S.C.F.T.A. Round 10

Perris, Calif. October12th, 2012

Photos by Janice Blunt

It's rare indeed not to have Travis Petton the 4th on the top step of the box in a least one class. At round ten Travis hammered the 85cc 2-stk beginner field. His fastest lap was a 16.42 seconds.

Just for the fun of it Brad Baker came out in the Classic Vintage class to try his hand on a foot clutch-hand shift pristeen Indian motorcycle, Baker still lapped in the mid fifteen second bracket....

#71m Jon Nunes is fast, very fast and usually wins when he makes the trip south to Perris. At round ten Jon won the Vet +35 main event with a fastest lap time of 15.48 seconds.

#26 Steele Friedrich led from the single file re-start of the bomber class main event to take the victory. #52 is Jim Kesler, #33 Keith Bradford, #69 Richard Fox and #89 Danny Perkins.

#21w Andy Hardan not only won the Senior +50 Am. final he also ran away with the Vintage 750cc Main event. (From Right to Left) #12 John Clayton, #4 Larkin Wight, #369 John Perez, #12x Pat Hayes, # 25 Steve Pruczinski, and back row #41 John Garcia....Hardan's fastest lap of the night was a 15.84 second time...


Billy Katkov was on at Friday night's race. He left theMen's 4-stk field in a different time zone.

Left - Vince Graves presented Bruce Sanford, the founder of the S.C.F.T.A.with a plaque for all his hard work and tireless efforts to keep flat track alive in Southern Calif.

17 Noah Bush put it all together at round ten to take the victory in the 85cc 4-stk beginner class with a fastest lap time of 17.44 seconds..

#2m Michael Hill picked up two victories at Perris in the Youth classes. Hill a newcomer at Perris won the 85cc 2-stk Novice & the 85cc 4-stk Novice main events with his fastest lap time being 16.25 seconds. (Allison Stacey gives chase)

#67 Davis Fisher made quite an impression on his first time at Perris. Fisher won both the Open Amatuer and Unclassified main events with a fastest lap time of 14.93 seconds!

The first place finisher from the four Pro heat races had a four lap dash for cash. They were L-R, #80 Stevie Bonsey, #27 Robert Person, #98 Kayl Kolkman, and #12 Brad Baker....

#58 Brandon Bates took a beating at Perris Friday night. Bates went down between turns one & two stopping the pro main on lap thirteen. Here Bates is sandwiched by #18m Wyatt Maguire and #14m Kale Fisher. Brandon always has a smile and a great attitude though no matter what happens at the races!!

National #27 Robert Person made the trip to Perris and took home fourth place money from the pro main. Person's fastest lap time was a 15.29 seconds.....

National #80 Stevie Bonsey showed up at Perris fresh off a Grand National win this season. Bonsey turned a respectable ride to finish sixth in the Pro main. #30 Bronson Bauman worked his way forward to finish fifth in the pro main. He may be yough but this kid has style and loads of talent. A star in the making!

#69 Jeffrey Carver ran as high as second in the Pro final. But on the single file re-start Kolkman made the move into second which left Carver to finish a solid third.

This is the view everyone except Brad Baker had of Kayl kolkman Friday night at Perris.

In the closing laps #98 Kayl Kolkman showed #12 Brad Baker a wheel several times but just couldn't make the pass for the lead. They crossed the line for the checkered flag only feet apart.

On the re-start of the pro main event the order was #12 Baker, #69 Carver, #98 Kolkman, #27 Person, #80 Bonsey, #30 (hidden) Bauman, #26 Morin.

S.C.F.T.A. Round #10

October12th, 2012

Article by Jamey Blunt

It has become a custom, tradition, call it what you may, for the S.C.F.T.A. to hold a Friday night short track on the night before the last Grand National race of the season.

This gives the opportunity for national pros across the country; who are in California anyway a chance to pick up some extra cash, some seat time, and for the local pros to gauge themselves against the top dirt trackers to see how they would measure up. Cloud cover from Thursday's storm kept the temperatures a pleasant sixty eight degrees and the moisture in the racing surface. An exact entry count showed one hundred forty filling twenty nine heat races and twenty four main events, with standing room only in the spectator bleachers. During the riders meeting just prior to practice a plaque was presented to the founder of the S.C.F.T.A. Mr. Bruce Sanford, this in recognition of his many years of hard work keeping the sport of flat track alive in southern Calif. Through Bruce's efforts over the years he brought flat track to Temecula, Comp. Park, Costa Mesa Fairgrounds, and the Del Mar Fairgrounds just to name a few. Flat Track is alive in Southern Calif. due in a large part to Bruce Sanford's efforts, we thank him!

