S.C.F.T.A. Round #7

Perris Raceway

August 11th, 2012

Photos by Jamey Blunt

Tags and Article by Jamey Blunt

#12 Paul Ott has really picked up his pace. Ott came through by the end of the race to take the hard fought victory in the Vet +35 class over some very tough competition.

Lucas Oil's Gary Lane (#68) competed in a couple of classes at Perris. Lane won the Premier Senior class and finished second in the Vintage 360cc 2stk Novice final.

#42 Will Ott was the overall fastest of the Vintage 250cc-360cc 2stk nov., am., exp., field with a 16.10 second lap time. Ott easily won his class and the overall victory.

#41 John Garcia had to fight through a large field of Senior +50 Novices to come out on the top step of the box. Garcia's fastest lap was a 16.11 second time.

Former national #37 Jeff Johnson (riding Travis Petton's #82e bike) posted theoverall fastest lap time of the night at 15.04 seconds on his way to winning the Senior Vet +50 Expert main event... When he wants to the "JESTER" can still win!

#43 A Jay Hateley captured his second Pro Main event victory at Perris Saturday night with a thrilling battle that went down to the last inch of race track real estate to win by inches over Brandon Bates....

26-Sixteen year old Dylan Morin is someone to watch. Morin not only posted a 15.27 second lap time, he won both the Open Amateur and Open Unclassified main events....!!!

#4 Vince Graves owns the Super Senior +60 class!Graves posted a 15.48 second lap time as he left the field in another time zone...

The classic Vintage class my not have any brakes and the machines are truly vintage, but the competition is fierce none the less as shown here between #95 Tom Ferguson and #4 Joe Pape.

#82e Travis Petton the 2nd turned the wrenches for his two grandsons, and competed in two different classes himself. Petton topped the Bomber class and finished third in the Senior Vet +50 expert main.


#117 Sean Heeney fought every lap of the 85cc 2st-4st combinednovice final for his victory. Heeney's fastest lap of the race was16.36 seconds...

