SCFTA Perris - Round 7
July 20th, 2013

Photos by Janice Blunt

Article by Jamey Blunt

#95 Clayton Williams of Bakersfield gave himself a big birthday present; Clayton turned eleven on Sunday the 21st of July, just hours after winning three main events at Perris.

#44e Nick Armstrong notched up another Pro Main Event victory at Perris. Armstrong who came up through the ranksat Perris has become a true threat to any and all pro racers who race an oval.....

 #95 Clayton Williams second victory of the night came in the newly created 85cc open class. Where his fastest lap time was 16.03 seconds.

The start of the 85cc open main event had (left to right front row) #82 Travis Petton the 4th., #95 Clayton Williams, #12 James Ott, #53 Alyssa Flores, #98 Evan Harich, and #7x Grant Holmes. (Second row) #54 Frank Flores, and #17 Noah Bush..

#2 Cody Morin has really stepped up his game. He took the victory over a large 50cc field and upped his fastest lap time to 22.89 seconds!

The start of the 50cc main from pole was #7Zach Gross, #2 Cody Morin, #46 Colin Floyd Petton, #87 Lily Mastro, #20 Andrew Vartla, #2x Lilly Davis, #4 Rayson Normanin and #1 Hunter Baysinger.

 #7x Grant Holmes has been honing his skills at Perris, Holmes turned the fastest lap time of any 65cc machine at 17.06 seconds and took the main event victory as well.

#7 Tucker Mount from Paso Robles, Ca. made his first appearance at Perris. Mount shows allot of promise and put in a 17.48 second lap time on a track he had never seen.

 Running a number one plate on this night in the Bomber class was Former Pro and Speedway start Jeff Johnson. Jeff was trying out his new TT-500 mount and still turned a 15.32 second lap time with a broken back brake!!!!

 #82e Travis Petton the 2nd always seems to come through at main event time. Here Travis leads #6 Joe Steffen and #70 Jimmy Lundgren in the bomber main event. Travis's fastest lap was a 15.57.

#98 Evan Harich won the 85cc 4-stk Beginner class with a best lap time of 16.95 seconds. While #54 Frank Flores topped the 85cc 2-stk Beginner field with a 17.52 second lap time.

#12e Jeff Lessley won two classes at Perris, shown here in the Senior Vet +50 Expert class he leads #58y Jim Ottele and # 369 John Perez. By the finish Perez displaced Ottele for second and Lessley posted his fastest lap of the night at 15.55 seconds!

The start of the 85cc 2-stk Novice final saw (front row) #95 Clayton Williams, #7x Grant Holmes, #12 James Ott, #82 Travis Petton the 4th, #53 Alyssa Flores, #98 Evan Harich, (back row) #17 Noah Bush, and #21 Matthew Ott battle till the end. This was also Williams third win of the night!

#4 Dylan Morin made an appearance in the Men's 4-stk class as well as the Pro ranks. Dylan turned an 15.86 second lap time on his way to victory over the field of seven riders 15-#67 Brian Harman got away with jumping the re-start in the Open Novice "A" main event. He held his ill gained advantage over second place Jayce Callison #112 for the victory. If it's any consultation to Callison, he had the fastest lap of the race at 16.22 seconds....

#67 Brian Harman got away with jumping the re-start in the  Open Novice "A" main event. He held his ill gained advantage over second place  Jayce Callison #112 for the victory. If it's any consultation to Callison,  he had the fastest lap of the race at 16.22 seconds.....

The finish of the Open Amateur main event was this close. #22 Jimmy Gillen barely squeaked out the victory over#558 Brandon Waters. The difference in lap times was 6/10 of a second.

 #44e Nick Armstrong notched another pro victory at Perris, due in large part to his very quick starts and ability to get a gap quickly. His fastest lap was 15.10 seconds.

In the early stages #45 Ian Foulds ran in second and #17r Nick Gil third with #26 Dylan Morin having to work his way forward finally finishing in second in the pro main event. Morin had the fastest lap of the night at 15.00 seconds, he just needs better starts!

The start of the Pro main was #44e Nick Armstrong, #26e Dylan Morin, #17r Nick Gil, #44 Robert Bush, #45e Ian Foulds, #12e Paul Ott, #88e David Bush, and #42 Will Ott...

The start of the Senior +50 Novice main was #97 Fred Berger, #26 Steele Fredrich (who won the main), #83 Paul Claybaugh, #558 Tim Watters, #17D Danny Mathis, #51rMike Boal, and on the Zero machine Greg Powell... Fredrich had the fastest lap time at 16.02 seconds, over a full second faster than anyone else in the class....