The winners from each of the four pro heat races started off the night's main events with a four lap Dash 4 Cash. Kayl Kolkman, Brad Baker, Stevie Bonsey and Robert Person were the top four thus far of the twenty one pros on hand. Baker launched from pole to lead into turn one over Person, Kolkman and Bonsey. On the entrance to turn three Bonsey went in deep, squared up the corner to get a drive out of turn four and shot past Person and Kolkman into second. Just after the white flag (third lap) Kolkman working the inside line on Person found a way past to move into third entering turn one, while Baker posted his fastest lap of the night at 14.62 seconds. As the checkered flag flew Baker took the victory by six bike lengths over Bonsey with Kolkman holding Person at bay for third.

Twenty seven entries made up the youth classes with some fresh faces mixed in with the regulars. Noah Bush has been knocking on the winners door in the 85cc 4-stk Beginner class and led from the first flash of green into turn one. Frank Flores, Evan Harich, and Reese Watowa all gave chase but it was Bush's night and none could match his 17.44 second lap time as he went on to victory. In the 85cc 2-stk Beginner class Bush once again led into the first corner but this time Travis Petton the 4th, who was away in third quickly moved up to second and by the end of lap one had taken over the lead. Frank Flores settled in at third with Alyssa Flores fourth and Grant Holmes looking to have an off night was back in fifth. Up front Petton's fastest lap of 16.42 seconds earned him a runaway victory with the rest of the field remaining in the already established order.

Michael Hill, a newcomer to Perris is someone to watch. Hill was a double winner at round ten as he handed Allison Stacey a rare defeat in the 85cc 2-stk Novice main event and then backed it up with an 85cc 4-stk Novice victory as well. Hill's fastest lap of 16.25 seconds was also the overall fastest lap time of the entire youth classes.

One can't say enough about Billy Katkov. In the men's 4-stk class Katkov is the class act! His effort style and speed make him the standout. At round ten Katkov was on a mission and carried corner speed on his little Honda XR none could match. Dan Iha and Frank Baker gave it their all but Katkov knows how to race these smaller displaced machines and posted the fastest lap of the race at 16.52 seconds.

The Vintage 750cc field was a little larger than normal with the addition of a couple riders from Washington State. After his heat race victory Jim Ottele looked poised for the main event win as well, but it was John Clayton who nailed the start to lead into turn one followed by Andy Hardan and Pat Hayes. At the end of the first lap Hardan had taken over at the front and Ottele was back in fourth where he had started holding off Dylan Morin and Shannon Adams. Up front Hardan was being pushed and turned his fastest lap at 15.84 seconds on his big twin Yamaha keeping Clayton just behind him. With a lap remaining Ottele moved past Hayes into third and turned the fastest lap of the race at 15.78 seconds but this would be the best he could accomplish as time ran out and the finishing order ended at Hardan, Clayton, Ottele, Hayes, Morin and Adams.

Having gone down between turns one and two in the heat race and twisting his knee (which was later learned would require around eight weeks recovery) Jim Wood Sr. was a scratch for the Bomber main event. Danny Perkins led into turn one but then looked down at the right side of his machine as though something were wrong and swung wide in turn two. Steele Friedrich seized this opportunity and shot to the front as Perkins rejoined the pack at the back hoping to continue. Keith Bradford settled in at second with Jim Kesler third and Richard Fox fourth. Two laps complete saw Perkins up to fourth as Kesler dropped Bradford to third entering turn three. On the next go round Perkins shot past Bradford down the back straight into third but lost it entering turn three as he hit Kesler's rear wheel, this bringing out the red flag stopping the race. A single file re-start had Perkins at the back of the field once again as he was the cause of the red flag. Friedrich led with Kesler second and Bradford third as the field roared into turn one on the re-start. Just after the white flag Kesler made a run at Friedrich but went wide in turn two allowing Bradford to park him against the back straight wall. This made the finishing order Friedrich, Bradford Kesler, Fox and Perkins.

Jim Rosa who claims his first "Green Card" was an American Express led the Vet +35 field through turns one and two with King City, California's Jon Nunes coming from fifth in turn one up to second position by turn three. On the second run down the back straight Nunes got a drive out of turn two and pulled alongside Rosa entering turn three on the inside and took away the lead. Jason Craven had settled in at third with Paul Herman fourth, Paul Ott fifth, and Brad Rudy sixth. With a lap and a half remaining Ott pushed past Herman into fourth while Nunes was extending his lead at the front and Chris Cannon had found his rhythm and was on a march forward which would land him in the sixth place finishing position dropping Rudy to seventh. Nunes went on to victory over Rosa and Craven who were the only ones ever remotely close to his lap times.

