Slideways Racing Presents

Chowchilla Speedway, Chowchilla, CA

April 27, 2013

Round 1 of the “King of the Valley” series

Photos and story by Karen Gould, Checkered Flag Photography

The first race of the three race series “King of Valley” promoted by Slideways Racing took place Saturday night, April 27th at the Chowchilla Speedway.  The track. about 3/8 of a mile in diameter had been completely dug up, topped with new soil and packed to a speedy banked blue groove.  Slideways Racing, Randy and Mary Kremlaceck and their team put their heart and soul into this series, evident by the gifts tossed into the crowd during the races, the jump house set up on the grass for the little kids and the professionalism of the event.  The main sponsor for this series is, Jack Cudia, of Turlock, CA.  Both Jack and Randy began their love of the sport on the track racing themselves.  Series sponsors include Rod Lake Racing and Orchard Supply Hardware as well as others.

A day full of events started in the morning with a few riders on hand to coach the little guys and first time racers.  After lunch practice was held for the amateurs followed by their heats and main events.

Racing is a family affair for many but today in particular it would have been difficult not to notice a long time racing family, the Hannahs.  In the pits were 4 generations of Hannahs to cheer for young Hunter Hannah as he took the PW 50 win in the 4 to 6 year old class.  Young Hannah was aboard the same Honda 50 ridden by his dad, his grandfather and all his cousins and their neighbors as they grew up.  It got a “remodel” of new plastic, a paint job and tires and looked shiny bright with the young Hannah on board as the checkered flag flew.

Also new comers to organized racing, Chase and Blake Petree rode their bright new quads in the Youth quad class.   Early in the day they were obvious new comers but by day’s end they had picked up the pace and were enjoying the competition.  Philip Fanelli earned top spot on the podium but the Petree brothers finished second and third behind him.

Other top finishers in the afternoon events included Mitchell Green who took the top spot in the open amateur class in front to f Nick Garner and Stacey Allison.  Driving the water truck on the track most of the day Roger Bauerman switched his attire and took to the track on two wheels finishing behind Tim Walters in the vintage heavey 350 class.  Grant Holmes, Michael Manion and Nolan Reitz also all finished first in their respective class.

In the quad novice class Ron Talley took an early lead in front of the five other racers and showed them all the fast way to the checkers.

Expert and pro class riders took to the track when the amateur classes finished getting a feel for the track and their bike set up.  For several of the day’s riders this was to be their first experience with a banked blue groove track where the combination of the banking and the speed of the track took you to the top and in some cases over the rim.

Chad Foster got the Open Expert lead from the time the light went green.  Foster rode all ten laps in the lead of this class. Calaeigh Ryan took the second spot.  Robert Morris had to work to get stay on top of the box in the 0-349 expert and vintage heavy expert class.  Gary Durbin wanted that win too.  Morris got the hole shot and led through lap three.  Durbin found the chance he needed between turns two and three to overtake Morris getting under him in lap four.  Morris wasted no time recapturing the lead, again on the back straight but leaving nothing to chance held his line tight getting some breathing room by the time the checkers flew.  Perri Turner rounded out this podium.

Ten quads formed two rows on the starting grid.  At the green light Keith Roush wasn’t letting ladies go first.  Roush was first to the first turn but newly engaged Kristi Bolin was right on his tail pushing.   Behind them Aaron Garpli and Kristi’s fiancÚ, Mitch Cornelious, filling the third and fourth spots respectively.

Steve Hill wowed the crowd in the vet expert class.  Getting past Jason Craven in lap four there was no stopping Hill from winning this one.  Once taking over the lead he continued to put land between himself and Craven.  Anthony Mitchell maintained his third place position all ten laps and Tim Brock brought up the rear.  Craig Scroggins, Donnie Darrah and Roger Bowerman powered their two wheeled machines from start to finish in that order.

The evening’s final event consisted of sixteen pro class riders competing for the first place $500 win as well as placement points for series final pay out awards.  Two rows of eight riders lined up waiting for the light to go green.   National Pro Expert rider and winner of the AMA Pro Expert Singles in  Knoxville Tenessee during the 2012 season,  Shayna Texter was in the front of the pack before the first turn with AMA Grand National riders Mike Rush and Kayl Kolkman and National singles rider Kale Fisher following her three wide behind her.  Coming out of the turn Rush followed Texter.  Behind them and gaining ground Briar Bauman was picking off riders in front of him moving into fourth by the end of lap one and capturing the third position from Kolkman by the end of lap three.  Another Pro Expert national rider, Michael Inderbitzen finished lap one in the fifth spot behind Kolkman. AMA National Pro Expert Ryan Foster captured the fifth spot when Rush fell back in the pack in lap thirteen.  By the checkers Texter had put some real estate behind her and Bauman who finished second.

Round two of the “King of the Valley Series” will take place this Saturday, May 4th at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds in Turlock.  In addition to it’s being the second King of the Valley venue it is also the first of the California Flat Track Association seven round series that will include races in Turlock, Chowchilla, Prairie City, Willow Springs, Santa Rosa and Perris Raceway.  Information for “King of the Valley” is available at  Information about the California Flat Track Association Series can be found at


PW50 – 4-6 yrs old

1.    Hunter Hannah; 2. Landon Fanelli; 3. Austin Bellew

Quad Youth

1.    Philip Fanelli; 2. Chase Petree; 3. Blake Petree; 4. Landon Fanelli

85-150cc Amateur

1.    Grant Holmes

230    ateur

1.    Michael Manion; 2. Alex Crosby

230    pert

1.    Nolan Reitz

Quad Novice

1.    Ron Talley; 2. Greg Kathner; 3. Clay Nixon; 4. Steve Talley; 5. Clay Childers; 6. Ethan Sullivan

Vet Amateur 35+

1.    Pete Gillum

Vintage heavy 350 Open Amateur

1.    Tim Walters; 2. Roger Bauerman

Open Amateur

1.    Mitchell Green; 2. Nick Garner; 3. Stacey Allison; 4. Robie Hannah; 5. Brandon Watters

85-150 Expert

1.    Nolan Reitz; 2. Clayton Williams

Open Expert

1.    Chad Foster; 2. Calaeigh Ryan

Vintage Light 0-349

1.    Tim Rott

Vintage Heavy 350-open Expert

1.    Robert Morris; 2. Gary Durbin; 3. Perry Turner

Quad Pro

1.    Keith Roush; 2. Kristi Bolin; 3. Aaron Garpli; 4. Mitch Cornelious; 5. Bobby Borba; 6. oHeather Manefee; 7. Tom McCarroll; 8. Ronnie Talley; 9. Charlie Lyles; 10. Dan Elderbaum

Vet Expert 35+

1.    “Driver” Steve Hill; 2. Jason Craven; 3. Anthony Mitchell; 4. Tim Brock

Sr. Heads Up

1.    Craig Scroggins; 2. Donnie Darrah; 3. Roger Bowerman

Pro Main

1.    Shayna Texter; 2. Briar Bauman; 3. Kayl Kolkman; 4. Michael Inderbitzen; 5. Ryan Foster; 6. Kale Fisher;

7. Austin Scaggs; 8. Brandon Bergen; 9. Mikey Rush; 10. Nick Armstrong; 11. Kris Bunch;

12. Jame Monaco; 13. Jeremy Hannah; 14. Bobby Bolin; 15. Zack Lenhof; 16. Chad Foster