kath sat in fifth with Hanson, and Eric Ryke giving chase. By the white flag Kath had caught Rudy and was scrapping for fourth while Armstrong, the only rider to enter the fifteen second bracket at 15.93 seconds held a large lead. At the checkered, with Armstrong being scored for the Open Unclassified class the Open Amateur win went to Reinhard moving Herman up to second, Rudy to third, and Kath fourth.

Six combatants made up the Pro Expert main with Robert Bush the one leading the field into turn one. Only to have Nick Armstrong and Ajay Hateley go down in between turns three and four bringing out the red flag. With Armstrong and Hateley starting from the third row (the cause of the incident), Robert Bush once again repeated his perfect start to lead into turn one. Class champion David Bush (Brother) settled in at second with Jim Rosa third, Armstrong fourth, Hateley fifth, and Nick Gil sixth. Lap three Robert Bush turned what could be his best lap time ever at Perris at 15.20 seconds while David Bush and Rosa were swapping paint and riding gear material fighting over second. Hateley meanwhile was showing Armstrong a wheel at every opportunity making him work hard to stay in fourth. By the half way point of the race David Bush had dropped Rosa who looked tired of the fight and was willing to settle for third and locked cross hairs on brother Robert Bush at the front. Inching forward slowly working an inside line David Bush closed in on Robert Bush as the laps wound down. But Robert Bush did have the overall fastest lap of the race to David Bush's 15.26 second lap time and appeared more than capable of holding off  the attach on his victory. With two laps remaining the Bushes were two bike lengths apart and Robert went wide entering turn one leaving an opening for David allowing him alongside his back wheel down the back straight. But Robert rode smart, protected his line to hold on for his first pro main event victory, well deserved over David with Rosa lonely in third and Armstrong fourth holding Hateley off for the entire race. Round six at Perris is scheduled for July 14th, another Saturday night race and promises more of the same action not to forget the large amount of products handed out from Lucas Oil to each and every class winner.