John Clayton gets good starts, so it was no surprise when he led the Senior +50 Amateur class into turn one. Andy Hardan quickly dropped in right behind in second with John Perez third and Larkin Wight fourth. Hardan used the back straight to get a run at Clayton and pushed him wide in turn three to take the lead away which also allowed Perez to close the gap to make it a three way fight for the win. Within two laps Steve Pruczinski, from a poor start had fought his way forward riding a high line on the race track and was up to fourth. Exiting turn four for the third time Perez made his move on Clayton while Clayton was recovering from a big mistake that almost had him kiss the crash wall, moving Perez up to second. With one lap remaining Wight had faded back to sixth with John Garcia advancing up into fifth. This made the finishing order Hardan (second class victory of the night), Perez, Clayton, Pruczinski, Garcia, Wight, and Pat Hayes.

The Open Novice "A" main event didn't make it through the first two turns without a red flag, Kevin Neilson and Tom Brown both going down with Neilson slowest to get up. On the full re-start Nik Randall from Oregon led the pack in front of Kevin Wybenga and Paul Pitzonza. With just a lap complete Jaycee Jones went down on the back straight just shy of the entrance to turn three bringing out a caution flag. At this point Tom Brown who made the re-start was running in fourth place, with Corey Bauman a past class winner running in fifth an unusual spot for him. With a lap remaining Wybenga was about a bike length back of Randall at the front and made a strong drive to the stripe for the checkered flag where he pulled along side only to come up just a few feet short of victory. Pitzonza came home third with Brown fourth, Bauman fifth, and Jimmy Gillen sixth.

Remember this name; Davis Fisher. Fisher a resident of the State of Oregon made his first trip to Perris a memorable one as he took the victories in both the Open Amateur and the Open Unclassified main events. But what was most impressive about Fisher was the fact that he was the only rider not entered in the Pro class to lap the Perris mile oval under fifteen seconds! Fisher's fastest lap time of the night of 14.93 seconds put him fourth fastest for the entire evening. With all his talent, style and speed he is destined for some great things.

Twelve riders fought through their heats and semi for a spot in the twenty lap pro main event. Last years Friday night main winner Brad Baker sat second from pole with the Dash victory already under his belt and poised for a repeat. Off the line Kayl Kolkman and Baker were side by side as they hit turn one with Kolkman leading slightly into turn three only to run wide in turn four allowing Baker by for the lead. Dylan Morin ran third with David Bush fourth and Jeffrey Carver fifth at the end of the first lap. Exiting turn four on lap two Carver went under David Bush to take over fourth with Stevie Bonsey and Robert Person both attacking Bush on the next run through turn one. By turn three Bonsey was past Bush and Morin for fourth with Person following him through as Carver moved up a spot as well. Also on the move from a terrible start was the younger of the Bauman brothers, Bronson as he was scrapping with A Jay Hateley and Wyatt Mcguire.

By lap five Kolkman was under attack for second from Carver as Person moved past Bonsey into fourth with Morin getting back by Bonsey into fifth as Brad Baker was pulling out a gap at the front. The other Baker in the race Scott who was last into turn one off the start was now up to speed and advancing quickly. By the half way point the running order was Brad Baker, Carver, Kolkman, Person, Bonsey, Morin, Scott Baker, and Bauman, as the front three had separated themselves by 2/3rds of a straight away. Around lap thirteen Brandon Bates went down between turns one and two and with bike and rider in the middle of the racing line the race was stopped. Bates would be fine and make the single file re-start, but from the last place position. Brad Baker led the re-start into turn one with Kolkman shooting past Carver into second with renewed spirit and going after Brad Baker. Bauman also was good on the re-start and found some more speed as he was in sixth and pressuring Bonsey. Back up front Kolkman was all over Brad Baker showing him a wheel and never dropping more than a couple bike lengths back looking for any opportunity to make a pass. Visually Kolkman appeared the smoother of the two and looked to have this race under control, but catching Brad Baker is one thing and passing him is another. In the remaining laps it was clear this was a Brad Baker/ Kolkman duel as Carver dropped off their pace slightly. All the while the pressure Bauman was putting on Bonsey had paid off as Bauman took fifth position away dropping Bonsey to sixth. With one lap remaining Kolkman gave it one last shot and got a drive on Brad Baked coming out of turn four on the run to the stripe. As they crossed the line it was Brad Baker by just a few feet over Kolkman with Carver solid in third in front of Person, Bauman, Bonsey, Morin, Scott Baker, A Jay Hateley, Wyatt Mcguire, Bush, and Bates. This gave Brad Baker a perfect night of racing and two for two on his trips to Perris.

