Toby Jorgersen
1982 - 1999

The following was posted on Sunday evening, October 3rd, on The Flattrack Page's Forum.

Dear Loved ones, friends and fans of Toby,
  This message is from Kim, Cindy, Justin, Shayla and the rest of the Jorgensen family. What
  we have to say today is the last thing that we wanted to report to you. As many of you know,
  Toby passed away on Friday, October 1st at 10:50pm Dallas Time. After fighting valiantly for
  the last 20 days, Toby's body was finally unable to continue. He suffered multiple system
  failures and died peacefully in SICU-C at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Toby was surrounded in
  his final hours, as he had been the entire 3 weeks, by his father, Kim, and closest family and friends.
  Kim, Cindy, Justin, Shayla and the rest of the Jorgensen family want to take this opportunity
  to thank from the bottom of our hearts all of you who have supported Toby and us in these
  last three very trying weeks. We will never be able to adequately express how much all of you
  have meant to us. Our main source of comfort through everything was knowing that all of you
  were praying for Toby. We were constantly aware of your thoughts and felt your presence with
  us and with Toby. The love and generosity that so many of you shared with us will always be
  in our hearts and our memories of this time. It is impossible to list by name all of you who
  gave your time and donations and helped us in ways that were beyond what any of us could
  have imagined. The love that you showed Toby helped give him the strength to continue
  fighting his most difficult battle.
  We know that so many of you worked so hard organizing fund raisers, blood drives, and other
  activities too numerous to mention here. And we want you to know that your efforts on Toby's
  behalf mean more to us than you could ever know. We never felt alone at any time during the
  long struggle and we derived continual strength knowing that you were with us in spirit. All of
  you would have been as moved as we were by the outpouring of love from people all over the
  country who, each in their own way, loved Toby. We would like to be able to thank each and
  everyone of you in person, but that isn't possible right now. Please know that everything you
  did even if it received no public recognition was so important to the overall effort and is deeply
  appreciated by the family. It is impossible for us to tell you how much this helped Toby and us.
  We want all of you to know that the care Toby received at Parkland Memorial Hospital from
  the doctors and in particular the nursing staff in SICU-C was good beyond hope. The bond
  that was formed between the staff and Toby and the family is one that will never be broken.
  The compassion and love coupled with the excellent medical care that everyone in SICU-C
  showed to Toby and the family was something that none of us could have imagined, but was
  so comforting throughout the entire three weeks. We know that all the doctors and nurses
  fought as hard as Toby did. They never gave up for a minute. They came to love Toby in a real
  way during this short time, and the family will always be deeply indebted to them.
  Our main comfort now is knowing that Toby is at peace and that we will meet him again. He
  will be in our hearts forever and will never be forgotten. The pain we feel now is the pain of
  losing someone as wonderful as Toby and we appreciate your continued prayers for Kim,
  Cindy, Justin, Shayla, and Toby and the rest of his family. Thank you again with all our hearts.
  Kim, Cindy, Justin, Shayla and the rest of the family of Toby Jorgensen


Posted on the Flat Track Forum April 6th, 2002 by Wall W

Tomorrow - April 7, would/will be Toby's 20th birthday.
The motorcycle community was shocked and deeply touched by Toby's death.
Some way I think Toby's death was the catalist for improved safety on the racetracks.
There have been deaths of other riders in the past 3 years that have added to efforts to improve track safety.
Our prayers go out for all the racers , that they may do this thing they love - without injury or death.

There is a plaque at the Lodi Cycle Bowl that says :

Toby Jorgenson 1982-1999

Those who remember Toby as a friend
Will cherish the time we spent with him

Those who remember Toby as a rider
Will remember his style and grace

We each remember Toby in our own way
Our Champion
We love you Toby - You are Special

Toby raced with AHRMA and VDTRA last year.
 His talent and exuberance will be missed. Godspeed Toby.

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