SCFTA Round 1
February 16th, 2013

Photos by Janice Blunt

Article by Jamey Blunt

#558 Brandon Watters won both the Vintage 2stk 250cc Novice and Open Novice Main events

both Saturday and Sunday. Making him a four main event winner! His fastest lap of the

weekend was 15.72 seconds which came on Sunday in the 250cc class...(Tim Watters

is behind Brandon)

#35 Tim Watters won the Senior Novice +50 main on Sunday

and the Vintage 360 2stk Novice on Saturday. His fastest lap was

16.58 seconds.

#22 Jimmy Gillan won the Open Amateur main event on Sunday,

but finished second to Paul Herman Saturday night. Gillan's fastest

lap time was 15.60 seconds.

#88 Jim Rosa won Sunday's Vet +35 main event and took second place

in Saturday night's final and sits as the points leader of the class after the

first two rounds. Rosa's fastest lap was 15.20 seconds, fast enough to put him

in the Pro race as well....

#2 Joe Pape stayed on a Triumph to start the 2013 season and traded wins with Tom Ferguson

in the Classic Vintage 500-750 class. Pape's fastest lap was 16.42 seconds...

#12e Jeff Lessley won four main events over the opening weekend

at Perris capturing both the Senior Vet +50 Expert class and the

Vintage 2stk 360cc Expert class with a fatest lap time of 15.39 seconds...

#26 Dylan Morin rode his father's old Norton in the Vintage 750cc class.

He had mechanical gremlins Saturday night but came back Sunday with the victory.

Dylan also came through the field in the Pro class to finish in sixth place

both days. All in all a good weekend.

National #98 Kayl Kolkman had a fastest lap of 14.74 seconds

over the weekend. Kolkman was smooth but could never seem

to work his way any higher than fourth Saturday night and a fifth

in Sunday's main event.....

National #54 Mikey Rush was on hand at Perris and took a solid

third in Saturday night's pro main event, then backed it up with a

second place finish in Sunday's Pro final. Rush's best lap was a 14.70!

At just four years old Colin Petton is a veteran and class champion.

For 2013 he showed up with a new bike.....

National #17 Henry Wiles is always a threat. At Perris Wiles raced a

borrowed bike from Alex Wood to finish fifth on Saturday and a very close

third on Sunday in the Pro main events. Wiles fastest lap was a 14.77 which he

turned on Saturday night....


National #12 Brad Baker was fast all weekend.... Baker led every lap

of each twenty lap pro main event and posted the overall fastest lap

time of the weekend at 14.55 seconds! Baker remains undefeated at

Perris... Look out Daytona he has to be a favorite...

Lucas Oil's #68 Gary Lane stepped it up this year winning both

rounds in the Premier Senior Class, for riders over the age of

seventy.... YES seventy!!!!! Lane's fastest lap was a 16.22 seconds....

He also won the 360cc 2stk Novice Class as well....


Pro class Champion #43 Ajay Hateley seemed to struggle both

days, finishing tenth on Saturday and tenth on Sunday, even trying

two different bikes. None the less he's always fun to watch!!!!

The class champion for the Super Senior +60 #4 Vince Graves

didn't disappoint. Graves won both rounds main events with a

fastest lap time of 15.32 seconds.. #67z is Robert Rundle who finished

third on Sunday.

#47 Joe Steffen hasn't raced in over a year! But by Sunday's round

it all came back, Steffen showed style of old taking the victory in the

Bomber main event with a fastest lap time of 15.56 seconds....

#82e Travis Petton the 2nd was sick at Perris but still managed to show

his back side to the Bomber Class on Saturday. However Sunday was another story

as the flu was taking it's toll and Travis could only manage a third place.

#11d Dominic Cameron made the long trip from Oregon to race

at Perris worthwhile as he was victorious both days in the 85-100cc

2stk Novice class. His fastest lap time over the two days was 15.62 seconds!


#82 Travis Petton the 4th is a class champion and showed the

fans why at both rounds one and two as he took the victory in

the 65-70cc 2stk Novice main events. His fastest lap of the

weekend was a 16.46 second time...

#117w Zaden Flores my be new to Perris, but this kid

isn't new to twisting a throttle... Zaden won the 50cc 2stk

Novice Class both days and turned an 18.24 second lap

on a track he'd never seen.....