S.C.F.T.A. Round #7 Perris Raceway

July 20, 2013
Photos by Janice Blunt
Article by Jamey Blunt

Rain in Corona, rain in Redlands, in fact rain all around the Perris Calif. racetrack; but it didn't rain on S.C.F.T.A. round seven at Perris. Many a racer called to see if the races were still taking place as they made the drive (some from out of state) and were told "so far so good", thankfully one hundred twenty nine riders did show up and filled twenty five heat races and twenty main events. At the four p.m. riders meeting it was stressed again that youth riders when riding through the pits MUST WEAR A HELMET! This due to insurance reasons, as an inspector from same has visited the facility at past events and made some demands, this being one of them in addition to a five mile per hour speed limit in the pits, and parents not being allowed on the infield of the track except for the 50cc youth classes. On another note the sound/noise restrictions are in place but some of the riders are becoming lax in keeping their silencers packed to stay in compliance. Noise is an issue at Perris as there are houses within a hundred yards of the track; hence it is greatly appreciated if all riders police themselves so as not to have the track shut down. Should anyone need guidelines they can refer to the AMA rule book as this was the standard adopted by the city when they allowed the mile oval to be built.

Looking back some five years one remembers as few as four riders for the entire youth classes. At round seven the youth 50cc class alone had eight participants. Cody Morin who has just started his racing career this season has really picked up speed over the last few rounds. Cody had the fastest lap time of the entire 50cc field at 22.89 seconds and it doesn't seem to matter where he starts from, he always makes his way to the front. In this main event Cody topped Zach Gross and Lily Mastro capable racers in their own right.

The youth 250cc open class has been getting to many 85cc machines signed up looking for more seat time, so it was decided to create a new 85cc open class to accommodate the demand. Hence forth only 250cc mounts will be allowed to enter the youth 250cc class, speaking of which, this started off a perfect night for Clayton Williams whose eleventh birthday was only hours away on the 21st of July. Williams launched form pole to lead the field of 250's into turn one and never looked back. Williams who turned the fastest lap of all the 250's at 15.40 seconds was never challenged as the fight was for second whom Jayce Callison won over Allison Stacey.

In the new 85cc open class eight riders staged and again it was Clayton Williams who led into turn one with James Ott and Grant Holmes close behind. On lap one in turn four Noah Bush went down and thankfully was unhurt. At the front Williams on his 85cc machine turned a 16.03 second lap that was just a few ticks faster than Ott's 16.48 second time, this while Travis Petton the 4th had settled in at fourth with Alyssa Flores fifth and Frank Flores sixth. With two laps remaining Williams held a two second gap over Ott, who held only a bike length gap over a hard charging Holmes. In the final tally Williams picked up his second victory with Ott holding off Holmes for second and Petton a solid but lonely fourth.

Williams's third chance at a perfect night came in the 85cc 2-stk novice final where he could make it three for three giving him an early birthday present. But not if seven other combatants had any say about it. Right from the start Williams shot to the front with Grant Holmes, James Ott, and Travis Petton the 4th all over him not wanting to let Williams get away. On the exit from turn four on lap two Holmes bobbled but saved it causing Ott and Petton to check up and giving Williams a couple bike lengths gap at the front. Four laps complete had Holmes closing back up to Williams within two bike lengths and was planning a final push on the last lap for the victory. But try as Holmes might Williams was not to be denied as he notched his third win of the night making him three for three with a perfect night of racing.

The high mark for Grant Holmes came in the youth 65cc 2-stk novice class where he really took his game to the next level. Holmes shot into the lead in front of Tucker Mount (making his first appearance at Perris) and Travis Petton the 4th. Holmes had the fastest lap time of the class at 17.06 seconds and took the victory over Petton and Mount who rounded out the podium.

Seven riders made up the men's 4-stk field with Dylan Morin being the newcomer to the class. Starting from pole position Morin took the lead entering turn one with Billy Katkov moving past Sean Stevenson out of turn two for the second place position. At the end of three laps Morin held a four second margin over Katkov and turned the fastest lap of the race at 15.86 seconds. Try as he might Katkov just couldn't find a way forward to Morin as Stevenson, Joe Pape, Sasan Pizouzoar, and Mikey Man sorted out the places from third back. At the finish Morin and Katkov were so far out front they lapped up to fourth place as Stevenson held on for third over Pape.

The senior +50 novice class is fast becoming the Steele Freidrich show. Steele topped the field of eight riders with a fastest lap time of 16.02 seconds, a full second faster than any of his competition. Fred Berger finished second with Tim Watters third, but one thinks perhaps it's time for Steele to move up in class ranking to the amateur or expert ranks..

