Rob Damron
Was fatally injured on June 30th, 2001


 11:00 A.M.
 SAN JOSE, CA. 95123
Posted by Vickie Morris Mendoza on July 6th, on the Flat Track Forum

The Damron family would like to thank everyone for all the flowers sent, but are overwhelmed
 by them at this time. The family asks that everyone please hold of on sending anymore
 flowers to Brenda at home. Thank you for all the love and support everyone has shown.
 Please stand by for information on a trust fund and memorial service to follow shortly.
Posted by Jesse & Carol on July 3th, on the Flat Track Forum

In refrence to the contributions for the Damron Family The donations need to be made to
 Brenda Damron
 P.O. Box 2562
 Morgan Hill, CA 95037-9998

 Again the Family thanks all of you for your Love and Support you have shown.
Posted by Jesse/Carol/Dante on July 6th, on the Flat Track Forum

To the family, we offer our prayers and condolences. This tragedy is so hard to comprehend
 for all of us. Our boys have looked up to Rob since they were 'pups' and have wanted to
 achieve all the skills that he had achieved. He will be greatly missed by all of us.
Ride in peace Rob...
Yarrow Family

To the family of Rob Damron,
 Sam and I are stunned by the news of Rob's passing, We have no way of understanding how
 and why something like this could happen, I had great admiration and respect for Rob as a
 racer/champion and as a human being, You should know that Rob is role model for my son,
 after Sam met Rob at Lodi last year he said he wanted to be like Rob, racer, champion and
 most of all a nice guy with lots of friends. For that Rob I thank you. Our condolences and
 prayers go out to the entire Damron family, Especially his parents, Wife and his children may
 God bless you all.
 Viya Con Dios Rob We will not forget you!
Clark family

All of us at the Motor Sports Press Association would like to express our sincere
 condolences to the Damron family, friends, competitors and fans.
Rob is our 2000 Rider Of  The Year in Flat Track as I’m sure most of you know.
 On a personal note Rob was very cool to meet. His story was a great one and when he told it
 at the banquet, you could tell he had a ball the entire way. He was very proud to be honored
 and represent the organization. I grew up watching Mike run supers at San Jose Speedway
 and knew the last name, but not being much of a “bike guy” (sprint cars are my main bag) I
 had no idea of Robs exploits. You should be proud of your lost champion. He was proud of
 his competitors and the series he ran.
Al Drake

I am so sorry for every thing. I wish the best to his family. May he rest in peace. Godspeed rob.
Paul Herman

Damron Family,
 Again I'm speechless. I am so sorry for your loss. Rob was the best of the best. Always a
 gentleman, a friend, and there to help all. I, like everyone else involved in the racing
 community, am having a difficult time with this loss. I think we all would like to do something,
 but what would that be? My heart and prayers go out to you, Brenda and children. May you
 find strength in your friends and family that care about you. We have you in our thoughts  daily.
 Donna Hall and Family

Those who knew Rob will remember him as Special kind of guy. A racer from the core out.
 Rob was a neighbor as a kid and rode his first race in 1981 at Bolado Park in Hollister, CA. I
 think the bike was a Suzuki RM 250. Robs' father helped him always. He was an Expert by
 1985 and the following year Rob was Black Plate #1 ( top open class rider) in District 36.
He  was a 10 time # 1 - District 36 rider.
 He and Brenda were married at the Lodi Cycle Bowl - They walked from a motorhome in turn
 one , past a line of motorcycles and riders to the starting line, where the ceremony took
 place. It was nice and tells of the devotion he and Brenda had for this sport. I'll always see
 Rob when I am at Lodi under the trees at the south end of the pits. Rob - Michelle
 DiSalvo always there, surrounded by friends. I will remember Rob at the Awards Banquet
 showing up looking cool in a Tux to recieve his #1 Plate .
 What class - what a guy. What a loss. To us that knew Rob this loss is painful, to those
 didn't know him , you missed out on knowing a Real Racer, A Real Guy.
 And Brenda, the kids and family, our condolences.There is nothing we can say that will ease
 the pain - yours was a beloved guy to all of us.
Wally Weisler & Family

my prayers to the family.......rob was a great guy, i cant believe this has happened. on the
 racetrack, rob was one of the smartest, safest, and most skilled riders i have ever raced with,
 i have nothing but the track, he was always there to say hi, and tell you about
 whats been the latest happenings....rob was an example of what to strive for in our
 sport....godspeed rob....
B Arbogast