#07 Allison Stacey stepped up to a 250cc mount for 2013.

She stood on the top step of the podium both days in the new

250 Youth Open Class, putting in a fastest lap time of 15.46 seconds!

"Baker Heats up Perris" OR  "The Running of the Bulls"

S.C.F.T.A. Rounds #1 & #2

        2-16 & 17-2013

          Perris Calif.

Photos by Janice Blunt     Article by Jamey Blunt

Brad Baker brought the heat to Perris over the S.C.F.T.A. 2013 season opener Saturday night and Sunday the sixteenth and seventieth of Feb.; more on that later, the bigger picture was the two hundred eighty four entries that filled the fifty two heat races and sixty one different class main events. A few truck loads of clay and decomposed granite had been worked into the racing surface over the winter break to re-establish the table top racetrack Perris is fast becoming famous for. Due to the expected large turnout it had been decided well in advance to start the racing program an hour earlier, which didn't seem to create any problems for any of the riders.


With many of the youth class riders moving up from their 85cc mounts onto a 250cc machine, a new youth 250cc open class was created for the 2013 season. Ten riders took to the track for the first main event of the New Year. Allison Stacey started off where she finished last year, at the front. Stacey shot from the starting line followed by Justin Hanson, Dominic Cameron, Sean Heeney, and Clayton Williams. Two laps complete saw Stacey with an eight bike length gap over second place as she turned the fastest lap of the race at 15.83 seconds. Entering turn three on the fourth lap Hanson was swallowed up by both Cameron and Heeney as one went inside and the other outside putting Hanson in a sandwich dropping him from second to fourth place in the blink of an eye. With two laps remaining Williams was pressuring Hanson for fourth but time was running out. The top three had separated themselves from the rest of the field and Stacey had over a two second gap. Williams came close but Hanson would hold onto fourth making the finishing order Stacey, Cameron, Heeney, Hanson, Williams, and Michael Hill.

In the 50cc 2stk Novice class remember this name, Zaden Florez. Zaden shot to the front and never looked back posting a 17.90 second lap time on a 50cc mount! This youngster from Salinas California is already a hot shoe. Travis Petton the 4th (a multi time class champion) showed what he's made of and started the new season off with a victory in the 65-70cc 2stk Novice class over Porterville California rocket Grant Holmes with a 17.18 second lap time to Holmes 17.57.

Dominic Cameron made the trip to Perris all the way from Oregon, and didn't want to go home empty handed. Cameron launched to the front of the 85-100cc 2stk Novice field followed by James Ott, Michael Hill, Clayton Williams, Travis Petton the 4th and Grant Holmes. With two laps complete Cameron had established a two second lead making the battle for second place the closest race on the track. On the third run through turns three and four Williams who had gotten past Hill for third made contact with Ott pushing him high up to the crash wall. With Ott rammed out of the way Williams was secure in secondbut too far back to make any kind of run on Cameron this made the final tally Cameron, Williams, Ott, Hill, Petton, and Holmes.

Many riders sign up for the Open Unclassified class, just to gain more seat time. Former national 450cc Grand National Champion Henry Wiles was just one of the pro entries working on bike set up in the field. Wiles nailed the start to lead the field into turn one over Rodney Spencer Jr., Austin Helmholz, and Jimmy Gillen. Within a lap Wiles was clearly in control while Sean Heeney hit the dirt on the fourth run through turn one bringing out the red flag, stopping the race. This led to a single file re-start with a two lap sprint race to the checkers. Within the first lap Wiles had put a half a straightaway over Spencer as he took the white flag. From there it was an easy walk in the park home for the victory with Spencer second, Helmholz third, Gillen fourth, and Allison Stacey fifth.

Jeff Lessley and Joe Steffen hit turn one side by side in the Senior Vet +50 Expert class. On the first trip down the back straight Jim Ottele worked his way into the third place position while Larry Earhart ran fourth with Dan Kane fifth. Four laps complete saw Earhart out of the race as Lessley on the smallest displacement machine in the field continued to lead turning a 15.39 second lap time. At this point Ottele was fading from Lessley's and Steffen's pace but was secure in his third place position. Lessley went on to the victory with Steffen (who hasn't raced in well over a year) was a solid second not showing any cobwebs from his time out of the saddle.

