Eddie Mulder's West Coast Dirt Track Series

Round 4 - Willow Springs
Saturday, October 20th, 2012

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Specialty Fabrications D-4-C


Specialty Fabrications D-4-C

1.    10z    Briar Bauman

2.    12    Brad Baker

3.    7    Sam Halbert

4.    80    Jared Mees

5.    30    Bronson Bauman

6.    94j    Kyle Jones

Pro Semi

Pro Semi



1.    59y    Rick Reed

2.    34d Keith Bryant

3.    58y    Jim Ottele

4.    22n Dave Keil

5.    79x Cary Tanner

Sr Novice/Super Sr

Sr Novice/Super Sr

1.    17q Herb Wolff

2.    97    Fred Berger

3.    13    Shane VanSickle

4.    82n Robert Anderson

5.    8    Dan McDougal

6.    9    Alan Hayden

7.    78    Charlie Caspary

8.    61y    Wayne Sumner

9.    14t    Ted Hubbard



1.    88    Jim Rosa

2.    12o Paul Ott

3.    55    Tom Horton

4.    44s    Rob Bush

5.    11j    Jack Jones

6.    12g    Steve Nichols

7.    51    Josh Chisum

8.    16e    Larry Earhart

9.    84    Sean Lambert

10.    28b Gary Ritchie

11.    90g    Chris Baker

12. 55 Tom Horton dnf

Classic 250

Classic 250

1.    97    Fred Berger

2.    21    Bruce Muster

Classic 500

Classic 500

1.    55    Tom Horton

2.    87y    Chris Rudy

3.    30n Perry Smith

4.    25d Steve Craft

5.    14    James Kohls

6.    62e    Matt Campbell

7.    4r    Lenny Rodriguez dnf

8.    75z    Joe Pape dns



1.    97    Fred Berger

2.    17q Herb Wolff

Youth 80cc

Youth 80cc

1.    1    Austin Goodwin

2.    3g    Hunter Goodwin

3.    95    Clay Williams

4.    601v Nolan Reitz

5.    17    Noah Bush

6.    54    Frank Flores

7.    12    James Ott

8.    97    Jace Callison

9.    7x Grant Holmes

Youth 150

Youth 150

1.    117 Sean Heeney

2.    3g    Hunter Goodwin

3.    1    Austin Goodwin

4.    981 Monica Gil

5.    100 Kody Kesle

Modern 250

Modern 250

1.    42 Will Ott

2.    55e Mark Davis

3.    13    Shane VanSickle

4.    77    Tim Skov

5.    74    Cody Carper

6.    55    Tom Horton dnf

Modern 500

1.    25d Steve Craft

Modern 750

Modern 750

1.    44s    Rob Bus

2.    58y Jim Ottele

3.    26 Dylan Morin

 4.    38 Lloyd McGregorx

5.    79x Mark LaDue

6.    8    Dan McDougal

7.    34d Keith Bryant dnf

8.    55    Tom Horton dnf

250 Open

250 Open

1.    51    Casey Cahoon

2.    117 Sean Heeney

3.    07    Allison Stacey

4.    112 Jace Callison

500 Support

500 Support

1.    11j    Jack Jones

2.    59y Rick Reed

3.    84j    Jeff Gonzales

4.    30n Perry Smith

5.    52    Jim Kesler

6.    28b Gary Ritchie

7.    12e    Jim Steet

8.    79x Mark LaDue

9.    48    Steve Carper

Open Amateur A Main

Open Amateur A Main

1.    4    Brandon Rothell

2.    17r    Nick Gil

3.    12    Paul Ott

4.    11j    Jack Jonesx

5.    51    Casey Cahoon

6.    92    Austin Williams

7.    117 Sean Heeney

8.    35y    Caleigh Ryan

9.    115v Tanner Johnson

10.    22    Jimmy Gillen

11.    146 Bill Wright

Open Amateur B Main

Open Amateur B Main

1.    84    Sean Lambert

2.    52c    Cody VanDyke

3.    94    Dean Coca

4.    16e     Parker Earhart

5.    27dd Dan Dowding

6.    420 Greg Powell

7.    58y Jaycee Jones

8.    90g Chris Baker dns

Digger Open Pro


Another spectacular save for Sammy. Brad Baker was in first and Briar Bauman was in third.

Digger Open Pro

1.    12    Brad Baker

2.    10z Briar Bauman

3.    98    Kayl Kolkman

4.    7    Sammy Halbert

5.    27 Rob Pearson

6.    30    Bronson Bauman

7.    26    Brandan Berger

8.    94j Kyle Jones

9.    95z Austin Scaggs

10.    44e Nick Armstrong

11.    26    Dylan Morin

12.    1    Jared Mees dnf

13.    66y Dominic Colindres dnf

14.    42    Bryan Smith dns

  Eddie Mulders West Coast Dirt Track Series Double Header Finale

 Willow Springs October 20-21, 2012.