We offer our prayers to the Damron family and friends. Rob was doing what he loved to do.
 We will miss you. A true, dedicated pro motorcycle flattracker - Rob Damron.
 De Hoyos Family

I am so sorry to hear of the Damron family's loss. I feel for them deeply. I know that my
 parents watched me and my brother tumble down the track on more than one occasion since
 the late 60s, and always wondered as they watched if we would be okay when we stopped.
 But what allowed us to continue to put them through the fear of that was knowing they
 understood how much we loved what we were doing. The entire Lewis family reaches out to
 the Damrons in their time of need, and hopes they reach back. We will pray for your loss, and
 celebrate the life of a young man who died doing what he loved. Godspeed.......
Rick Lewis Family

Mere words cannot express the saddness our family felt when we heard of your loss. Our
 prayers go out to you. Rob's memory will live on in our hearts. Whenever great races, racers
 and true gentlemen of the sport are spoken of, Rob's name will on our lips. God Speed Rob.
 Chris, Gordon, Al Rudy and Family

 My thoughts and prayers go out to the Damron family. Robbie
 'D', I as many, am blessed to have known you. I wish you Godspeed and eternal peace.
Dale Lineaweaver

We will never be able to understand why God takes all the good ones. To the family of Rob
 our hearts go out to you in your time of sorrow. Rob was such a great person. He always had
 a smile and time to spend talking to you at the track.
 To Rob, Your smile will be in our heats forever. Please give Little Danny a hug for us and let
 him know how much he is missed.
Seay Family

Although we do not personally know him, we have watched him and have listened to nothing
 but positives from those that do. Bruce Brown stated in 'On Any Sunday' that 'Mert was a
 gentle man living in a violent world'...the same could be said of Rob Damron. Our hearts go
 out to his family and close friends during this time of shock and need. Godspeed.
Fishman Family

I am so sorry to hear the bad news about Rob. He will be sorly missed. He was one of the
 best and he left us well to soon. He was a great person to have known. To his family, Its a
 hard thing to go through, but remember that the Flattrack family's heart's and prayers are with
 you and Rob at this sad time. God Bless
 Greg Soderer and family

My heart goes out to the Damron Family.
 God Speed Robbie 'D'
 You will be missed!
 The Bacosa Family

 Very tragic loss for  the racing community, but especially for his family.
He went out on the win, and we all know  with a smile on his face.
Our thought and prayers to his family.

We met Rob for the first time in 1989 in Daytona. Rob was and still is one of the finest people
 I've ever met. All of us from BaerMotorSports share in the grief of his families loss.  Godspeed Rob
Baer Motor Sports

Rob was tragically killed last night while Racing at Perris Auto Speedway. What a mainstay
 in Pro Racing on the West Coast. I will miss you very much my friend.
 Everyone please pray for his Wife and 2 young sons.  GODSPEED
Trapper McDaniel

 That's very sad news. Rob was the mainstay of District 36 and a winner in the WCFTS. He
 will be missed tremendously. Godspeed Rob.

My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the Damron family and friends, I am truly sorry.
Jim Grant

I was deeply sadden by the loss of Rob. He was a great racer and
friend. I watched him grow up from a teenager to a loving husband and
father. No one can ever fill his shoes on the track or in our hearts.
My heart breaks for Brenda and family. Motorcycle racing is like a big
family, we may get mad at someone but he's still family. I think like that
about all of them. I have been around the tracks many years and I have
watched most of them grow up. So please be safe and ride smart. We
don't want to loose another family member. Lets all be there to help
Brenda as much as possible.
Shirley Holland

