The Henry Ford Museum

Dearborn, Michigan


1899 Duryea Trap                                                                  1903 Holsman Runabout

Oldsmobile Curved Dash

1905 Ford Model B                                                                                           How a T was made

The Scripps-Booth Cyclecar Company in Detroit, Michigan was established in May of 1913. The company then began the manufacture the “JB Rocket” with a Spacke 10 h.p. V-twin engine.

1908 Stevens-Duryea Model U Limousine                                                   1914 Detroit ElectricModel 47 Brougham

1912 Rambler-Knickerbocker Limousine                                                                    1915 Brewster                         

1906 Thomas Flyer Touring Car                                                          1916 Woods Dual-Power Hybrid Coupe

Duesenberg Model J

1932 Bugatti Type 41 Royale - Known as the Cabriolet Weinberger

1957 Cornell-Liberty Safety Car                                                          Chrysler Turbine Car                    

1996-1999 General Motors EV1 Electric Car                                                      1927 LaSalle Roadster                             

                      Tucker                                                                                           1936 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan    

   Teddy Roosevelt Carriage                                                                            F.D. Roosevelt Lincoln              

John F. Kennedy  Lincoln                                                                                  Ronald Regan Lincoln          

1902 Ford  "999" driven by Barny Oldfield

                    Locomobile Old number 16                                                  1960 Buck & Thompson flathead slingshot dragster

Chysler 300B driven by Buck Baker                                                    Ford Thunderbird driven by Bill Elliott

Summers Brothers Goldenrod held the wheel-driven land speed record from 1965 to 1991 at 409.277 MPH

                  1935 Miller Ford Indy Car                                                       1960 Meskowski Offy Indy Roadster

                                                          Indy Lotus Ford                                                Texaco Star March Cosworth driven by Tom Sneva 1983        

1939 Dodge Airflow Texaco Tank Truck                                                        VW Transporter Campmobile       

      The First Bluebird School Bus                                                  Federal tractor and trailer from Coles Express

     1900 Wood Electric Truck                                                    Ford C Cab from Roadway Express


 Ferguson used this tractor to demonstrate his 3 point hitch                                 Ford 9n Prototype                                                           

                Allis Chalmers Model 10-18                                           1886 Aultman & Taylor Steam Traction Engine

1903 Wright Flyer

   Ford Tri Motor                                                                                 Fokker Tri-Motor         

Boeing 40-B2                                                                                               Douglas DC-3

1931 Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro

Atlantic & Gulf 4-4-0 locomotive built in 1858 by Rogers

1829 Stephenson Rocket                                                                    1831 Dewitt Clinton                  

Allegheny 2-6-6-6 Locomotive                                                              Constellation 2-8-0   Locomotive