San Diego
in Balboa Park

Pictures of my visit in December of 2002
55 motorcycles were on display!

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Feuling Oldsmobile Quad Four

Featured car maker!

Botanical Gardens in Balboa Park decorated for Christmas

Balboa Park Gardens

Balboa Park Museums


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One of our favorite restaurants is in TJ


San Diego Readers Restaurant Review

El Rodeo

1647 Blvd. Salinas, Tijuana, 686-5640. Steak lovers will have a field day here with a variety of cuts, some cooked right at your table. The accompaniments are wonderful: an appetizer and quesadilla, a crisp salad, beans served in their own liquid -- even a dessert is included in the price of the entrée. Cheese soup, burritos, and tripe are also available. Vaquero decor, wood paneled rooms. Good value if you like beef. Open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Take Revolución until it bends to the left to become Agua Caliente; turn left just before the twin high-rise towers, and left again, onto the one-way street, Blvd. Salinas. El Rodeo is on the right side of the street. Highly visible and easy to find. Moderate. -- E.W.