Ten riders made the field in the Vet +35 main event. Heat race winner Jim Rosa led off the start but on the run down the back straight Jon Nunes found traction and dove under Rosa entering turn three for the lead. On the next trip through turn one Rosa put a wheel under Nunes and regained the lead exiting turn two. On the second run through turns three and four Nunes gave Rosa a hard love tap sending Rosa up to the crash wall as Nunes took the lead back. All this played out as Paul Herman in third was defending his position from the attack of Ricky Smith. Lap time wise Rosa and Nunes were close, with Rosa posting the fastest single lap of the race at 15.20 seconds to Nunes 15.33 seconds. As Rosa was trying to close on Nunes Eric Cleveland came into play as he was about to go a lap down. Nunes lapped Cleveland cleanly on the inside, however Rosa went to the outside just as Cleveland move over and this pushed Rosa high to avoid contact. This in turn cost Rosa a few more bike lengths from Nunes at the front. At this point the race for first was over as Nunes could relax and coast home for the victory. Rosa had to settle for second although it was a great race, Herman held off Smith for third with Jason Craven finishing fifth over Derrick Porter.

Super-Moto ace Christian Olguinn led the first complete lap of the Open Novice final. But on the second go round Brandon Watters worked past Olguinn for the lead with Derrick Porter running in third in front of Cody Van Dyke. In turn four on the second lap Van Dyke made the pass on Porter for third while Billy Katkov who left the starting line in last place was working his way forward in this field of ten. Three laps in had Katkov as high as fifth, but in a war with Jayce Callison for the position. With a couple of laps remaining John E. Gornek went a lap down to the leaders as Brian Bell hit the ground bringing out the red flag. Since the race was past the 2/3rd mark it was called complete. This made the finishing order Watters, Olguinn, Van Dyke, Porter, Callison, Katkov, and Andy Williams.

Rich Hanson who's always a threat in the Open amateur class was left sitting on the line at the start and entered turn one dead last some six seconds behind the rest of the pack. Paul Herman of Two Two racing (Chad Reed) on the other hand led from the start followed by Jimmy Gillen, Allison Stacey, Nick Ottele, and Brad Rudy. Entering turn one for the third time Rudy was displaced from sixth by Sean Heeney as Bill Britt from deep in the field had clawed his way forward to fifth. At the white flag Gillen was within a bike length of Herman and showed Herman a wheel exiting turn two only to lose traction and cost him valuable real estate. At this point Hanson was down in turn three while Herman took the checkered flag over Gillen, Stacey, Ottele, Britt, Rudy, Heeney, and Corey Bauman.

Twenty Pros including five national numbers made up the three heat races and semi fighting for one of twelve spots in the twenty lap main event. 2012 Pro class Champion Ajay Hateley along with David Bush, Brad Baker, Kayl Kolkman, and Henry Wiles all have tasted victory in a Pro final at Perris. But it's Baker who is the only one never to have been defeated at Perris. Six of the Pros in the main event also posted lap times under the fifteen second mark in their heat races, (Baker, Hateley, Jethro Halbert, Wiles, Mikey Rush, and Kolkman). At the first flash of green Wiles had the quickest reaction time leaving the line but through the rough and tumble first two turns Halbert shot forward with Baker slipping through somehow to the front to lead the first lap leaving Wiles buried back in sixth. As things settled in at two laps complete the running order was Baker, Halbert, Rush, and Kolkman. On lap four on the exit from turn two Rush pulled along the inside of Halbert and was applying pressure for the second place position. Both Halbert and Rush appeared rejuvenated for the new season and have defiantly stepped up their game. Also putting in the ride of his life was Nick Armstrong, who was holding his own in fifth against Wiles. Halbert and Rush would swap the second place spot repeatedly, but as they did Baker at the front was slowly getting away. On lap eight Wiles finally got around Armstrong for fifth but by this time the front four were out of reach as we reached the half way point. Starting from the twelfth place position former national #37 Jeff (the jester) Johnson was making his way forward on a browed 30 year old vintage motorcycle. As was Dylan Morin the sixteen year old from Simi Valley Ca. riding one of Simi Valley Kawasaki's old Kolkman bikes. Baker at the front continued to lap under the fifteen second mark every lap with his fastest time being 14.55 seconds. By lap twelve Baker had a 1.2 second gap over Halbert who in turn had a five bike length gap from Rush, with Kolkman another four bike lengths back in fourth as lappers came into the frame. By lap fourteen Morin had advanced to eighth behind Hateley and was looking strong. At the white flag Baker held a 2.2 second lead over Halbert, Rush, Kolkman, and Wiles. The final charge on the last lap would put Morin up into sixth with Johnson seventh, with Armstrong dropping to eighth, and Hateley fading all the way back to tenth. Given the racing level the national riders are at heading into the first race of the year in Daytona Florida any of these five look to be a good bet. The win also keeps Baker the only other rider on the undefeated list at Perris. It was noted that Baker once went to the "Running of the Bulls" but the Bulls ran from him. Hence he was asked to never return, no wonder.


