Early Perris Raceway

Photos on this page supplied by Jamey Blunt

Photos taken by
Manuel Burton

Manuel Burtons son Mario, has a site for old Perris photos. Click here

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#1 Stevie Nichols 100cc in 1968

#24 Jamey Blunt and #1 Bobby Sanders

#4 Don Frauenberger and #7 Ed Steffen

Freddy Edwards

#81x Joe Steffen - 1975

#76r Don Frauenberger and #28r John Spraqe - Perris Long Course

#40x Jamey Blunt and  #678 Don Fraunberger

2x Stevie-Nichols - 116 Gary Caldwell - 34x Tom White - 14x Danny Hockie
8x Charlie Gann

Freddy Edwards

#8x Stevie Nichols  December 15,1968

May 13,1973 - Perris Power Puff Dist Race. Don Frauenberger 1st 360cc

1978 District 37 number 1 - Joe Steffen

#8x Stevie Nichols and #64 Hank Scott

August 25, 1973 #25r Don Frauenberger (1st Place) #28 Rex Hailey (2nd Place)
 at Perris Saturday night race.

Freddy Edwards

 Bobby Sanders and Jamey Blunt

Jamey Blunt and Neil Winston  175-200cc Expert Class

Jamey Blunt  Trackmaster OSSA 1972

Freddy Edwards

Johnny Isaacs September 24,1967

Johnny Isaacs on a BSA

628x Jamey Blunt 100cc Hodaka 1967

Left to right - Gerry Burton, Bobby Sanders sister, Stevie Nichols and Miss Graves

#26x Jamey Blunt 175cc OSSA

Stevie Nichols and Johnny Isaacs returned to Perris Raceway on September 10th,2009.

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