September 10th, 2016, Perris California, Perris Raceway,

 Southern California Flat Track Association's

Championship Series, Round 9

Photos and text by Rodney Rutherford

Part 2

As we prepare for round ten this weekend, October 15TH, of the twelve round 2016 Southern California Flat Track Association (SCFTA) Championship Series. Let's venture into part II of our two part SCFTA round nine coverage. A brief review of round nine performances, as well as a spotlight on youthful SCFTA superstars Travis Petton and his buddy and on track rival, Grant Holmes.

Petton IV winning round the Open Expert at round eight.

Rod Lake Racing/Petton Bobcat Service racer Petton IV, has long been one of the youthful stars of SCFTA. After SCFTA initiated the Open Expert class for 2016, Petton IV, the holder of many SCFTA number one plates over the years took up arms in the class with no hesitation. Riding a Honda CRF250, reportedly in a class dominated by mostly 450's, Petton IV missed the top three only once in the first seven rounds. Clayton Williams riding a streak of six consecutive wins stretching from round two to round seven, moved up to the Pro class at round eight.

Petton IV scraping out of turn four at round five of SCFTA action.

Just shy of turning twelve years old, Petton IV, brought his game or round eight. Looking for his first victory in the SCFTA 250 Expert, he got just that going to the front of the pack, Petton kept his wheels to the ground for his first SCFTA 250 Expert victory. Placing second at round nine, he currently holds a twelve point series lead over Holmes in the chase for number one in the 250 Expert. He has won all nine rounds of the 85cc Open and 85cc 2-Stroke Amateur, with the series lead for the number one plate his to lose in both classes. In the Youth 250 Open, Petton has a scant seven point margin in the first spot for the points, but his arch rival on the track in Holmes is just seven points back in second. Racing in Santa Rosa just recently, he won three of four races and just seems unstoppable everywhere he races. Stay tuned more to follow on the scrappy sliding now twelve year old.

Grant Holmes leading his Open Expert heat at round nine. Going on to the main victory under the lights.

Southland Racing/Motostation/6D Helmets racer Holmes, is part of SCFTA's exciting duo as he and Petton race plastic against plastic nearly every time they share the line. Each knowing the mental sliding blueprint of the other, gassing out of the turns at hair raising speeds and seldom an incident. They can bring up a crowd anywhere they go by the sheer skill of their close quarters battles. After racing in the first two rounds in the 85cc classes, Holmes ditched the smaller classes to focus on the 250 Expert and the Youth 250 Open, good choice. He won the first round of the 250 Expert, and recently brought down the class with a decisive victory at round nine. Also a multiple SCFTA number one plate holder like Petton, he still has a lot of racing to go. The 250 Expert and 250 Youth titles may just come down to the last round, so we have a lot of racing left between him and Petton IV, with three rounds remaining. Ready to turn twelve in December, he will be attending the American Supercamp in the same month, in a constant search to improve his racing and riding skills. In 2017 we will see Holmes back at Perris Raceway for SCFTA action, he he will also be racing with IV League Flat Track, California Flat Track Association, and attending the American Motorcyclist Association's Amateur Nationals in the summer of 2017.  

Conner Hickerson (45E), leading Jake Mitchell (3) in a heat race at round eight.

After moving up to the 85 4-Stroke Beginner class, Conner Hickerson currently has a four point grip on the series lead with three rounds to go. Mitchell has vastly improved this year and should be a title factor in the 2017 85cc classes as well.

Jacob Cascio, sliding at round two.

Jacob Cascio, has been a busy camper in the SCFTA series, after suffering a serious burn injury in 2015 he has rebounded in full force. Standing at four points in back of Hickerson in the quest for the 85cc 4-Stroke Novice class, Cascio is going to be hard to hold down for Hickerson. Cascio has three main wins in eight rounds raced, and with that balance will likely get another one. A story still unfolding for Cascio and Hickerson as the series narrows to an end.

The Woman's (Powder Puff) class gets off the line for their heat with Alyssa Flores (53), Monica Gil (00), Bailee Warrell (81), and Jaycee Jones (33).

 Flores has boomed in her talent and speed this season, winning this heat and the main. Flores has won three of the last four rounds, but was is too far back in the points to contend for the title, due to a first round injury and missing rounds three through five. Jones and Gil finished second and third respectively behind Flores. Gil has a three point series lead over Jones, but given she has never bested the 2015 Woman's Champion Jones in a Main, time for Gil to bring it on if she hopes for her first Woman's title. With this final story, we will bring this round nine coverage to an end.