To the family & friends of Rob. My heartfelt condolences go out to you all. Rob was such a
 kind man. I remember one of the first times I had seen Rob was when I started going to the
 races in Lodi in 1992. He always had a smile on his face. And was always so polite. I just
 recently sat with Rob and had a good long conversation with him about Danny. We both kept
 saying how we couldn't believe it. It just didn't seem like he was gone. I told him I
 remembered standing at the start/finish line watching him and Brenda get married. We talked
 more about Dan and we talked about Rob's mother. Who would have thought 2 1/2 months
 ago when Rob blessed us with his beautiful poem to his friend Danny, at Dan's funeral, that
 Rob would be next. I sure didn't. No one understands why our loved ones are taken from us. I
 sure don't, that's for sure. But one thing that gives me just a little bit of peace is knowing that
 they are being well taken care of.
 I just want to thank you for being such a good friend to my Danny. He thought the world of
 you. And thank you for your sympathy in my time of loss. You were so kind and
 compassionate. You are one of a kind. Please give Danny a big hug and tell him I love him
 and I'm lost without him.
 I can't even express how sorry I am for you. I will be in touch with you soon. I know we don't
 know eachother well, but it sure helps to have someone who knows exactly what you are
 going through. And unfortunately, I do. No one can even began to understand the pain we feel.
 I am here for you anytime.  Love,
 Melinda Swanson

To the Damron Family,
 I cannot begin to express how deeply this saddens me and my whole family at Brown's
 Cycles, racers for over 60 years and three generations. Racing with Rob for the last 15 years,
 I had gained alot of respect for Rob on the track. If you got a wheel from Rob he meant to give
 it to you. Their was no one with more experience or control than Rob.
 A few months ago Rob gained my respect on a whole new level. All of us were suffering from
 the loss of Dan. Rob found the strength and the heart to write poem, stand and read it as I
 only wish I could. This gained more respect from me than any race track ever could.
 So now he's on his way, with Andy, Toby and Dan, who are already there. It must be a great
 place to be!  Godspeed Robbie D
Ronnie Brown

In my 16 years of racing flattrack Robbie was there. As a friend of the family and a hero.
 I remember my dad Louis taking me to meet Robbie I was only four years old. I never knew that
 he would watch me grow in racing to next year racing aginst him in the pro class. Seeing
 Robbie unload his white ccm 600 and thinking, wow Robbie out did himself this time. To watch
 Robbie win at Marysville to see how happy he was and say 'hey Robbie great race' and him
 reply 'you won too, I knew you could beat those guys' was the best. I wish Perris never
 happened but Robbie was taken for some reason. As Carol, Jesse, Bob, Nicole, and I stod there
 with tears in our eyes wanting him to get up, God took him from us to a better place with many
 of his friends. Robbie is in a place were he's racing with many of my hero's like
 Ricky, Steve, Andy, Rodney, Danny, and Bill at the call. As Robbie Became A Fallen Hero I
 will always remember Robbie as he was a Hero and a friend.
 Godspeed Robbie 'D'
 Chris Canepa

Although we met onlly a short time ago
 You were easy to talk to and easy to know.

 You pulled up at our shop in your dirty white van
 The stereo blastin, with soul sounds a rappan.

 Out in the shop the boys workin away
 Robbie D lent a hand and said I'll show you my way.

 They would stop for a minute for a smoke and a beer
 The bench racing would start the checkered flag was near.

 You'd leave for a minute to go out to the van
 To reach for the food that was two days in hand.

 The weekend would come and the race face was on
 With your white CCM blazin out in the hot sun.

 You'd put on your boots one at a time
 The left one was first, you said, a ritual of mine.

 Practice was over, time trials were done
 The heat races started, the semi you must run.

 You could start in the front or start in the back
 Where you finished that nite was at the top of the track.

 Andy called your name and extended his hand
 And took you to a better land

 We sob and we cry for our hearts are broken
 We will miss you for ever, All of us have spoken

 Lift up your heart and share with me,
 God wanted him now, He set him free!!!
 Godspeed Robbie D
Carol Swanson

Carol, you are the best at putting our thoughts into writing. What a touching poem. I'll always
 remember Rob driving into Lodi Cycle Bowl, back in the 80's, yep, stereo full blast. The Beastie
 Boys. I think I'd like to remember him, yeah, just like that. He'd asked if I had any film of him
 (I'd film on occasion on a trusty little Panasonic.). 'Yeah - check this out!' He peered intently
 into the eye piece chuckling 'How'd I do that!' as he saw himself do a lazy lowside in turn 3 on
 an XR-750 at Ascot....... Rob, thanks for letting us be a part of your life.  We'll miss you big
 time Robbie.

