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Jim Fueling

Jim Feuling is an inventor, author, publisher, philosopher, pilot, motorcycle and automobile designer/builder/racer and leading-edge researcher/developer in the field of engine design and fluid dynamics. Jim founded Feuling R&D/Advanced Technologies in 1974. His experience with high-efficiency engines began at an early age. He started riding motorcycles at age 5 and flying aircraft at age 11. He tuned and raced his own motorcycles and won the California State TT Championship at 16. He graduated from high school in Honolulu, Hawaii, attended Southwestern College and The University of the Seven Seas. Jim served in the United States Army Special Forces. He subsequently began building and racing sports cars and off road cars. Jim scored many off-road racing victories. He was awarded the prestigious SCORE "Mechanic of the Year" trophy in 1976. His racing engines, high performance components and inventions have been used worldwide, from Daytona to Monaco, from off-road racing to Formula One Grand Prix racing and the Indy 500. Jim¹s leading edge development work includes his company¹s R&D contracts with Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan, John Deere, Harley-Davidson and aircraft companies such as Cessna, Mooney and Quickie. In 1988 he received the "Outstanding Technical Achievement Award" from the National Engineering Societies for his "clean sheet" design, development and manufacture of the 2.0L Oldsmobile "BE" Quad-4 racing engine used in the Oldsmobile Aerotech Research Vehicle (267.339 mph International Record, driven by A. J. Foyt). His radical design for the Oldsmobile BE 4-cylinder engine developed the highest specific power output of any automotive engine in history (over 1,270 hp from 121 cubic inches).

In addition to racing efforts, Jim also developed the engine for the American Honda high-mileage streamliner, capable of 500 MPG @ 55 mph, and developed the engine for the 2-place Q-2 aircraft, rated the world¹s most efficient. His internationally-recognized products include the 4-Valve cylinder head conversion for Harley-Davidson® Evolution motorcycles, his patented aluminum CENTERFIRE® cylinder heads for Chevrolet 454 and Ford 460 truck engines, the all new 'Fast-Burn' MAXFLOW cylinder head kits, SuperPump and HP+ lifters for the Harley-Davidson Twin Cam engines and the awesome W3 Motorcycle. Jim is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, The American Chemical Society, the International Society for Optical Engineering and a Senior Member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He was elected a Fellow in the Institute of Advanced Engineering (IAE).He holds numerous international land speed records and is a member of the prestigious 300 MPH Chapter of the "Bonneville 200 MPH Club". The Feuling name has been closely associated with ultra-high efficiency, small-displacement engines, but he and his staff have years of experience with engines and powertrains of all sizes, from motorcycles to Indianapolis racing engines to hard-working big-rig diesels.

Jim is a consultant to a number of educational institutions. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Automotive Museum and has served as a "Distinguished Speaker" in the SAE Industrial Lectureship Program. He is a very popular speaker and has made numerous presentations to SAE, ASME, IMA and SME. He has been a featured speaker at the Superflow Advanced Engine Technology Conference on four different occasions; beginning with the 1990 Superflow Advanced Engine Technology Conference on the topic of "Overlap Phenomenon in the Four-Stroke-Cycle Engine," again at the 1991 conference, where his subject was "High Efficiency Sound Attenuation for Internal Combustion Engines." He addressed the 1995 conference on the topic of "Mechanical Octanes" and the 1997 conference on his "ULEV High Performance Engine/Vehicle." He is listed in the Marquis and Strathmore's Who's Who Publications under Science and Engineering, Business Executives and Technology.

Jim is currently involved in numerous cutting-edge projects including his radical W3 Motorcycle. A "detonation chamber" engine design, EZEV/zero emissions equivalent vehicles, electronic aerodynamics and his awesome world record setting Bonneville Streamliner.

His hobbies include surfing, scuba diving, motorcycles, paranormal phenomenon, UFO¹s, Nikola Tesla and traveling to historic and mysterious places.

Jim has two sons, Daniel and Matthew and a daughter Theresa.

Godspeed Jim Feuling and Don Vesco...


(Published in San Diego Union-Tribune on December 8, 2002)

"James Joseph Feuling, born March 11, 1945 in Newark, New Jersey, died on December 4, 2002 in San Diego, California. Jim took on his fight with pancreatic cancer as he did everything else difficult in his life, as a challenge to battle and to outsmart, and to win. His cancer turned out to be the only thing in his world that ever got the best of him.

Jim was the President and founder of Feuling Advanced Technologies, Feuling Research and Development and the Feuling Motor Company, now based in San Diego. His career as inventor and engineer in the automotive and motorcycle industry spans more than 30 years, where he is widely renowned as the expert on the internal combustion engine. Jim's current technology will see the automotive world into the next decade. Jim served in the Army, in Special Forces during the 1960s and sailed around the world on the University of the Seven Seas, before he made his footprint on the Automotive Industry.

Jim is a member of the prestigious and very elite 300 MPH Club at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, where he drove his own self designed streamliner 370 mph. His favorite pastimes were being with his three children, riding his motorcycles with his wife, entertaining friends at their beach home, astronomy, UFO's, scuba diving in his youth, and enjoying a good meal, good wine and good music.

The contributions Jim's technology made will live on in many vehicles you see on the roads today. The San Diego Automotive Museum has a Feuling Engine Room in his honor, and made him a member of the Board of Directors. The contributions Jim made to those who know and love him are endless.

He has gone on ahead of his loving family, his wife Kathleen, and daughter Theresa, twin sons Matthew and Daniel, his sister Olivia and mother Germaine Feuling-Chang.

Services will be held on Thursday, December 12, at 1 p.m. at St. Paschal Catholic Church, 155 E. Janss Rd. in Thousand Oaks, Calif. A graveside service will follow at Valley Oaks Memorial Park, 5600 Lindero Canyon Rd., Westlake Village, Calif., in the Garden of Valor. For more information about his life visit"