Allison Stacey came back to Perris some fourteen hours later to once again lead the Youth 250cc Open field from the start. Justin Hanson was away in second with Jayce Callison third, Clayton Williams fourth and Dominic Cameron fifth. Two laps complete with Stacey lowering her lap time to 15.46 seconds also had Hanson and Callison make slight contact in turn three. This allowed Callison to take over second place dropping Hanson to third with Williams in fourth and Sean Heeney recovering from a bad start now up to fifth. At the front Stacey left the zip code and moved on, as Heeney made the pass on Hanson for fourth. This was the last of position swapping; the order was set at Stacey, Callison, Williams, Heeney, Hanson, Cameron, and Michael Hill.

Zaden Florez and Travis Petton the 4th both came back to capture their respective class victories in the 50cc 2stk Novice and 65-70cc 2stk Novice main events, making them both the points' leaders in their classes. 

Dominic Cameron once again was the class of the field in the 85-100cc 2stk Novice class. Cameron led from the start with James Ott second and Clayton Williams third. Entering turn three on the first lap Williams went up the inside of Ott to take second away while Grant Holmes ran in fourth with Michael Hill fifth and Travis Petton the 4th in sixth. Exiting turn two for the second time Petton shot past Hill into fifth and then on the exit from turn four made his move past Holmes to move up to fourth. Petton on a march pushed under Ott on the exit from turn two on lap three to advance to third place. Then just as things looked to be set Petton was gaining on Williams as Ott regrouped and caught the front three as well, giving us a four way battle for the win. A lap later Ott made the same move on Petton on the exit from turn two taking third place back, all this with one lap remaining. Cameron would go on for the victory protecting his line over Williams, with Ott third, Petton fourth, Holmes fifth, and Hill sixth.

Tom Horton has fast reaction times, which is what one would expect from a former Grand National winner. Horton was quickest off the line in the Vet +35 class only to be buried back in fourth place in the middle of turn one. Exiting turn two Jim Rosa was at the front with Paul Herman and Ricky Smith giving chase. By turn three Horton dropped Smith back to fourth while John Lundgren settled in at fifth. Rosa put his head down and turned the fastest lap of the race at 15.13 seconds as he gapped the field. By race end Horton would push past Herman for second but Rosa was long gone making the finishing order Rosa, Horton, Herman, Smith, Lundgren, and Derrick Porter.

Once again working on bike set up and putting in seat time Henry Wiles led the Open Unclassified field into turn one. Rodney Spencer, Andrew Luker, and Austin Helmholz gave chase but Wiles was the only rider capable of lapping the mile Perris oval under the fifteen second mark in the class. At four laps complete Wiles held over a two second gap at the front while Allison Stacey ran in fourth under pressure from Jimmy Gillen. Then on the exit from turn two after receiving the white flag Wiles pulled over being the sportsman he is, thus letting the chips fall where they may for the rest of the racers. (Wiles is a Pro National rider and this race was just for seat time anyway) This made the final tally Spencer, Luker, Helmholz, Stacey. Gillen and John Lundgren.

