While in Milwaukee for a high school class reunion, I went to the new shrine, only 12 bucks, I’m a senior. I was asking a guide if there was a room full of race bikes when Bill, the curator walked by and she introduced me to him. Bill explained to me they had plenty of race bikes, nineteen on display to be exact. Six hill climbers, four road racers, five board trackers, two flat trackers and one drag bike and one land speed, in a museum of one hundred and thirty five machines! Bill said that they would be opening a space for revolving displays and they were working on a competition display for it. While I was voicing my opinion to Bill that I expected to see more Harley Davidson racing history, a couple asked about such and such model. Bill stated to me that everyone wants to see their particular model. Well, go out to the parking lot and kiss the damn thing, this is a museum, not a showroom! But alias, it is a big beautiful building meant to extend the Harley mystique and sell more motorcycles. Well, they call it a museum, but with 100 plus street bikes, I call it a big dealership. The strange thing is the Café theme is racing and the sculptures outside and in the gift shop are racing. And yet, a special display of the Easy Rider bikes and a tribute to Evil Dumbrowski and his flying machine. Go figure. There are more Harley flat trackers with history at Rouits and Donelsons then at the Milwaukee Temple. I was disappointed to say the least. dennis vft  PS - I forgot that a secutity guard told me not to lean over so close cause it was setting off the alarms and they were talking in his ear!

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