Eddie Mulder West Coast Dirt Track Series Round 5

Mulder’s Magic at Willow Day 1

October 19, 2013  -  Willow Springs, CA

Story and Photos by Karen Gould


#1 Brad Baker at practice                                                                     #14 Ted Hubbard honored                                            


                                #87 Chris Rudy                                                                  1 Herb Wolf  - 14 Ted Hubbard Sr  Novice Super Senior Start             


           4 Donnie Howard                                                07 Allison Stacey; 10 Brandon Green  


7x Grant Holmes - 114 Tyler Raggio - 103 Jacob Cascio                          10 Green get 07 Stacey at the checkers for The win


12 Steve Nichols and 84 Jeff Gonzales battle 500 support                                         14 Briar Bauman                                      


25 Shayna Texter                                                         28 Danny Ritchie Prepares the track then rides it


63 Ken Thiebaud and 12E Jeff Lessley Sr                                            63 Ken Thiebaud                                                           

95 Clayton Williamd - 07 Allison Stacey                                     95 Clayton Williams takes Eddie Mulder for a victory lap


114 Jorgensen - 95 Scaggs - 10 Green Open Amateur                    144 David Jorgensen - 95 Susttin Scaggs                           


144 David Jorgenson                                                                  170 Jacob Cascio - 2m Michael Hill practrice                   

     250 open- 10 BradonGreen, 87AllisonStacey                            Dash for $$ Mees, Bauman, Baker; Halbert, Pearson, Texter                                                                                                     


Senior Novice -  Super Senior Start                                                      Senior Start                                                                  


Digger open pro Mees, Bauman, Halbert, Baker                          Eddie collect $$ for the dash in rhe riders meeting           


Eddie helps the youngsters thank their sponsors                            Jared takes Digger for a lap                                            


Jeff Johnson Really happy with his new Triumph hat                       Jodi & Kimmie Sorting awards                                    

  Main event podium w Digger & Zimmermans                                             Mees & Halbert                                                      


Mees & Halbert Shake                                                                                  Mees                                                                   


Rider's meeting                                                                         Season end dinner celebration for the Mulder team


The final two rounds of Eddie Mulder’s West Coast Dirt Track Series began early Saturday morning October 19, 2013 at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond CA.  The weather for Saturday’s race was extraordinarily beautiful.  Upon arrival at the track it was cool, sweatshirt temperatures.  As the day progressed the weather warmed into the mid-eighties with no wind. 

Thanks to the many sponsors and supporters of the West Coast Dirt Track Series including Digger Helm, the Zimmerman brothers,  Triumph of America, Rod Lake, www.TodaysCycleCoverage.com and S&S Off Road Magazine, who bring news of the WCDTS events out to the public, Penton Race Products, Brown’s Cycles, Maxima Racing Oils, Works Performance, Coventry Spares, Tuff Plates, K&N, Barnett Clutches and Cables, JRC engineering,and more. At each event there are water bottles, hats, T-shirts and other goodies all provided by the sponsors and shared with the riders during the award ceremony.  And kudos to the catering truck.  One guy cooking, one guy taking orders.  These guys offered food all day starting with breakfast burritos in the morning.  Best track food ever.  Grilled chicken sandwiches, cheese burgers, French fries made of real potatoes and veggie burgers for those that didn’t eat meat and all the fixins to go with each choice.

The track, was perfectly groomed and well watered. A 3/8 mile banked cushion prepared by Danny Richie, was enjoyed by riders young and not so young with classes from 60cc to the super senior vintage.  Riders traveled from Canada, Michigan, Washington, and all over the United States to spend the weekend competing on this awesome race track. An event that only happens twice a year.  Once in spring and once in the fall.

The West Coast Dirt Track Series crew were on site at 7:30 a.m. to be ready for the rider’s that were eager to get signed in, set up and run through tech for the 10 a.m. practice session.  The riders meeting informed the riders on the usual rules, postings and laps as well as information about the series sponsors, where to buy tires at the track and introduction of some of the pro riders in the house.  Brad Baker, the new 2013 Grand National Champion, Jared Mees, Sammy Halbert, Mikey Rush, Shayna Texter, Rob Person, Brandon Bergen, the Bauman brothers,  and more.  The mystery remains a mystery – where were all the spectators that missed out on this day of pro racing at half the cost of attending a national?