The next events of the S.C.F.T.A. are scheduled for Sat. night Nov. 10th and Sunday Nov.11th.

October 12, 2012 Results

50cc 4 Stk Beginner

1.    Colin Petton

50cc 2 Stk Beginner

1.    Danny Iha

50cc 4 Stk Novice

1.    Sara Cords

2.    Shana Maguire

85 cc 2 Stk Novice

1.    Michael Hill

2.    Allison Stacey

3.    James Ott

4.    Jace Callison

85cc 4 Stk Beginner

1.    Noah Bush

2.    Frank Flores

3.    Evan Harich

4.    Reese Watowa

85cc 4 Stk Novice

1.    Michael Hill

2.    Justin Hanson

3.    Moncia Gil

85cc 2 Stk Beginner

1.    Travis Petton

2.    Noah Bush

3.    Frank Flores

4.    Alyssa Flores

5.    Grant Holmes

65-70cc 4 Stk Beginner

1.    Sara Cords

2.    Ava Bush

65cc-70cc 4 Stk Novice

1.    Evan Harich

2.    James Ott

65-70cc 2 Stk Novice

1.    Travis Petton

2.    Grant Holmes

Senior Vet + 50 Experts

1.    Travis Petton

2.    Jim Ottele

3.    Dan Kane

Super Senior +60

1.    Vince Graves

2.    Dave Molitor

3.    De Wayne Jones

Men’s 4 Stk.

1.    Billy Katkov

2.    Dan Iha

3.    Frank Baker

Premier Senior + 70

1.    Gary Lane

2.    Mel Stoner

3.    Allan Girdler

Vintage 750

1.    Andy Hardan

2.    John Clayton

3.    Jim Ottele

4.    Pat Hayes

5.    Dylan Morin

6.    Shannon Adams

Senior Novice + 50

1.    Greg Powell]

2.    Corey Bauman

3.    Dan Downing

4.    Fred Berger

5.    Danny Manthis


1.    Steele Friedrich

2.    Keith Bradford

3.    Jim Kesler

4.    Richard Fox

5.    Danny Perkins

Vintage 250-360 cc 2 Stk Novice - Experts

360 Novice

1.    Rick Logan

2.    Gary Lane

3.    Bryan Erdeman

360 Amateur

1.    Danny Stinson

250 Novice

1.    Fred Berger

250 Expert

1.    Will Ott

Vets + 35

1.    Jon Nunes

2.    Jim Rosa

3.    Jason Craven

4.    Paul Ott

5.    Paul Herman

6.    Chris Cannon

7.    Brad Rudy

8.    Rich Hanson

Open Unclassified Non Paying

1.    Davis Fisher

2.    Aaron Colton

3.    Jimmy Gillen

4.    Allsion Staqcey

5.    Brad Baker

6.    Jace Callison

7.    Harly Legowski

Classic Vintage 500-750  and 250cc


1.    Lenny Rodriquez

2.    Tom Ferguson

3.    Joe Pape

4.    James Kohls

250 cc

1.    Fred Berger

Senior +50 Amatuer

1.    Andy Hardan

2.    John Perez

3.    John Clayton

4.    Steve Pruczinski

5.    John Garcia

6.    Larkin Wight

7.    Pat Hayes

8.    Bill Wright

Open Novice

A Main

1.    Nik Randall

2.    Kevin Wybenga

3.    Paul Pitzonza

4.    Tom Brown

5.    Corey Bauman

6.    Jimmy Gillen

7.    Pat Neilson

8.    Monty Watowa

B Main

1.    Allison Stacey

2.    Moncia Gil

3.    Jace Callison

4.    Justin Hanson

5.    Eric Cleveland

6.    Brian Bell

Open Amatuer

1.    Davis Fisher

2.    Paul Ott

3.    Paul Herman

4.    David Reinhard

5.    Rich Hanson

6.    Brad Rudy

Pro’s B Main

1.    Dominic Colindres

2.    Nick Armstrong

3.    Nick Gil

4.    David Bush

5.    Aaron Colton

6.    Kale Fisher

Pro’s A Main

1.    Brad Baker

2.    Kayl Kolkman

3.    Jerry Carver

4.    Robert Person

5.    Bronson Bauman

6.    Stevie Bonsie

7.    Dylan Morin

8.    Scott Baker

9.    AJ Hately

10.    Wyatt Mcguire

11.    David Bush

12.    Brandon Bates