Jeff Lessley and his beautiful Bultaco Astro put on a school for the senior +50 amateur/expert class. Lessley launched from pole position into the lead followed by Jim Ottele and John Perez only to have a rider go down in turn two bringing out the red flag stopping the race. On the full re-start Lessley repeated to lead Ottele and Perez once again only this time Perez started from the third row penalty line, but it made no difference as he still shot directly into the third place position. At the front Lessley on the smaller displaced bike put his head down and turned a 15.55 second lap time as Ottele and Perez fought over second and Larkin Wight fought with Corey Bauman over fourth. Perez was faster than Ottele and showed a quicker lap time at 16.29 seconds and even took second place away a few times only to go wide for some reason handing second back to Ottele. As the field came to the white flag Ottele bobbled coming out of turn four and Perez pounced and advanced to second while Wight was fading and Bauman moved past for fourth (or first amateur).As the checkered flag flew Lessley took the victory as Perez finally protected his inside line to keep Ottele at bay for second and Bauman had left Wight behind for fourth.

The bomber class continues to be plagued with mechanical gremlins. Danny Perkins after practice pulled out with an out of round crank shaft, caused from the crash in round six a month ago. Heat race winner Jeff "The Jester" Johnson was fighting rear brake problems and almost got up close and personal with the crash wall in turn one while overcoming this issue. As for Travis Petton the 2nd, another regular in the bomber field, he too was enduring brake problems and just idled around during the heat race. So it was that a crippled field staged for the bomber main event. This time in addition to his loss of braking power, Johnson was suffering clutch problems as well and started from the fourth row. At the first flash of green Jimmy Lundgren reacted first and led into turn one on the only Honda in the field. On the first trip down the back straight Petton took over at the front and then came oh so close to throwing it all away on the exit from turn four. Two laps in as things calmed down the order was Petton up front, Joe Steffen up to second, Lundgren third, Johnson fourth, and Tim McWhorter. By lap four Johnson had found a way past Lundgren for third, where he would stay as Petton and Steffen had pulled out a gap at the front. Petton's fastest lap time of 15.57 seconds was only the second fastest of the night for the class as Johnson turned a 15.32 second lap in his heat race. At the finish Petton had opened up about a ten bike length gap over Steffen in second with Johnson third, Lundgren fourth and McWhorter fifth.

Fifteen riders made up the open novice field which necessitated "A" and "B" main events. In the "A" main Scott Hanson led briefly as three other riders all went for the front position. Emerging from the fight at the front was Jayce Callison leading as they entered turn three. Hanson settled in at second with Brian Harman third and Cody Van Dyke fourth. Then on the next run through turns one and two things went wrong and riders were on the ground bringing out the red flag stopping the race. With two laps all that were run a full re-start was in order. On the re-start Brian Harman jumped the start, but it was missed from trackside and the race continued on with Callison getting robbed of the front position he had worked so hard for. Jeremy Templeman was away in third with Van Dyke already up to fourth from the back row as he was one of the causes of the stoppage. By races end Harman held the ill-gotten advantage over Callison who though second place, did turn the fastest lap of the race at 16.22 seconds. Van Dyke would get around Templeman for third, and Hanson would finish in fifth in front of Greg Powell.

The closest finish of the night came in the nine rider class of the open amateurs. Rich Hanson jumped the start and was sent back to the penalty row, on the next attempt Jimmy Gillen shot to the front followed by Brandon Waters, Allison Stacey, Erick Ryke, and Hanson already up to fifth. On the second exit from turn four Waters came so close to going over the high side one wonders how he saved it. During this mishap Ryke moved past Stacey into third while Hanson was still in fifth with Lambert sixth, Joel Kath seventh, Corey Bauman eighth, and Alex Crosby ninth. Gillen at the front had the fastest lap time of 16.00 seconds but could not shake Watters who was closing. With one and a half laps remaining Waters got a drive down the back straight and took the lead away, only to go into turn three too hot and run wide which Gillen took advantage of and took the lead back. On the final lap Gillen and Waters were separated by less than four feet as Waters had no choice but to take the high line and attempt to go around the outside of Gillen. Out of turn four on the drag race to the checkered flag Gillen held on by maybe a foot of real estate for the win as Waters came up just short. The order behind them remained unchanged.

Nick Armstrong is fast becoming a master of the start and putting his head down to get away quick in the first couple of laps, which is just what he did in the pro main event. Following Armstrong, fighting over second position were Nick Gil and Ian Foulds, with Foulds taking the position by the end of the first lap. Dylan Morin, who needs desperately to get good starts was pushed high in turn one and finally settled in at the fourth place spot. With two laps complete Armstrong had over a six bike length gap over Foulds and the rest of the pro field. On the next lap Morin run it up under Gil to take third away and locked his sights on Foulds in second. Then on lap five while Paul Ott was working his way forward Through the Bush brothers Foulds made a mistake on the exit from turn two and left the door open for Morin to advance into second. But by this point Armstrong held a full three second gap over Morin, who turned the overall fastest lap of the night at 15.00 seconds to Armstrong's 15.10 seconds. Making up a tenth of a second a lap on the leader will not move Morin close enough to Armstrong before time runs out, so at this point all Armstrong needed to do was go into cruise control and stay smooth. By lap eight Gil was showing what appeared to be a tiring Foulds a wheel and make the pass into third stick. By lap twelve fighting for position seemed over with, as Armstrong was starting to pull away again from Morin who appeared to have conceded the victory. Paul Ott had caught Foulds and dropped him back to fifth with Robert Bush sixth, Will Ott seventh and David Bush eighth. This establishes Armstrong as a real threat in the pro ranks as he notched up another victory with a giant step for racer kind.