Racing began with the Sr. Vintage Class and 8 riders on the line.  Brothers, Ron and Jeff Lessley would finish 1, 2 followed by David Krohn.  The Vet class included 10 riders in 2 rows.  Jeff Johnson took the lead from the green to the checkers.  Behind him Tom Horton held the second spot for the first lap leaving the race with a mechanical in lap 2 Donnie Howard easily took over the second place and Jack Jones rounded out the podium.  In the Super Sr. combined class Herb Wolf, Lawrence Bertrand and D-dan McDougall rode all 6 six laps in that order.  McDougall and Bertrand, drove from Calgary Canada to ride the Willow weekend, enjoying some desert riding on their way. Grant Holmes, riding his Kawasaki 65 led Jacob Cascio, also aboard a Kawi 65, for 6 laps of the 65cc Main event finishing first.

Chris Rudy got the hole shot in the Combined classic 500/750 main event in front of Tom Horton. Rudy rode hard to maintain that front position aboard his 1962 Harley Davidson 750 for the first two laps but Horton piloting a Triumph 500 got under Rudy in lap three to finish first.  Behind them Steve Craft riding a 1957 Harley KR 750 was on the move using five laps to take the third spot from Cary Tanner and his Mike Haney Triumph T500.

Clayton Williams was giving lessons aboard his Honda CR 85 showing the class of 7 85cc riders the fast way around this cushion track.  Williams rode all 6 laps far out front but Michael Hill worked the track and his Honda 85 to maintain his second position Grant Holmes was no slacker finishing third.  Jeff Lesley was back on the track aboard a 76 Hodaka 250 to ride the Modern 250.  Lesley got the hole shot but Will Ott riding a 75 Yamaha YZ 250 was not having it taking the lead in lap 4.  Mark Davis brought up the rear on his 1980 Boss Honda 250. Jim Lundgren and Steve Craft finished lap one of the Modern 500 in front.  Ron Lessley got around Craft in lap two.  This one finished Lundgren, Lessley, Craft and Gary Swan.

Nine riders lined up for the 250 Open Main.  Brandon Green was in it to win it sliding through the turns and tucking on the straights putting some ground between himself and his competitors.  Clayton Williams finished lap one in fifth, lap two in third and worked Nolan Reitz turn to turn through the 5th lap finally taking the second in the final lap.  Reitz finished third.

The 500 Support Class gave Jack Jones his chance to shine.  Always a popular class, 12 riders lined up on the grid.  When the Fred Allen threw the green flag, Jones and Steve Nichols took the front two spots settling in and riding 1,2 all 6 laps. Third place riders changed 3 times and finally finished with Paul Herman taking third and Jim Lundgren in fourth.

 David Jorgensen got the hole shot and held the lead in the Open Amateur Main through lap three but Brandon Green, here from Edmonds, Washington was on his back wheel overtaking Jorgensen in lap four.  Allison Stacey completed all six laps in third and Brandon Waters finished fourth.  Stacey has stepped up her game during the 2013 season.

You know time has moved on when you’re writing about the Sr. Open Main and the riders are Jeff Johnson and Donnie Howard.  Battling in the the Vet class earlier in the day they were ready for this one.  Off the line it was Johnson followed by Howard and Lloyd McGregor.  Howard was working to catch Johnson when Johnson made it easy leaving the race with a mechanical in lap four.  Howard slipped into the lead followed by McGreggor and John Lundgren.

The Specialty Fabrications, Inc. $5,000 Dash for Cash riders, Jared Mees, Briar Bauman, Sammy Halbert, Mikey Rush, Kayle Kolkman and Shayna Texter lined up for the five lap dash. Bauman got the hole shot with Halbert on his wheel.  Mees followed in third followed by Rush.  Halbert and Bauman rode side by side down the back straight in laps two and three, changed places for the lead in lap four and Halbert finally made the pass stick for the money in the final lap.

