Crawford Auto Aviation Museum

The Century of the American Motorcycle is an extraordinary traveling exhibit from the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in

Birmingham, AL, featuring significant American-built motorcycles from their world-renowned collection.

This exhibit opens at the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum on August 19, 2021, and closes in March 2022.


The Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum of the Western Reserve Historical Society

has a very large collection of automobile, aircraft and motorcycles.


1910 Duryea  Electra                                                                                            1929 Jordan Playboy



1916 Rauch & Lang                                                                           Franklin                       


1901 Packard Model C                                                                    1906 Stanley Model EX            


1916 Owen Magnetic                                                                                1930 Packard Sport Phaeton

1900 Benz Model DUC    -     1901 Oldsmobile Model R      -      1902 Pierce Model Materette     -      1903 Cadillac Madel A


                T1897 Panhard Levassor                                                                                 1907 Winton