Youth 250 Open
1.    Clayton Williams
2.    Jace Callison
3.    Allison Stacey
4.    Justin Hanson
5.    Alex Crosby
6.    Jaycee Jones
7.    Monica Gil

Youth 85cc Open
1.    Clayton Williams
2.    James Ott
3.    Grant Holmes
4.    Travis Petton
5.    Alyssa Flores
6.    Frank Flores
7.    Evan Harich
8.    Noah Bush

50cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Rayson Normanin

50cc 2 Stk. Novice
1.    Colin Petton

50cc 4 stk Beginner
1.    Cody Morin
2.    Zach Gross
3.    Lily Mastro
4.    Andrew Vartla
5.    Lilly Davis

65cc 2 Stk Novice
1.    Grant Holmes
2.    Travis Petton IV
3.    Tucker Mount

65cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Patrick Erdeman
2.    Ava Bush

65cc 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Zach Gross
2.    Natalie Gross
3.    Paige Britt

85cc 4 Stk Beginner
1.    Frank Flores
2.    Evcan Harich
3.    David Seminario

85cc  4 Stk Novice
1.    Monica Gil
2.    Matthew Ott

85cc 2 Stk Beginner
1.    Evan Harich
2.    Matthew Ott

85cc 2 Stk Novice
1.    Clayton Williams
2.    Grant Holmes
3.    James Ott
4.    Travis Petton
5.    Alyssa Flores
6.    Noah Bush

Classic Vintage 500-750 cc
1.    Tom Ferguson
2.    Joe Pape
3.    Fred Berger
4.    James Kohls.

Super Senior + 60
1.    Vince Graves
2.    David Molitor

Premier Senior + 70cc
1.    Gary Lane
2.    Allan Girdler

Open Unclassified (non paying)
1.    Jimmy Gillen
2.    Jace Callison
3.    Allison Stacey
4.    LJ Gronek

750 Vintage
1.    Jim Ottele

Men’s 4 Stroke
1.    Dylan Morin
2.    Billy Katkov
3.    Sean Stevenson
4.    Joe Pape
5.    Sasan Pizouzoar
6.    J Joseph
7.    Mikey Man

Senior + 50 Novice
1.    Steele Freidrich
2.    Fred Berger
3.    Tim Watters
4.    Greg Powell
5.    Paul Claybaugh
6.    Danny Mathis
7.    Mike Boal

Senior Vet + 50 Experts
1.    Jeff Lessley
2.    Jon Perez
3.    Jim Ottele

Senior Vets + 50 Amateur
1.    Corey Bauman
2.    Larkin Wight
3.    Bill Wright

Vet’s + 35
1.    Will Ott
2.    David Bush
3.    Sean Lambert
4.    Brad Rudy
5.    Joel Kath
6.    Derrick Porter DNS

1.    Travis Petton
2.    Joe Steffen
3.    Jeff Johnson
4.    Jim Lundgren
5.    Tim McWhorter

250cc Vintage 2 Stk. Novice
1.    Michael Fritz
2.    Harly Legowski

360 ccVintage 2 Stk Novice
1.    Gary Lane
2.    Tim Watters
3.    Bryan Erdelman

250ccVintage 2 Stk Expert
1.    Jeff Lessley

Open Novice A Main
1.    Brian Harman
2.    Jace Callison
3.    Cody Van Dyke
4.    Jeremy Templeman
5.    Scott Hanson
6.    Greg Powell
7.    Paul Claybaugh
8.    Dana Studer
9.    Jim Bangren

Open Novice B Main
1.    LJ Gronek
2.    Monty Watowa
3.    Joe Melton
4.    Manny Mathis
5.    Mike Woolaway DNS

Open Amateur
1.    Jimmy Gillen
2.    Brandon Watters
3.    Eric Ryke
4.    Allison Stacey
5.    Richard Hanson
6.    Sean Lambert
7.    Joel Kath
8.    Corey Bauman
9.    Alex Crosby

1.    Nick Armstrong
2.    Dylan Morin
3.    Nick Gil
4.    Paul Ott
5.    Ian Folds
6.    Robert Bush
7.    Will Ott
8.    David Bush