By Chris Johnson

 It was the weekend after the final round of the AMA flatrack half-mile finale at Pomona in Rosamond, Ca where we had great weather with the typical afternoon wind at the Willow Springs International Raceway Walt James 3/8 mile dirt track. Many of the National Pro and expert racers stuck around to grab the largest pro money purse for a non-National dirt track racing event in California history, a grand total of over $30,000!  Digger Helm, Bakersfield's famous flattrack racer from the fifties and sixties came up with $23,000 for the Pro mains (both Saturday and Sunday) and Mark and Randy Zimmerman through Specialty Fabrications, Inc of Simi Valley came up with another $7,000 for the Dash for cash on both days with an additional $1,000 from three other contributors at the track. The racing action we saw on the perfectly groomed cushion was as exciting as any National in addition to great racing from the WCDTS amateur competitors that also put on a great show both days all going for the final annual Series championship positions. Special thanks to racer, Gary Ritchie for his great work on the grader between races!  Awesome action both days in the Senior class main events as Reno, Nv Triumph mounted Rick Reed took the win on Saturdays program closely followed by Kingman, Az's Keith Bryant, and Californian, Jim Ottele on his 1971 750 Shell/Yamaha finishing in third. The finish order was switched for Sundays main as Ottele took the win over Reed in some great back and forth senior action for both of these series regulars. Reed took the Series Championship.  One of the largest classes of competitors, the fifteen rider Vet class was not shy on action both days either, as Hesperia racer Jim Rosa (Honda) undisputedly won on Saturday over a hard charging Paul Ott from Simi Valley on his Kawasaki. These racers battled back and forth for several laps but Ott would succumb to Rosa's persistence to settle for the second award on Saturday.   The Vet racing action continued on Sunday as both Steve Nichols from Tulsa, Ok (Rotax) and Rob Bush from Acton, CA (Honda) had an awesome battle for the lead and second place until Rosa stormed through from a fifth place start to win another Vet main event with Nichols finishing second and Bush in third but first for the Series #1 plate.  The foundation of this sport had a strong showing as well in the 80cc Youth class. The youngsters filled the program with ten racers. Saturdays action saw the two KTMs of the Goodwin brothers from Keensburg, Co battle for the lead - the older of the two, Austin, taking the win over his younger brother Hunter and Bakersfield's Clay Williams on his CR85 finishing in the third slot.  Before Sunday's 80cc main event, promoter Eddie Mulder had a pep talk with the #95 Clay Williams. The result? The holeshot! Austin Goodwin would be in the second slot until one of the other riders went down to trigger a restart. After the restart, Austin swung wide and went off course in the same spot off the back straight twice while the younger Goodwin put a charge on and almost caught the race leader Williams. He could not get by so Williams would take home the gold and clinch the Series 80cc Championship. Hunter Goodwin took second and Nolan Reitz from Madera, Ca. finished with the bronze podium spot to take third in the series.  Saturdays Pro heats with sixteen pros making the main event including Brad Baker (XR750 / Chelhalis, WA), Briar Bauman (TL1000 / Salinas, CA) and Slammin Sammy Halbert (XR750 / Graham, WA) set some very fast lap times. Unfortunately, the newly crowned AMA Grand National Champion Jared Mees (Clio, MI) started the weekend off with mechanical failures as both of his XR 750s had difficulties even making the program and he was borrowing and wrenching on bikes all day long.  Starting off the Main event action, the Specialty Fabrications Dash for Cash ($2,000) on Saturday highlighted 2012 AMA National Rookie of the Year, Briar Bauman's skills as he took an early lead on the Ronnie Brown tuned Suzuki TL, with the hard charging duo of Sammy Halbert and Brad Baker battling for second followed by Jared Mees, Bronson Bauman and Kyle Jones - By race end, Baker would grab the advantage over Halbert for second place after conflicts with lappers moved Sammy to the third spot - leaving Briar Bauman a richer man for winning the dash and Jared Mees overcoming his woes to fourth for the final payout position.   Sundays' Specialty Fabrications Dash for Cash ($6,000) heated up as fast time was set by Halbert, Baker only two tenths of a second off and Bauman four tenths of a second from Sammy's pace. Kayl Kolkman scored the holeshot with Halbert, Baker and Bauman in tow but could not hold off the hard charging XRs and TL and ended up finishing fourth behind eventual dash winner Halbert, Baker in second and Briar Bauman third. Fifth place went to Jared Mees on Steve Nichols' Rotax and the final payout spot went to Bronson Bauman in sixth.   Saturdays Digger Open Pro Main, Brad Baker and Sammy Halbert would switch lead four times until again, approaching slower racers, Halbert would get into several tangle sessions almost going down twice, getting fourth place. Brad Baker victorious in this battle and Saturday Dash winner Briar Bauman came home in second followed by National #98 Kayl Kolkman taking the final podium spot for third.   For Sundays Digger Open Pro Main with 12 riders, Halbert and Baker would pick up where they left off distancing themselves from Bauman and Jared Mees (600 rotax). Mees was battling with the TL of Bauman for that third spot when eventual winner Halbert seem to find another gear and just pulled away from everyone - Brad Baker coming in second and Bauman coming in third for the last podium spot.  Other noteable events included #17q Herb Wolff back to back wins in the Super Senior/Sr Novice (riders 60 plus/50 plus novice) class and 2012 Series Championship on his 72 Triumph. The Modern 750 vintage class had #38 Lloyd McGregor, hit the dirt Sat but still come back to take a fourth place finish then Sunday, lead it from start to finish to clinch the Series #1 plate. Jeff Gonzales(84j), Jack Jones(11j) and Rick Reed(59y) battled all weekend in the 500 support class. Gonzales won Saturday, Jones won Sunday with Reed a close second. They finished 1,2,3 in the Series. El Segundo's Sean Heeney #117 won the Youth 150 class and the 250 Open class championships.  The end of season trophy presentation was a very special event as Promoter, Eddie Mulder personally hands out all of the custom trophy number plates from Tuffplates, talks with the winners and poses for photos while sharing racing stories, laughs and tears. Another fantastic weekend of racing, camaraderie and bench racing add to the atmosphere while we all look forward to the up and coming 2013 season.  Special thanks to Digger Helm, Mark and Randy Zimmerman, Rod Lake Racing, Motion Pro, K & N Filters, Barnett Clutches, Coventry Ses, JRC Engineering, Megacycle Cams, Penton Racing Products, Browns Cycles, Maxima Racing Oils, A & A Racing, Todayrquote s Cycle Coverage, S & S Offroad Magazine, Works Performance.

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