Results August 11, 2012

85cc 4 Stk Beginner

1.    Evcan Harich

2.    Frank Flores

3.    Noah Bush

4.    Reese Watowa

85cc 2 stk Novice

1.    Allison Stacey

2.    James Ott

3.    Clayton Willams

4.    Jace Callison

85cc 4 Stk Novice

1.    Sean Heeney

2.    Moncia Gil

3.    Justin Hanson

85cc 2 stk Beginner

1.    Travis Petton

2.    Grant Holmes

3.    Frank Flores

4.    Alyssa Flores

5.    Noah Bush

50cc 2 stk Beginner

1.    Colin Petton

65-70 cc 4 stk Beginner

      1. Ava Bush

65-70cc 4 Stk Novice

1.    Evan Harich

2.    James Ott

65cc 2 Stk Novice

1.    Travis Petton

2.    Grant Holmes

3.    Jace Callison

Specialty Bikes /Peddlers

1.    Andy Rust

2.    James Rust

3.    Jeff Fitzgerald

4.    Jake Busey


1.    Travis Petton

2.    Danny Perkins

3.    James Wood

4.    Keith Bradford

Vintage 750

1.    Jim Ottele

2.    Shannon Adams

Premier Senior

1.    Gary Lane

2.    Allan Girdler

Senior +50 Novice

1.    John Garcia

2.    Curtis Pimental

3.    Fred Berger

4.    Paul Claybaugh

5.    Danny Mathis

6.    Greg Powell

Senior +50 Amateur

1.    John Perez

2.    Larkin Wight

3.    Bill Wright

4.    Mike Cordero

5.    Jimmy White

Open Unclassified Non Paying

1.    Dylan Morin

2.    Noah Jordan

3.    Sean Heeney

Vintage 2stk 250 Novice

1.    Michael Fritz

Vintage 2stk 360 Novice

1.    Rick Logan

2.    Gary Lane

3.    Bryan Eademan

Vintage 2 stk 250 Expert

1.    Will Ott

Vet’s + 35

1.    Paul Ott

2.    David Bush

3.    Paul Herman

4.    Sean Lambert

5.    Eric Cleveland

Classic Vintage 500-750

1.    Jim Ottele

2.    Tom Ferguson

3.    Joe Pape

4.    James Kohls

5.    Lenny Rodriquez

Classic Vintage 250

1.    Fred Berger

Super Senior + 60

1.    Vince Graves

2.    De Wayne Jones

3.    David Molitor

Senior Vet’s + 50 Experts

1.    Jeff Johnson

2.    Jim Wood

3.    Travis Petton

4.    Wes Powell

5.    Jim Ottele

Open Novice

1.    John Garcia Jr

2.    Jimmy Gillen

3.    Sean Lambert

4.    Allison Stacey

5.    Sean Heeney

6.    Cory Cordero

7.    Andrew Harding

8.    Moncia Gil

9.    Eric Cleveland

10.    Jace Callison

11.    Noah Jorden

12.    Brian Bell

Open Amatuer

1.    Dylan Morin

2.    Paul Ott

3.    Brad Rudy

4.    Rich Hanson

5.    Paul Herman

6.    David Reinhard

7.    Austin Williams

8.    Jimmy White

9.    Harly Legowski


1.    A Jay Hateley

2.    Brandon Bates

3.    Robert Bush

4.    Nick Armstrong

5.    Jim Rosa

6.    Nick Gil

7.    David Bush

8.    Casey Cahoon

9.    Chris Cannon

S.C.F.T.A. Round #7

Perris Raceway August 11th, 2012
Article & Photos by Jamey Blunt

Perris California, in August, what did you expect? Yep; the high temperature for the day was one hundred nine degrees (which is why meteorologists have their driveways coated with non-stick Teflon so they can fry eggs). But the real surprise that greeted the one hundred twelve riders that entered round seven of the S.C.F.T.A. series was the Thunder, Lightning, Hail, and Rain that started at 2:42 p.m. As everyone who was already at the track scrambled for cover those enroot had to be questioning whether there would even be a race on this Saturday night. The skies above Perris would part and downpour two more times before the freak little storm left the racetrack for good. Immediately Freddie Edwards, Donnie Walters, and Keenan jumped into action and worked their magic to save the racing surface. Practice was started about an hour behind schedule, and then stopped, the track worked on again as a small drizzle had fallen and then practice resumed and all was well in the world of dirt track racing. Freddie and crew had dodged the bullet and twenty three heats were slotted to start the night's program.

Allison Stacey shot to the front off the line in the 85cc 2stk-4stk Novice main event followed by Sean Heeney, James Ott, Justin Hanson and Clayton Williams. Between turns three and four Heeney almost threw it all away but made a stellar save to continue on. Within a lap the front two (Stacey and Heeney) had opened up over an eight bike length gap back to Ott. Two and a half laps' complete saw Williams and Jace Callison both drop Hanson back two spots while Stacey turned her fastest lap of the race at 16.39 seconds. By now the two leaders had a full straight gap over third place and Heeney (who turned the fastest lap of the race at 16.36 seconds) was showing Stacey a wheel at every turn. At the white flag Heeney looked to have something planned but a bobble exiting turn two cost him and gave Stacey the small gap she needed to come home with the overall victory and first 2stk. Heeney though was still first 4stk as they are scored separately, and did have the fastest lap.

The 65cc 2stk Novice class is one Travis Petton the 4th has dominated for the last two years. But there's a "new kid in town" in the form of Grant Holmes who makes the trip from northern Calif. to Perris and looks to be getting faster with each round. Jace Callison is also one to watch from up north as he figures out the Perris racing surface and proper bike set up. Petton Won the 65cc Novice and the 85cc 2stk Beg. Main events with his fastest lap time of 16.68 seconds coming on the 85cc machine.

For the second time a new class was added at Perris, the "Specialty Bikes/Peddlers", this time they appeared in greater numbers with Arrow Motorized Cycles owner Dave Rust promising even more of a turnout as the word spreads. With their under 65cc 2stk engines in basically adapted bicycle frames, you pedal them to get started, hence rider weight and size makes a huge difference. Andy Rust on a Jake Busey machine was quickest off the line to lead into turn one and never looked back. Rust was the only rider in the field to lap under twenty seconds at 19.94 as we hope this class (fun to watch) continues to grow.

Danny Perkins led the Bomber field into turn one in front of Travis Petton the 2nd, Keith Bradford and Jim Wood. This was Perkins race to loose as he had posted the third fastest overall lap time of the night at 15.24 seconds in his heat race. Entering turn three for the first time Bradford went real wide leaving the door open for Wood to advance to third, thank you very much, with almost the same mistake costing Perkins the lead on the very next lap as he handed the front position to Petton. Once up front Petton slowly pulled a gap over Perkins and went on to the victory with Wood third and Bradford fourth.

The Premier Senior class is for racers over the age of seventy. It's to their credit that they can still put on a show and twist the throttle. Lucas Oil's Gary Lane aboard a pristine Bultaco painted in Astro attire but in green was the top of the class over magazine editor and legend Allan Girdler who has stated he's one of only a handful of racers "that can complete an eight lap race in seven laps."

Greg Powell had a rough night at Perris as he went down hard between turns one and two. But Powell re-grouped and thankfully was all right as he competed in the Senior +50 Novice main event. John Garcia was the class of the field though putting in the fastest lap of the race at 16.11 seconds for his victory over Curtis Pimental, Fred (my Triumph burned at Sac.) Berger, Paul Claybaugh, Danny Mathis, and Powell.

Paul Herman led the Vet +35 pack into turn one with Paul Ott right beside him on the outside as the headed down the back straight. Quickly working his way forward not wanting the leaders to get a gap was David Bush who is a new rider in this class. A lap complete saw Ott take over at the front with Bush pushing past Herman as well in turns one and two working an inside line. Herman wasn't going to give up second quite as easily as Bush might have thought and fought back for another lap which allowed Ott to pull out a gap at the front. Sean Lambert off the leaders pace was back in fourth with Eric Cleveland in fifth. As the laps wound down Lambert had caught up to Herman, who in turn was all over Bush giving us a three way fight over the second place podium position. Up front Ott was gone with a full straight away lead. At the white flag Bush had gapped Herman by three bike lengths and would hold on to second over Herman who in turn held third over Lambert. Ott with another victory looks to be advanced to expert status soon.