In the Bomber main event several of the top names scheduled for the 2013 season were absent. Class champion Danny Perkins suffering from a middle ear infection wasn't at the track, Jim Wood Sr. was still fighting the flu; John Hateley still hadn't found a replacement for his broken swing arm; Jeff Johnson was still in the process of building his bike; and John Kocinski hadn't even had time to start on one of his Knight framed mounts. But Tom Horton and Joe Steffen who no one expected to see at the opening rounds made the Bomber class still one of the events to watch. Horton quick off the line led into turn one from the outside of the front row followed by Steffen, and Dale Hansen (who's no slouch and really backs it into a corner). Travis Petton the 2nd (suffering from the flu badly) was away in fourth with Keith Bradford fifth. Two laps complete saw Steffen move into the lead with Horton second. With a lap and a half remaining Hansen showed Horton a wheel in turn two and took over at second. Then coming to the white flag Petton pushed past Horton as well to take over at third. The running order would remain the same to the finish at Steffen, Hansen, Petton, Horton, Bradford, and Steve Capper.

Rich Hanson made up for Saturday and led the Open Amateur field into turn one. Paul Herman ran in second with Jimmy Gillen and Michael Inderbitzih giving chase. A lap down had Allison Stacey up to fifth with Nick Ottele up to sixth. Three laps down and Gillen was into second pressuring Hanson for the lead while Inderbitzih had dropped Herman to fourth. On the fourth lap across the stripe Gillen passed Hanson for the lead while Hanson dropped yet another position on the next run through turn three to Inderbitzih. The order stayed the same on the last lap with the exception of Inderbitzih who was also running in the Pro class so not scored in the Open Am. This made the final order Gillen, Hanson, Herman, Stacey, Ottele, and Damon Coca. (Note: If a rider is a Pro they are not an Amateur! They are one or the other, not both! Hence riders wanting seat time are not scored.)

Could Brad Baker go undefeated again at Perris was the question. As Baker nailed the start to lead the first of the twenty laps it sure was looking good for him as Kayl Kolkman jumped in at second with Mikey Rush third, Henry Wiles fourth, and Jethro Halbert fifth. Exiting turn two for the second time the order was shaken up, only Baker was still at the helm with Rush running in second, Wiles now in third with Kolkman fourth, and Halbert fifth. In this main though Dylan Morin had gotten a better start than he did in round one and ran in seventh behind Nick Armstrong who was showing is speed was no fluke. On lap five Halbert not intimidated by Wiles took over at third between turns one and two. By lap seven Baker who brought the heat to Perris held a two second gap over Rush in second with Halbert still in third and Wiles in fourth. Kolkman sitting in fifth was the smoothest on the racetrack waiting for an opening. All front five were National numbers and lapping under the fifteen second mark. At this point Morin was up to sixth past Armstrong and Ajay Hateley the Pro class champion missing his bike setup struggling in the tenth place position. By lap twelve Baker was running a higher line on the racetrack chasing the cushion up and Wiles found a way past Halbert into third. At this point Baker was on cruise control with a 2 second gap as Wiles was digging deep as champions do and closing in on Rush. About lap fifteen Wiles hit a hole as he started up the front straight and smacked the crash wall about the start finish line, but made a spectacular save to continue on in third. At this point Nick Gil had gotten past Hateley to run in ninth making this their final positions. Wiles caught back up to Rush a lap later and was showing him a wheel every lap looking for a way past. With two laps remaining time was running out for Wiles, he needed to force the issue with Rush, but Rush was mistake free holding Wiles at bay. This was going to come down the last lap to decide second place. As it turned out it came down to the last corner on the last lap where Wiles set Rush up, got a drive coming up the front straight only to cross the line just inches short (according to timing and scoring) in a thriller to the end. This made the finishing order Baker, Rush, Wiles, Halbert, Kolkman, Morin, and Armstrong. Thus ended the opening two rounds of the S.C.F.T.A. with Brad Baker and John Kocinski the only two riders to remain undefeated on the Perris short track.