Each story from now until the end of the series, will consist of two parts as I will do my best to cover as many racers and classes as possible. Please go to for schedule information and the 2016 point standings. The next round will be number ten, on October 15TH and we have three rounds to go.  


50cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Drake Conner; 2. Xavier Montana.

50cc 4-STROKE BEG: 1. Owen Williams; 2. Bailey Richey.

65-70cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Colin Petton.

65-70cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Owen Williams; 2. Jasper Heathfield.

65-70cc OPN: 1. Travis Horn; 2. Jasper Heathfield.

85-100cc 2-STRK BEG: 1. Colin Petton.

85-100cc 4-STRK BEG: 1. Sierra Hickerson; 2. Jadon Schroeder; 3. Alina Montano; 4. Madison Simons.

85-100cc 2-STRK NOV: 1. Conner Hickerson.

85-100cc 4-STRK NOV: 1. Carson Mumford; 2. Zack Earwood; 3. Conner Hickerson; 4. Jacob Cascio; 5. Travis Horn.

85-100cc 2-STRK AMAT: 1. Travis Petton IV; 2. Carson Mumford; 3. Zaden Florez; 4. Tanner Richey.
85cc OPN: 1. Travis Petton IV: 2. Tanner Richey; 3. Zaden Florez; 4. Conner Hickerson; 5. Jadon Schroeder.

4-STRK: 1. Brad Rudy; 2. Zack Earwood; 3. Marc Heathfield; 4. James Rust; 5. John Girdler.

250cc YOUTH OPN: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Travis Petton IV; 3. Carson Mumford; 4. Alyssa Flores; 5. Jacob Cascio; 6. Jake Mitchell; 7. Frank Flores.

WMN PWDRPF: 1. Alyssa Flores; 2. Jaycee Jones; 3. Monica Gil; 4. Bailee Warrell.

OPN BEG: 1. David Wada; 2. Barney Stern; 3. Zack Earwood; 4. Jake Mitchell; 5. Frank Flores.

OPN NOV: 1. John Garcia; 2. Nick Garcia; 3. Arnie Fry; 4. Matt Ott; 5. Justin Simons; 6. Chris
Osborn; 7. Alyssa Flores; 8. Noah Bush; 9. Andrew Myers; 10. Monica Gil.

OPN UNCLAS: 1. Chris Foster; 2. Matthew Zacher; 3. Andre` Ochs; 4. Colt Foster; 5. Clayton
Williams; 6. Evan Markus; 7. Christian Payne; 8. Justin Hanson; 9. Byron Kukla; 10. Noah Bush; 11. Justin Simons; 12. Matt Ott.

OPN AMAT: 1. Ryan Reed; 2. Christian Payne; 3. Evan Markus; 4. Justin Hanson; 5. LJ Gronek; 6. Jaycee Jones; 7. Mike Mosby.

OPN EXP: 1. Grant Holmes; 2. Travis Petton IV; 3. Chris Campos; 4. Byron Kukla; 5. Joel Kath.

PRO: 1. John Vanderlaan; 2. Colt Foster; 3. Michael Inderbitzin; 4. Nick Armstrong; 5. Nick Gil;
6. Andre` Ochs; 7. Chris Foster; 8. Clayton Williams; 9. Matt Zacher; 10. James Ott.

VET +35 NOV: 1. David Wada; 2. Andrew Myers.

VET +35 AMAT: 1. Ryan Reed; 2. Scott Hanson; 3. Robert Stettler.
VET +35 EXP: 1. Kevin Jordan; 2. Paul Ott; 3. Jim Rosa; 4. Robert Bush; 5. Chris Campos; 6. Joel Kath.

SR VET +50 NOV: 1. Chris Osborn; 2. Barney Stern; 3. Jim Bandelin.

SR VET +50 AMAT: 1. Arnie Fry; 2. Robert Stettler; 3. Ken Shilling; 4. Corey Bauman.

SR VET +50 EXP: 1. Kevin Jordan; 2. Jim Ottele; 3. Larry Earhart; 4. Richard Pollock; 5. Brad Rudy.

SUP SR +60 AMAT/NOV: 1. Gary Lane; 2. Bill Wright; 3. Paul Claybaugh; 4. Mike Brooks.

SUP SR +60 EXP: 1. Jim Wood; 2. S. Kukla; 3. Richard Pollock; 4. Dan Kane.

PREM SR +70: 1. Ron Moore; 2. Mike Brooks; 3. Allan Girdler.

BMBR NOV: 1. Larry Hanson; 2. John Farmer; 3. Dwayne Locke.

BMBR  AMAT: 1. Paul Claybaugh; 2. Ken Shilling.

BMBR EXP: 1. Jeff Johnson; 2. Danny Perkins.