Seven riders gave it their all in the Open Pro semi.  Robert Person, Briar Bauman and Austin Helmholtz finished one, two, three for a place in the 15 rider Digger Open Pro event.  On the front row were Bauman, Mees, Halbert, Kolkman, Texter and Rush and they all had their eyes on Diggers $8,000 purse.  Kolkman took the lead off the line flanked on each side by Halbert and Mees.  Entering turn one Mees was in front with Kolkman, Halbert and Bauman following.  Baker was in the fifth. Halbert got the lead and his bike engine blew allowing Mees to go  Into the second lap in front followed by Baker, Bauman and Kolkman following a battle on the back stretch between Baker and Bauman. Settled into positions Mees, Baker, Bauman and Kolkman rode the remaining laps in that order to the finish. Rush finished fifth followed by Texter and Pearson.

As always the day ended with awards and a beer, goodies, gifts and money to the riders and a wonderful celebration of the season for the Mulder crew at the local Mexican restaurant. 

Eddie and Jodi Mulder and their crew give a huge thank you to the riders, sponsors, supporters and fans that came out to help make another great day of racing!

Sr. Vintage
1.    Jeff Lessley; 2. Ron Lessley; 3. David Krohn; 4. Steve Craft; 5. David Ehrhart; 6. Tim Watter; 7. Lawrence Bertrand; 8. D-dan McDougall
Sr. Novice
1.    Herb Wolff; 2. Lawrence Bertrand; 3. D-dan McDougall; 4. Fred Berger; 5. Wayne Sumner; 6. Alan Hayden; 7. Wm Morgan; 8. Ted Hubbard; 9. Charles Caspary
Youth 65
1.    Grant Holmes; 2. Jacob Cascio
Classic 500 750sv
1.    Tom Horton; 2. Chris Rudy; 3. Steve Craft; 4. Cary Tanner; 5. James Kohls; 6. Matt Campbell
1.    Jeff Johnson; 2. Donnie Howard; 3. Jack Jones; 4. Robert Bush; 5. Larry Earhart; 6. John Lundgren; 7. Will Ott; 8. Brandon Watters; 9 Gary Ritchie; 10. Ron Buccieri; 11. Tom Horton
1.    Mark LaDue
Classic 250
1.    Fred Berger
Youth 80
1.    Clayton Williams; 2. Michael Hill; 3. Grant Holmes; 4. Tanner Dean; 5. Jacob Cascio; 6. Noah Bush; 7. Jessy Krohn
250 Open
1.    Brandon Green; 2. Clayton Williams; 3. Nolan Reitz; 4. Evan Hill; 5. Jace Callison; 6. Sean Neeney; 7. Michael Hill; 8. Tanner Dean; 9. Jaycee Jones; 10. Allison Stacey
Modern 250
1.    Will Ott; 2. Jeff Lessley; 3. Mark Davis; 4. Tom Horton
Modern 500
1.    Jim Lundgren; 2. Ron Lessley; 3. Steve Craft; 4. Gary Swan
Modern 750
1.    Tom Horton; 2. Dylan Morin; 3. Robert Bush; 4. Lloyd McGregor
500 Support
1.    Jack Jones; 2. Steve Nichols; 3. Paul Herman; 4. Jim Lundgren; 5. Jeff Gonzales; 6. Robert Morris; 7. Gary Ritchie; 8. Cary Tanner; 9. Mark LaDue; 10. Mike Fowler; 11. Justin Barnett; 12. Jay Grosvenor
Open Amateur
1.    Brandon Green; 2. David Jorgensen; 3. Allison Stacey; 4. Brandon Waters; 5. Casey Cahoon; 6. Jace Callison; 7. Evan Hill; 8. Parker Earhart; 9. Dillon Allen; 10. Sean Heeney
Sr. Open
1.    Donnie Howard; 2. Lloyd McGregor; 3. John Lundgen; 4. Robert Morris; 5. Larry Earhart; 6. Donnie Darrah; 7. Greg Powell; 8. Mike Boal; 9. Mike Fowler; 10. Jeff Johnson; 11. Steve Nichols
Digger Open Pro
1.    Jared Mees; 2. Brad Baker; 3. Briar Bauman; 4. Kayl Kolkman; 5. Mike Rush; 6. Shayna Texter; 7. Robert Pearson; 8. Mikal Martin; 9. Dylan Morin; 10. Brandon Bergen; 11. Nick Armstrong

Story and Photos by Karen Gould