Results February 16th, 2013

250 Youth Open
1.    Allison Stacey
2.    Dominic Cameron
3.    Sean Heeney
4.    Justin Hanson
5.    Clayton Williams
6.    Michael Hill
7.    Jace Callison
8.    Jaycee Jones
9.    Moncia Gil

50cc 2 Stk. Novice
1.    Zaden Florez
2.    Zach Gross
3.    Cody Morin
4.    Colin Petton

65-70cc 2 Stk Novice
1.    Travis Petton
2.    Grant Holmes
3.    Zaden Florez

70cc 4 Stk. Beginner
1.    Zach Gross
2.    Page Britt

65cc-70cc 2 Stk Beg.
1.    Jacob Cascio
2.    Ava Bush

85cc-100cc 2 Stk Novice
1.    Dominic Cameron
2.    Clayton Williams
3.    James Ott
4.    Michael Hill
5.    Travis Petton
6.    Grant Holmes

85cc-10cc 4 Stk. Novice
1.    Michael Hill
2.    Moncia Gil
3.    Kenny Anderson
4.    Evan Harich

85cc-100cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Evan Harich
2.    Jacob Cascio
3.    Zaden Florez

85cc-100cc 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Reese Watowa
2.    David Seminario
3.    Mathew Ott

Youth +16yr 4 Stk
1.    Kenny Anderson

Men’s 4 Stk. 100cc-125cc 4 Stk
1.    Matt Stoutenbury
2.    Henry Coran
Premier Senior
1.    Gary Lane
2.    Allan Girdler

Super Senior + 60
1.    Vince Graves
2.    David Molitor
3.    Tom Ferguson
4.    Mike Boal

Senior Novice + 50
1.    Roy Stafford
2.    Greg Powell
3.    Paul Claybaugh
4.    Mike Brooks
5.    Danny Manthis
6.    Fred Berger

Senior + 50 Amateur
1.    Larkin Wight
2.    Bill Wright
3.    Corey Bauman

Vintage 750cc
1.    Jim Ottele
1.    Travis Petton
2.    Dale Hansen
3.    Keith Bradford
4.    Tim Watters
5.    Richard Fox

Vintage 250 2Stk. Expert
1.    Will Ott

Vintage 250 2Stk Amateur
1.    Keith Bryant

Vintage 360 2STk Expert
1.    Jeff Lessley
2.    Kyle Lessley

Open Unclassified (Non Paying)
1.    Henry Wiles
2.    Rodney Spencer Jr
3.    Austin Helmholz
4.    Jimmy Gillan
5.    Allison Stacrey
6.    Jace Callison
7.    Christian Olguinn

Class Vintage 500-750cc
1.    Joe Pape
2.    Tom Ferguson
3.    James Kohls
4.    Lenny Rodriguez

Classic Vintage 250cc
1.    Fred Berger

Vintage 2Stk. 250 Novie
1.    Brandon Watters

Vintage 2Stk 360 Novice
1.    Tim Watters
2.    Gary Lane

Senior Vets +50 Experts
1.    Jeff Lessley
2.    Joe Steffen
3.    Jim Ottele
4.    Dan Kane
5.    Larry Earhart

Vets + 35 years
1.    Jon Nunes
2.    Jim Rosa
3.    Paul Herman
4.    Ricky Smith
5.    Jason Craven
6.    Derrick Porter
7.    Todd Hill
8.    Jeremiah Cameron
9.    Will Ott

Open Novice
1.    Brandon Watters
2.    Christian Olguinn
3.    Cody Van Dyke
4.    Derrick Porter
5.    Jace Callison
6.    Billy Katkov
7.    Andy Williams
8.    John Gonek
9.    Brian Bel;l

Open Amateur
1.    Paul Herman
2.    Jimmy Gillan
3.    Allison Stacey
4.    Nick Ottele
5.    Bill Britt
6.    Corey Bauman
7.    Sean Heeney
8.    Corey Bauman
9.    Dominic Cameron
10.    Matt Stoutenburg
11.    Rich Hanson

1.    Brad Baker
2.    Jethro Halbert
3.    Mike Rush
4.    Kayl Kolkman
5.    Henry Wiles
6.    Dylan Morin
7.    Jeff Johnson
8.    Nick Armstrong
9.    Jeremy Hannah
10.    Ajay Hateley
11.    Andrew Luker
12.    David Bush

Results February 17th, 2013

Youth 250 Open
1.    Allison Stacey
2.    Jace Callison
3.    Clayton Williams
4.    Sean Heeney
5.    Justin Hanson
6.    Dominic Camerson
7.    Michael Hill
8.    Jaycee Jones
9.    Monica Gil
10.    Kenny Anderson

