San Joaquin County Historical Museum

Micke Grove Regional Park

Lodi, California

1927 Graham using a Dodge engine and drivetrain. Built in Stockton

Orchard wind truck                                                                        1930 Franklin belonged to William Micke


1922 Sanson  truck manufactured in Janesville, Wisconsin


HOLT Side Hill Combined Harvester Model M-30  made in Stockton


1918 Patriot Model Lincoln                                                                   Ford T truck                                    

Orchard wind truck                                                                                1933 Autocar Model 27H dump truck


Schramm Tractor manufactured in West Chester, Pennsylvania            Gibson Model H manufactured in Longmont, Colorado

Minneapolis-Moline Model ZTU                                                                                                      

                   1919 Indiana Tractor                                                              1918 Samson Sieve Grip 30X made in Stockton   

Self propelled mower based on Durant automobile