Danny Hart was fatally injured on April 21st, 2001

My name is Melinda Swanson, Danny Hart's girlfriend. Gene told me that if I gave you
the info you would post it on your website.  I would greatly appreciate it.
 Daniel R. Hart Jr., known to his friends as “Bad Dan”, started his  racing career in 1986 at the Monterey Fairgrounds Short Track.  Early  on, Dan had high expectations for his racing career.  Every weekend his family loaded up for the next trip to the races to support him and his brother Donny.  It was a family event with father, Dan Sr., working on the bikes, mother, Debbie, and sister, Dana, cheering the brothers on in the stands. Danny went on to win many hi-point series and mid-state championships in flat tracking.  As he got older, the bikes got bigger and he got faster.  In 1990 Danny turned expert on a 600cc and carried a pro-novice license on the national level.  During this time, the Hart brothers dominated the San Jose Marathons.

   In 1993 Danny’s girlfriend’s father, Larry Swanson bought a Woods Rotax 600cc for him to race.  He received Black Plate Expert #3  Hi-Point Series in AMA Dist. #36 that year.  Danny’s love for the sport  and the speed led him towards road racing.  His ultimate dream was to become a factory rider like his favorites; Ricky Graham, Jeremy McGrath, and his friend Doug Chandler. In 1998, Danny began to show his talent in road racing while being sponsored by Snow Racing. In 1999 he received AMA 750 SS national #37 for the 2000 season.  In 2000 Danny set his goals high not only in road racing, but also in flat tracking for NPM Racing.  He took home the 1st place trophy at Ventura in Gene Romero’s West Coast Flat Track Series.
 In August, Danny and his girlfriend, Melinda, traveled to Colorado for  the second time where he finished 9th place in the AMA 750 SS race. Melinda says, “Whatever it took to get there. We counted change for gas money and even hauled the bikes and slept in my horse trailer with  living quarters.”  In 2001 Danny started the season off well by winning the Hanford TT at the WCFTS. At the 3rd round of the WCFTS in Bakersfield, CA., Danny was  tragically killed. Donations are being sent to Danny’s parents, FBO Danny Hart Jr., 280 McCullom Ln., Coalinga, CA  93210.  The family would like to thank Danny’s sponsors; Snow Racing, NPM Racing, Smith, Lockhart Phillips, EBC Brakes, Airtech, APE, Clawson Motorsports, M4, Pirelli, and many others.
 He was a true friend and was always willing to lend a helping hand. He will be dearly missed and never forgotten by his family and friends.  Thanks so much for your interest and kindness. We hope that with your help we can help out Danny's family with the unexpected expenses that occurred from his untimely death.  Please keep checking back as more items will be listed as we receive them. All items are authentic and have been obtained from reliable sources. I would like to thank everyone who has helped make this auction possible. Very special thanks goes out to: Rich Taylor from AXO and Smith, Cory Nuer from MX Racer and Chris Nuer from Alpinestars, and to Danny's friends and family who have unselfishly put time into making this auction a success, and also a great big thanks to all the riders who have donated their items, without you guys, none of this would be possible.  




Danny Hart tribute at Hanford