50cc 2Stk Novice
1.    Zaden Florez
2.    Colin Petton

50cc 4Stk Beginner
1.    Zach Gross
2.    Cody Morin

65-70cc 2Stk Novice
1.    Travis Petton
2.    Grant Holmes
3.    Zaden Florez

65-710cc 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Zach Gross
2.    Paige Britt

65-70cc 2Stk Beginner
1.    Jacob Cascio
2.    Ava Bush

85-100cc 2stk Novice
1.    Dominic Cameron
2.    Clayton Williams
3.    James Ott
4.    Travis Petton
5.    Grant Holmes
6.    Michael Hill

85-100cc 4Stk Novice
1.    Michael Hill
2.    Moncia Gil
3.    Kenny Anderson

85-100cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Evan Harich
2.    Zaden Florez
3.    Jacob Cascio

85-100cc 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Evan Harich
2.    Mathew Ott
3.    David Seminario
4.    Reece Watowa

Premier Senior
1.    Gary Lane
2.    Jack Neeley
3.    Allan Girdler

Youth 16 Yrs 4 Stk 100-125cc
1.    Kenny Anderson

Men’s 4 Stk 100-125cc
1.    Henry Canan

Senior Novice +50
1.    Tim Watters
2.    Fred Berger
3.    Shane Van Sickle
4.    Greg Powell
5.    Mike Boal
6.    Danny Mathis
7.    Paul Claybaugh

Vintage 750
1.    Dylan Morin
2.    Tom Horton
3.    Jim Ottele

Senior +50 Amateur
1.    Larkin Wight
2.    Bill Wright
3.    Corey Bauman

Super Senior
1.    Vince Graves
2.    David Molitor
3.    Robert Rundle

Vintage 2Stk 250 Amateur
1.    Keith Bryant

Vintage 2 Stk 250 Novice
1.    Brandon Watters
2.    Shane Van Sickle
3.    Cody Carper

Vintage 2 Stk 360 Novice
1.    Gary Lane
2.    Tim Watters

1.    Jim Rosa
2.    Tom Horton
3.    Paul Herman
4.    Ricky Smith
5.    John Lundgren
6.    Derrick Porter
7.    Jim Vandelin
8.    Eric Cleveland

Open UnClassified
1.    Rodney Spencer
2.    Andrew Luker
3.    Austin Helmholz
4.    Allison Stacey
5.    Jimmy Gillen
6.    John Lundgren
7.    Sean Heeney
8.    Dominic Cameron
9.    Jace Callison
10.    Henry Wiles

Vintage 2 Stk 250 Expert
1.    Will Ott
2.    Tom Horton

Vintage 2 Stk 360 Expert
1.    Jeff Lessley
2.    Kyle Lessley

Classic Vintage 500-750
1.    Tom Ferguson
2.    Joe Pape
3.    James Kohls
4.    Lenny Rodriquez

Classic Vintage 250cc
1.    Fred Berger

Senior Vets +50 Experts
1.    Jeff Lessley
2.    Jim Ottele
3.    Larry Earhart
4.    John Perez
1.    Joe Steffen
2.    Dale Hansen
3.    Travis Petton
4.    Tom Horton
5.    Keith Bradford
6.    Steve Capper

Open Novice
1.    Brandon Watters
2.    Dominic Cameron
3.    Derrick Porter
4.    Andy Williams
5.    Jeremy Templeman
6.    Eric Cleveland
7.    LJ John Gronek
8.    Jace Callison

Open Amateur
1.    Jimmy Gillen
2.    Rich Hanson
3.    Paul Herman
4.    Allison Stacey
5.    Nick Ottele
6.    Damon Coca
7.    Larry Earhart
8.    Sean Heeney
9.    Brad Rudy
10.    Corey Bauman

1.    Brad Baker
2.    Mike Rush
3.    Henry Wiles
4.    Jethro Halbert
5.    Kayl Kolkman
6.    Dylan Morin
7.    Nick Armstrong
8.    David Bush
9.    Nick Gil
10.    AJ Hately
11.    Andrew Luker
12.    Michael Inderbitzih