As many have expressed, I also offer my sincere condolences to Rob's family and close
 I knew Rob only a bit. However, whenever we met up at the races he was always extremely
 friendly...always taking the time to come over, say 'hello', and talk shop. I've watched him
 help the competition by working on their bikes, give them (and me) pointers about a particular
 track etc..
 My best memory was at the Del Mar mile. This was my big shot at fame (well, at least I
 thought so!). I had all my friends and family there to watch me on my way to glory. Well, of
 course I jumped the start. I dragged Rob along with me and we were both sent to the penalty
 line. I was totally embarassed and more nervous than ever.
 As we were lining up, Rob looked over at me with a big smile.... The message I got calmed
 me down quite a bit. It also helped me remember that flattracking is a sport and should be
 fun. In that particular race I think it allowed me to pull off the track when it was just too damn
 rough and dusty. I was able to face family and friends with my chin up.
 I've hesitated writing anything at all. For me, all the 'Godspeed', '..see you at the shorttrack in
 the sky' stuff doesn't express how I feel. I didn't know how I felt... I know that I wanted to say
 something about how Rob impacted my life. I also know it's scared me a bit further. The
 aspect of fear has popped up for me that last couple of years. It's one of the reasons I haven't
 been to many races (for those who have asked (JG)).
 I'll miss Rob. I only regret that living in different cities didn't allow us the opportunity to
 become true friends. All the evidence indicates the everyone who came into contact with Rob
 probably has similar fond memories of him.
 I also express my concern for the others involved in the accident. It must be very difficult for
 them right now. Phrases like 'that's racing', and 'we know the risks', while true, don't fill the
 hole in their gut. I wish them well and a full emotional recovery.
 Anyways, I've probably said too much. I hope I haven't offended anyone with my comments.
 With sincere respect for the Damron family, Rob, and all involved.
 John Dupree

It's always tragic when these things happen, my condolences goes out to Rob's Family and  friends.
 David Larsson
 Husaberg USA

I've been meaning to say a couple of things about Rob but just now got the time.
 Rob and I were Novices together in 1985. I remember him because, as I recall, he rode a 250 when
 virtually everyone else was on a 500. Sidewinders was the track where 80% of the Regionals were
 held. To be competitive on a 250 you had to ride it like a striped ass ape. Rob did! I would run into Rob
 through the years at Lodi and Sturgis. He was always competitive and congenial.
 My other recollection is of a trip Rob made to Sturgis, I think it was 88' or 89'. Rob teamed up with a red
 plate to share expenses and driving. Rob had just driven all night and turned the wheel over to the
 sleepy novice at sunrise. They were driving a race van with a wall separating the bikes from the
 bunk. Rob crawled back into the bunk to hopefully sleep the rest of the way. Ten minutes later,just as
 Rob had fallen asleep, so did the red plate! Rob awoke as the van was plummeting off of a ten foot
 embankment, totaling the van. The bikes came through the bulkhead and I believe totalled them also. I saw
 Rob at the short track a couple of nights later, looking for a ride. The red plate was still in the hospital.
 I just can't imagine how it would feel to wake up that way.
 It has been tough for me to think Rob is gone. He's been a fixture in our dirt track family for years.I'll
 miss you buddy.

Rob for so long I looked up to you not only on the track but also off the track. I feel so
 honored that I had A special chance to get to know both you and your family. You were A
 very special person and will always have A place in my heart. Robbie D you will always be
 my hero.
 God speed Rob we will all miss you.
Michelle Lineaweaver

I didn't know Rob that well but my dad, Jack, was friends with him.
 Iwas about 5 or 6 when I met him at Lodi (where I raced) and there was something that always made me remember him,
although he past on when I was 11, there are always small memories to help me remember him.
I remember racing @ 1 or 2 in the morning,  but I remember making myself stay awake to watch him, Michelle, and Toby race (i miss him too).
His soul will live forver in the hearts of his friends and the memories will never fade away.

Posted March, 2003

Rob's CCM in the Dan Rouit Flat Track Museum.