Tom "TOO FAST" Ferguson nailed the start in the Classic Vintage 500-750-250 final, but for some reason checked up allowing the pack to close on him into turn one. (Perhaps he thought he jumped the start) Lenny Rodriguez ran in second with Jim Ottele third, Fred Berger Fourth, Joe Pape fifth, and James Kohls sixth. One lap down Ottele moved up to second and was going after Ferguson at the front. A lap later had Berger and Pape both drop Rodriguez two positions. Ottele desperate to catch Ferguson pulled out all the stops but in doing so was on the edge and made some mistakes that cost him. At the white flag it looked as though Ferguson had this one in the bag but Ottele pulled a Hail Mary move squaring up turns one and two to get a drive and exit turn four in a drag race to the checkered that Ottele won by just a few feet. The overall fastest lap still went to Ferguson though at 16.24 seconds.

The Senior Vet Expert class is fast, very fast and stacked with talent! Jim Wood from Southland Racing led the field into turn one with Jeff Johnson and Travis Petton the 2nd glued to his rear wheel. Wes Powell making a return to racing ran in fourth with Larry Earhart fifth and Jim Ottele sixth. Up the front straight Johnson pulled alongside Wood and took over the lead entering turn one for the start of lap two. Once up front under pressure from Wood Johnson put his head down and turned the overall fastest lap of the entire night at 15.04 seconds. Wood picked up his pace this night as well and put in a 15.20 second lap which would turn out to be the overall second fastest of the night. At the white flag Powell had closed in on Petton in third as Earhart had retired handing fifth over Ottele who was well off the front four's pace. Johnson would go on to win over Wood with Petton holding off Powell for third and Ottele lonely back in fifth.

Sixteen year old Dylan Morin is a rider to watch, this Simi Valley talent led from the start over Brad Rudy, Paul Ott, and Paul Herman in the Open Amateur main event. Morin quickly began to gap the field and in fact turned the third overall fastest lap time of the night at 15.27 seconds. Behind him Ott was applying pressure to Rudy while Rich Hanson was working his way forward from a poor start. On lap three around the outside on the exit from turn two Ott went around Rudy to advance to second while Hanson dropped Herman to fifth as he took over fourth the next time through turn two. At the finish Morin was long gone for the win with Ott secure in second, Rudy a solid third, Hanson in fourth, Herman fifth, and Reinhard recovering from a last place start to finish sixth.

Robert Bush nailed the start of the twenty lap pro main event from the middle of the front row. A Jay Hateley slotted in at second with Brandon Bates third and Jim Rosa fourth. Rosa was running a high line and took advantage of a bobble by Bates to quickly move up into third. David Bush was away in fifth with Chris Cannon sixth and Nick Armstrong seventh. On lap three the high line was working for Rosa as he dropped Hateley to third and took over at second. Bates saw this and changed his lines as well and started to gain ground on Hateley. Just before the halfway point Rosa looked to be getting tired and started to fade, there's no question as to Rosa's speed, just his conditioning as Hateley was back up to second. Bush at the front had to contend with Hateley's new found energy as he was under attack just when he might have thought this one's in the bag. On lap nine Bates was past Rosa into third when a mistake from Hateley allowed Bates to pull alongside him as well. Now we had a three rider battle for the victory with ten laps to go. At this point Armstrong was into fifth, David Bush was back to sixth and Nick Gil was in seventh and closing. A lap later Robert Bush was in a Hateley/Bates sandwich going down the back straight and on the next lap Bates shot from third to first on the exit from turn two. Hateley not wanting a repeat of round sixes results quickly took over second from Robert Bush as Cannon pulled out of the race. By lap fourteen Hateley was showing Bates a wheel at every opportunity with Robert Bush still in third watching for any mistake, with David Bush loosing another position dropping to seventh looking to not have his heart in this race. On lap fifteen Hateley was the first to cross the stripe giving him the lead with Bates right beside in second while Rosa slipped back yet another position to fifth advancing Armstrong to fourth. Hateley put his head down attempting to get a gap over Bates and turned his best lap of the race at 15.30 seconds. But Bates wasn't through and was saving his move for the last lap and made a run at Hateley to pull alongside going down the back straight for the final time to enter turn three side by side. With the crowd on their feet Hateley and Bates exited turn four for a drag race to the stripe which Hateley (after conferring with scoring and starter Rudy Gil) won by inches. This, probably the closest victory of a pro final ever at Perris. Robert Bush was third with Armstrong fourth and Rosa fifth. After the main Hateley had this to say of his victory, "I don't know how I did that, Brandon was in there and I had the lead for about five laps and saw his shadow right there for over four laps in a row and it made me nervous. So I just tried not to make any mistakes and then the last lap I bobbled and he got around me but still managed to get right back by him, that was nuts. I was getting really tired but it was gonna be either Brandon or me who was gonna give up, but then I guess we both didn't give up. It wasn't a planned last lap move it just came out of the bottom of the hat."

This concluded round seven's racing with round eight set for the very next day.

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